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By Vishal P. S. Palve
Hello People! Here you can listen to our latest Podcast on Community Service and on Latest Initiative's started in India.

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Let's Talk on Let's record ( An Initiative for Blind Students )
Let’s Record is a non-profit initiative which is being run for blind ( Differently Abled ) students on Vargshikshak. Through this, we are making books available to blind students in audio format. If you want to join the drive, you can participate, too. Many a times the education of blind students comes to a halt due to unavailability of audiobooks. This initiative aims at uprooting this problem by recording as many books as possible. In addition to it many people are in search of a reason to read books. Here’s a cause they can work for! Let’s Record has been started when a countrywide lockdown was announced in India ( 24 March 2020 ). It’s a social cause that can be done from just sitting at home. This is one of the reason the initiative was designed and it will continue hear after.Decades hence, there might arrive technologies through which every blind will be able to read a book in a format other than Braille or audiobooks. We might have a cure for blindness through the medical field.But till then,Let’s Record will surely make audiobooks accessible to blind students. This is what Let’s Record Aim for 🙌
April 01, 2021