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UKRifter's Virtual Reality Podcast

UKRifter's Virtual Reality Podcast

By Christopher Gray aka UKRifter
Welcome to UKRifter's VR Podcast. Christopher Gray, aka UKRifter, is a futurist, author & leading expert & consultant in the field of Virtual Reality & associated technologies. Based in London, England. Each episode dives head first into the metaverse, hunting down the best experiences & reporting back on the latest developments. Feel free to ask question to be part of the show - ukrifter at gmail dot com.
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UKRifter's VR Podcast Ep 6: The State of VR & My Future
In this rather downbeat episode I share my concerns around Virtual Reality, the reason I have been moving away from YouTube reviews and my focus for the future.
September 10, 2018
UKRifter's VR Podcast Ep 5: Jon Hibbins on Windlands 2
During this special episode I interview Jon Hibbins about Psytec Games' highly anticipated Virtual Reality title - Windlands 2.
September 5, 2018
UKRifter's VR Podcast Ep 4: Jake & the Giant, Tea & Virtual Reality Tourism
Welcome to Episode 4 of UKRifter's Virtual Reality Podcast. In this episode I discuss Jake and the Giant with its creator Mark Ledson of Moonshine Games, Vivian asks me an important question about tea and I consider the potential impact of VR on the tourism and travel industry.
September 2, 2018
UKRifter's VR Podcast Ep 3: Fitness & Penny Anti-Hype Queen
This week I chat with Don aka VRGamerDude about how he got fit in Virtual Reality. I talk with my wife about why on earth she doesn't care about VR and take important questions from the lovely Vivian of TheHive fame.
August 26, 2018
UKRifter's VR Podcast Ep 2: The Problem with Laundrettes
In this episode I take listener questions, talk to VRBug about the problem with Laundrettes and the lesson VRcades may learn & ask my kids about what they love in #VirtualReality, P.s. never work with Children. Please tune in & share if you care!
August 15, 2018
UKRifter's VR Podcast Ep 1: Let's Get this Show on the Road!
What is happening in the world of Virtual Reality! This week I talk about that Marvel game, Megaton Rainfall, Dilly Minesweeper, Gray, GNOG, Pixel Ripped, Mecha Rushdown and much more.
August 12, 2018