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Wilson Waffling

Wilson Waffling

By WafflingWilson
Waffling about teaching, tech and twaddle!
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Episode 4 of the SE 1/2 Podcast for 2021
Hello and welcome to the fourth episode of the SE1/2 podcast for 2021 – cue music! Well, want can I say! You have been on placement for a month now! When you say four weeks it somehow seems different to when you say a month.
May 7, 2021
Episode 3 of the SE 1/2 Podcast for 2021
Hello and welcome to the third episode of the SE1/2 podcast for 2021 – cue music! Isn’t it strange how time flies by, next week is week 4 of your placement and I bet it seems like only yesterday that you were starting the new academic year, or even the first year?
April 30, 2021
Episode 2 of the SE 1/2 Podcast for 2021
Hello and welcome to the second episode of the SE1/2 podcast for 2021 – cue music! First up, thank you for all the emails and messages wishing me a speedy recovery. Hopefully, you can tell from how my voice is sounding that they all worked, and I am sounding a lot better than last week! I have to mention what wonderful weather we are having at the moment! I’m never a fan of the heat, but sunny and cool is always pleasant. Hopefully, you are managing to get the children outside for some learning and engagement with the outside world.
April 23, 2021
Episode 1 of the SE 1/2 Podcast for 2021
Hello and welcome to the first episode of the SE1/2 podcast for 2021! First, I just need to say that if I sound different this is because of the facial paralysis I am suffering now. I’ve emailed you all so you will be aware of the situation. I just didn’t want you to start to hypothesise about the state of my voice! There might be times when I struggle with certain words, but I will get there in the end so thank you in advance for your patience. I am aiming to publish this podcast on a Friday afternoon, so it should be available for you all when you are travelling home for the weekend. Something to listen to in the car or bus or even in your headphones when you walk or possibly jog home!
April 16, 2021
Book publishing journey!
Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I am a former York St John student. I am also the author/illustrator of the book, Miley’s Mind. Miley’s Mind is a children’s book which addresses the concept of a ‘poorly mind’ and aims to help children reach out for support. Through the main character (a dog called Miley), it also highlights how abuse, bullying and grief can impact emotional well-being. I am going to offer a little insight into publishing a book and my ‘author journey’.
February 2, 2021
Promoting Vocabulary in your Classroom
Vocabulary is so important. Using it effectively allows everyone to describe better what they are thinking and makes explanations more concise. Within the area of mathematics, there is a wealth of vocabulary which children need to be introduced to. There are probably a multitude of thoughts and opinions related to this but, in this post, I am going to say why I think it is important to engage with vocabulary within mathematics and some strategies which can be used in the classroom to support this.
February 2, 2021