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Vitalized Body

Vitalized Body

By Jessica Lee Reader
Rather than settling for okay, Become Vitalized!

Please brew a cup of tea, kick up your feet, and listen in. Prepare to discover the keys to vitality including nutrition, natural weight loss, yoga, meditation, positive mindset, and self-care strategies. All presented with a perfect blend of professional education, love, and a bit of humor. You can count on learning and fun while you Vitalize Your Body.

Your host Jessica Lee Reader is a Master Nutrition Therapist, Yoga Guide, and Natural Weight Loss Specialist and she's here to help you Unleash Your Vitality!
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Learn How to Identify a Hidden Food Sensitivity
Discover how to identify which foods work best for your body. Learn about the Elimination Protocol and ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing. As a Master Nutrition Therapist and Food Sensitivity Specialist with over a decade of experience in this video I share my professional experience working with food sensitivities. This podcast is the audio from a food sensitivity presentation. You can watch it here. Learn more about the ALCAT Test. Hi, I'm Jessica Lee Reader, a Nutritionist, Weight Loss Specialist & Yoga Guide. If you enjoyed the podcast please subscribe to the channel. Thanks for listening and Stay Vitalized!
November 13, 2020
5 Top Tips to Natural Weight Loss
As a Master Nutrition Therapist and Natural Weight Loss Specialist with over a decade of professional experience I share my top 5 tips for natural weight loss. In this episode you'll learn how to jump-start your metabolism and start losing weight naturally and sustainably. Discover what may be sabotaging your weight loss journey and it may not be what you think.   To learn more about how to lose weight naturally please visit:
October 27, 2020
Autumn Guided Meditation I Let Go of Things No Longer Serving You
In this Autumn Guided Meditation you'll feel more grounded and ready to embrace all the beauty of the Autumn season in just 6-minutes. Join Jessica Lee Reader as she guides you through this magical guided meditation practice devoted to appreciating the season of Autumn and letting go of things that no longer serve you.
October 25, 2020
Guided Meditation for Calming and Grounding
Ready to calm your nerves in less than 5-minutes? All you need is a quiet space and your breath. You'll be feeling more grounded, calm, and vitalized.  Join Jessica Lee Reader as she guides you through this Grounding Meditation. Connect your mind, breath, and body to experience complete relaxation.  Ready for more? Follow the Vitalized Body to tune into the guided meditation for vitality series and health, nutrition, weight loss, and lifestyle support and resources. 
October 25, 2020
Unleash Your Vitality
Rather than settling for okay, Become Vitalized! Welcome to the Vitalized Body Podcast! Hi, I'm Jessica Lee Reader, a Master Nutrition Therapist, Weight Loss Specialist, and Yoga Guide.  Showcased here you'll find my favorite keys to vitality including nutrition and healthy living content, weight loss tips, yoga, and meditation, recipes, and resources.  I utilize my professional background of over a decade of experience to teach on all aspects of health. Are you ready? Let's become Vitalized!
October 23, 2020