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We Are Birmingham Podcast

By We Are Birmingham
Podcast by We Are Birmingham discussing the latest happenings at Birmingham City Football Club.
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Technical Difficulties
Chris and Matthew battle through some technical issues returning after an extended break to answer listener questions and touch on all the latest news from the club; including the internal restructure, transfer budgets, rumours, new signings and Lee Bowyer's latest additions to the coaching staff.
June 28, 2021
Adam 'Swipe Left' Clayton
Chris and Matthew return with their reactions to the news of Dong's resignation and discuss some of the key moments during his tenure. They look at the list of tasks any potential replacement would have to deal with and give their thoughts on the what a new structure could or should look like. They also spend some time chatting about the conclusion of the men's, women's and u23's seasons before finishing off with new feature Blues Bumble. Music: Rookie
May 12, 2021
The Neil Moxley Derby
Staying Up and Staying Up are back to talk about the highlights and heroes from the last two games. The main focus is on the in game changes made by Bowyer against Derby which maintained the clubs Championship status. With safety now secured they discuss the other squad options that the boss might utilise for the final two games of the season, before making their predictions for the Cardiff game.
April 26, 2021
Analytic Royalty
This week Chris and Matthew look back at the huge hard fought win against Rotherham. They are then joined by Ben from Blues Breakdown, to talk about the statistical differences between Bowyer's first 6 games and the previous regime, before discussing what the future might hold for Bowyer's Blues. Finally they all look forward to the midweek home game against Nottingham Forest.
April 19, 2021
David Beckham or Marc Roberts?
Chris and Matthew are back to chat about the comfortable win over Stoke, touching on key moments and the impact of some of the players. They also take some time to discuss the Jonathan Leko situation, as well as the belated Jutkiewicz contract news then finish up by looking forward to the Rotherham game and make some positive predictions for the run in.
April 12, 2021
Got 'em all Jazzed
The lads are back in a buoyant mood as they look back and discuss the games over the Easter period. There's also plenty of time to talk about the latest off field news including the stadium, the transfer embargo and the current issues surrounding the women's team. Finally they look forward to this weekends game against Stoke. Music: The Clause
April 07, 2021
This week Chris and Matthew look back at Lee Bowyer's first two games in charge to discuss the positives and differences in approach from the previous regime. The latest protest from Blues fans also gets a mention as they talk about the CEO's position. The lads also briefly cover the u23s game, before touching on the recent passing of Frank Worthington.
March 24, 2021
Ain't much better in here kid!
After the official confirmation from the club, the lads jump on to record their reaction to the Lee Bowyer appointment. WARNING CONTAINS POSITIVITY!
March 16, 2021
Woah! Naked baby!
Chris and Matthew sit down to react to the big news that Aitor Karanka has finally been relieved of his duties at the club. They look at where it all went wrong for the Spaniard and discuss the latest names in the frame, before finishing things off by looking forward to the Reading game midweek.
March 15, 2021
Brain Farts
Chris and Matthew jump straight on to the podcast on Tuesday evening to look back at all the talking points of the Huddersfield and QPR matches. There's even some time for some discussion about Craig Gardner's earpiece, before they round things up by looking forward to Blues away trip to Barnsley this weekend.
March 02, 2021
Nearly dying in Bruges
The lads return with plenty to talk about as they discuss the performances, formation, personnel and substitutions from the previous two fixtures. There's also time for them to give their thoughts on the 10 year anniversary of the cup win before they look forward to the next game against QPR. Music: Judah Ball
February 25, 2021
This is a Sweary Podcast
The guys jump into recording a podcast straight after the defeat to Millwall to discuss the game and look back at the dire performance against Luton. They also spend time dissecting a number of Dong's comments from his BBC WM interview with Richard Wilford. With Karanka's position surely becoming untenable they put forward a handful of names of potential new managers before touching on the next two games facing Blues.
February 17, 2021
The Next 3 Games
This week Chris and Matthew return to look back on the performance against Bournemouth and discuss the individual errors that cost Blues the game. They also chat about the new strategic committee the club and touch on the latest the rumours about Karanka's future. Finally, they look forward to the game against Luton this Saturday. Music: Joe Wright
February 10, 2021
Colin & Valery
Chris and Matthew are back for a frustrated, disappointed, passionate and sweary podcast reacting to the Coventry and Wycombe games. They have a moan about the lack of substitutions as well as discussing the arrivals of Sam Cosgrove, Rekeem Harper and Keyendrah Simmonds, moan about the lack of substitutions, as well as discussing the failed attempt to sign Kevin Nisbet. They also take a quick look ahead to the Bournemouth game and moan about the lack of substitutions. Music: Citylightz
February 02, 2021
He's basically Pogba
Chris and Matthew are back for the 50th episode of the We Are Birmingham podcast. They look back at the Middlesbrough and Preston games, before discussing recent transfer moves and the latest transfer rumours. The lads round up the show by looking forward to the Coventry game this coming Saturday.
January 25, 2021
What's a Patsy?
This week Chris and Matthew are joined by Daniel Ivery who talks about and answers questions on the BCFC ownership situation. The lads also discuss the games over the festive period, the return of Craig Gardner and look forward to this weekends game against Middlesbrough.
January 13, 2021
Xmas Special: Looks like I wrote Zola
The lads are back for a Christmas special, with guest appearances from Paul Robinson who shares some of his Christmas memories and Brummie Joe who hosts a Blues Christmas quiz. Chris and Matthew also look back at the Middlesbrough game, discuss the latest transfer rumours before looking forward to the Boxing Day game against Nottingham Forest. Music: Future Fires
December 23, 2020
Rub of the green
This week Chris and Matthew look back at the Cardiff and Watford performances, with the usual suspects heading to Cornella. They also discuss the current issues with the stadium and look ahead to the visit of Neil Warnock and Middlesborough.
December 17, 2020
112 Days Later
Chris and Matthew return after a prolonged break to talk all things Blues. They're joined on the podcast by Ben from Blues Breakdown and together they cover a number of topics including; the recent good form, multiple formations, signings and the latest updates on the academy. Lastly, they look forward to Saturday's game at home to Watford. Music: The Nu
December 10, 2020
This is for you Dad
The lads return to look back on the win against Brentford and delve into the newest additions and a new potential incoming. Dong's latest Twitter activity also gets a mention before the lads look forward to the away game at Swansea.
September 18, 2020
Idiots Like Us
Chris and Matthew return to look back on the Cambridge game and discuss the social media reaction to comments on Blues by another podcast and journalist Alan Nixon. They also discuss the transfer budget and the lack of spending so far.  The club inform us where  Guzman is and finally the lads look forward to the first league game of the season. Music: Rubio
September 09, 2020
Don't tell his wife
The lads return with a nice agenda of signings, transfer rumours, friendlies, Ivan Guzman, club communication and the academy's application for EPPP Category 1. Finally, they finish up the show with a tentative look towards Saturday's cup game against Cambridge United. Music: The Vonics
September 03, 2020
You sound like my missus
Chris and Matthew return after a short break to discuss the last few weeks at Blues. They look back on the Aitor Karanka press conference and discuss the latest transfer comings and goings, including the most recent players linked to the club. Finally, they bid farewell to Paul Robinson, who has left the club after 8 years. Music: The Silver Lines
August 27, 2020
The Mole
The lads are back to discuss the announcement of new Head Coach Aitor Karanka and everything surrounding it, including the seeming WAB faux pas. They also talk about recent departures, goalkeepers and the latest players linked to the club. Music: Crymson
August 04, 2020
What's your maths like?
With Blues staying up by the skin of the teeth, the guys touch on performances since the restart and saying goodbye to Jude Bellingham. They also discuss the club's PR around Jude's exit and reflect on Wednesday's protests. Finally, they talk about the possibility of Aitor Karanka taking over at Blues and what needs to be put in place for that to happen. Music: Crymson
July 24, 2020
Now he’s rubbing his nipples
The lads are back and  relieved to be almost over the line. They discuss last two games and talk about a new managerial candidate. They also cover the latest Jude news before  a game of Bottom Trumps and a chat about the final two games of the season. Music: Martha's Needle
July 17, 2020
I heard he took training today
This week Chris and Matthew are joined by Chief Sports Writer of the Sunday People and Blues fan, Neil Moxley. Neil talks about some of his past experiences in the media, but top of the agenda is the latest predicament the club finds itself in. The club hierarchy, the manager hunt, Lee Carsley and the latest caretaker team are all covered in a lengthy chat between the guys as they try to look forward to the game against Stoke on Sunday. Music: Polybius & Rookie
July 09, 2020
Great touch for a big man
Chris and Matthew are back to have a whine and a moan about Pep Clotet and discuss potential caretaker candidates to see out the season. They also talk about Moha Ramos returning to Real Madrid and the latest youngsters to commit themselves to the club. The lads then face off against each other in Bottom Trumps with two terrible striker signings and of course they look forward to the games and against Fulham and Swansea. Music: The Nu & The Novus
July 02, 2020
This is where we’re at at the moment
Once again Chris and Matt are back to chat all things Blues. This week they're joined by Dutch football expert James Rowe, who offers his insight into one of the latest names linked to managerial post. They look back on the draw away at West Brom, talk transfer rumours and new kits and chat about the latest squad updates. Last weeks game of Bottom Trumps returns for it's second appearance and they also look forward to the upcoming home game against Hull. Music: Hot Little Hands & By Devices
June 25, 2020
Half asleep, Never prepared
The next managerial appointment is on the agenda again for Chris and Matthew as they return for another episode. They are also joined by Ben from Breakdown who discussed stats around the latest goalkeeping target and looked at squad needs for 20/21 season. The boys also introduce a (sketchy) new segment on some of the most disappointing Blues signings in the last 30 years and of course they look forward to the restart against the Baggies this weekend.
June 18, 2020
Do they have shuffleboard in Turkey?
The lads return to talk about Pep's decision to step down and discuss the potential candidates to replace him. They also chat about the latest players to be released from the club including the news that Kerim Mrabti is likely to leave at the end of the season. Music: Future Fires & The Jack Fletcher Band
June 09, 2020
What does stay alert mean?
The lads are back with a live edition of the WAB Podcast discussing the scrapping of the Spanish experiment, the Jude Bellingham transfer situation and they talk to Mark Watson from the Fat Lads Go In Goal podcast about what to do with football during the Covid 19 situation. Apologies for the technical issues. Music: Citylightz & Kioko
May 10, 2020
Adios Lee Camp
The guys are back after the international break to talk Fulham, 'keepers, the fans forum and the recent good form of the u23s. They also look forward to the next two games against Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday. Can you guess who they send to Cornella...?
November 22, 2019
Cornella is gonna be full of sh*t refs
The guys return with this weeks podcast to talk about the arrival of new signing Jeremie Bela. They also discuss the referee and the loss at Cardiff and preview the upcoming home game against Fulham.
November 07, 2019
Working with the groundsman
This week the guys look back on the home win against Luton. They also discuss Sheffield bound staff, potential winter transfers and preview the upcoming Cardiff game.
November 01, 2019
Pull him off at half time
After a prolonged break the guys are back to chat about the last few weeks at Blues. With plenty to discuss they cover a host of subjects, including, directors offering out fans, signs of progress on the pitch, personnel, formations and Pep's new found confidence. To round it off, they also look forward to and make their predictions for the upcoming game against Luton.
October 25, 2019
This muscle flexing f**ker
Still annoyed at the Preston performance, the guys talk formations and what Blues can do to improve. Chris sends Steve Martin (not that one) to Cornella and they also discuss kickstarting Derby's season on Saturday.
September 25, 2019
Pep stole my picture
This week the guys talk the win at Charlton and all the fallout, including Bellingham, Pep, Bowyer and ball-gate. They also look forward to Preston game and give listeners the chance to win two tickets to watch the game in a box, courtesy of BoyleSports.
September 18, 2019
Give it Gardner till end of the Season!
The guys return after a short break to talk Stoke, transfers and trialists. They also answer listener questions and look forward to the game against Charlton this weekend.
September 13, 2019
They told me off for swearing
This week Chris and Matthew have a whinge about the Swansea game, chat about the current youngsters out on loan and the ones locked in the basement. They also talk Clotet and Calm and look forward to the Stoke game.
August 29, 2019
He's not the Flash
As well as discussing the highs and lows of the previous two games, the guys chat about memorable cameo debuts and look forward to Sunday's game at Swansea.
August 22, 2019
I could do with an ice cream
This week Chris and an ill Matthew talk about the Bristol City game, Kerim Mrabti and also look forward to the double header against Nottingham Forest and Barnsley.
August 15, 2019
We'll call him Fran
As the first home game of the season approaches, the lads discuss the last transfer moves before the window closes. They also review last weeks games against Brentford and Portsmouth, introduce a new feature and look forward to the game against Bristol City.
August 09, 2019
We'll see
Chris and Matthew kick off the 2019/20 season with a chat about new contracts, recent moves in and out of the club and the latest transfer rumours. The first game of the season is also on the agenda as they predict the starting line up and the score.
August 02, 2019
He's left us already
After a three week break the guys are back to talk about Blues latest moves in transfer market. They also discuss other transfer speculation and give a recap of the pre-season friendlies. Music: The Jack Fletcher Band
July 28, 2019
Watch out Bela's about
The guys return to talk about Che Adams departure and all the recent transfer speculation surrounding Blues. They also discuss the recent influx of Spanish coaching contingent joining the club and review the squad for the training camp in Portugal. Music: The Clause - In My Element
July 08, 2019
Dong might be looking for you
After a short break, the guys return to discuss the Garry Monk sacking, the fallout, those tweets and the players returning for pre-season testing.
June 23, 2019
The worst kept secret in Birmingham
Chris and Matthew return for a quick summary on the goings-on at St Andrew's this week including the Gary Gardner and Jota transfers, Michael Morrison's will he/won't he, Coventry coming to St Andrew's and the new home kit.
June 07, 2019
I can’t even pronounce his middle name
In a bumper transfer podcast Chris and Matthew are joined by Birmingham Mail/Live Blues correspondent Brian Dick to discuss possible summer incomings and outgoings at St Andrew's. Poem: Karl Hooper Music: Hunger Moon
May 24, 2019
We’ll top and tail in a youth hostel
This week the guys talk about the awards night, and scoot over the final game of the season. They also discuss the u23 play off final against Leeds and have an alternative review of the season. Music: Glenn Smyth - Be Under No Illusion
May 09, 2019
F**k Portugal day!
The lads do their best to forget about the Wigan game, give their views on those Monk rumours, discuss the latest u23s victory and try to be bothered about the final game of the season against Reading. Music: Free Galaxy & The White Noise
May 02, 2019
Everything is really amazing
When Chris finishes fanboying over Avengers: Endgame, Chris and Matthew discuss a positive, yet confusing Easter weekend for Blues and answer questions on transfers, formations and the u23s. The guys also look forward to the last home game of the season against Wigan. Music: Spilt Milk Society & CityLightz
April 25, 2019
Hey Sisu come play at St Andrew's
Chris and Matthew give their thoughts on last weekend's draw at Ipswich and talk more in depth about the Coventry ground share situation. They also chat about Garry Monk's recent interview on moving forward and look ahead to the games over the Easter period. Music: Hey Jester
April 17, 2019
F**k off Neil Harris
This week the guys review the games against Leeds and Sheffield United. In light of the latest Blues related ‘profit and sustainability’ update, they chat about how that could impact the potential summer transfer policy and also look forward to the away game at Ipswich. Music: Future Fires & The Pagans S.O.H
April 11, 2019
For Pauline
This week the guys look back on last week's game against West Brom and discuss the refereeing "vendetta". They also discuss the situations at Derby and Bolton, as well as looking forward to the games against Leeds and Sheffield United. Music: Brad Walton & Ivory Wave
April 03, 2019
Mr King doesn't exist
This week Chris and Matthew are joined by Daniel Ivery, who answers questions on the fallout from the recent EFL hearing. The guys also discuss the latest released and retained youngsters, former Blues prospect Reece Brown and preview the upcoming derby against West Brom. Music: Echo Beach!
March 27, 2019
I'd swing that Dong out the door
Chris and Matthew talk over the disappointing, yet spirited Preston result and Dong supposedly terrorising the ornaments in the boardroom. They also discuss the first wave of youngsters to earn scholarships and contracts, plus the unfortunate players to be released. Music: Kioko & Karkosa
March 21, 2019
This is going to be the worst podcast we do
This week Statler and Waldorf moan for 35 minutes about the V*lla and Millwall defeats. They're also joined by PC Colin Barlow who discusses policing the derby game. Music: Jaykae & The Purple Shades
March 14, 2019
Zizou once said "was that you that fell over"
This week as they look forward to the Second City Derby the guys are joined by former Blues player and a goalscorer in the fixture, David Dunn. Dunn talks about his career, time at the club and memories of the games against Villa. Chris and Matthew also review last weekend's disappointing result against Hull and chat about some of the latest Blues news. Music: VIOLET - Feel & La Dharma - Perfume
March 06, 2019
I'm a f*cking egg!
This week Chris and Matthew review the games against Blackburn and Bristol City, discuss the latest EFL statement. The guys also talked about recent developments between Blues and UE Cornella, the latest on the U23s and look forward to the Hull City game. (See if you can spot the "whooosh!" moment!) Music: CityLightz - Don't Know Me & The Clause - Golden Age
February 27, 2019
The Jamie Clapham Memorial Cupboard
With not much happening this week, Chris and Matthew are asked what their lifetime Blues XI are. Music: Sugarthief - Good Luck I Hope You Make It & The Novus - Break
February 20, 2019
You don’t even get very many Freddos for a quid anymore
This week Chris and Matthew review the games against QPR and Bolton, discuss the atmosphere, or lack of, at St Andrew's and have a quick chat about recent transfer links. Music: The White Noise – Call Me Back and The Real Cool - Be Quiet
February 20, 2019
It's six blokes in an office in Preston
This week Chris and Matthew were joined by Daniel Ivery ( to discuss what might happen with the impending EFL hearing. The guys also chatted about the Nottingham Forest game and preview the visit to QPR and Tuesday's game at home to Bolton. Music: Ivory Wave - Gold and Kioko - One Kiss
February 07, 2019
He likes to be called Adrian
He likes to be called Adrian by We Are Birmingham
January 31, 2019