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By Tyrell Primus
Cultured was created by founder of VLMAG Tyrell Primus, he wanted to bring awareness to the various aspects of the the creative industry through the individuals who live it. We believe that Art has many personalities and a creative cannot be put into a box because you can have numerous hustles and talents. This podcast brings light to their talents and the CULTURE. WE aim to change the world, by changing the way we think.
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New Episodes Coming
To all of my listeners I’m exited to bring you new creatives! and introducing the visual aspects of the creatives where you can also see behind the scenes of their fields in a more in-depth view.
October 28, 2021
LIFE IS SO HARD by Jeanius
Jean Peter Exantus aka Jeanius was born in Brooklyn New York. At a very young age his mother made sure he was always working on his performance skills. Enrolling him in dance school, gymnastics, and piano lessons, Jean was able to perform in front of large crowds at early age. After discovering his passion for rap music at the age of 13 Jean fell in love with artists like, Redman, Wu Tang, Big Pun, Biggie Small, and Nas. At 19 he was given opportunity to DJ in Osaka Japan where he saw that the love of Hip-Hop was even stronger there and fell in love with the culture. Knowing that Hip-Hop started in New York Jean went back to the US to follow his true passion and enrolled in Five Towns College where he studied business and production, graduating with a 3.9 GPA. After college Jean started to work on getting his name out there. Currently working on his EP "Never Fold" Jeanius has been opening up for acts like Cardi B, Fat Joe, Little Durk, and Fred The Godson, Cassidy, Jaque, and PnB just to name a few. With his EP the goal is to bring people together through his music and a fresh sound that all ages can relate to. The EP is set to drop sometime this year. Jeanius promises that you will fall in love with his message!! You can expect Barz , R&B, Soul, and a Top 40 sound making him stand out from the rest. You can watch his video produced by Super producer Maxpayneshawty "Heartstrings"and directed by Mikelo on Youtube. Make sure you subscribe to “Life Of A Jeanius” and follow this remarkable story about faith and the love of music .
October 14, 2020
The elevation of creativity
Hello to all my fellow CREATIVES, thankyou for your messages and also your patience! We have been working on new episodes with the talented individuals of our culture. 2021 will be an amazing experience as we begin to learn the many ways to elevate our arts and the way we communicate with our customers and supporters... Stay tuned for our nee season this fall.
September 16, 2020
Curfew International
Diallo Palmer is the founder of a creative artist network called the Syndicate Network & also Co Founder and Owner of Curfew International. Diallo is a force of unique proportions, a man wearing several hats (Business Owner, Artist Manager, Producer, Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Artist & Musician to name a few). He started off as a prodigy of his late Dad Jah P, with whom he would eventually establish Curfew International & JahPal Music for their personal musical and publishing endeavours. As a youngster Diallo witnessed his father missing out on success with the group his father had due to several reasons and made it a personal mission to create something that would harbor success for the people involved without needing "The Industry". That mission was the beginnings of The Syndicate... A network of independent people/entities in and around the music realm that pool their resources together willingly to produce successful productions, people through training, encouragement and cross promotion, & to form a model Of the music business of the future where those who have the talents are the ones that get the credit and they are compensated fairly. Everyone is a equal and boss in their respective area of expertise. Since the ending of 2019 Curfew International and The Syndicate has begun pushing this change by releasing various productions all of original sounds and performed by all fresh artists who pen their own material and have quality comparable to artists in their respective spaces..... We in the near future will be taking the next step into party promotion and event planning as the covid 19 effect wanes..... Diallo is firmly focused on the future!!!
July 04, 2020
DJ Miando
Brandon Born in Miami, raised in Orlando. He is a Engineer, DJ, and Artist. From originally from miami, built his own a Recording Studio known as MPR Studios. Since then he has been making music for 10 years not only as a DJ but a Artist, Producer and motivator to his culture as a musical creative.
June 30, 2020
International Rian
Rian Cult is an American based songwriter, singer, producer and. Born in Romania, he was brought up by all European artists and grew up on rock and hip-hop music. After being highly influenced by Phil Collins, Ed Sheeran and Lauv, to name a few, his path changed and took up a more Pop style. He began recording demos and songs with artists in the Boston area like Tristan Simone, ABRAM, KASTELO etc, to name a few. He has played with big names in Romania like Simona Nae, AMNA and Platonic Band and has built a reputation as a drummer and musical director. In 2018, he began his solo career as a singer-songwriter and producer, writing songs for and with friends and artists from everywhere. His songwriting resembles with Julia Michaels, LAUV, Halsey and Ella Mai. Having graduated from Berklee College of Music with a bachelor’s in Contemporary Writing and Production, Rian Cult is now writing songs for himself as an artist but also producing and recording for other people. FULL NAME: Adrian Culetu - known professionally as Rian Cult
June 10, 2020
Kasa Meiggs
Kashif Amar : founder & CO of kAsA Meiggs brand clothing. He has been doin music for over 15 years now! and also cultivating hard his fashion for about 7 years. He has always had a love for fashion where is communicates his individuality as a creator, as he does his music. He has always been a student of both the arts music /fashion. Observe & report is his moto . (Words from kashif) As we find ourselves in a stagnant position dealing with a pandemic. I plan on making it a big year all the way around. Releasing new music, Directing the visuals for my brand, music,& collaboration. Constantly working and creating new designs so once things get back to semi normal it’ll make a even bigger impact. My everyday hobbies pretty much consist of music,fashion,boxing creating and continuously coming up with multiple ways to express myself In the only way I know how and also assist in other creative endeavors with my fellow artist and Comrades. The Boxing is more less a side hobby but I have a genuine love an passion for the sport. If I really wanted to take it 150% serious I could’ve went pro,still can possible if I dedicated my life life to it.Could stem from my pops being A pro boxer in his younger years. I create and express in multiple ways. You will see those multiple ways sooner then later. Kashif Amar of KAsA Meiggs #steazeup #kasameiggs #officialkasameiggs #$%...
May 22, 2020
Burning Bicycles
Musical creative aka FREEPLAY a NewYork native brings his visions through his art of music! A well versed individual in his craft, this season he brings his elevation as an artist with his new formed band (burning bicycles) and the release of his upcoming visual projects find out what inspires him and what fuels his art.
May 02, 2020
The RatedQ Movement
Quabless Harris a New York Native born & raised in the Bronx. He started a movement, called RatedQ which specializes in curated events focusing creatives like himself. His goal is to create a platform “for us, by us”. Part of RatedQ events and his brand is to bring together all aspects creatives no matter the “status” and unite both parts of the city of newyork.
April 27, 2020
Tie the knot Marketing Group
Xavier Holland is Business Consultant creating opportunities for artists and creatives through his knowledge of branding This includes Image consulting Brand Marketing & Network Resourcing. His personal passion & expertise are professional development and styling for all Aspects of the industry.
April 23, 2020
Udeen Designs
Maya Davis is a textile designer, fiber artist & creator of her company Udeen Designs. She is originally from Rochester & now reside in NYC. Her goal with Udeen Designs is to build a brand and a network that supports the idea that art and design are not just luxuries but necessities in our everyday experience.
April 21, 2020
We are all seeking after more and as individuals we desire to grow not only in self but financial and socially. But we all need to be motivated to do and be what we all dream and want to be.
April 18, 2020
Igor is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is known for his singles "Ghost In Your Wallet" and "Wifi Love", currently traveling worldwide to perfom his sold-out tour Star Dust World Tour.Outside of his solo music, he loves designing his art for the album covers and his tour merch. The international hip-hop scene is booming. While some rappers and beat producers live the dream of a fame, others are unfortunately somewhat rooted in the underground. However, the latter does not apply to the American rapper, songwriter and beat producer Igor . Known for his singles Ghost In Your Wallet or Wi-Fi Love , the rapper, who is moving away from the image of the classic gangster rap , is just doing his Star Dust World Tour and is dropping with Keep It Green via the RoyalGooseRecords label .
April 18, 2020
What is Garçon Manqué ?
Today we speak with entrepreneur and brand owner Latrice Samuel, Born Brooklyn NY founded apparel company garçon manqué usa which means (TOMBOY) in french! a brand that brings something different to the ever changing culture. Her mission as a creative and owner is to let females know that they can embrace the other side to themselves “the him in her” and living unapologetically is being your tru self.
April 16, 2020
Staying Updated and Motivated
This episode i wanted to communicate to the creatives! We all know that the epidemic has slowed down they way we as individuals work. But staying focused and motivate during these times are crucial to our productivity, in touch on the importance is staying connected and bring innovative through the noise.
April 08, 2020