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Vulnerability Rocks with EMMA BELLE

Vulnerability Rocks with EMMA BELLE

By Emma Belle
Join Emma Belle, Podcast Host and Women's Mental Health & Trauma recovery Mentor, to start conversations that matter. A podcast with real people and real lives to inspire you to keep standing back up! My one wish is that someone listens to this podcast and decides to keep going!
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Ep 24. Marcus Smith 30 marathons in 30 days in the same year he nearly lost his life
I first became aware of my latest guest Marcus, when he was doing his CRAZY mission of 30 marathons in 30 days……. I mean….I couldn’t even imagine doing one, let alone THIRTY! Talk about determination. Retiring from Rugby after the 2009 Rugby World Cup Sevens, Marcus turned his attention to extreme challenges, which tested his mental and physical strength to the limits. In February 2018, Marcus was hit by a truck whilst training and he was left fighting for his life. I wanted to get Marcus on the show to talk about his terrifying experience, what he’s up to now, and why he truly believes that everything happens for a reason. All my love, Emma x Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel  HERE Go to my Instagram HERE To find Marcus: Instagram: @mjd_smith (0:20) How Emma came across Marcus (2:14) Marcus says he still feels emotional talking about it now (3:53) Marcus explains how having so many people turning up was what got him through...whether they ran for 5 mins/1 day/20 days (4:40) Marcus discusses his background in team sports and how he wanted to keep that community going.  He wanted to always have the type of support around him that rugby had provided. (5:39) Why now is the perfect time to look at humanity and what makes us happy (9:13) How Marcus went from playing rugby to getting involved in some pretty epic extreme sports. (11:21) Marcus on his journey into Ultra Marathon running…including the race he pulled out off due to not being mentally strong enough. (13:20) I am always learning whether it be extreme temperatures or something else. (14:05) Marcus says we shouldn’t get down by what we hear on podcasts or hear on social media (15:10) Emma agrees that comparison can be the thief to our own healing and growth (16:30) Marcus discusses two human qualities that we all need to focus on a bit more (19:30) Emma reiterates that change doesn’t really happen as a solo person (21:20) Marcus explains that even though points of connection have changed there are always options out there (23.00) Emma points out that to be truly vulnerable, you need to feel safe...take “finding your tribe” to the next level (25:05) Marcus says that in a way we are all hiding, hiding behind all sorts of different things (29:00) Marcus talks about his accident (33:00) Marcus said that after 5 days of being in the main ward he was thinking about other challenges again...just maybe not on his bike. (35:17) Marcus was encouraged to keep talking and tell his story over and over again.  Meaning the trauma is not internal, it’s out there in the world. (38:00) Emma discusses how intense it must have been for Marcus to have had all that alone time with his thoughts when getting transported to hospital. (41:00) Marcus says he has always been quite relaxed about death (43:11) Marcus talks about the vulnerability in admitting that we have problems.
March 24, 2021
Ep.23 Chris Brown, Suicide prevention, How do we talk to someone about suicide?
Approximately 800,000 people die by suicide around the world, every year. This is absolutely heartbreaking. What’s even more heartbreaking is that so many of these deaths could have been prevented, if the souls who committed suicide just had more support. This week, I am joined by my incredible friend and one of the founders of Brighton-based suicide prevention Charity ‘Grass Roots’, who have a simple put power goal; that no one should have to contemplate suicide alone. Grass Roots work locally and nationally with communities, organisations and individuals, helping them to become ready, willing and able to effectively support someone at risk of suicide, experiencing a mental health problem, or someone who self-harms. I wanted to get Chris on the show to help us learn how we can talk about about this “taboo” subject more openly to help support more people, and how we may be able to identify the warning signs of someone who may be thinking about suicide. Chris has saved so many people already and I couldn’t be happier to have her join us in this episode. All my love, Emma x To find Chris and all of the resources mentioned: Talking About Suicide: Ten Tools Grassroots Suicide Prevention for info about the Stay Alive app, downloads of safety plans etc Befrienders International: Chris’s website: Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel  HERE Go to my Instagram HERE (00:53) Chris empowered me to openly talk about my mental health (01:54) Who is Chris and what does she do? (03:20) The Wellness Recovery Plan and what Chris learnt from Emma (07:55) The Suicide Prevention App and how it has saved so many lives (09:39) Emma wants people to come away from this episode with something they can use (10:15) How can we help people lose the fear around talking about suicide? (13:04) Emma speaks about how her journey now allows people to be able to ask her about her suicidal thoughts (14.35) Chris said to ask direct questions regarding suicide (15:50) Stay alert for warning signs (17:21) “I’m listening” (19:57) It’s not your job to fix them… (25:00) Emma discusses her suicidal thoughts and how she uses Chris’ training (27:19) Emma acknowledges importance of having a crisis plan (28:32) Chris talks about resources you can access (30:25) Everyone is struggling right now.  Check in with others (and yourself) (31:10) Emma talks about her mum being selfless and never taking time for herself (34:32) “Boring self care” - doesn’t have to be big (37:19) Chris talks about her own mental health journey throughout the pandemic (38:01) “This should business” - stop shoulding all over yourself (41:00) Humour can break up intense feelings - try boxing a 6ft4 unit and staying serious!
March 10, 2021
Ep.22 Ash What does an Emotional and Domestic Abuse Relationship look like?
Domestic abuse isn’t always as obvious as you may think. Whether it’s mental abuse, physical abuse or even sexual abuse, so many people suffer it daily around the world and it can be one of the most difficult and terrifying ordeals someone might ever have to deal with. In the most extreme cases, domestic abuse can even be fatal. I have spoken in the past about my own experience of domestic violence at the hands of an ex-partner, but I wanted to bring on my latest guest to share her own story, including how she finally left her abusive relationship and where she is now. So, in today’s episode, we are joined by Ash. Ash suffered both mental and physical abuse from her ex-partner and she now uses this awful experience as a way of helping other people through her podcast – Empowered With Ash. Ash believes that adversity is our greatest strength, as it is proof we can survive anything. However, she also believes that we need to change our perception on adversity, in effect moving ‘From a worrier mindset to a warrior mindset’. All my love Emma x, Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel  HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn  HERE Links to find Ash: Visit her Instagram HERE Visit her Podcast HERE (00:53) Why having this conversation is so important (02:23) Who is Ash and why does she do what she does? (04:25) When you’re in the thick of an abusive relationship. Emma’s experience. (05:55) The best revenge (09:00) Ash shares how she met her now ex-partner (12:47) When the cracks started to show in the relationship (15:27) The first day the abuse turned physical (19:41) Ash’s partner then started tracking her every move was the last straw, so she decided to move (24:46) He’d also been cheating on her the whole way through (26:01) Ash admits she why she probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her son. (32:51) “Why don’t you just leave” (38:38) Abusers can be smart with the physical abuse. It’s not always black eyes. (42:47) If you can relate to any of Ash’s or Emma’s story, this is what Ash recommends. (47:28) FIND A SAFE PLACE TO DO THIS (48:42) When you start seeing things for what they are (54:48) It took a number of years for Emma to realise what Emma had been through was so wrong. (58:54) The side-effects can linger…. but that’s OK and there is light at the end of the tunnel
March 03, 2021
Ep.21 April Davis - The Vagina Blog, Our cycles match up with the Seasons
Between attending births as a doula, a photographer and a birth assistant to a midwife, April has seen a lot of vaginas….and writing about them is now her full-time gig! Covering topics not spoken enough about like maturation and menstruation, incontinence and period panties, sex before, during and after pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum and more, April believes that we should ALL become experts on our own bodies, and rightly so. So often, we haven’t got a clue about the things we’re putting into our bodies or the damage they can cause, both mentally and physically. Doctors are incredible but they can only do so much. We hold so much control over our bodies, and we need to be more aware of this. April is super entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable and I just had to get her on the Vulnerability Rocks Podcast to share her story and why she does what she does. I am so excited for this one! All my love, Emma x Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel  HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn  HERE To find April, go to: Instagram: @thevaginablog Website: (01:00) WE LOVE April’s t-shirt! (02:06) Coming from an emergency medical background, April discusses what drew her to what she does now (04:30) How The Vagina Blog was born (07:25) The message April is so passionate about and how it helps women (08:13) Doctors are not gods (10:09) Why you need to make yourself the expert in the room on yourself (11:26) Let’s talk cycles and the truth about contraceptive drugs (13:03) Why naturally getting to know your cycle is a great thing (13:40) The masculine society and the effect it’s had on women (14:57) The four seasons of the cycle (18:57) The must-have book you need to get if you have difficult periods (19:38) The downsides of using tampons. These may surprise you…. (21:36) Emma’s journey to the tampon aisle after years of no periods was an experience…to say the least! (24:10) Any change can be difficult at first…it’s totally normal (25:17) Periods are NOT dirty (27:50) It’s taken Emma a while to turn form being repulsed by her own cycle (29:00) Why we need to start empowering kids more (31:33) One of the best conversations April ever had…this needs to happen so much more (33:10) Looking after each other needs to work both ways
February 24, 2021
Ep.20 Alex Walker, Child of an alcoholic, turning to alcohol to cope as an adult, stopping drinking and the pain of suffering miscarriages
Today, I am joined by Alex Walker, Realignment Coach and co-founder of Bee Sober which encourages and supports people who want to take a break from alcohol. Alex was brought up in a very alcohol-fuelled environment, which contributed to her turning to it herself, when she was older as a coping mechanism. Like so many others, Alex used the only tools she’d been taught to cope, and it often ended up in chaos. Alex has also suffered from multiple miscarriages and I wanted to get her on to share her powerful story to remind us all that no matter how bad things might get, there is almost always light at the end of the tunnel, if we choose to see it and follow it. Emma x Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel  HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn  HERE To find Alex, go to:  Instagram: @alex_walker_realignment Website: Bee Sober Instagram: @beesober.cic Bee Sober website: (01:01) Alex talks about the never-ending UK lockdown and the effect it’s had on her children (04:27) Who is Alex and what brought her to do what she does now? (07:17) The world seems to resolve around alcohol. No wonder drinking is so rife! (10:25) The importance of connecting with others (13:11) Alex had a very alcoholic-fuelled childhood (16:42) Alex felt a lot of embarrassment growing up, but why? (19:15) Even as young children, we know when our parents are “different” to others (23:55) When Alex’s parents suddenly dropped the bombshell that they were moving out and the family disbanded. (26:51) Ages 7-19 were the most turbulent times (29:30) Alex moved to a rough council estate and got beaten up the first day they moved (33:19) When alcohol started featuring in Alex’s life (37:12) A second marriage and this time, the husband is a big drinker (40:15) Hitting a rock bottom (44:21) Alex marries for the third time to a great husband but she suffers a miscarriage (48:08) Alex decided to stop drinking for a month…and is still sober over a year later (51:12) Dealing with heartache is still hard, but you learn to cope differently, when you have the tools (52:36) You can either cope, or you can process
February 16, 2021
Ep.19 Tap with Brad Yates - Unlocking our limiting beliefs
This week I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Brad Yates better known as Tap with Brad.  I am SO excited for this episode. Brad Yates is known internationally for his use of Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). He is also the author of the best-selling children's book "The Wizard's Wish," the co-author of the best-seller "Freedom at Your Fingertips," and a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution.” He has also been a presenter at a number of events, including Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success, and has even done teleseminars with “The Secret” stars Bob Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale, and has been heard internationally on a number of internet radio talk shows. Brad also has over a thousand videos on YouTube, that have been viewed over 32 MILLION times. Brad is here today to discuss what tapping is and how it can help us to overcome stress, in a powerful yet natural way. He is even going to give us a demo of tapping, so if you’re listening to this episode via Spotify or Apple etc, make sure to check out my YouTube channel so you can see exactly what to do, in order to take part and get the full effects. All my love, Emma x (01:53) Emma was introduced to Brad’s work last year and it was super powerful for her. (03:04) Brad’s career wasn’t always in fact, he started out as an actor and you may have even seen him on TV! (06:22) Some cool acting gigs that Brad did in the past (07:55) There are so many great opportunities out there, but we can actually stop ourselves from experiencing them…without even realising we’re doing it. (09:20) A powerful natural form of stress relief…tell us more. (09:57) Emma’s own experience of tapping. (10:49) What exactly is EFT tapping and how does it help others? (12:23) What happens when you learn certain things as a child. (13:55) The effects of tapping on different people. (16:06) How involved Brad is in the tapping world and how he works to help people around the world. (18:02) The current COVID situation has changed the way the world works, including tapping. (20:30) Brad gives us an awesome tapping demo to help us feel more comfortable in showing our feelings. Watch it over on Emma’s YouTube channel by clicking HERE. (29:34) This demo made Emma a bit emotional…it’s powerful stuff! Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel  HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn  HERE To find Brad Yates: Visit Brad’s Youtube Channel  HERE Go to Brad’s Instagram HERE Go to Brad’s Facebook Page HERE
February 09, 2021
Ep. 18 Rebecca Wilson, Womb Healer & Spirit Baby Doula, We carry the energetics of the womb we grew in, into ourselves
Welcome to this week's episode where my guest is Rebecca Wilson. She is a Womb Healer, Conscious conception guide & Spirit baby doula.  Rebecca has been through her own journey that began by unpicking her own contraception story and not having a natural cycle for 18 months.  We discuss everything from cycles, to how we store emotions and trauma in the womb space and how a lot of us grew up believing that our monthly bleed was an inconvenience and how many of us have been pleased to not have a period at all by controlling it with contraceptive hormones. Join us to get curious about how your cycle affects you, how and why we store energy and trauma in our womb space and how we can start moving towards unpicking some of the beliefs that society has imposed on us. Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing this space with me All my love  Emma Belle x Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel  HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn  HERE Follow Rebecca on Instagram: @rebecca_wilson_ (01:16) Rebecca shares her story and why she now does what she does (03:56) We are taught how not to get pregnant…and that’s about it (05:59) Rebecca had such a long time without a bleed and it was “chaotic” (08:00) The awakening of the power of the womb… (11:00) The masculinisation of the feminine and it’s harmful effects on women (15:32) Rebecca discusses how she helps her clients (18:04) We carry much more than only babies in the womb (22:06) Learning to be comfortable with our feelings is difficult (24:02) Emma’s personal journey with Rebecca (26:50) Just because something was “for the best” doesn’t mean it wasn’t heart-breaking (29:39) Emma discusses her experiences of learning how to “sit” in her feelings (32:05) Trying to bypass your feelings? It always comes back to bite you (35:36) Why do we hold onto emotional wounds? (39:02) Got an old journal? Maybe it’s time to burn it (44:49) Where can we find Rebecca Follow
January 26, 2021
Ep. 17, Wendy - The Completion Coach, Living in dissatisfaction to being true to who we are
After releasing the podcast last year I receive lots of messages asking me how to start healing and leaning in to who we truly are to make changes in our lives.  So this year I will dedicate some episodes of stories of vulnerability and humanness, and also I will share some amazing conversations with you from therapists, healers, coaches and some incredible people that I know will help you to get curious about your own stories and provide a space to explore topics and modalities that you feel speak to yo for your own journey. This week my Guest is the amazing Wendy - The Completion Coach. She was my coach last year for about 5-6 months and we talk about how living a life that had a level of dissatisfaction, led her to question if she was the one who had it all wrong as she perhaps 'should' be a certain way like everyone else said she should. Wendy decided to make some changes and lean in to what she really wanted and what she believed and changed the landscape of her life and is now known well to the insta community as @thecompletioncoach Now coaching isn't all about the doing, its a balance of doing and being and honouring all parts of ourselves, as you know I am here for that! I recommend that you grab a pen, pad and a nice Cuppa as there are so many takeaways from this chat that you do not want to miss. Let me know your favourite parts  Thank you from my heart for being a fabulous guest Wendy, I'm grateful for you. All my love Emma Belle x  Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel  HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn  HERE Follow Wendy on Instagram: @thecompletioncoach (01:33) What is Completion Coaching and how does this and Wendy help others? (04:51) Why did Wendy choose this career path? (08:40) Wendy discusses her “life-crisis” in her early 30s. (12:22) Not married or had children by your 30s? very dare you! (15:56) Societal expectations and the fleeting comments that come with them are still very prevalent today….but why? (18:04) We need to stop “shoulding”. (22:17) Wendy’s knee-jerk moment. (26:08) How does Wendy feel now? (29:50) The downsides of the coaching industry and what Wendy dislikes about it. (34:22) What Wendy would recommend if you are experiencing a “life-crisis”. (38:42) Low self-esteem and making big decisions tend to go hand in hand. (41:11) Losing friends when you change your life. (48:06 ) Why the people that weren’t meant to stick around, don’t. (54:38) It’s easy to look in hindsight and think you’d have done certain things differently. But would you have?
January 19, 2021
Ep.16 Emily Williams, Childhood trauma, how that affects my parenting & managing mental health through exercise
My guest this week is the wonderful Emily Williams. Emily is a fitness trainer, specifically for expectant and new mums and I wanted to get her on the show after being so incredibly inspired by her Instagram content for quite a while now. Like all of us, Emily has faced many obstacles in her life, and by being so open and honest with her audience, she has helped so many women in overcoming their own challenges. Emily discusses an incredibly traumatic experience she had as a child and how it unknowingly affected her for many years after. The thing with traumatic experiences is that they aren’t always so blatant in how they can affect us, in our later lives. Much of the time, we actually think we’ve forgotten about them all together, but our subconscious mind is incredibly powerful, and rarely (if ever) truly forgets. Mum to two beautiful young children, Winter and Rocky, Emily uses exercise as the main way to help her mental health and she inspires thousands of others every day, to do the same. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Emily. All my love Emma Belle x Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn HERE Follow Emily on Instagram: @emilywilliamsfitness (01:38) When Emily became pregnant for the second time, she struggled badly with anxiety. Why was this? (05:57) Anxiety sucks! Emily has used Instagram to be honest, vulnerable and as a result, she has helped many others. (08:53) How has exercise helped Emily with her mental health? (12:20) Emily discusses the terrifying childhood trauma that she’d only realised later in life had been affecting her every day for years. (16:15) How this trauma has affected her now that she has two children? (18:46) Being 12 is a tough age. Experiences something so traumatic at this age is even tougher. Why is this? (22:03) Emily discusses the court-case. (24:13) Emma talks about her own court case and the effects it had on her. (26:36) Blanking out memories is a common coping mechanism. (31:53) The older generation and their views on emotions tend to be quite different to our own, now. (38:01) Emma discusses her beliefs about showing emotions and showing up as you are. (41:05) Forever playing the “happy character” in front of your children can be emotionally exhausting! (44:25) Thank god for audiobooks…… (47:30) Emily signed up for a triathlon and thanks to COVID, it was cancelled…but she went ahead and did it anyways, on her own from home! (50:10) Going from a mum of one to a mum of two, Emily shares what new fears and thoughts came up for her. (54:41) Emily talks about her fitness training for expectant and new mums.
January 13, 2021
Ep.15 Spencer Lodge - Award winning podcast Host, Sales trainer and Multi-millionaire planning to end his life and how money isn’t everything
The first podcast episode of 2021 is with my good friend Spencer. I am so excited to have Spence on the podcast as he is the very person that inspired me to start my own podcast to start conversations that matter and talk about subjects that are normally kept hidden and not talked about. In this episode I invited Spence to talk about his journey with his own mental health and how he came to a place where he planned to end his own life. As a successful self-made multi-millionaire he talks about how this isn’t enough to give us purpose and happiness in life and how he ended up in a space where he had sold himself on the idea that his children didn’t need him and that everyone would be better off without him here. We talk about living the Expat life from a young age, the affect that can have on you and how you quantify your worth. We also talk about the importance of those that you work with as the company and people really do become your family, social and professional world all rolled in to one. After receiving professional help Spencer had a shift and new perspective on the purpose of his life and everything and everyone around him. Thank you for sharing your story on the podcast and being the reason that this podcast exists, I’m very lucky to be able to call you my friend. All my love Emma Belle xxx Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast: Visit my Youtube Channel HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn HERE Spencer Lodge Insta: @spencer.lodge Check out his Podcast: The Spencer Lodge Podcast (01:17) Spencer talks about a recent call he had from a client who, to the outside world, has “everything he could ever want”, but he was still unhappy. (04:22) When you work in another country, your colleagues become your family. So, what happens if you lose your job? (06:54) Being young and fearless. (08:42) Working in different countries, Spencer still made the effort to fly home to see his children as often as he could. (11:24) Unfulfilled and destructive led to Spencer getting sacked from his job. (14:04) A failed spinal fusion injury (15:44) A paid year off work? Great!….right? (17:42) Going to the gym 2-3 times a day, surely that would keep you occupied? Sometimes, it’s not that easy. (18:24) Googling ways for suicide. (21:40) When you’re in the headspace of planning your suicide, everything can seem so logical, but it really, really is not. (23:46) Spencer flies home to say goodbye to his kids and his dad is at his house when he gets back…what could he want? (30:01) The belief that people would be better off without you. (33:16) Spencer comes back to Dubai after a short stint in The Priory Hospital. (35:22) When Spencer finally spoke to his old colleagues, what was their reaction to him? (37:26) How has Spencer changed now that he’s out the other side? (40:54) How Spencer is doing now. (44:29) We’re all cars that need regular refuelling.
January 06, 2021
Ep.14 Ryan Ridgway, MMA fighter living with OCD
My guest this week is Ryan Ridgeway. Ryan is an MMA fighter and Mental Health First Aid Trainer who lives with OCD.  OCD can be stereotyped and glamorised as someone who likes things super clean and tidy. This can be the case for a ‘good day’ but I learn from Ryan that OCD can be far more complex and frightening than most of us can imagine. With compulsive actions and rituals becoming something that had to be completed or serious harm would come to those that he loved, OCD is really far more than lining up our plates and having tidy shelves.  Ryan shares with me some of his darkest moments, compulsive thoughts and having multiple blood tests in a year due to fear of contracting HIV and living with auditory intrusions. We also discover how he came to live with the name Daisy Sparkles for over 5 years....  Thank you, Ryan, for taking your time to share your story and educate me and our listeners on the reality of what living with OCD has been like for you. All my love Emma Belle x  Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast:    Visit my Youtube Channel HERE  Go to my Instagram HERE  Go to my Facebook Page HERE  Go to my LinkedIn HERE  Follow Ryan on Instagram: @voice_4_mentalhealth  (00:44) Ryan talks us briefly through his life and what it’s been like living with OCD.  (04:45) “Oh, I’m so OCD” is a throwaway comment used by many…but is that OK? (7:16) “Turn the light on and off otherwise your parents will die”…. (10:27) Ryan was able to hide his OCD at first, but not for long.  (12:32) The lack of support and understanding can make dealing with mental illness so much harder.  (13:24) Ryan discusses when he became obsessed at the thought of contracting HIV.  (16:05) Mental illness isn’t just hard for the person dealing with it.  (17:11) Ryan’s obsessive behaviour around sit ups and the injury it caused.  (19:28) When saying to someone “don’t worry,” it doesn’t tend to work, does it?  (23:32) Ryan talks us through when he got diagnosed, to hitting rock bottom and building his “tough exterior”.  (30:16) When things finally started to get easier.  (32:14) Being the expert of yourself.  (37:36) History of mental illness in his family, including his father.  (41:29) Ryan talks about the brilliant men’s mental health movement - HUMEN  (46:46) Ryan’s final fight is coming up soon….hopefully, depending on COVID.  (47:27) The Daisy Sparkles fiasco….!!
December 16, 2020
Ep.13 Zara Dawson TFMR, Termination for Medical Reasons, IVF success and Loss
This week’s episode is so very close to my heart and still very raw as I have just gone through the heart break of having to have a termination for medical reasons just a few weeks ago after having multiple fertility treatments this year.  In this episode Zara joins me to share her devastating experience of having to have a Termination for Medical Reasons as her son Jesse was diagnosed in utero as having body stalk anomaly and sadly would not live outside of her womb. This really is an impossible decision and one that no parent should ever have to make. I will invite you to listen to the full episode as this is so complex, layered and so deeply personal to every parent that sadly has to painfully walk this path for what are very wanted pregnancies and babies.  Please find the following resources that can help you or those that you know who are finding themselves in this heart breaking situation:  ARC:  Petals:  Tommy’s:  Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast:   Visit my Youtube Channel HERE  Go to my Instagram HERE  Go to my Facebook Page HERE  Go to my LinkedIn HERE  Where to find Zara:  Instagram: @littlenorfolkcottage  (01:19) Zara talks us through her heart-breaking journey of IVF and loss.  (5:01) Devastatingly, Zara’s baby had body-stalk anomaly which affects around 1 in 40k pregnancies.  (5:52) The only option presented to her in the hospital was something no mother should ever have to go through.  (9:30) The clinic she had booked changes their mind at the last minute.  (11:55) Emma talks about when she first found out the heart-breaking news about her baby.  (15:09) The most confusing time. (18:59) Everyone Emma spoke to who has went through the same so desperately wanted their baby.  (21:24) Why Zara chose to spoke out and if the situation had have been different, would she have been so open?  (23:06) The photos Emma received on a forum.  (26:36) The babies remains and the unbelievably insensitive way they are received.  (30:03) Women forced to go to abortion clinics when this is NOT an abortion.  (34:08) The incredible charity ARC helped Emma so much.  (35:23) Not all countries allow termination for medical reasons. This is so wrong.  (36:59) #TFMR for support. You are not alone.
December 09, 2020
Ep.12 Laura Beddoe, Ectopic Pregnancy, Missed miscarriage and healing from baby loss
My guest for this episode is Laura Beddoe who is a spiritual Hypnotherapist & Coach for women In this episode Laura shares her experience of the shock of learning about her ectopic pregnancy and also her Missed miscarriage that she was told she had at her 12 week scan. We talk about how being pregnant and pregnancy & baby loss is a deeply personal experience that need to be talked about more and also has to be processed however feels best to the person navigating these incredibly painful and vulnerable experiences Laura shares with us her feelings around getting pregnant after loss and also her journey to healing and moving through her pain to her most recent pregnancy which has blessed her with her 5 month old baby girl. We do discuss the reality of pregnancy & baby loss, TFRMR, termination for medical reasons. We hope that this episode helps other parents to not feel alone in their journey of loss and we want you to know that our hearts break with yours if you have had to experience this yourself. All my love Emma Belle xxx (00:42) We actually booked this episode before I suffered with my own loss, but we decided it was important that we went ahead anyways, because this needs to be talked about more. (04:13) Laura discusses her journey of her unexpected pregnancy. (08:27) The excruciating pain started only 10 minutes again after finding out she was pregnant. (12:23) Just lost a baby? Sex is usually the last thing on your mind…and that’s totally normal. (14:51) The last thing you’d expect to hear are some of the comments Laura received from her female employer. (16:44) Laura is pregnant again and so excited, but also terrified. (17:22) It’s the day of the 12-week scan, and it’s also Laura’s son’s 15th birthday, so she excitedly brings him along to meet his new to-be sibling. (20:31) Why do some people say the most stupid and insensitive things? (23:40) Thanks to COVID, partners/ husbands/ wives of the mothers aren’t current allowed into the scans in the UK. (27:06) Why did Laura feel stupid for telling people she was pregnant? (29:50) Why Emma found that being open about her whole journey helped her mental health. (32:07) Laura gives some tips for anyone going through a similar journey. (39:46) Choosing the option that is the least worst for you. (42:17) Laura discusses how she felt in the weeks after her second loss. (45:58) It’s not spoken enough about the changes that happen with your body, after losing a baby. (48:24) Trying for a baby again can be very unsexy! (51:10) Laura’s happy ending. (52:25) What to do if you haven’t experienced this awful loss yourself, but you know someone who has. Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast:  Visit my Youtube Channel HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn HERE Where to find Laura Insta: laura_beddoe_spiritual_coach_ Visit her Facebook HERE
December 02, 2020
Ep.11 Dean Clarke Ex British Army Soldier, Living with Bipolar
Dean Clarke is my guest this week on the podcast. He is an Ex British Army Soldier and lives with Bipolar.  Dean’s openness to discuss the highs and lows of Bipolar is refreshing and to talk so openly in a world where Men’s voices are not being heard enough in the Mental illness and health is exactly what we need more of. Dean had been living with Bipolar undiagnosed for some years before reaching a point where he found himself taking action to end his own life.  Dean candidly shares his experience around this sensitive topic and how his life was saved by someone he may never meet again. Dean also shares how transitioning from Army life to civilian life was his greatest challenge. Crisis can hit anyone; mental illness can affect anyone if we are not taking care. Of our mental health. We all have our mental and physical health to look after, left unchecked or not looked after we could all reach breaking point. We also talk with humour and knowingness with each other about the situations we can find ourselves in when on the heightened end of the Bipolar mood scale. If you have Bipolar then I know you will nod and laugh along with us.  It’s not that we think it’s funny it’s just nice to know that we aren’t alone in some of the ways that Bipolar can make you feel. Finding people that have walked the same or similar paths to you in life and finding that connection is so incredibly powerful and I am so grateful to have shared space with you in the episode Dean, thank you for joining me in starting conversations that matte.  All my love Emma Belle x  (00:58) Emma asks Dean to share two feelings that he’s feeling right now.  (04:21) From drugs, to the army, to the struggle of adjusting to life back on “civilian” street, Dean shares some of his story. (08:38) The art of “crafting a smile”….the mask so many of us wear.  (12:20) Is taking drugs simply “bad behaviour”?  (15:05) Dean talks about his experience of attempted suicide and why suicide is still a taboo subject.  (22:09) Everyone thought it was just Dean’s heart condition playing up, no one knew he’d attempted to take his life. Why was this?  (26:42) The Facebook post which began to change Dean’s life.  (31:49) You can’t deal with your mental illness alone.  (35:20) The identity crisis of bipolar.  (39:24) The importance of marginal gains.  (43:14) Bipolar after diagnoses is simple right? Work really hard, fix it and go back to normal……ummm, nope.  (45:00) Thriving within mental illness and the 4 steps of resilience.  (48:01) What does “being kind to yourself” actually mean?  (52:58) The power of sharing.  (54:54) Dean’s fundraising walk and other incredible things he has lined up!  Links to find Dean: Instagram @nu_element  Links to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast  Visit my Youtube Channel HERE Go to my Instagram HERE Go to my Facebook Page HERE Go to my LinkedIn HERE
November 25, 2020
Ep.10 Javaria Malik, SMA type 3 and an unshakable mindset
Javaria is my guest for this episode and I have to say I have been blown away with her strength of character, unshakable mindset and relentlessly determined attitude to her diagnosis, self-management and outlook on life. After over 15 years of struggling with this invisible illness that wasn’t diagnosed until she was 29 Javaria decided to move to Dubai, alone and lead the life she wanted despite her mother being so worried about how she would cope with a progressive condition in a different country , ‘ Who would pick her up if she fell and was alone?’ Javaria has a fire in her belly for sharing her story and helping others with the same condition to see how they can get the best out of living their life to the fullest whilst also managing this very serious condition.  Most people do not have to worry when they wake up in the morning about whether they will be able to drink or breathe without hinderance as their brains do this automatically for them. This isn’t the case with Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This condition doesn’t just affect the muscles we see in our arms and legs, this affects the muscles that are required to eat and breathe. I am so grateful to you Javaria for sharing your story and amazing personality with me and helping me to learn and understand more about your experience.  All my love Emma Belle x x x  (01:43) Javaria explains what spinal muscular atrophy is and how she found out she had it.  (05:53) When Javaria was 23, she started her online business but her undiagnosed illness was affecting her life more and more. She knew she needed help and she needed answers….  (09:37) How did Javaria end up getting diagnosed?  (12:00) How she felt when she got her diagnoses….her answer may surprise you!  (13:31) Javaria explains what inspired her to become a mindset coach.  (15:21) Another diagnoses…what did this mean for Javaria?  (18:05) What is the difference between the various types of SMA?  (20:21) Muscles aren’t just the things we see on the outside of our bodies….but t’s easy to forget that when you’re not affected by something like SMA.  (24:03) Javaria explains how she remains so strong.  (28:00) The top most unhelpful and helpful things that people have said to Javaria.  (34:22) What helps to manage Javaria’s condition? (35:40) Finally, Javaria tells us what she can’t live without and how her friends would describe her.  Where to find Emma and Vulnerability Rocks Podcast:  YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK LINKEDIN Where to find Javaria Malik:  Insta: @mindcoach_javariamalik
November 18, 2020
EP.09 Josh Connolly & Emma Belle, Conditional Love VS unconditional Love and Ways to heal
In this episode I am so excited to welcome Josh back for a part 2. The first episode received such amazing feedback and questions that I have shared and asked him in this part 2.  This time we are talking about conditional love and unconditional love and when in our lives we should receive each and what that looks like and why. Josh and I are both on our own healing journey and here we talk about what has helped us individually. We get curious about exploring new ways to heal and share our experiences so far with you. I often get asked questions about how to start healing and going inwards to do the work to move through how we feel and process healthily.  I know that this episode will help with these questions and hopefully give you some ideas that speak to you for what may feel right for you in your own journey of getting to know yourself and honouring all of you, however you are and through whatever this crazy life throws at you. Thank you, Josh, for once again opening your heart and sharing your thoughts to explore this conversation with us.  Sending you all my love Emma Belle x  (03:23) What is the difference between conditional love and unconditional love?  (07:42) Second child syndrome and why it’s a thing.  (12:54) The effects of growing up with unconditional love.  (15:34) How do we start to learn about ourselves and unpick some of the things we believe are true about us?  (22:00) The importance of self-compassion. (23:26) Journaling has been life-changing for me and here’s why.  (27:44) In a triggered state, I now ask myself “how old is this version of Emma that is showing up?”  (29:56) Why do we find it so hard to our true feelings down?  (32:29) Josh recommends how to start inner child work - something that has made a huge difference in his life.  (36:40) Guided meditation is great, but what do you do when you find that the tone of the guide’s voice is irritating you?  (38:31) My experience of womb healing reiki/ guided meditation - it was out of this world.  (40:37) Josh discusses how he handles his children’s big emotions.  Find links for myself and Vulnerability Rocks below:  Find links for Josh below:
November 11, 2020
Ep.08 Leila Khan, Overcoming Childhood abuse, refusing arranged marriage and living a life true to herself
In this episode Leila is my guest and she shares her story of how she felt growing up in an environment where she didn't feel safe, her experiences of child abuse and deciding to not accept arranged marriage.  Leila is a change maker and carved out life on her own terms.  Learning that by studying French at University would give her the opportunity to live in France for a year as part of her studies, Leila had a lightbulb moment where she realised that this would be her chance at freedom and escape from a life that she knew she didn't want for herself. We talk openly and compassionately about growing up in a home where you don't feel like you can be who you really are, leaving home at a young age in the name of what you believe to be true and right, cultural differences for females growing up, beliefs and mindset around money and what it means to feel rich and poor. This  is a longer episode than normal because we covered some fantastic thought provoking topics which I know will bring value to you and will support an open minded self observation within each of us. The art of connecting come from when we lean in to understanding how another person feels. Our experiences may not be the same but underneath our experiences we all have the human need to be seen, heard, understood and valued for who we are as we are.  Getting to know Leila and the conversation that we had had all of this and more. Enjoy, Emma Belle x IG     @leilaakhan IG     @leilakhanauthor
August 19, 2020
Ep.07 Rosalia Rivera, Consent parenting and abuse prevention
Rosalia is my guest for this episode and she is a woman on a mission to empower parents to empower their children to understand that they have autonomy over the physical and emotional selves. She teaches consent methods to parents and abuse prevention awareness. Her dream is to have a whole generation of empowered children and break the chain of generational abuse and trauma.  How old should our children be before we start to talk about consent, sex education and body autonomy? How do we start these conversations? What do we say? How do we do it? How do we keep our children safe? Its overwhelming and can often feel too much.  Rosalia helps us to understand how even the most subtle use of our language and actions when parenting will empower or disempower our children as they grow up and enter the world without adults by their sides. We also talk about predators and how they will look for signs that a family doesn't have strong enough boundaries or strong a consent awareness within the dynamic as an opportunity to build trust with our young children. If you are a survivor this can present its own challenges when you become a parent. Perhaps you weren't taught boundaries or consent when you were growing up, perhaps your boundaries were violated and therefore you have never had these modelled to you to enable you to teach your children.  Rosalia and I discuss so many important issues and thoughts starters in this episode and I know that this will help any adult who has children in their lives to protect them and raise more empowered children to become empowered adults.  All my love Emma Belle x
August 05, 2020
Ep.06 Cassey Maynard, Life after Breast implant Removal & learning to honour and love her body
Cassey Maynard Joins me for this episode.  We talk about life after Explant Surgery - Breast implant removal, what her life looks like now and what it looked like before, why she chose to have breast implants and why she has now chosen to have them removed . We talk about her honouring her body and natural cycle and the pathway to healing her inner critic. From feeling not good enough and comparing herself to others, she has now stepped in to a different pace of life in an empowering way. Through her own healing she now honours her body and treats herself with the love and respect she deserves.  Some of her wellness and healing tolls include meditation, journaling, Reiki and energy healing.  A great episode where I literally feel like I'm chatting with an old friend!   all my love Emma Belle x
July 15, 2020
Ep.05 Josh Connolly, didn't realise he was the child of an alcoholic, I had been running from this my whole life
I have the pleasure of getting to know Josh Connolly in this episode. In 2012, Josh identified as an Alcoholic and decided to quit alcohol with the belief that this would be the answer to his problems. His marriage had failed as a result and he was a young father to 4 children.  After giving up alcohol he started to notice that he could no longer numb his emotional pain with alcohol and substances and this led him to a place where he decided to end his life.  After visiting his children, he felt something he hadn't felt in that way before and he changed his mind. He stumbled across a charity and decided to give back by aligning with them, the charity NACOA, for children of alcoholics. He did not identify with being the child of an alcoholic parent, nor did he believe he had suffered any trauma in his childhood, yet he knew he wanted to work with children and help them to better manage and understand their emotions. When he started his training with NACOA, he quickly realised that he would have to flip the script on his own childhood that he had believed to have been the perfect childhood and face the reality of his childhood pain and accept that his problems had come directly from his fathers drink problem when he was growing up. We talk about his story, suicide, mental health, emotional trauma, boundaries and the path of healing.  There was so much more to talk about with Josh, so we have decided to record a part 2. Please DM me with any questions that you have for Josh and we will discuss them in our part 2.  I had to hold back tears in parts of this episode, I was truly blown away by our conversation. All my love Emma belle x Find links for myself and Vulnerability Rocks below: Find links for Josh below:
July 08, 2020
Ep.04 Em Deacon, Stage 4 Cancer, Living her best life
Em Deacon is this episodes guest & I am truly honoured to have spent this time with such an open, honest and vulnerable human. 1.5 years ago Em found a lump in her breast and subsequently went on to be diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 4 metastatic. By the time she received the diagnosis, the cancer had spread to her liver, spine, & neck. The tumour in her breast was 10cm in length and the cancer was considered incurable. It was made clear that her care plan would be palliative, as opposed to life saving cancer treatment. Em was given a life prognosis of 3-4 years. With no family history of cancer, aged only 30 at the time, and a new mum to her 17 month old daughter, this was a real wake up call.  She is an incredible woman and approaches life, treatment, healing and sharing with the utmost authenticity. Em is a qualified Medical doctor specialising in Mental health. Following this life changing news, she has completely transformed her outlook and way of living! The absolute responsibility that she has taken with her diagnoses and health care plan is truly inspiring. Em is now a speaker and well-being activist raising awareness through sharing her journey with others. I loved talking with this amazing & inspiring soul, it was natural, easy and so real. I’m hoping she will say yes to a part 2! All my love Emma Belle x
May 12, 2020
Ep.03 Kevin Betts, 52 marathon Man, Suicide is not a dirty word
In this episode I talk to Kevin Betts, the 52 marathon man, who I met originally met in 2012 at a suicide prevention event. I heard him read his open letter to his Dad who had died of suicide and it moved me to my core and has stayed with me ever since. He ran 52 marathons in a year to raise awareness of Mental health, suicide and suicide prevention, with the message 'Suicide is NOT a dirty word". He carried the Olympic torch and has gone on to be an advocate for mental health; working with Mind the charity, working in education and building a community of people, "We are Run Things", who look after their mental and physical health through running. We discuss mental illness vs mental health, suicide, suicide prevention and childhood of origin experiences that go on to shape who we are as adults. It was an absolute pleasure to have Kevin on the podcast, he is the perfect guest to discuss this sensitive but important topic. We know that this episode will help to challenge the language and behaviour used around suicide and mental health. all my love Emma Belle x  
May 06, 2020
Ep.02 Sara Haider, Virgin cabin crew feeds the nation
In this episode I talk to Virgin Atlantic Cabin crew, Sara Heider. Since the news hit the UK that airspace restrictions were being imposed due to the Covid - 19 global pandemic, Sara's life has had to take on a whole new direction, certainly for the moment. After completing a rescue flight collect stranded Brits in Barbados and Jamaica, she returned home and was faced with the prospect of 2 months unpaid and an uncertain future in the career that she adores.  Sara demonstrated her resilience and very quickly changed gears and redirected her passion for serving others, keeping active and doing a job that could really help at such a crazy time and applied for a job at a very well know supermarket chain, stacking shelves and began being of service by helping to feed the nation! We talk about all of this and also about her experience in competing in a bodybuilding show, how that affected her mental health and her views on balanced every day fitness to keep our minds and bodies in balance.  Thank you Sara, I really enjoyed chatting to you. Emma Belle x
April 29, 2020
Ep.01 Vulnerability Rocks, True Healing starts with sharing
Welcome to the 1st intro episode of my podcast Vulnerability ROCKS. I believe that true healing starts with sharing and that showing up and being vulnerable is our super power.
March 27, 2020