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The Virtual Millionaire Show

The Virtual Millionaire Show

By Michael McDonald
The Virtual Millionaire Show will go over all aspects of real estate investing and is intended to educate, motivate, and inspire you to launch your real estate business and help you Scale your existing business. Michael brings on real business owners who provide actionable advice that you can implement right away!

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From Communism to Capitalism Ft Ben Humble
Ben developed a passion for life and a gratitude mindset. At an early age he dreamed of building an empire and motivating, entertaining, and investing in other people. He attended school for music, then dropped out to pursue a career in business.  Ben has done 300+ real estate deals and created a lifestyle most dream of!  Tune in as we go deep on exactly how he did it and how you can too. Subscribe to watch Live Episodes on YouTube: The Virtual Millionaire Show Follow Michael on Instagram: @michaelmcdonaldrei Follow The Virtual Millionaire Show on Facebook Follow The Virtual Millionaire Show on Instagram @thevirtualmillionaireshow Learn about Ben's upcoming Retreat! Reserve Your Humble Retreat Ticket👇
October 05, 2022
Marketing Secrets to reach the masses - Modern TV Ft Jeremy Resmer
Imagine being able to target anyone and everyone with your message from one marketing channel. Today's guest is going to talk about a ground breaking technology that very few are utilzing to find motivated sellers. If you want to know how to get your message to the massess you'll want to tune in as Jeremy reveals a NEW Marketing channel! Subscribe to watch Live Episodes on YouTube: The Virtual Millionaire Show Follow Michael on Instagram: @michaelmcdonaldrei Follow The Virtual Millionaire Show on Facebook Follow The Virtual Millionaire Show on Instagram @thevirtualmillionaireshow Follow Jeremy Resmer on Facebook Learn about Connected TV and book a call with Jeremy:
September 21, 2022
How to Find Properties with Little to No Money in Marketing Ft The Boeckle Brothers
The Boeckle Brothers are the premier House Flipping Duo out of Las Vegas, NV. Specializing in Flipping Luxury Homes in the Las Vegas Market, Landon & Jesse Boeckle have made a name for themselves in the Real Estate World. With over 300 properties under their belt in a short 5 year career, The Boeckle Brothers have influenced thousands of other investors to also start flipping high end, luxury homes. Our portfolio is currently at 20 properties with an average purchase per price of 1m/unit in the Las Vegas Luxury Market.The Boeckle Brothers have now started coaching new and experienced investors on how to acquire more properties, how to manage a high volume of flips, and most of all how to capitalize and maximize profits on the investments all with almost no money in marketing to acquire those properties. Look out for The Boeckle Brothers in 2022 as they are slated to make a large impact on the Real Estate Coaching Community! Subscribe to watch Live Episodes on YouTube: The Virtual Millionaire Show Follow Michael on Instagram: @michaelmcdonaldrei Follow The Virtual Millionaire Show on Instagram Follow The Boeckle Brothers @theboecklebrothers The Boeckle Brothers on YouTube: Tour a $12 Million Vegas Mansion  Build Your Wealth And Your Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing With Little To No Capital Upfront: The Boeckle Brothers Academy
August 28, 2022
Starting and Scaling Your Air Bnb Portfolio Ft Jason Griggs
Jason deep dives into how we was able to go from operating 1 to 18+ airbnb's! Will will discuss what has all of the tricks and tips he uses to generate significant cash flow from his units! Subscribe to watch Live Episodes on YouTube: The Virtual Millionaire Show Follow The Virtual Millionaire Show on Instagram Follow Jason's Journey on Instagram Learn how to build your 6 Figure Portfolio as an Airbnb Host
August 11, 2022
The Power of Being Uncomfortable Ft Billy Dha Kid
Join us as we go live with Billy to discuss how he was able to leave his "secure" day job to pursue his dreams of Music and how he's creating financial freedom in Real estate. Learn how important getting outside ofyour comfort zone is and how powerful it will be for you on your journey as well. Learn More about Billy and Follow his Journey!
July 28, 2022
From 15 Years of Tax Planning to HGTV Debut Battle on the Beach | Meet Jacqueline Matoza
Tune in Live to watch how Jacqueline went From 15 years of Tax Planning to HGTV Debut and Fulltime Real estate Investor! Learn More @ IG: Jacqueline.Matoza FB: Jacqueline.Matoza Tiktoc: Jacqueline.Matoza
July 19, 2022
Purposeful-Profits - How Mikey Went From Rock Bottom to Running a $50M Energy Fund
If you want to learn how to get into Real Estate with little to no Money down this is for you! Mikey Lucas join's me to discuss how he got into real estate by knocking doors of foreclosure property. We will discuss how he uses creative financing and airBnB arbitrage to achieve financial freedom.  Connect with Mikey Lucas: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Check out Mikey's book Purposeful Profits! Resources:
June 15, 2022
Confronting Brandon Elliott about his $475k net Profit Flip and How he utilizes Credit to do it!
About Brandon Elliott: Top 100 Yahoo Finance in 2020, Brandon Elliott is a leading authority on real estate and credit. He is experienced and proven in utilizing credit to invest in real estate and implement the "BRRRR Strategy." Brandon has a thriving credit repair and tradelines company but prefers teaching people the credit hacks he's been applying for years such as building huge credit lines for both personal/business up to 7 figures and manufactured spending techniques- showing ways to create millions of points equivalent to cash, free travels, and even buying properties using credit cards. From the credit knowledge that is taught in his Elite Credit Course, Brandon was able to liquidate $200K+ for a safety-net when purchasing a 4-PLEX in one of the most desirable locations in San Diego, just 8 minutes walking distance from the famous San Diego Zoo. His passion in helping others reach their financial freedom too, led Brandon to host "Ready. Set. Go. Real Estate Investing" podcast every Monday sharing how you can invest in real estate successfully with little to no money utilizing credit. Brandon has completed numerous Fix & Flips locally in San Diego as well as across the country out of state virtually with his worst project still being 60% cash-on-cash return ROI. Brandon’s Links: ● FaceBook: ● Instagram: @BrandonElliottInvestments ● LinkedIn: ● YouTube:  ● Podcast: 1397059?mt=2 ● Credit Repair: ● Credit Courses: What Brandon Will Be Discussing: ● How to Fix & Leverage Your Credit Description of What Brandon Will Be Discussing: Learn how to fix your credit so you can open doors to more opportunities. Brandon will show you actionable steps you can take to boost your credit score today and even go over the endless possibilities of what you can do to leverage your credit like: - Purchase properties and complete full remodels - Build huge credit lines both personal & business to 6 & 7 figures - Status match to elite levels with companies for cars, flights, and hotels - Get insured on traveling, car rentals, cell phones, and most importantly against contractors so you’'ll never get screwed over by a contractor again - Manufactured spending techniques showing ways to create millions of points equivalent to cash and free travels - And lots more!!!
June 14, 2022
Recycle Your Money and Become Your Own Bank
Learn about the 8th Wonder of the World - Compound Interest and The Power of Infinite Banking! Access to The Infinite Wealth Consultants online course: Books Discussed: Become Your Own Banker - R. Nelson Nash
June 04, 2022
How to buy vacant land and create massive cashflow (Ft. Brent Bowers)
Have you ever wondered what it would look like to create passive income through land investing?  Today Brent breaks down his business and how he finds it, pre-sells it, and gets paid!  Learn more The Land Sharks – Making Money with Land Connect with Brent on Facebook! Follow Brent on Twitter!
April 13, 2022
EP 14 Living Your Dream Life with David and Katie Marie Hughes
Have you ever wondered how some people live the life of their dreams? In today's episode we talked about how David and Katie met and how they got into real estate. They talked about the time freedom cash overflow  from real estate has given them as well as how you too can achieve the life of your dreams. Achieve your dream life and get in a community of dreams by going to Join their free real estate community
August 28, 2021
EP 13 Science of Flipping in a Competive Market | Justin Colby
Today we interviewed Justin Colby. Justin has been investing in Real Estate for 14 years now and has done thousands of deals. In today's episode Justin goes over how he was broke, busted, and disgusted after losing his house to foreclosure to failing his way forward to his first deal. He covers some of the road bumps along the way from how's he's scaled a 7 figure operation that runs without him. Justin has alos mentored thousands of real estate investors. Make sure to check out for more info on that. Subscribe and watch him in action at
August 21, 2021
EP 12 Wholesaling Real Estate | Cold Calling to Multiple 6 Figures with Paul Logsdon
Learn how Paul went from Full-time employee to Full-time Investor in 6 months! In today's episode Paul Breaks down his business from were he was when he started out 2 years ago to were he is at today. He covers his systems and personel that he has to consistently close 3-5 deals per month. He is on a journey to earn $100,000/ month in next 100 days! Make sure to follow his journey on YouTube.
August 11, 2021
EP 11 7 Figure Wholesaling Blueprint with 21 y/o Zach Ginn
In this video we cover: What it takes to make 7 figures a year in real estate The structure of a Zach's 7 figure company Marketing Strategies that are working in today's competive market How you can Scale your company to 7 figures Resources: Watch the Live Episode on Youtube Join Zach's Free Real Estate Mastermind on Facebook Follow Zach on Instagram Check out Zach's Youtube Channel
April 21, 2021
EP 10 Building Wealth with Multiple Streams of Income | Josh Nix
In todays episode we bring to you Josh Nix. Josh has been in real estate for 11 years and has done everything from wholesaling, flipping, air bnb, Tax lien investing, private money lending and options trading. He started his wealth building journey on accident and has scaled to multiple streams of income and millions of dollars worth of real estate. He is on a mission to create financial and time freedom through all of his stream of income while helping others along the way. Josh breaks down each of his streams of income! Tune in to find out how many he has and how he was able to get to were he is today! Resources: Watch the Live Episode on Youtube Follow Josh on Facebook Follow Josh on Instagram  Check out his website!
March 16, 2021
EP 9 Six Figure Flipping in Florida with Viktor Jiracek
Today we interview Viktor Jiracek out of Gainesville, Florida. Viktor flips houses and teaches people how to flip houses. He did 20 flips in 2020 and his goal is 30 flips in 2021. Viktor was always an entrepreneur at heart. He dropped out of college with a full-ride to pursue his business dreams. Viktor discusses his journey from dropping out of college, failed business venture and getting to six figures in Real Estate. He deep dives how he finds deals, how to get started, presenting offers and a $54k net profit deal! Make sure to tune in to see how he runs his business and how he flips 20+ houses a year! Check out Viktor's flip properties: Real Estate Success Stories: Follow his Real Estate Journey:
March 05, 2021
EP 8 $100 Million in Multi-family Acquisitions by the age 25 |David Toupin
David Toupin is a Top Millennial real estate investor and entrepreneur. David is the co-founder of Obsidian Capital, an Austin Texas based real estate investment firm. He started investing at the age of 20 when he bought his first property while in college, a 12 unit apartment complex. By the age of 25 David has purchased and developed over $100M in multifamily real estate and has raised north of $30M in capital from investors. He is also the CEO of Real Estate Lab, a community and software platform for Multifamily investors. Follow David on Instagram: Find David on Facebook: Find David on LinkedIn: Learn About Investing with David and Obsidian Capital: Join Real Estate Lab, David’s Multifamily Community:
February 10, 2021
EP 7 Olympian Tennis Player to Real Estate Investor | Sunitha Rao
Sunitha is a former professional tennis player and Olympian, turned corporate finance professional and residential real estate investor.  Sunitha started investing in the Midwest while still living in Boston, before moving to Indianapolis in 2019 to more quickly grow her business. She has built a nine door portfolio over the last two and a half years while working a full time job in Financial Planning and Analysis at global biopharmaceutical company and completing Villanova’s MBA program, despite having only sixth grade education. In today's episode we talk about the mindset she had to push through to where she is today as well a mobile home park deal she is putting together and much more! Check her out at and follow her real estate journey
February 05, 2021
EP 6 Physical Therapy to Apartment Developments with Kimberly Marie
Tune in today to learn how Kimberly has been able to grow and manage a 40 unit portfolio and discover what it takes to complete a 37 unit ground up development! We talked Fire Arms, Fitness, and of course Real estate! Resources Follow Kimberly on Instagram Follow her Real Estate Journey Kim talks about modeling and building firearms in the gun industry!
January 27, 2021
EP 5 Wrestling with Real Estate with Barri Griffiths
Get Ready for an Action Packed Podcast! US Gladiators TV, Wrestle Mania, Apartment Complexes and Cirque du Soleil! You're not going to want to miss this one!  Join us as Barri shares how important having passive income is in these uncertain times.  Resources: Wrestling with Real Estate (YouTube) Wrestling with Real Estate Podcast See Barri In Action! KA' Fight Barri on Instagram
January 20, 2021
EP 4 Sales Mastery with Bryce McKinley
In today's episode we learn how Bryce went from broke and homeless to a top 5 sales leader and motivational speaker and making millions in Real estate. Learn some of his sales techniques and tips from our live role play! Also, make sure to check out Bryce's challenge at and follow him on Instagram If you liked today's podcast, hit subscribe and leave us a quick review! We would love to hear what you liked about our show! Blessings! -Michael
December 26, 2020
EP 3 Scaling a Wholesaling Operation in a Virtual Market | Rick Boyd
Today we learned how Rick Boyd went from a Salesman at a lawncare company to  scaling his real estate investing business to multiple deals a month! Rick discusses some of the challenges he faced before hiring a coach to help propel his business.  He breaks down a birds eye view of what his business looks like including marketing channels that are working and much more!  Make sure to follow Rick @rickboyd_ on Instagram to watch him Scale his business! Like today's episode? Leave us a review and let us know
October 21, 2020
EP 2 How to Quit Your Job and Become a Full-time Real Estate Entrepreneur with Michael Tucker
Today we learned how Michael went from Part-time investor and losing thousands on his first deal at 20y/o to Full-time and earning 6 figures in Real Estate all in a very short time! He goes into the lessons he learned from his first couple deals to now recently buying a fitness center and raising private money! Michael is doing a  FREE Private Money Challenge - Check out his Facebook Real Estate Success Group where he goes over strategies and tips he uses in his business or his Instagram Like today's episode? Leave us a review and let us know!
October 05, 2020
EP 1 See How 21y/o Brandon Lopez is Consistently Closing Deals
Hey, what’s up everyone?! It’s Michael McDonald your host for the Rocket REI Live Podcast!! In 2019, at 26 y/o I quit my full-time corporate job to pursue real estate investing full-time and have never looked back! I’m on a mission to inspire and inform anyone young and old wanting to get out of the rat race by bringing on power players in the real estate space!  Today on Rocket REI Live we had Brandon Lopez. Brandon is a 21y/o Real Estate Investor based out of Omaha, NE. He has 4 deals in escrow pending $43,500 in projected revenue! Him and his business partner have used cold calling to consistently find deeply discounted deals. Our hope is that through this podcast episode, you are inspired to go out their and get started on your real estate career! - Like today's episode? Leave us a review and hit that like and SUBSCRIBE button! This will help us reach more people and get more people out of the rat race!  Make sure to go follow Brandon on Instagram @brandonflipshouses
October 04, 2020