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Tapping into Serenity and Strength

Tapping into Serenity and Strength

By Vybewoman
Powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming, Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom and Emotional Intelligence Teachings and Conversations to clam busy minds, instill relaxation and strengthen the confidence and ability to move towards desired life goals.
Join me and many wellness magicians to discover powerful tools on self-help and rejuvenation.
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How to deal with Impostor Syndrome for Women

Tapping into Serenity and Strength

How to deal with Impostor Syndrome for Women

Tapping into Serenity and Strength

11 Secrets on Improving Wellness at your Desk
It is so fulfilling to see how our overall quality of life improves when we implement tiny wellness habits into our everyday routine.  We have more energy, we are more present in our relationships, and our performance at work and personal life improve. The positive effects that wellness can have on us goes across all aspects of our life. In this episode I will guide you through my tools and best practices on How to create: #physicalwellness #mentalwellness and #emotionalwellness directly at your desk. Thank you for Tuning In xxx For more wellness advices, inspiration and education go to: Insta @vybewoman FB Vybewoman LinkedIn Vyara Tosheva
August 7, 2021
Between Yogi Times and Extraordinary Relationships: A Tea Talk with the Co-founder Sophie Parienti
Sophie Parienti is passionate about life and bringing to the conscious what is unconscious. She split her working time between her global coaching practice (online courses, upcoming book, live workshop) and the online media YOGI TIMES which she co-founded with her husband in 2001.  She studied Yoga philosophy, NLP, NVC, Access Bars, Theta healing, and meditation. She nourishes her inner interest in holistic and energetic practices by continuously exposing herself to new training and teachers. She likes to define herself as a guide who comes to awaken what each of us already knows. Remembering who we are is at the core of her teaching. She perceives each being as a potential MASTER who holds the keys to a piece of unique and universal knowledge. Follow Sophie on:  Sign up to learn from one of her extraordinary relationship courses:
July 29, 2021
The Intelligent Intermittent Fasting with @Dania Jukaku
What to do and what NOT to do with Dania Jukaku, clinical dietitian, weight loss and nutritional therapist What you will learn: 1. What is and what is NOT intermittent fasting?  2. What are the different types of intermittent fasting?  3. What is the science behind intermittent fasting?  4. What are the key benefits of intermittent fasting?  5. Is intermittent fasting safe for everyone?  6. How to effectively put intermittent fasting into practice? 7. What not to do while intermittent fasting? Follow Dania on: Linked In: Dania Jukaku
June 25, 2021
How to deal with Impostor Syndrome for Women
In this episode with @Sabahat Ahmed we cover some very important questions on:  1. How can women emotionally sabotage their success (impostor syndrome)  2. Why do they do it  3. How do they know they are sabotaging emotionally  4. What can they do to cope or resolve.  Connect with Sabahat on:  Insta @Ashmirbysabahatahmed Facebook Ashmir by Sabahat Ahmed Linked In Ashmir by Sabahat Ahmed 
June 25, 2021
The billion dollars CFO who left her company to preach wellness
Leckranee was always a determined go-getter, working hard for her dreams. She did achieve what she dreamed of starting as a finance professional and climbing the top of the corporate ladder as a Chief Financial Officer of EUR 800 billion multinational company. However, in August 2019 on her 42-rd birthday, Leckranee decided to leave this world and goes into teaching wellness. What made her take this decision? Listen to learn more... Trusting the Creator in all that is today Leckranee is a holistic coach and intuitive healer teaching ThetaHealing® and Angelic Reiki ®.  To learn more and connect follow Leckranee on: Insta @leckranee_holistic_haven
June 17, 2021
How to increase your Self-Worth with @Sharroll Mathias
Being able to perceive Energy through various psychic senses and using her knowledge and wisdom from being trained in over 30 modalities, Sharroll Mathias, Evolutionary Mindset Specialist and Founder of Chi – Be In Balance, uses her ability to help her clients  by understanding Energy, to connect and strengthen their intuition. Helping them evolve in their personal and professional Life, by focusing and honoring their own gift that may have been pushed to the back seat for an exceptionally long time.  To know more follow Sharrol on: Instagram: @highvibelivingwithsharrollm @chibeinbalance   Facebook: @HighvibelivingbySharrollm @chibeinbalance  LinkedIn : @sharroll mathias
June 16, 2021
How to raise above the negativity to bring peace and abundance into your life
In this episode Katrina takes you on a journey of a clearing therapy called Miracle Method, cleansing any energy blocks in your body that are preventing you from having the best loving relationship with your partner and loved one.  Tune in and listen to find out how to do that first thing in the morning... To connect with Katrina follow: Insta: katrina valente1 FB: katrinavalente Twitter: katrina valente1 Website: www.katrinavalente
June 10, 2021
Best Fitness Routine during pregnancy and postnatal recovery
How does the workout looks like if you are planning to get pregnant?  Why it’s so important to workout during pregnancy not only walking as everyone advises?  How fitness helps to make labor easier?  Should you stretch during pregnancy or not?  When to restart training after delivery?  How long it takes to get the shape back?  Breastfeeding and working out? Tune in and listen... For more follow Instagram @yulia.mamedova
June 4, 2021
How to meditate in #2021 with @Kim Shelar
👉Do you meditate?  👉Do you know how?  👉Does the way you meditate changed in #2021 after all we survived through?  👉Why is meditation now more than ever important?  👉What happens to the body when one meditate?  👉What are 5 tops benefits of meditation?  These and more questions we will answer in our podcast today with Kim Shelar  - mind coach, meditation facilitator, speaker, author, entrepreneur. More info about KIM at : Tune, listen and start your new way of meditating in #2021...
May 28, 2021
The Art of Dying Well / How to live happily so dying is a joy one day 💗💓
Join me at an open-hearted conversation about The Art of Dying Well  😞💘These days we are so much in grief about losing people we love and and getting lost our self on the path to living a fulfilled life. Leela and me put together a session on how to live your best life so you die in joy and without regrets.  As yourself the questions: What do I want before I die? What really matters for me in life? Tune in, put your hands on your heart and listen...You may be surprised by the answers you get. 🧐🤍#artofdying #griefsupport #grief #griefmatters #griefmanagement #artofliving #artofjoyfulliving #livingyourdream #lifewithoutregrets #noregrets #wellnesscoaching #wellnesssupport #wellnessforall #covidsupport #covidsupportcoach #healing #meditations #healingrituals #leelaisani #vybemanagement
May 26, 2021
Staying Positive during Difficult Conversations
How to lead tough conversations, remain balanced and achieve greater team performance and organisational success.
April 17, 2021
Meditation for Self-Confidence and Self-Love.
Powerful Meditation on boosting your self-confidence backed up with affirmations to help you manifest the inside along with the outside love in your life.
September 12, 2020
Attracting and Keeping your life partner - Meditation.
Powerful meditation on attracting and keeping your life partner.
July 8, 2020
Building Self Confidence
A powerful NLP technique to boost your self - appreciation and build your confidence and strengthen your abilities to fulfill the desires of your mind.
June 17, 2020
Circle of Excellence and Power
How to build your powerful Circle of Excellence? How do you tap into it when you need it? How to step and charge yourself instantly?
May 15, 2020
Ego Strengthening Exercise
Self -Hypnosis Tape for Ego Strengthening
May 1, 2020