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Voice Marketing for Business

Voice Marketing for Business

By Doug Devitre
Welcome to the Voice Marketing for Business podcast where we discuss the latest trends, how others are using voice platforms, and interviews with special guests who are shaping the world of voice technology.

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Canadian Real Estate Association CREA Leading in a Voice First World
The Canadian Real Estate Association hired Doug Devitre to deliver a thought-provoking keynote speech to help shape the future of voice marketing for Canadian Realtors, brokerages, and associations. This presentation was delivered at the Association Executives conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia June 5th 2019. Associations have started to figure out that voice assistants like Amazon Alexa can be programmed to talk to members, engage with them on hot issues, and improve the membership experience on a whole new platform that never existed before until a few years ago. This means Association Executives need to rethink their messaging in a way that draws attention to membership value propositions and increase the adoption rate of membership products and services. In this session we will help communication directors, professional development directors, and membership directors convert their value proposition into a conversational and scale their impact at significantly reduced costs. Participants will receive the get started Guide, smart home guide, Amazon skill building guide, and other resources to develop their presence on Amazon Alexa. Learn more how to get started in voice marketing for real estate.
July 16, 2019
How to Program Your Future
You can decide in the future whether you want to learn to program or be programmed by the voice-assistants like Amazon Alexa.
April 05, 2019