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Vitamin Jae

Vitamin Jae

By Janice
Vitamin Jae is your weekly dose of self-care.
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36 - Anxious Attachment Style
Today we discuss the importance of understanding yourself through the lens of John Bowlby's Attachment Theory: Read more here:
May 25, 2021
35 - Self-Identity: Get Back to Basics
Today we discuss the importance of understanding your self-identity. Read more here:
May 11, 2021
34 - It’s a Process: Road to Freedom
We all want to be free, but how do you get there? Today we discuss the process to freedom. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
33 - Where’s Your Focus? Commitment to Your Goal
Today we discuss the importance of committing to your goal, and keeping your focus. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
32 - Realignment: Get It Together
Today we discuss the goal of realignment in October. Breaks are necessary and I can’t wait to see what I accomplish on the other end of this journey.
March 21, 2021
31 - Healing and Shedding: It’s a Process
In this episode we discuss the process of healing and the subsequent action of shedding.
March 21, 2021
30 - Self-Care: What’s It Mean To You?
In this episode we discuss what self-care is. This is a hot topic which also means it gets convoluted. It’s the most important key to achieving consistent peace. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
29 - Bet On Yourself: Get Out Of Your Own Way
Today we discuss betting on yourself and moments of getting in your own way.
March 21, 2021
28 - PCOS Awareness Month: Health Journey
Today we acknowledge PCOS Awareness month and the health accomplishments I have achieved on this health journey.
March 21, 2021
27 - Authenticity is Key to Building Relationships
Being myself is a lesson I’ve had a hard time understanding. Today we dive into all the ways I’ve overcome the journey of being authentically me.
March 21, 2021
25 - What is Failure: Does it Define Me?
This episode you get to hear how I process information that I don’t quite understand just yet. I am navigating failure and faith.
March 21, 2021
26 - A Year of Growth: Cheers to 26!
As my 26th birthday rolls around I take time out to reflect on the growth that has transpired. Join me on a trip down memory lane.
March 21, 2021
24 - Green Flags: Have a Healthy Relationship
We always hear about red flags, but what about green flags? In this episode we break down the good parts to expect from your relationship. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
23 - Let’s Talk About It w/ Stu
Communicating is a two way street. When it comes to relationship building, there is a lot of miscommunication that needs to be demystified.
March 21, 2021
22 - You don’t need closure, you need to heal!
Waiting for someone to offer you forgiveness will stunt your growth. They’ll have the power to change your mood no matter how good or bad your day had been.
March 21, 2021
21 - Let's Talk About Health, Baby! (PCOS Victories)
Our bodies can be a mystery, but I think I've hit the jackpot. Check out the health benefits that I gained from eating healthy and exercising consistently! Read more here:
March 21, 2021
20 - Talk To Me Nice! Pouring In Positivity
Boost your energy by improving your self-talk! It is far too easy to think and speak negatively. Challenge the status quo and speak positivity! Read more here:
March 21, 2021
19 - Plans Change and People Change: Finding My New Path
Today we talk about change. Change isn’t easy or crystal clear. But it is a beautiful journey that I'm learning to love and share. My healing came when I got comfortable with change.
March 21, 2021
18 - Rest Is Not A Bad Thing: Your Body Deserves A Break
We often forget the importance of rest until our body forces us to remember. In this podcast I talk about how I’m staying healthy even in the midst of fighting off sickness. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
Episode 17 - Consistency Over Motivation: My PCOS Journey
This week we are challenging ourselves to value consistency over motivation. Any singular goal can fizzle in a second if we wait for motivation. Our fitness deserves better than that! Read more:
March 21, 2021
16 - Journey Into Mindfulness w/ Kevin
Today we take a journey into the many paths that lead to mindfulness in the life of Black men and women. The Black experience is not monolithic, but it sure is beautiful. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
15 - Self Love For Black Men w/ Stu
Your mental health matters! We're taking a dive into being secure in your manhood, self-love, building romantic relationships,  defending the culture, and more! Read more here:
March 21, 2021
14 - Who Are We, Really?
‘Just be yourself!’ Is a common statement. But have you ever struggled with that? In this episode I will discuss the journey of being myself in any setting. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
13 - Relationships: The Blessings in the Messes
In this episode we discuss relationships with exes, food, God, and the like. Healing from the impact of hurt and anxiety isn’t linear. But it certainly is beautiful. Read more:
March 21, 2021
12 - Law of Attraction: Is It Important?
When dating, do you need to be attracted to your potential partner? In this episode we discuss if and why this may vary for every person. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
11 - Comfort When You’re Vulnerable
We all have our moments of vulnerability. In this podcast we talk about the similarities and differences in what’s expected when we would like to be comforted. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
10 - Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
In this episode we discuss why stepping out of our comfort zone is such a challenging task. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
9 - Building and Understanding Boundaries
In this episode we discuss the complexities of boundaries and how they can be applied to various portions of our lives. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
8 - You Matter: Self-Care Tips
America is in flames, don’t allow yourself to be engulfed with it. In this episode I provide practical self-care tips that help you understand that you and your mental health matters. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
7 - Accountability: You Are Responsible For Your Own Life
In this episode I discuss the importance of understanding what it means to be accountable. Specifically, I focus on what it means to display accountability from within to foster a better experience in life. Read more:
March 21, 2021
6 - Master Your Mindset: Cognitive Reframing
Where your mind goes, there your successes and failures are nourished. Gaining control over my mind has given me the power to shape my future. In this episode I explain how cognitive reframing is the key to a better tomorrow. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
5 - Living Single: Doing The Work
Living single is the most freeing experience I’ve ever encountered. But it took time and hard work to get there. In this episode I talk about my journey to healing and happiness while single. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
4 - You Belong Here: Imposter Syndrome
Often times I feel as though I don’t deserve things I’ve earned. In this episode I discuss how I push through my feelings of imposter syndrome. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
3 - Let’s Talk Health: Fitness, Failures, and the Future
In this episode Janice discusses how her diagnoses with PCOS altered her relationship with food and fitness. The journey has been winding but rewarding. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
2 - How Expectations Impact Our Actions and Relationships
In this episode Janice discusses the positive and negative impacts that expectations have in her actions and relationships. She is challenging herself and others to analyze their expectations as well as their reactions. Listening to this podcast and digging deep is therapeutic. Read more here:
March 21, 2021
1 - Mental Health Awareness: Let’s Talk About The D(epression)
In this episode Janice discuses how she has fared during lockdown/social distancing, how color schemes impact mental health, and what tactics help her overcome depression. Read more here:
March 21, 2021