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VukaNow: Combatting Wildlife Crime in Southern Africa

VukaNow: Combatting Wildlife Crime in Southern Africa

By USAID VukaNow
The rapid increase of illegal trade in wildlife is a manmade disaster that threatens the survival of endangered species in Southern Africa, and is a conservation, environmental and natural resource crisis. Meaningful engagement of communities is widely accepted as a necessary approach to combat wildlife crime but there is little agreement on how best to do it. In this series, USAID’s VukaNow activity reaches beyond the conservation sector to learn from and be inspired by others working in community engagement for social change. This resource was made possible by USAID's VukaNow activity.
Episode 3. Community Engagement Successes: Tips & Tricks
In our third and final episode, we'll leave you with tips and tricks for successful community engagement. These key considerations will help guide you through the entire process - before, during and after any engagement.
May 18, 2020
Episode 2. Considering Authority's Role in Community Engagement
We know there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to community engagement, but we do know there is one constant -- authority. In this episode we’ll uncover the role authority and authority figures can play in community engagement. We’ll also touch on how you can unpack, identify and build rapport with authority figures - especially as an outsider.
May 18, 2020
Episode 1. What is Community and How Should We Engage with Its Gatekeepers?
Engaging with a community is hard – it’s not an exact science and it can take shape in a variety of ways. Engagement requires time, effort and flexibility, but when it’s done correctly, it’s worth it. In this first episode of the VukaNow podcast, we’ll discuss the why, when, how, and even the who to engage. We will also touch on the importance of empathy,  not forcing your own agenda onto the community, and how best to identify community gatekeepers.
May 18, 2020