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The Audiobook Reader's Review

The Audiobook Reader's Review

By Voices of Today
Bringing together audiobook listeners, narrators, producers and authors to discuss all-things-audiobooks!
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Episode 2: Powerhouse Women of the Audiobook Industry – Karen Commins, Amy Soakes and Susan Iannucci

The Audiobook Reader's Review

Episode 4: Bringing your whole self … with Erin Marie White & PJ Morgan
Join us as we chat with P.J. Morgan and Erin Marie White, two audiobook narrators who have both studied linguistics and have a background in theatre performance. What new insights might they have for us, as audiobook listeners, narrators and writers?  ERIN MARIE WHITE: Erin Marie White is an Australian actress and audiobook narrator. Bitten by the theatre bug in her teens, Erin has been performing for most of her life. With a BA in Linguistics and a Master of Speech Pathology, Erin has a unique perspective on language, communication and the power of the human voice. She is a natural storyteller and adores narrating audiobooks. PJ MORGAN: A lifelong storyteller, book nerd, actor, and secret author, P. J. Morgan has finally reached the pinnacle of human form as a professional audiobook narrator! She is an empathic performer with a broad skillset who believes in the power of the written and spoken word to transform, educate, elevate, and escape. She has narrated over 130 titles to date, from Sci-Fi to non-fiction, for BeeAudio, Audible Studios, Findaway Voices, Spoken Realms, Pink Flamingo Productions, and many independent authors. When not in the booth, she is outside playing with her equine friends, hiking with her demonspawn chihuahua, or crafting hit-or-miss vegan meals. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, P. J. is especially interested in stories featuring diverse characters, and has a soft spot for unusual protagonists and sympathetic villains. Hosted by Sarah Bacaller ( and produced by Voices of Today (www.voicesoftodayorg) – an Australian audiobook production company. 
September 04, 2022
Episode 3: An Inspiring Story – Victor Dima
Victor Dima is a fierce advocate for the audiobook industry. He is a respected audiobook reviewer and consultant, and he is legally blind. In this podcast, Victor discusses his passion for audiobooks, along with tips for those interested in writing audiobook reviews. He also discusses the controversial topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the audiobook industry – and offers an important and surprising perspective, with valuable insights from his own lived experience as someone who can no longer access traditional print text. To find out more about Victor's work, check out and his Patreon channel @ 
August 15, 2022
Episode 2: Powerhouse Women of the Audiobook Industry – Karen Commins, Amy Soakes and Susan Iannucci
In this episode, we interview three powerhouse women of the audiobook industry: Karen Commins, Amy Soakes and Susan Iannucci. Each  works to create connections with others, to foster connections and develop the skills of others — and we ask why this is, and what drives their projects.  KAREN COMMINS:  Karen Commins is an award-winning audiobook narrator, producer, publisher, and leading curator of info about the audiobook industry. She is a 6-time audiobook juror for the Voice Arts Awards competitions. Karen has written about audiobooks on numerous sites and spoken about audiobook creation and marketing at VOAtlanta, on ACX University, and on several podcasts. After years of helping narrators on their journeys through her articles, videos, online advice, and private consultations, in 2019 Karen launched This site is THE destination for narrators of all levels, with a knowledge base, video courses, event calendar, casting directory, and an incredible number of resource links. AMY SOAKES:  Amy came to narrating after a career in television, both in front of and behind the camera. She’s passionate about open communication, flexibility and transparency within the industry, and runs – a website where authors and narrators can connect prior to committing to an aggregator (Australian and New Zealand narrators and authors can also connect through Amy has written a wealth of information on independent audiobook production, and provides a venue for rights holders to freely list auditions and contact narrators. She also runs, which helps authors and narrators distribute promotional and review copies of their audiobooks – not just via Audible promo codes, but also with Findaway Voices or Authors Direct codes, or any other method available to the rights holder. SUSAN IANNUCCI:  Susan is a full time narrator and voiceover actor working from California, USA. She has been producing multi-cast productions for several years along with her own solo narrations. Pulling together multi-cast projects with actors throughout the world continues to be a great challenge and thoroughly rewarding. Involved in project management, casting, cover design, ad copy and post production mastering of files, these productions are multi-faceted. She is passionate about presenting great literature to the audiobook industry, bringing heart- warming stories from the past into the present, that they might not be forgotten. Produced by Voices of Today (Production Copyright 2022). Hosted by Sarah Bacaller. 
August 01, 2022
Episode 1: Interview with Prof. Matthew Rubery
In the very first episode of The Audiobook Reader's review, meet Prof. Matthew Rubery, a scholar who has spent the last decade writing about audiobooks! How and when did audiobooks develop? What makes a great audiobook? And how have attitudes to audiobook-listening changed over time? Is audiobook-listening a legitimate form of reading? Plus, find your next great audiobooks with reviews of three recent productions.  Hosted by Sarah Bacaller. Produced by Voices of Today (Production copyright 2022). 
July 17, 2022