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Visible at Work

Visible at Work

By Tracy Oyekanmi
For professionals in a new country as immigrants or expats struggling to be visible at work while dealing with workplace culture shock. Every Sunday, I share actionable tips from my over a decade experience in multicultural teams from Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America & Africa. Also, listen to interviews from relocated professionals as they share their secrets to staying visible at work even in a new territory.
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Ep 42 What your Inaction is costing you
Have you ever tried to plan something with a friend and the person always said, "I'll get back to you later" but they never get around to doing it or giving you an answer? And at the end of the day, you stop bothering to include them in any of your plans? Well, that's how we sound too sometimes when we overthink stuff, self-sabotage, and still feel bad for not doing anything about the information we get on something.  On this episode, calculate the TRUE cost of what your inaction may be costing you. I also mention 3 resources you either spend or waste. Listen to find out. Resource mentioned: The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell Send your questions to
January 18, 2021
Ep 41 Ways to ditch the "New Year Goals" overwhelm
New Year, New You? Is it?  Does it feel like a New Year? Whether we "feel" it or not , I welcome you to 2021 to kickstart season 2. Instead of listing goals, I took a different route to share how I've been intentional in the new calendar year so maybe it would give you a different perspective on your new year goals. Our career strategies and tips will kick off next week, to leave a question, email
January 10, 2021
Ep 40 Why an Additional Degree is not Enough for Career Advancement
The common mistake immigrants make even when you're highly-skilled is to immediately get another degree even they recently had one after moving.  There is nothing wrong with that! At the same time when you dig deeper, you are only dealing with the symptoms and not the root cause of your lack of opportunities.  If you are struggling to use your degree and skills to the fullest capacity as you envisioned, then maybe you need a different approach. Before you get another degree in the new year, listen to this episode. To end season 1, I wrap up with a solo episode on: Why having another degree abroad is not enough What you need to do with the one you have How you should plan for the degree if you have to get another degree Ways to get other degree(s) or certification to improve your career advancement. Want more strategies? Download the free E-Guide here
November 2, 2020
Ep 39 Building a professional footprint online using TikTok with Tayde Gonzalez
Tayde Gonzalez leverages TikTok to educate people. She was selected by TikTok for their creator learning program and now she teaches professionals to use TikTok to build a solid digital footprint. Having moved from Mexico to California as a young girl, she experienced first-hand how her foreign experience as a Spanish speaking lady, gave an opportunity to work in product design in the fashion industry to travel around the world. We are reminded to "always be proud of your culture and were you come from, you never know what door it can open for you". Beyond work, Tayde shares how the world is changing with the way we learn and view professionals and how we can tap into the search engine and discovery abilities available with TikTok just by teaching the very basic things. You can connect with Tayde on Instagram and TikTok as "thesirioftiktok"
October 25, 2020
Ep 38 Important Phases of Career Planning Abroad
Do you want to know what areas to focus on during your career planning abroad? Then this solo episode is all about understanding how your knowledge of planning comes with a responsibility of what phase to know where you are and what you should focus on during each phase. Want to learn more? Visit Have questions? Send them to
October 18, 2020
Ep 37 A tribute to the girl child and her career
Today is International Day of the Girl Child and this episode addresses challenges females face in their career. Now imagine the Intersectionality being a foreign trained professional abroad. I hope we will leave the world better for the girl child coming to have a better career and supportive co-workers.
October 11, 2020
Ep 36 Why Career Planning Abroad is important
Having a career planning strategy this last quarter can give a great headstart in 2021. On this solo episode, I breakdown different ways your career planning can help your next move beyond a job search. We also got to celebrate 1,000 + downloads!  Feel free to send your questions to Want to learn more? Visit
October 4, 2020
Ep 35 Keeping the same career across 3 continents with Karla Fraser
The business of Higher Education and supporting international students remains at the core of why Karla Fraser once worked in Afghanistan! And other countries as you'd hear on this episode.  She speaks about international students needs and how to adapt and also reminds us what to do when in doubt after you move.  Remember why you moved.  Plus how to build a community for support.  Family support is very important too and how to  take advantage of activities that will help you stay grounded. 
September 27, 2020
Ep 34 3 Things stopping your Career Abroad
Having a career abroad is totally different from having a job abroad. If you want to build a career, you need to look at 3 things stopping your career abroad and deal with it. On this solo episode, i explain that it is never too late and why its dangerous to seek career perfection.
September 20, 2020
Ep 33 Finding your voice abroad- Get credit for your work
Even though it is necessary, it doesn't come naturally to a lot of foreign trained professionals who grew up in being modest about your achievements.  On this solo episode, finding your value in a new country is important as it is one way for you to stand out for the work you do in your career.  I show you how to: Why getting the credit when you've done the work reduces the likelihood of bias to question your abilities. If you don't choose You, how would others choose you Identify the metrics to lookout for and analyze your progress State the facts- At least one outcome about what you did on the project Have a conversation with yourself to reflect your strong points or room for improvement If you want a Career Abroad Audit, use this resource. You could also get a 30 minute FREE personalized Career Abroad strategy call with me. Don't forget to rate and subscribe. Feel free to email us
September 14, 2020
Ep 32 How to Excel on a Team Panel Abroad
In this solo episode, I discuss how to excel on a team panel when working abroad. There are three (3) ways to know who you should expect on a team panel and how to excel when presenting to such people. You can also apply this strategy during virtual and in-person meetings. Find out the type of people on the panel; this way you can know how best to get their attention and relay your message. Always remember to finish up your meeting with how it fits into the OKR Organization's Key Results. Send your questions to
September 6, 2020
Ep 31 Adapting to a Foreign Culture Abroad with Dr. Yusuf J. Ugras
This episode is a full circle moment for me in training about Work Cultures. I interviewed my former professor, Dr Yusuf Ugras, Ph.D who is faculty with the MBA program at La Salle University Philadelphia and has consulted for several multinational organizations and educational institutions on working professionals and international audiences. Dr. Ugras brings over 30 years of academic experience. He has made presentations at various conferences including UPCEA, AACSB International, Mid Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration (MAACBA), American Accounting Association, European Management Accounting Conference, Management Accounting Research Symposia, and Philadelphia Controllers Conference.  He has also provided assistance to several universities in improving their adult, and graduate programming. He has served as President of the American Accounting Association – Mid-Atlantic Region, as well as several positions with the Institute of Management Accountants. Most recently, he has served in the leadership positions with University Professional Continuing Education Association and American International Recruitment Council. Dr U! As we fondly call him discusses how to adapt to foreign cultures. Because you are most likely to encounter people from that culture. He reminds us that with globalization and international companies having teams around the world, you don't have to travel to another country to experience their culture but interacting with your coworkers who comes from a foreign culture is another way to experience that culture and how that can improve your productivity 
August 31, 2020
Ep 30 Re-branding your Transferable Skills
It takes intentional to rebuild your transferable skills but it all starts with re-branding your professional experience as transferable skills. On the solo episode, I breakdown the different steps to re-branding your skills. Before you start, remember that personal branding equals reputation management Always build a link between your skills and specialization in your old role and your new role Have confidence in your transition- You did before, you can do it again Build a new narrative for yourself And don't forget to Re-introduce yourself in a new way. Enjoy! If you want a deeper dive to help you, contact us for personalized sessions at To join the community, subscribe to our mailing list 
August 24, 2020
Ep 29 How to kickstart being a Leader without the title yet Abroad
For you to be a highly-skilled Immigrant/ foreign professional, you already have leadership qualities and even held leadership positions before moving. But when you move, sometimes to move forward you may have taken a few steps back, taken roles without much leadership responsibilities and you still need to exhibit that. On the solo episode, I discuss 3 ways to start exhibiting that leadership material even without a title yet. I say "yet" because you'll get there soon enough.  You've got this. Listen and commit to the process. 1. Engage in high leveraging activities in your role.  2. Document a lot! Documenting is important this way you will be able to keep up with your achievement and skills acquired to progress your career abroad. 3. Build your personal brand! you can still join the 2 Day public speaking challenge here
August 16, 2020
Ep 28 Why Your Silence could be Killing Your Career Abroad
In this solo episode, I reveal the 4 myths that keep you from speaking up in meetings. This impacts your ability to connect with your bosses, team members and ability to be visible effortlessly in your career.
August 9, 2020
Ep 27 You are the Product Abroad Interview with Ravi Jayagopal
Ravi Jayagopal is a Business Coach, 6-time Author, Speaker, Podcaster- and (2 shows), full-time Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Online Course Creator, WordPress Plugin Creator & Evangelist, an Amateur Ventriloquist. He has been selling online since 1997 and has created and sold several information products. But before all of this, Ravi made that leap and moved to the US as a computer engineer during the internet boom and also faced the struggle of a highly-skilled Immigrant , resettling with his family while building a business on the side. Soon enough, his several business ideas have become wildly successful and he shares openly so many secrets to succeeding abroad.  His advice is so good that it can be applied to your career and business too! On the podcast, Ravi shares how he moved to the US from India in 2000, worked at various high-tech jobs, all while building a business on the side, hustling nights and weekends, sleeping 5 hours a day while managing a family and a full-time job (a highly paid one, in New York). In 2010, he was able to quit his job and become a full-time entrepreneur, and move to San Diego, CA with his beautiful wife, 2 precious kids and a male dog inexplicably named Vanilla! He is also the Co-founder & Co-Developer of DigitalAccessPass - or DAP - a premium membership plugin for WordPress, and other popular WordPress plugins like CoolCastPlayer and S3MediaVault.When you put in a lot of hardwork, you make your own luck "Once you have an idea for a product, try to observe if there's a market for it. This is because you might be passionate about something for which there's no market for".
July 31, 2020
Ep 26 Using grit to succeed abroad Roman Prokopchuk
Roman Prokopchuk is a 2nd generation Immigrant who moved from Ukraine as a little boy to USA but he traces his success in business- Novazora Digital Agency and Digital Savage podcast to the grit he saw his grandparents display. Roman advises us that When moving to find new opportunities, it is important that you understand the type of role you want to get and your expectations or what you want to get out of it.  He also opens up about dealing with life situations. "Each rough experience that we go through in life prepares us for the next rough experience".
July 19, 2020
Ep 25 Explaining a Gap on Your Resume with Sonal Bahl
Sonal Bahl has lived many career lives in one and now helps others supercharge their careers! Originally from India, Sonal has lived and worked in Chile, Uruguay, France and now resides in Belgium.  She speaks English, French, Hindi and Spanish and can conduct business in all four! As a HR manager who has also experienced gaps in her resume to due to moving abroad, she breaks down the strategy to win with what seems like a chicken and egg situation.  If you are in search for local experience in your new location before re-entering your industry, took sometime off for your family, or volunteered and it seems unrelated, you need to listen to this episode! Sonal shares her own story about how sometimes, volunteering in a new location can be a win-win situation such that you can easily learn the new language while helping others. Using your connections if you worked for a global company in your previous location.  How not to be afraid or be negative about gap years in your resume but to point it out in a strategic manner.  She was also gracious to share a Masterclass video she did about explaining Gaps in your Resume  Find Sonal on LinkedIn Here
July 13, 2020
Ep 24 How to be result oriented in your work Stan Van Workum
 Stan's journey from growing up in Netherlands, schooling in Sweden to work in New Zealand is admirable as he discusses his goal to work for one of the Big 4s in consulting to ultimately growing his own technology company abroad. He reminds us to: Never give up!! regardless of the number of times you've been rejected. Know that the best way to improve communication skills is by practicing, Not turn down opportunities that'll help you improve on your skills. Be encouraged to take care of our mental health and stability. Send your questions to Want to know how to succeed once you start working abroad? Watch the free Masterclass to get career success while working abroad.
July 5, 2020
Ep 23 When you need to re-certify to practice Abroad. How Moyosore Balogun did it 1.5 years!
Having the right to practice in a new location takes a lot of resilience, courage and focus. This is exactly what Nigerian trained lawyer, Moyosore Balogun in less than two years. Moyo tells everything about her transition from schooling to understand Canadian work culture What she did when her professor felt she wouldn't pass her exams or qualify  Moyo always advices us to ;  Always reject negative opinions, you can never know until you've tried. Never be too shy to ask for help, Find ways to network especially if you are in a new environment. Send your questions to Want to know how to succeed once you start working abroad? Watch the free Masterclass to get career success while working abroad. 
June 28, 2020
Ep 22 Making the minority experience transparent in Corporate.
Our guest,  Toby Egbuna co-founded Dyversifi- An anonymous career insight platform for diverse employees for other minorities to learn what how to succeed at a certain company and what it’s like to work there. We discuss Toby's personal experience as a minority in corporate America. The dichotomy of being a 1st generational immigrant- Understanding the complexities of seen as not being African enough or being American enough. How your minority/diversity experience is different from person to person and can also come with opportunities. To share your experience as a minority on Dyversifi, check it out here Don't forget to Subscribe, Rate and Review your favorite episodes.  Send your questions to
June 22, 2020
Ep 21 Leading Global Teams- How to succeed working Abroad with Travis Ames
Managing a globally diverse team is interesting and also comes with a sense of responsibility.  On this bonus episode, Travis Ames, Vice President Consumer Devices at Microsoft Canada discusses the importance of building trust before visibility and his personal experience also while working abroad. Key Takeaways: Find ways to stay relevant in a team by constantly looking for areas where you can make a difference even beyond the scope of your core job. Always take time to learn new skills beyond your core job. This way it'll be easy to fill in any skill gap and thus remain relevant. As a team leader, optimism is one characteristics helps keep a team together.  To learn more about Travis, connect with him on LinkedIn. If you like the episode please rate, review and subscribe!
May 31, 2020
Ep 20 Why Credibility is the New Currency Post COVID-19
What you need beyond money in this pandemic is another type of currency. The one that will be a hedge against the changes.  The credibility to maintain your role as an essential asset to the organization and the credibility to find better opportunities in the midst of a "scarce" job pool right now.  Also, get the BONUS follow-up tracker to help you build your credibility currency here  This is the currency you need to spend beyond money. Find out how.  Send your questions to be answered in AMA Sessions to
May 17, 2020
Ep 19 Building a Crisis Plan for your Career
Today's crisis might be the best foundation to plan ahead of another crisis.  On this episode, i share a crisis framework you can adapt to your career. Happy International Worker's Day! Keep sending your questions to
May 1, 2020
Ep 18 My boss thinks i'm not working hard enough!
Ask Me Anything sessions are on! Send your questions to
April 14, 2020
Ep 17 How do i deal with my emotions about my career in COVID-19
Ask Me Anything sessions are on!  Send your questions to
April 5, 2020
Podcast Update
NO more podcasts? or There's more?? Listen to find out what's new. The email to reach out once again is
March 25, 2020
Ep 16 Moving for love? Mindset shifts to keep you motivated
When moving is the best decision for your family. How do you manage that with rebuilding your career and getting your mindset to a place that fuels your confidence for the future?  Celebrity Chef, Helen Flitcroft left it all behind in Australia to start a a brand new career in New Zealand that she never expected. She attributes her success to a mindset shift and how foreign professionals can tap into it.  Helen combines the MAP and Magnetic Mind methodologies with other success coaching strategies to bring about swift internal change and drive meaningful action. Connect with Helen on the league of champions Facebook group
February 24, 2020
Ep 15 How to create more opportunities in a new country with Tina Varughese
Accomplished cross-cultural trainer and International speaker, Tina Varughese reveals why newcomers have a hard time to get opportunities and how they can create opportunities for themselves instead of waiting on the sidelines.  She also talks about her personal motivation for one of her favorite talks- 50 shades of Beige and how she's also a 2nd generation immigrant although born and raised in Canada, she knows the struggle her parents faced when they came to Canada in the 60s.  Nevertheless, she believes that you can build a skill set to make you more accessible and well-rounded. Why you need a growth mindset and how to open your network beyond socializing with people from your country of origin. Connect with her on
February 9, 2020
Ep 14 Creating a new role in a new country and smashing targets with Tracey Zhang
Have you ever thought about creating a role that didn't exist for yourself? Then listen to how Tracey had personal plans to relocate then she did the smart thing. Instead of packing up and leaving on a whim, she got her company to create a role for her in the new country. Tracey not only moved, but met and exceeded her sales targets in this new region and manages a list of other clients in that region. She opens up about her move from Hongkong to Vancouver, what keeps her motivated as a remote worker and how she built business relationships in a new country. Connect with her on LinkedIn Ps. Doors are now open to join the Visible at Work Career Visibility Accelerator. Visit
January 30, 2020
Ep 13 Get a job in 1 week without applying! Make bold moves in your career in a new country
Nicole Nyasaha is a recruitment consultant who is originally from Zimbabwe. She spent a decade schooling and working in Malaysia before making the leap to Canada. With her personal strategy and sleek outreach, she got a top job she desired within 1 week of arriving Canada! Hear how she did it and how you can apply it to your next move this year. Also, she advises minorities on how to use the "diversity slot" offered and turn it around as a best platform to show your credibility as a professional.  You can reach her on Instagram - glitsxgrace Her website
January 19, 2020
EP 12 Finding Gratitude when Everything Goes Wrong
Craig Dias reminds us this season of why we should be thankful! Moving from London to New Zealand. Craig is on a kidney transplant wait list for 7 years but that does not stop him from working, starting a new business through the use of social media and entering a new industry in real estate.  One day, he gets that life-changing  phone call, gets a transplant successfully, recovers from surgery without any relapse, passes his licensing exams and STILL wins rookie salesperson of the year in the same year by selling 11 new properties. If you're still thinking about how bad your year has been, be encouraged by Craig's journey and remember the fact that we are still here, making mistakes, working , side hustling, building relationships and have good health is a blessing we shouldn't take for granted.
December 15, 2019
EP 11 Would you work as the only foreigner in a location? Hear Daeyna's story about turning her mess into a message
Daeyna learns a new language in the middle of her divorce and moves from Jamaica to Japan to start a new life as an English teacher to join the Japan Teachers Exchange Program.  After moving , she found herself as the only foreigner and only black woman on an island of 4700 people! Although there were several instances of culture shock, Daeyna believes that transitioning her career and a new location turned her mess into a message. She is also the host of She's a Mess podcast. On this episode, she discusses The cross-cultural difference in work styles- The Japanese two faced Tatemae and the Honne "Saying it as it is versus the two-face of not letting you feel upset". How not to be blindsided during a transition What to do to change the way you see yourself so you can help others.
December 9, 2019
EP 10 Brittney Oliver-From 100 Interviews to Business Founder
Although she's American, Brittney Oliver understands the burden that comes with being different. Having turned her own lemons of going through 100 interviews despite being highly intelligent with internships in New York under her belt, she takes us through her journey from seeking opportunities to creating opportunities.  She was recently listed by Forbes as one of the "Nine Black Women Leaders Dedicated to Empowering Others".
December 1, 2019
EP 9 The foundation of your financial habits
From working 7 days a week, no rest and more bills. Ramon decided to become interested in financial education not just for his personal freedom but to help people make better choices for their future. Today's guest is also passionate about money! Although he began a career in Nursing from the Philippines, he moved to Canada as an international student, re certified in a different aspect of the healthcare industry. Every weekend, he takes the time building a community by teaching people about the basics of better financial planning. Ramon Gahob Jr. opens up about his personal and work journey and also discusses: What to practice to set new habits Getting help to maintain your financial planning What you need that can become an incentive to plan for And how he still manages to do all this things as an introvert!
November 24, 2019
Ep 8 Secure the Card- 5 things to build your credit score when working in the US
Moving on her own to USA to fund her Masters degree education, Ibukunoluwa Oyeleke has had her fair share in dealing with money and building a solid credit for herself.  Although she is an IT professional based in Florida, Ibukun's passion about saving money and building a good credit score in a country where she had no credit history led her to start the 10MinuteFinancial Guide movement.   Beyond her day job, she spends time helping others gain financial freedom so they are not tied to jobs they hate, or have to endure more stress due to money issues. Studies have shown that 25% of employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work. On this episode,you'll learn how: A client she helped went from 10 credit cards with $38,000 in debt to a reduced debt of $8,000 and now boasts of $12,000 in savings in 6 months! 5 things to help your credit score in the US Why you shouldn't depend on the credit card for your survival. How you can use it to get good debt when you need it in future. The joy of delayed gratification and contentment What she splurges on!
November 17, 2019
Ep 7 Bay Simpson- Side hustling and working with a global mindset
We live in the "gig economy" where people trade their skills for money beyond the traditional 9-5 job with a side hustle. This is real work and you may have been thinking of starting one so listen to how our guest, Bay Simpson is killing it!  After a series of layoffs from her past corporate roles, Bay Simpson was motivated to begin a side hustle and now she helps other women do same while holding down a 9-5 job.  She also discusses how her curiosity and passion for personal development paid off when she moved from Accounting in the US to become an IT Business Analyst before stacking up a side hustle to also offer trans formative strategy sessions for others in Toronto, Canada. Bay admits that running a business alongside a full-time job comes with its own learning and she is willing to help us succeed you are game! Listen in.
November 10, 2019
Ep 6 Nick Noorani- Working in Canada? 3 things you NEED to do
If you have ever read the Canadian federal government's guide to immigration for newcomers, then you are about to listen to the writer! Nick has dedicated his life to help immigrants succeed in Canada especially as he moved after a successful career in Advertising and Marketing with international experience in 3 countries but still faced challenges. Nick reinvented himself, has become a renowned author, publisher of Canadian Immigrant magazine which changed the media landscape forever by focusing on immigrants who succeeded. In 2009, Nick created the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant award - Canada's first award recognizing immigrant contributions to Canada and he also sits on several boards volunteering his time and expertise. If you had a long career prior to your move and need to reinvent yourself or just need to stay on course in this journey then you should listen to this episode. Nick reveals three things you should do once you start working in Canada and how he enjoys playing Grandpa to his favorite little angels 
November 3, 2019
Small Talk when you're different
Who hates small talk? Uuurgh  There is this hype about small talk that you should find common things to discuss but when you are different and still need to get a hang of your new environment, how do you get into the conversation easily? On this episode, you'll learn what small talk with a difference is, how you can pick on it as an introvert, ambivert or extrovert and what you can't afford to do even if you hate small talk. Try it and see how the tables will turn in your favor! If you found this useful, let your friends in by sharing the link. also, don't forget to subscribe and leave a review. Guest episodes start next month!!!
October 27, 2019
Did i say something wrong? The social awkwardness of professional networking PT.2
You've heard great things about trying storytelling but what about the stories you shouldn't be telling? There are 10 things you should tread lightly on when professionally networking as a global citizen. What might sound cool to you could be hurtful to other people. This doesn't apply only within the office but also "business settings" and other social meetings when connecting with people.
October 20, 2019
The social awkwardness of professional networking
Do you want to change about the way you network professionally? Then listen in to see how not sharing enough could make you seem awkward.  Often times the awkwardness comes with the silence, but you can learn how to have stories prepared and what kind of stories to tell when the opportunity arises in a professional setting.
October 13, 2019
We want change but change is scary
Switching from onsite to a virtual worker is scary but could be the next step to remain productive but there are so many moving parts to adjust to these changes.  Because you are dependent on other forms of communication without face to face, you have to watch out for underlining behaviors that may pass a wrong message.  Find out how to be specific in the way others reach out when working remotely and how you can also add to the conversation in a meaningful way even if you aren't "in the office"
October 6, 2019
Introduction to Visible at Work Career advancement show
If you've been in transition in your career as a professional in a new country or new city then this is the weekly show for you. The podcast is tailored towards sharing actionable insights on the unspoken things with navigating workplace issues, politics, culture and interpersonal differences that happen AFTER you get the job. If its your "dream job" or "eh i will keep looking kinda job" you are not invisible to these things that happen in the workplace. Today's episode covers WHAT the show is about, WHO the show is for and a little bit about my experience as your host.
September 2, 2019