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Custom Made

Custom Made

By ViviScape_Media

Welcome to ViviScape's Custom Made, where we discuss how Tech is applied to the real world.
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Websites vs. Web Applications
Websites vs. Web Applications
Custom Made is back with a new episode. This week we’re discussing Websites vs. Web Applications. Do they go hand in hand? What are the different challenges facing a website? Did you know some of your favorite websites are actually web applications? We’ll be discussing how you can spot the difference between the two. So, press play and find out more with the Custom-Made team! #CustomMade #SoftwareDesigner #Software #VFXstudio
July 09, 2020
Custom Made
Custom Made
Welcome to “Custom Made”! A brand-new podcast by Viviscape where we discuss how tech is applied in the real-world. In our debut episode, we talk about what really goes into creating ‘custom made’ content and software for clients. Why understanding a company’s needs can have eye-catching results. Plus, how identifying challenges early can be a gamechanger. Trust us, there’s no better time than now to learn about a custom-made approach. #CustomMade #SoftwareDesigner #Software #VFXstudio
July 01, 2020