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By WakeUpGang
Join the WakeUpGang -- a group of teenagers as they discuss their views on the issue of political illiteracy in Malaysia, recent events and other interesting facts on the WakeUpPodcast!
Ep 2: 18-year-olds can vote now, what does that mean? -- Ft. Charlene See (Undi18)
Making it happen with Undi18! In this episode of the WakeUpPodcast, we welcome Ms. Charlene See from Undi18 to give us a better understanding of the organization that made it possible for 18-year-olds to vote, how this change would affect subsequent General Elections, some useful tips for teens to obtain accurate information on politics and so much more!
November 10, 2021
Ep 1: Why politics? Is there hope for Malaysia?
The fight against political illiteracy begins!  In this first episode of the WakeUpPodcast, learn about who we are, our goals and views, as well as some interesting facts in this introduction to the world of Malaysian politics -- all in the eyes of the younger generation!
October 19, 2021