Days without fear

Episode 10 VR News Special Report: @OSSICVR Closes Doors.

An episode of Days without fear

By Riley Seaburg
A twice a week podcast and youtube stream with current VR news but mostly me (your host @RileySeaburg) playing around with virtual reality and getting confused.

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Episode 13 VR News Update
In this episode, Riley talks about onward VR, the vive focus, apple's arkit, and a recently released study on VR and its effect on in vitro fertilization. Please leave a review of this show on your favorite podcast platform. Doing so really helps people that want to listen find the show. @rileyseaburg https://www.twitchtv/vrpodcast Onward Steam Link: Vive focus story: Pregnancy story:
June 4, 2018
Episode 12 John Bollinger @Slick_Prime
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May 30, 2018
Episode 11 James McCarthy @Deathmake317
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May 24, 2018
Episode 10 VR News Special Report: @OSSICVR Closes Doors.
Bad news for those hoping to experience 3D sound in 2018. Ossic VR the company that claimed to have developed a product to do just this has announced that they have run out of (crowdfunded) money and are closing their doors leaving thousands angry and confused. Pimax (another crowdfunded company) is releasing their new headset later this month. Steam announces custom mapping available for VR controllers. Please rate and review the podcast on whatever platform you listen on, doing so really helps build awareness! Ossic homepage: Ossic Kickstarter: Ossic class action lawsuit Facebook page: My Twitter: @rileyseaburg Our Facebook page: Our youtube page: Twitch:
May 21, 2018
Episode 9 Ryan Moore @themadman007
The VR Podcast welcome's Ryan Moore @themadman007. Facebook: Twitch: Youtube:
May 16, 2018
Episode 8 VR News Update
In this episode, Riley talks about The HTC Vive Pro Dev kit, new technology at work in codename "oculus half dome", and a new screen with 1001 PPI! Please give this podcast a review and share with a friend that may be interested in virtual reality. Thank you for listening! Links to the news stories mentioned: Book mentioned in the podcast: Youtube: Twitch:
May 13, 2018
Episode 7 interview with John Bollinger
In this episode Riley speaks with John Bollinger about his use of VR and where he thinks the technology is going. Check out the website for the podcast at: Https:// Our YouTube channel can be found here
May 9, 2018
Episode 6
In this episode, Riley talks about Beat Saber. The new VR game available on steam. He also discusses the two new VR headsets and the resulting effect they can have on the industry. Check out our youtube channel: Some of the articles mentioned are listed below. Forbes survey article: Chinese Theme Park:
May 6, 2018
Episode 5
In this edition of the VR Podcast, Riley talks about how much he liked playing Star Trek Bridge Crew. The topic of VR videos comes up as well. Please check out our youtube channel. Here are the links to the stories covered. This episode is sponsored by: VR Parties & Events
April 30, 2018
Episode 4
In this episode, we cover some current events in the V/R sphere as well as give a podcast update. This episode is brought to you by VR Parties & Events. (518) 880-9876
April 26, 2018
Episode 3
Steam is having a 60+ title sale in virtual reality for spring. Don't miss out! I also talk about some really exciting topics in virtual reality and augmented reality. This episode is brought to you by VR Parties & Events. (518) 880-9876
April 22, 2018
Episode 2 (5 things to check before buying VR)
In this episode, Riley lays out his hopes for the future of virtual reality. He also goes over his list of the 5 things you should check before buying virtual reality.
April 18, 2018
VR Podcast Episode 1
In this first episode Riley rambles about audio, and attempts to cover some VR news.
April 13, 2018
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