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#virtualspacehero podcast

#virtualspacehero podcast

By #virtualspacehero
BarbaraCV, Founder & Managing Director of #virtualspacehero is interviewing colleagues from across the globe about how they successfully lead and collaborate in virtual teams, how they design and facilitate virtual learning journeys and how they organize and produce virtual events. The #virtualspacehero mission is to make virtual team|learning|events EXTRAordinary and memorable. This podcast is produced out of a LinkedIn Live show. If you want to participate live and get answers to your questions, please follow me on LinkedIn |
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How to bring remote work to the agile world with Molood Cecarelli #virtualteams
Many of us remote workers dream of a world in which no one must spend hours commuting to an office every single day and lose out on living life fully. While studies are showing that remote workers are an average of 35-40% more productive than their office counterparts and have measured an output increase of at least 4.4% (Forbes 2020), organizations still struggle to introduce flexible working policies. I am excited to discuss with Molood Ceccarelli (Founder of Remote Forever Summit) how to bring remote work to the agile world.
July 6, 2021
How to design for the Live Online Experience with Matthew Richter #virtuallearning
This year many of us needed to switch to an online setting with our training from one day to another and did not really have time to think in detail about didactics and/or tools. For many, moving from in-person to virtual live presentations brings a new set of challenges to overcome. At #virtualspacehero, our aim is to support you to go online tomorrow with as much confidence as possible! In this episode, I discuss with Matthew Richter (President at the Thiagi Group) how to design for the Live Online Experience.
June 18, 2021
How to choose the best online platform for your virtual event with William Thompson #virtualevents
Events are in the midst of a digital revolution. Since last year, everyone had to 'go virtual', but how do you do it - and what do you need to succeed? Hosting worldwide virtual events and connecting with participants through robust engagement solutions is an amazing way of increasing the outreach of your activities. I am thrilled to discuss with William Thomson (Gallus Events) how to choose the best online platform for your virtual event?
June 10, 2021
How to design and facilitate large-scale, international learning journeys with the #GCSC Team #virtuallearning
NO SIMULATION. NO GAMES. NO TRAVEL NEEDED. 600 students from 22 universities across the globe working together on case studies in global virtual teams? YES, possible! The Global Case Study Challenge (#GCSC) is an award-winning COIL (Cooperative Online International Learning) Teaching project where students experience real intercultural and virtual teamwork, which provides the participants with invaluable experience for their private and professional lives. Just real global virtual teams. I am excited to discuss on this episode with the #GCSC Team how to design and facilitate an EXTRAordinary and memorable virtual event for 600 participants from across the globe? The #GCSC Team: Barbara Covarrubias, Eithne Knappitsch, Sveta Buko, Anna Zinenko. Visit
June 6, 2021
How to design online courses to bring learning journeys alive with Melanie Martinelli #virtuallearning
As learning professionals, we often fall into the trap of “getting through all our program content”. The focus tends to be less on creating learner-driven environments and more on just delivering content. It is about finding that balance between letting your learners create/discover knowledge and your inputs as subject matter experts – and that is not always an easy balance to find. And now, we are even more challenged by considering a totally different context, namely the virtual space. I am thrilled to discuss with Melanie Martinelli (Co-Founder & Director of The Learning Gym Ltd.) about the virtual space as an opportunity to bring learning journeys alive.
May 31, 2021
How can we use stories and fairytales in our trainings with Charles-Louis de Maere #virtuallearning
Persuasion is the centerpiece of business, training, teaching, and event activities. We want to convince customers to buy your company’s products or services, employees, and colleagues to go along with a new strategic plan or reorganization, investors to buy (or not to sell) your stock and engage our learners in our training. But too often we get lost in boring presentations with too many PowerPoint slides, dry memos, and hyperbolic missives from the corporate communications department (Fryer 2003). I am excited to discuss with Charles-Louis de Maere (Explorer at Exploration Labs SRL) in this episode how we can use stories and fairy tales in our training.
May 26, 2021
Best practices and tools for online collaboration with Lisette Sutherland #virtualteams
The year 2020 has been tough for many of us as we did not have much experience in virtual teamwork. Still, it also showed us that virtual teams work, but we still need to get better at leading, collaborating and communicating virtually. One of the main questions I am being consulted upon on a weekly basis is "how to increase the feeling of togetherness on your virtual team by creating a productive and enjoyable virtual workspace?". This #virtualspacehero podcast episode with Lisette Sutherland (Collaboration Superpowers, Work Together Anywhere) is about Collaboration Superpowers and what we need to consider in our daily virtual work.
May 20, 2021