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Voices & Visions

Voices & Visions

By Sacred Visions Studio
"Voices & Visions" aims to have the voices of artists from all over the world be heard. We want you to leave each episode learning something new, feeling inspired, motivated, uplifted, and more creative.
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Lori McNee - Painting the Natural World

Voices & Visions

Lori McNee - Painting the Natural World
Lori McNee is an artist, author, social media influencer, blogger, and art educator. She is the Author of “Fine Art Tips”, and host of her own T.V show “Art Beat with Lori McNee”. Lori is known for her stunning landscape and wildlife paintings that have been featured in numerous publications and galleries. Through her paintings, Lori reconnects the audience with the natural world, a world perhaps that many people today have become separate from.
July 15, 2021
Sean Seid - Creativity from a Spiritual Perspective
Sean Seid is a poet, photographer, and musician based in Florida, he is the author of his newly released poetry book “The Love Inseid”. Sean shares with us a spiritual perspective on the creative process, and gives insight on how creativity and spirituality are more connected than we think. Find Sean on Instagram @LookInSeid
July 2, 2021
Paul Howard - Making a Positive Impact Through Film
Paul Howard a Los Angeles based film-maker and activist. He is the director of the online documentary series "Ann Asks" and its complimentary feature-length film "A Pebble in the Pond." Paul strives to create content that is impactful, positive, and inspiring, and his films show it. “Ann Asks” starring Ann Benson is a series that believes in people and the good we can do when we take action. The series wants you to be inspired to ask: How can I Create Ripples too? Find Paul: Watch Ann Asks!
May 31, 2021
Terri Nakamura - Blogging on Instagram
Terri Nakamura is a social media strategist, graphic designer, writer and author of the upcoming book “Blogging on Instagram” which was  successfully fundraised on IndieGoGo and is being published by New Degree Press. Terri was named by Business Insider as one of the top women in technology on Twitter, she is also a Verizon brand partner and co-owner of Alki Surf Shop in Seattle. Find more of Terri: Find us:
May 11, 2021
Drake Arnold - Murals, Augmented Reality, and Art Business
Drake Arnold is a Florida based artist, he creates traditional paintings and murals with spiritual and psychedelic qualities, and he is the founder of Fractal-Spirit, an apparel company and artist collective. We talk about his life as an artist, augmented reality, murals, and much more. Find Drake: Find us: Instagram: Website: Twitter:
May 11, 2021
David Sandum - Making a Difference Through Art
David Sandum is an artist and author, notable for his highly praised 2015 book,  "I'll Run till the Sun Goes Down: A Memoir about Depression and  Discovering Art". But many of you will know him as the founder of the  Twitter Art Exhibit, @twitterartexhibit an organization that exhibits post-card sized artwork submitted by  artists from all over the world. The donated artwork is sold to help  raise money for charities and non-profit organizations. Find David: Find us: Instagram: Website: Twitter:
May 11, 2021