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Voices of Eve

Voices of Eve

By Voices of Eve
Informative Podcast on labor, birth, postpartum, health, and more! Perfect for new families, growing families, doulas, and more!
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Still Birth: A Bereavement Doula’s Story. I’d Love and Hope
Trigger warning: grief, pregnancy loss, miscarriage, stillbirth and death. In today’s episode I share a story of serving as a brief medulla and photographer at a family’s birth who’s baby had passed in the womb.
April 08, 2022
Breathe Life Speak life (Speaking at a MOPS group)
I had the amazing privilege of speaking to a MOPS group in October. It was such a joy getting to know these amazing women! In my talk I go over some things that cause stress and anxiety and some easy tips to help manage it. These tips cover how to care for your needs as a parent and how to bring your kids into learning coping skills and relaxation techniques.
December 08, 2020
17- Be Made New (Postpartum Rest Tips and Tricks)
Rest is so vital during the postpartum season and in this episode I talk about who rest is important but also some easy tips to make rest more achievable. Join me in this discussion and let's grow together through rest and rejuvenation. Let's be made new. I am a low income doula serving in Fort Worth Texas. I make resources to help people around the world live an abundant life during early parenthood. If you would like to support me in my ministry please check out my website!
November 16, 2020
16- Life Choice Pregnancy Center Interview Part 2
In this episode I continue my interview with the staff of a life choice pregnancy in Clarksburg West Virginia. I loved learning about their heart, passion, and service to families. They are such giving and genuine human beings. 
November 05, 2020
15- Life Choice Center Interview
In this episode I interview the amazing staff at the Life Choice Center in Clarksburg WV. An eye opening episode to the amazing work that they and other centers across the country are doing! Follow them on facebook below:
September 27, 2020
14- What’s In Your Cup?
In today’s episode I talk about managing negative self talk, it’s effects on your health, and easy steps to overcome it!
September 25, 2020
13- Breathe
In today’s discussion we talk about how breathing can help reduce stress and anxiety
September 19, 2020
11 Interview with Amanda McCray Part 2
In this interview with massage Therapist and doula Amanda McCray about fertility, menstrual cycles, labor and birth, and more! She shares some general information about how a woman's life does not have to be miserable! There are options and healing available and most of those are free or low cost! 
September 18, 2020
10- Virtual Doula Care Part 2
A follow up episode to my podcast on virtual doula care. I dig deeper into a couple of elements of virtual doula care. And tell a person story of my latest virtual doula client.
September 18, 2020
09- Interview with Massage Therapist and Doula, Amanda McCray
Hi everyone, welcome to Voices of Eve podcast! I am Abbey Barnosky. Voices of Eve is a ministry dedicated to bringing empowering services to everyone. Remember that none of the information in this podcast is medical advice or specific to every situation. You should always discuss any plans for your healthcare with your provider. I want to Welcome you to my 9th episode which is the first in a two part interview I did with Amanda McCray who is a Doula and massage therapist in Clarksburg, WV. She has certifications for pregnancy and postpartum to name a few. This is my first interview episode and I loved it! WE did the interview in her massage therapy room with essential oils diffusing and soft music in the background. In this episode she will go over the difference that massage can make to improve comfort and health during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum! We will also tell a funny story about how her husband called her a cow and it actually was a sweet thing you wont want to miss her knowledge and stories! Let’s join the discussion
September 05, 2020
08- Voices of Eve: Origin Story
Voices of Eve: Birth Ministries was born out of a love of the birth process and a desire to help those in need. I was called to Birth work when I was 13. Growing up as a missionary kid I remember hearing of women and babies dying in childbirth because of a simple lack of information. It filled me with a passion to help. I didn’t know what that ministry would be until I became pregnant with my daughter in 2013. I knew then that I wanted to make a difference in the birthing community. It wasn’t long after that I fell in love with the work of a doula. I connect most with the meaning of the original Greek word “Doula” which translates to, “woman who serves”. I feel strongly that women are a strength in our society, that babies are our future, and that when families are strong communities are strong. And when communities are strong our world is strong.  My passion:  in my ministry was born in the most unlikely of places. Sitting on an examination table being told I had lost my baby that I had yearned and prayed for.
June 29, 2020
07- June Live Podcast: Prodromal Labor
In this Podcast Abbey covers some basic tips for coping with prodromal labor as well as going over some possible causes and points you to some helpful resources. 
June 24, 2020
06- Live Podcast: COVID-19, Bereavement Doula, Homeschool Curriculum, and Future Projects
If you missed my Live Podcast covering COVID-19, Bereavement Doula, Homeschool Curriculum, and Future Projects you can listen to the recap here!
May 25, 2020
05- Virtual Doula Care Part One
This episode is for doulas! Learn some helpful tips to make your virtual doula services empowering and efficient during this COVID-19 time. Also learn about future workshops coming soon to help your business stand out!
May 21, 2020
04- Baby Shower Gifts
We all want baby shower gifts to be perfect! But often times a families real needs go unmet. Check out this episode to get some ideas to give gifts that have full value!
April 30, 2020
03- One Thing Can Change Your Life
No one should feel like their drowning in lifestyle changes. In this podcast we talk about the one thing that could change your life and remove stress! I stumbled across life changing information recently. I was actively building my health plan, Deciding what things in my life I wanted to shape me. And of course I wanted no shortage of healthy choices! I spent years being overwhelmed with diet crazes, essential oils, exercise programs, self-care, gym memberships, and more! Then I realized that I am in control and I didn’t like where I was leading my life.
April 25, 2020
02- Informed Consent
In this episode we will discuss informed consent and easy ways to get all the information you need to make informed consent. This is one of my mini episodes that I hope fits easily in a busy day! Check out my graphic for informed consent on my pregnancy resource page: also check out my blog post that goes into informed consent a little deeper:
April 14, 2020
01- Maternity Care during COVID-19
My very first episode on Maternal healthcare during COVID-19, where we will discuss Options you have during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum in light of COVID-19 restrictions. We will also discuss some general tips to keep you and your family safe during this crisis. Her day is Thursday at Voices of Eve You can join me in being informed and empowered through our newsletter and blog post every first Thursday of the month or keep an eye out for this podcast every second Thursday of the month. In this podcast we will dig deep into relevant and practical tips for pregnant mothers, families, birth workers and more! also check out my website to find a variety of resources for your family including, pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum, bereavement, homeschool, and more! Your voice counts at voices of eve Let’s join the discussion
April 13, 2020