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VR Gear Daily Podcast

VR Gear Daily Podcast

By VRGear
Your #1 VR News source for the latest VR Games, Gear, and Apps.
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VR Gear Daily | Episode #35 - Oculus Code Names, Download HLA, and 5 games to keep you fit in VR!
In this episode of the VR Gear Daily News Podcast we talk about Half-Life: Alyx downloads available, the code names given to the new Oculus product rumors, and the best game to keep you sweating while in quarantine! Tune in now!
March 20, 2020
VR Gear Daily | Episode #34 - GDC Oculus Wrap-Up, Newell on BCI, and VR Award Announcements!
In our VR Gear podcast we talk about the VR Awards and their latest update, we talk about the developer meetings at Oculus in place of GDC, and the Newell comments out of Valve! Tune in!
March 19, 2020
VR Gear Daily | Episode #33 - Oculus Developer Showcase Day 3, New iPad Pro, and Vive Cosmos x HLA
In our 33rd episode of the podcast we talk Apple and their latest AR breakthrough, the games and updates out of the gaming showcase at Oculus, and we speak about the Cosmos Elite coming with Half-Life for free! Tune in now!
March 19, 2020
VR Gear Daily | Episode #32 - Magic Leap new software update and new Beat Saber music!
In this podcast episode we talk about Magic Leap and what they are sharing about their new software update! We also talk about Beat Saber’s new music, all exclusives from Timbaland! All of that and more in todays podcast!
March 17, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #31 - COVID and VR, Oculus Game Showcase, and New Quest UI!
In this episode we talk about how Oculus is changing the user interface in the Quest, their game developer showcase, and how VR could have helped with the Coronavirus outbreak. All of that and more in todays podcast!
March 16, 2020
VR Gear Daily | Episode #30 - Oculus Quest restock and the GDC updates coming out of Oculus
In our 30th (!) episode of the VRGear Daily Podcast, we talk about Oculus a great amount. From the quest restock to the GDC updates coming next week, it was a big day for Oculus. Expect a bigger week next week from the leaders of the VR game.
March 13, 2020
VR Gear Daily | Episode #29 - COVID-19 Rundown, Magic Leap Selling, and Nreal going enterprise
In this daily news podcast coming from VR Gear, you’ll hear about Magic Leap trying to sell their company, Nreal teasing us with an enterprise AR headset, and the rundown of everything that has been touch by the Coronavirus. Wash your hands and stay safe!
March 12, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #28 - E3 Canceled WWDC Next? - Magic Leap Brings Spiders Home - Half Life HMD
Join the conversation! We talk about the cancelation of the E3 and the cancelation of WWDC before it’s even announced - Magic Leap is partnering to create some immersive content Micro-Kingdoms - Finally, Half Life Alyx is compatible with specific HMDs. Join us for another Mind-bending experience in this episode!
March 11, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #27 Apple AR App, Vive Discontinuation, and Horizon News from Facebook
In this episode we talk about the VR social app from Facebook and what it could mean for VR, we talk about Apple and their latest advancements inside of the AR worlds of apps, and we also touch on the discontinuation of a few headsets over at Vive! All of that and more in the 27th episode of VR Gear’s Daily Podcast!
March 10, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #26 - XBox VR Casting from Oculus Quest - HLA Teleportation -Valve Index ship
In this episode we talk about the Valve Index FINALLY shipping again! Available now, and shipping.... (soon-ish) ALSO, you can now get VR On XBOX! We’ll sort of. We expose the secret internal plot at Microsoft to get VR support on the XBox - And moving around in VR is always fun to discuss, less fun to experience. Valve is tackling player movement in VR in new and spectacular ways! Listen in to hear the latest VR News developments in the VR industry!
March 9, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #25 - One Hand HLA, Nreal Hand Tracking, Facebook Women Appreciation
In this episode we talk about Half-Life and the one hand capabilities, Nreal and their new direction with the hand tracking, and lastly we speak about Facebook and Oculus’ efforts for women appreciation.
March 6, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #24 - Google and Sony work together, Index in stock Monday, and FB SideQuest
Facebook is bringing their own SideQuest? Or are they? The Valve Index is back in stock on Monday!!!! And Google Tilt Brush for PSVR... by Sony? All of that and more in todays podcast!
March 5, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #23 - Valve Inded Available? More HLA Games - Google I/O Dev. Conf. Canceled
Let’s talk about Valve Index! Will more headsets be available next week? Some sources say yes! Valve shares more details on Half Life Alyx and the future of the Half Life franchise. And, Google has canceled their Annual Developer conference that was planned for May 12-14.
March 4, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #22 - HLA Environments, 3dRudder Pro Wireless, and 10 mins of HLA
There is handful fo Hal-Life: Alyx news coming at you today! New gameplay plus environments! Big week and month for Valve. 3dRudder just went wireless (still cable connected) and enterprise focused! Plus a roadmap for VR devs! All of that and more in todays episode!
March 3, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #21 - GDC Postponed, Upcoming Infinity Titles, and Vive Pro Eye Bundles
In our 21st podcast, we talk about a wide variety of topics centered around the postponed GDC, the Vive Pro Eye bundles that are coming out, and the upcoming games for the Viveport Infinity subscription. All of this and more in our 21st edition of the Daily VR Gear podcast!
March 2, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #20 - VRSS Adds 5 Games, Museum of Other Realities, and Facebook Cancels F8
In the 20th episode of the VRGear Daily podcast, we talk about the NVIDA VRSS update, the museum of other realities to the SteamVR store, and the cancelation of the F8 Developer Conference from Oculus and Facebook. All of that and more in the Friday edition of the VRGear Daily Podcast!
February 28, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #19 - Oculus Link Audio - Qualcomm XR2 Chip - Apple WiFi for HMD??
In this episode we talk about the Oculus Quest V14 update that enables shared experience Audio input from the Oculus Quest. Qualcomm releases several reference designs for the XR2 chip that is purpose-built for AR/VR/MR HMDs. And we finish the podcast by discussing the potential adoption of WiGig (802.11ay) in future iPhone or other ‘portable’ devices by Apple. This and more in your daily dose of VR News!
February 27, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #18 - Windows Mixed Reailty has a future and Facebook buying everything VR
In this episode we talk about the Future of Windows mixed reality and how it can help bring VR to Xbox Series X (we hope) - We also discuss the most recent VR Game developer acquisition by Facebook to augment their Oculus Game Develop team. Join us for another rousing episode of VRGear Daily as we dig deep into these topics!
February 26, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #17 - 100 VR games hit $1M revenue - Etee VR Controllers - Hand tracking game
In this episode we talk about the rapid growth of the VR industry - over 100 game titles have brought in $1M each! The popular Etee controllers funded on Kickstarter are launching. And we share what 5 VR Games should absolutely support hand tracking on the Oculus Quest. These topics and you daily dose of VR tangent are here in this episode!
February 25, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #16 - Vive Cosmos Elite pre-orders, Resale value of Oculus Quest Doubles
In this episode we talk about: Vive Cosmos Elite pre-orders going LIVE! Used VR headsets Oculus Quest and Valve Index are selling for nearly double the retail price. Facebook releases user-interface guidelines for hand tracking apps on the Oculus Quest.
February 25, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #15 - Boneworks to Rift, COVID-19 AGAIN, and Undead Valley Updates
In this episode we will be discussing Boneworks and how it will perform on the Oculus Rift S and the Oculus Quest announcement. We also talk about the Coronavirus impacting Half-Life: ALyx and the Valve Index. We finish it up speaking about the Arizona Sunshine Quest update, Undead Valley! Tune in for all of your VR News!
February 21, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #14 - Vive Cosmos, Cosmos Elite, Cosmos Play, and XR??
HTC Vive has dropped a bomb on the virtual reality world! The Vive Cosmos Play, a new entry-level VR headset the Vive Cosmos Elite, for the most involved and enthusiastic VR users. And the Cosmos XR, a developer headset with incredible passthrough technology. **correction** The Cosmos Elite IS capable of working with the Steam 2.0 Base Stations and the Vive Pro controllers.
February 21, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #13 - PSVR 2 Controller Patent, LYNX Hands-on Demo, No Man’s Sky Living Ship
In this episode we talk about the newest patent from Sony and their PSVR 2 controllers, the latest tweet from Stan Larroque, and the No Man’s Sky Update that is going to have you controlling space animals... as your ship!
February 19, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #12 - Pistol Whip Tournament, The origins of Vader Immortal, and Echo Frames
In this episode we talk about the upcoming global Pistol Whip tournament with more than $10,000 in price money on the line. We shed some light on the origins of Vader Immortal and the terrible fate it avoided to become the hit VR experience it is today. And finally we talk about the Amazon Echo Frames that are an interesting spin on wearable tech that keeps you connected to Alexa even when you’re away from the house... This and more in today’s VRGear Daily News Podcast!
February 18, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #11 - PlayStation 5 Delays, PSVR 2 Release Date, Sony VR Patents, and OhShape
Today we’re talking about Sony - a lot! PlayStation 5 is shaping up and the current cost is significantly higher than anticipated. We dive into some awesome new VR HMD technology that Sony has filed patented for, and we really hope to see some in the PSVR 2. We close out the podcast with details on how to get the game OhShape VR for free over the next 5 days. Be sure to subscribe to get the latest News on VR Games, Gear and Apps!
February 14, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #10 - Half-life Alyx release date, Prince of Persia VR, Ironlights, MagicLeap
We have an official release date for Half-life Alyx! Magic Leap is pushing more hardware to Devs prier to dev conference. Ironlights VR blows past Kickstarter funding goal - and Mobile World conference becomes the latest casualty to the Coronavirus! Join the conversation!
February 13, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #9 - OxfordVR Raised $12M Investment - PSVR Swords of Gargantua - HumbleBund
OxfordVR raised an additional $12M in funding to further develop mental health solutions with VR. PSVR will get Swords of Gargantua this spring. And, The best VR Game deal of the year is live now from HumbleBundle.
February 12, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #8 - Facebook acquiring AR Talent for ARGlasses, SteamVR2.0 gets facelift
in this episode we talk about Facebook’s acquisition activities to enhance Oculus’ capabilities with Computer Vision Engineers & SteamVR 2.0 Beta shows of a new UI! Listen in for this and more technology related news in today’s episode of VRGear Daily!
February 11, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #7 - SteamVR 2.0 is coming, Phil Spenser downplays VR on XBox, and Creepy VR
Let’s talk about SteamVR updating to 2.0! And what is Phil Spencer thinking? The future of XBox VR is in his hands! And, things get creepy in VR with new experience that brings your dead loved ones back to life!!
February 10, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #6 - Coronavirus Delays Oculus Quest, Pistol Whip DLC, Sony top PSVR games
In this episode we talk about how the coronavirus is impacting fulfillment of Oculus Quest orders - Pistol Whip impresses with new DLC, and PSVR top downloads for January.
February 7, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #5 - Google Glass 2, Magic Leap 1, Jimmy Fallon VR Pictionary, Lynx crushing
In this podcast we talk about Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 coming to developers, Magic Leap is pursuing deeper collaborations with retailers for immersive shopping, Jimmy Fallon brings celebrities into VR for a game of VR Pictionary, and Lynx Mixed Reality Headset pre-orders are exceeding expectations...
February 6, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #4 - Sony Studio closes, Quest Hand Tracking, Firewall zero, Cannon AR, Pisto
In this episode we talk about Sony’s Manchester Game studio closing down - new hand-tracking update for Oculus Quest - Firewall Zero Hour is free for PS Plus members, Connor releases a business focuses AR Headset, and CloudHead games is is adding a new scene to their premier game Pistol Whip
February 5, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #1 - Borderlands 2 VR, Half Life Alyx, Oculus $$ on Christmas,
In this first episode we talk about ‘real’ support for Borderlands 2 on the Valve Index - We dive deep in the Half Life Alyx trailer - And a HUGE Christmas Day for Oculus with record sales numbers...
February 4, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #3 - Oculus For Business, Breaking VR Records on Steam, LYNX HMD Pre-order
Oculus for business is delayed but still “available soon” - VR adoption is on a tear, Steam VR breaking records in January - French Startup LYNX unveiled their AR/VR HMD with pre-orders now available on their website!
February 4, 2020
VRGear Daily | Episode #2 - AR Collaboration gets Massive Funding & VR Hardware Subscriptions
In this episode we talk about collaboration in augmented reality (AR) and subscription VR Hardware. Listen to find out which startup got $14M in additional funding! And find out the results of our VR Hardware subscription Poll!
February 3, 2020