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Wake Up Podcast by Aleks Svetski

Wake Up Podcast by Aleks Svetski

By Aleks Svetski
The world is largely asleep.
We're living in a time where our freedoms are slowly being encroached upon, but because we're addicted to menial crap, we ignore it.

Our money no longer represents our work, time or effort, the freedom to speak out is obstructed under the guise of "diversity and inclusion", privacy is no longer a right and surveillance has become mainstream "for our protection".

Wake up is dedicated to helping ensure V for Vendetta and 1984 remain works of fiction.

Topics will include Bitcoin, Money, Freedom, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Ethics and more
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Ep 26. Jimmy Song. Svetski. The Moral Case for Bitcoin
Episode 26 sees @JimmySong going me again, this time to review his most recent piece: "The Moral Case for Bitcoin". Jimmy & I always have great discussions and dig into Bitcoin, Philosophy and Economics from numerous angles. On this episode, we touch on: - Why do Governments exist? - Difference between Gov’t then and now? - Why has the world “Elite” been so deranged? - Natural Law VS Positivism - Why do people follow Natural Law? - What is “The Moral Case for Bitcoin” - Why is it not discussed widely? - Prudence, Temperance, Justice, Fortitude - Why are they missing in modernity? - Emergent, natural Law VS Fiat Authority - Property Rights - Centralsiation VS Decentralisation And a whole lot more.. Tune in, share it, like it, (rate the show) and I hope you learn alot. Follow Jimmy on Twitter & Medium @JimmySong, and check out his latest Book "Thank God for Bitcoin" available on Amazon now. _________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski & More coming soon!
January 15, 2021
Ep 25. Giacomo Zucco & Svetski. Bitcoin & the HOPF Cycle of the Internet.
Welcome !!! Episode 25 has been my favourite so far. @GiacomoZucco is by far one of the most consistent, intelligent and authentic people I've had the pleasure of not only learning from, but speaking to & meeting. This conversation touched on so many things which are relevant NOW, and for life in general. We covered Bitcoin of course, but also understanding those who do & don't understand Bitcoin with a very useful Venn-Diagram style heuristic that I think you will all find incredibly useful. We spoke about Giacomo's early days as a scientist, about complexity and about how that led to him being a Libertarian (in the congruent, traditional sense of the term) and later a Bitcoiner. We spoke about how the right AND the left are both idiots. We discussed Seasonality, the HOPF Cycle which many of you know, ie;  - Strong man create good times - Good times create weak men - Weak men create hard times - Hard times create strong men And how this theme consistently comes up throughout history, and what we can do (if anything) to either lengthen  or shorten the frequency of certain periods and perhaps minimise the amplitude also. We discussed the Memetic nature of ideas, and how modern warfare is memetic in nature because all out, overt violence is no longer as functional-a-tool as it used to be. So much good stuff in this discussion. Listen to it. Share it around. Subscribe to the channel, and make sure you check out Giacomo's article on The Bitcoin Times: You can find Giacomo on Twitter @GiacomoZucco _________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski & More coming soon!
January 10, 2021
Ep 24. Jeff Booth. Svetski. The Greatest Game. Price of Tomorrow. Wake Up Podcast
Welcome to Episode 24 of Wake Up, and the 3rd episode of The Bitcoin Times Series. I’ve got Jeff Booth on with me today, the Author of “The Price of Tomorrow”, one of the best books written in 2020. I will apologise in advance to the YouTube listeners. We seem to have had some audio issues during the recording. I managed to get the audio-only file normalised, but the video file was harder to do. Anyway. Jeff and I discussed LOADS on this podcast. It was a unique one because we pulled on threads and got philosophical across a number of dimensions. We discussed his article, of course, which you find as part of The Bitcoin Times Ed 3 (Free download at We discussed what happens to the world in the absence of Bitcoin, and how so-called policy makers are not necessarily evil, but are stuck because the system itself is broken. Furthermore, we looked into how technology is an accelerant and will only serve to precipitate the inevitable deterioration of the status quo. We discuss Capitalism & innovation as the natural state. Mental models for the “base” frame of reference Why conspiracies are convenient, and often not a grand plan, but an inevitable outcome based on poor underlying incentives. Pathways toward and away from WW3 The erosion of personal agency & responsibility How do we fix that? Jeff also suggested a series of Books which you should all have a look at: - Lessons of history - A guide to the good life - Scale – Geoffrey West - Why you are who you are – Mark Leary. - The art of learning - The order of time - Why information grows - Actionable Gamification - Play Bigger You can find Jeff on Twitter @JeffBooth. LinkedIn: JeffDBooth His Book: Personal: _________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski & More coming soon!
January 6, 2021
Ep 23. Pete Evans Chef & Aleks Svetski. 2020; Upside Down World. Wake Up Podcast
This is a special Episode and a little different to what I usually do. Pete Evans and I met many years ago in Sydney, and crossed paths a number of times since then in the most uncanny of circumstances and stayed in touch over the years. We've recently discovered that we're on the same page on a number of ideas, so I thought it best we jump on a call to talk through some of them. The central idea in this discussion is Personal Responsibility, which is something that's been eroded amongst the populace for many years, but something that people like myself, Pete and those listening to this podcast truly hold dear. There's a number of other topics we touch on also, and of note, I attempt to weave Bitcoin into the discussion toward the end, but considering the scope of the topic of Money & Bitcoin, I'm not sure I did it much justice in the time we had. Nevertheless, Pete & I will connect again in future and I hope we can take you (the audience) on a Journey as we dig down the Bitcoin and Individual Sovereignty rabbit hole. I hope you enjoy this episode, and of course, you can find Pete + his work at: Instagram @ChefPeteEvans ____________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski & More coming soon!
January 2, 2021
Ep 22. Erik Cason. Svetski. Bitcoin & the State of Emergency. Bitcoin Times Series Ep 2
Erik Cason (also from Unchained Capital) joins me on Episode 22 of the Wake Up Podcast to discuss his incredible piece "Bitcoin and the State of Emergency". This is part of the "Bitcoin Times" series of episodes I'll be doing where I discuss the topics of each article from the Bitcoin times publication with the respective authors. Erik is one of my favourite thinkers in the entire Bitcoin 'space'. He takes a philosophical viewpoint which I align with at a deep level, and he has a way of articulating it that very few in the world can match. In this episode, we look at: Bitcoin as a tool of war Bitcoin as the new Bushido Bitcoiners like Samurai, who will commit Seppuku long before they give up their private keys. Fiat society and Bitcoin as "The renaissance of Meaning" The state and it's emergence How the state of emergency becomes the state of oppression. Why the state wants this control Does the expansion of the state necessitate the “control” How the systematic removal of meaning, purpose and therefore Pride results in envy & emptiness This is an incredible episode. As usual, listen, share & subscribe. Follow Eric Cason on twitter @ErikCason, and check out his work at Check out Erik's essay at The Bitcoin Times, available Free for PDF download. If you prefer Medium, and would like to support our work there, follow the publication on: Also follow The Bitcoin Times on Twitter @TimelessBitcoin ____________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski & More coming soon!
December 27, 2020
Ep 21 Bitcoin IS the Great DeFinancialization. Parker Lewis. Svetski Bitcoin Times Series
Parker Lewis from Unchained Capital joins me on Episode 21 of the Wake Up Podcast. This is part of the "Bitcoin Times" series of episodes I'll be doing where I discuss the topics of each article from the Bitcoin times publication with the respective authors. Parker's piece was one of my favourites because it really gets to the bottom of why Bitcoin fixes the financial derangement syndrome we're all subject to in a fiat world. He makes the (very accurate) argument that whilst Financialization is normal, what we see in the world today is a deranged and exacerbated form in which everyone (particularly in developed nations) is forced to play a game of investing (risk) taking because money loses value. Savings as the cornerstone of civilisation & capitalism has been eroded to the point that you would be a madman to hold any of your wealth in money. "Cash is Trash" as the saying goes. All money now flows to financial products, some of which may be justified, but the majority which are just derivatives of derivatives of derivatives which solve no problem, add no value, produce nothing and merely act as vehicles or sponges to absorb all of the unhinged money creation. This is a brilliant episode, and Parker is one of the best people I know in the space. Follow him on Twitter @ParkerALewis, checkout the work him & the team are doing at Check out Parker's essay at The Bitcoin Times, available Free for PDF download. If you prefer Medium, and would like to support our work there, follow the publication on: Also follow The Bitcoin Times on Twitter @TimelessBitcoin ____________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski & More coming soon!
December 21, 2020
Ep 20: Bitcoin & Biology. Brandon Quittem, Gigi, Svetski. Wake Up Podcast
Episode 20 of the Wake Up Podcast is one of the most mind-blowing yet. Brandon Quittem, the Mycelium master & the always deep & eloquent Gigi join me. There we so many breakthroughs during this conversation. The framing of Bitcoin as a Living Organism is likely the most profound there is. We discussed life as a concept: "That which continues". Life is: - Adaptability - Survivability - Continuation How markets function like a biological system, or biological systems function like markets. Emergence as a concept Life being emergent, complex and bottom up, not top down. Contrary to how religionists think (in general) ? We looked at Bitcoin through the lens of the Sovereign individual thesis: Fragmentation as something that WILL happen, whether or not we do it consciously. We the tied this into the idea of Bitcoin & the great filter (article by Svetski coming soon, and Brandon making mention of it here: We then took some time to compare Evolution VS utilitarianism, alongside the religionists mis-interpretation of darwinism. - God or nature ? - Creator or creating? As a life form, we established that Bitcoin is absorbing all these ideas and reading a larger, complete, complex system. Like how larger cells absorbed the mitochondria. Life & fragmentation. The story of humanity: Pockets of centralisation in broader networks. Tribes, cities, even countries or continents. This was SUCH a great discussion. Lastly, I want to make a special Shout out to Guy Swann. Check out Brandon’s Mycellium series: Check out Gigi's Life Series: Check out their work: Follow the guys on Twitter: @DerGigi @Bquittem ____________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski & More coming soon!
December 13, 2020
Ep 19: Bitcoin Preachers Pt 1. Jimmy Song, Jordan Bush, Aleks Svetski. Wake Up Podcast
On Episode 19 of the Wake Up Podcast, I've got Jimmy Song & Jordan Bush joining me. I was initially intending to save this episode for next year, but the response to "Bitcoin Atheists" was so strong, that I had to record sooner. Similar to the last episode, we dug deep. Definitions for: - God - Religion - Prophets - Spirituality - A higher power - Consciousness - A void that binds / the ultimate being - Love & Connectedness But we also explored key concepts & questions such as: Sacrifice and spiral dynamics. The hero & Sacrifice as a virtue Can you be religious and not believe in god? Can you believe in god, but not be religious? Morality - That which is compatible with life. - Evolutionary or divine? Could religion just be a story to help us cope with the reality of the difficulty of life? What else does it offer? Supernatural & the Metaphysical. - Bitcoin - Christianity And much much more. Follow the guys on Twitter: @JimmySong @JMBushWrites And check out their new book, co-authored with some other brilliant bitcoiners, including my friend Robert Breedlove. ____________________________________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify: And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski & More coming soon!
December 11, 2020
Ep 18 Bitcoin Atheists Pt 1, Knut Svanholm, BTC Sessions, Aleks Svetski, Wake Up Podcast
Joining me on Episode 18 of the Wake Up Podcast, and the third episode of the Hall of Fame Series are Knut Svanholm and Ben from BTC Sessions. This episode is called "Bitcoin Atheists" and will have to be part 1 of 2 because there was so much to go through and we hit 3hrs already!   We dug into alot of things, including:   Definitions for:  God  Religion  Prophets  Spirituality  A higher power  Consciousness & Connectedness  A void that binds / the ultimate being  Love & Connectedness  Atheism  Truth (although we didn't get into this enough)   Is the bible agnostic, but the 'religionisation' of it & the subsequent institutionalisation is where the problem lies?   Did Religion & the nation state initially help us transcend the version of power in place?   Responsibility / removal of skin in the game is how the system rots.   Were the message of texts like the bible were about taking responsibility in some sense?   Bottom up VS top down transformation   Necessary steps in the evolution of humans?  Spiral Dynamics  General history   Are we living in a Simulation??   Religion / Democracy & Time Preference (but will save this more for part 2).    This was a fantastic call & discussion.  Follow these fine gentlemen on Twitter and each of their other platforms:   Knut: @KnutSvanholm on twitter  BTC Sessions: @BTCSessions on twitter.​​    ____________________________________   Thanks again for listening.  Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski and More coming soon!
December 2, 2020
Ep. 17 AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARIES. American HODL, Stoney Bitson. Wake Up Podcast
This is Episode TWO of the "Hall of Fame Series" at Wake Up, and Episode 17 overall. "Join the revolution and get rich along the way" The hall of fame series are Long Form discussions with special guests, every week or two where we dig deep into different themes, topics & ideas. In this episode, American HODL and Stoney Bitson join me to discuss America, the American Dream and Bitcoiners as the modern American Revolutionaries. As you can imagine, this episode contains comedy, profanity and a whole lot of REAL talk. Some of the things we cover: Who ever thought you could Join the revolution and get filthy fucking rich Along the way? And the best part? --> We can’t lose. We have gravity on our side. We’ve got reality. Physics. Good luck trying to stop that with a digital Ponzi scheme. The cost of being contrarian VS The cost of being the sheep. Coming back to the island VS America Libertarians were neutered, Ideas were their tool and now Bitcoin has arrived. The intelligent interrogate everything. War has evolved Natural wealth redistribution through capitalism. How capitalism reduces uncertainty Reputation is important because when it comes time to do deals later. Clubs have always existed. Bitcoiners have become like Bitcoin Everything that gets thrown at us makes us stronger Follow the guys on Twitter @StoneyBitson and @HODLAMERICAN615 Subscribe to the channel, and check it out on: And follow me on Twitter @AleksSvetski, and on Medium:  More coming soon!
November 29, 2020
Ep 16 COSMIC CALL Pt 1. Breedlove, Gigi, Svetski. Wake Up Podacst
This is Episode ONE of the "Hall of Fame Series" at Wake Up, and Episode 16 overall. These are going to be a series of Long Form discussions with special guests, every week or two where we dig deep into different themes, topics & ideas. On Episode one I have the legendary Robert Breedlove & Gigi with me, and get Cosmic AF digging into bitcoin from multiple viewpoints. Physics Metaphysics First principles Natural Law Duality Singularity  We dig into what the future might look like, whether or not we can solve for tyranny, What it means to have a better quality of problem and much more. Capped off with a treasure trove of resources for you to dig into further. Books, and the minds of the giants who’s shoulders we now stand on. Incredible stuff. This is no shit, one of the best pods you’ll listen to this decade. Your mind will join bitcoin in the Fukn stratosphere while listening. Peep. Subscribe. Share.  Also on YouTube. Follow everyone on Twitter at:   @Breedlove22 @DerGigi @AleksSvetski
November 20, 2020
Ep 15: Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance.
In this video we see the dangers of group identity & the cancer that is collectivism. A group of people decide it’s perfectly ok to behave like Nazi’s, because they identify as a self-proclaimed righteous group of protestors (ie; BLM), and have placards that read “fuck off Nazi’s”. The greatest feat of the Nazi’s, Communists and any other collectivist & authoritarian group is to make YOU think you’re the villain, and to use double-speak like this to give themselves immunity from their actions. These morons wouldn’t even know what Nazi stands for, nor that fascist stems from exactly the societal model they adhere to (ie; communism as a branch of socialism / collectivism). This is exactly the kind of derangement syndrome that people from Peterson to Rand to Rothbard and many before have warned us about. Group identity politics is an application of collectivist ideology and so long as we do not hold the individual as the central & most important component of society, we will devolve into such madness. The collectivist crowd (mob) is able to both make itself immune from bad behaviour because it has a self-endowed moral or ethical high-ground, and at the same time, is able to target individuals of a “different group” that, irrespective of WHO the individual is, are brandished as “evil” or whatever the mob want to label them as. It’s the oldest trick in the game, and people keep falling for it. The day we reintroduce the individual as the centre-piece, and begin to reclaim personal agency and responsibility, is the day we begin to make things better. No group is better than any individual. The individual is the atomic unit and it all starts there. I hope this video serves as a warning.
July 29, 2020
Ep 14: Be Elite. FUCK AVERAGE!
There’s a strong trend of anti-elitism growing in the world, and whilst I understand where it comes from, because it’s been poorly defined, it’s totally misguided. In fact, by not defining the damn thing properly, we group truly honourable & inspirational people up with the parasites. This lack of properly defining things is the source of many problems - but I’ll get to that in another video. I wrote an article about this which you can read about here:,  and as usual, I want to wake people up & delineate between true elites, and the parasites we wrongfully label as such. In the process of doing so, I hope for two things: You don’t get caught in the trap of resenting those with more than you, because that is destructive and helps neither you nor society. You choose to become elite yourself. You embrace what’s unique about you. You choose to become the best version of yourself and impact the world in a way that only you can. This is what it takes to push the human race forward. The ability to be OUT-FUCKING-STANDING. You want to be an outsider. You want to be a minority. You want to be different. As Arnold said “nobody has ever done this before” is the motivator. Those who want to earn & grow themselves into the 1% are to be praised & admired. What could be more inspiring than an individual who creates something from nothing. Who takes their labour, their time, their effort and their energy to build something. This is profound. This is life. This is how the individual drives the human race forward. ____________________________________   Thanks again for listening.   Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify:   And follow me on Medium & Twitter @AleksSvetski  More coming soon!
July 28, 2020
Ep 13: The ultimate vote is Economic. NOT Democratic.
People always refer to the morality of “democracy”, and it being the mechanism of rule that's the fairest & most just - but it’s just NOT true. Democracy will always devolve into authoritarianism because it’s just another form of collectivism requiring you to give up your personal agency to an external authority. A truly FREE society is one where economics rules, and the ability to cast your vote live at all times is the only way we can have a truly open, functional, liberty-centric society. This might sound like blasphemy to some, but in order to make sense of this statement, one has to understand what economics actually measures. Economics is the study of the allocation of resources (primarily time & energy) by individual participants in a society. This is the free-market, and more broadly, free-society form of organisation & convergence that does not require a central authority to decree what should happen, how & when (which is often inefficient & inaccurate). Economic decisions are real, live, functional votes in a free society. It’s representative of your choice here & now, and is more powerful than any other force in the world, especially a “democratic” one. Thanks for listening guys. Remember to subscribe, share, and follow me on twitter & medium @AleksSvetski
July 27, 2020
Ep 12: Leftists aren't bad people. They're just stupid
A lot of the things they want are actually “nice things”. The problem is they don’t think critically, nor deeply, and their ideas actually result in the opposite of what they want. So it’s not that they’re necessarily bad people - they’re just naive, lazy, and generally stupid. They don’t think in terms of consequence, nor in terms of nuance. They just think at the surface level & in black in white. They therefore cause more problems & proceed to blame it on everyone else. This is my shortest video to date. Thanks for listening guys. Remember to subscribe, share, and follow me on twitter & medium @AleksSvetski
July 26, 2020
Episode 11: Life is Dynamic. Not Static.
All complex systems, all living systems and life by its very definition is something that moves, and is dynamic. There are inequalities everywhere, there is compounding and power laws, there are self-reinforcing spirals & death spirals. These are all normal aspects of living systems and when allowed to operate, they do so in a dynamic equilibrium. This is direct contrast to the morons running around taking about the “The 1%”. Whilst I agree there are UNFAIR inequalities, this is only because the base incentives of society are skewed. But so strong is the dynamism of life that even with such unfairness, those who have rigged the game are still subject the going back down the ladder. In a FREE & FAIR system, where we all operate on the same economic rules (economics being defined as the allocation of time & energy by the individuals involved), we get a beautiful dynamic equilibrium where people move up the ladder & back down. There is no "static" 1%. Not in free systems, and not even in rigged systems (nature is too powerful). This is why Freedom is so important to building natural, functional societies. The more freedom you give society, the more opportunity you create. The more you restrict freedom for equality, the more you destroy the opportunity to create opportunity. Therein lies the fallacy of the collectivists. A focus on the individual and on a fixed set of rules (unable to be changed by one party) gives rise to a society in which the best of us is rewarded. It’s a convergent network effect that rewards ethical & productive behaviour/ People move up & down the scale of have’s & have not’s. Some start at the bottom, whilst others start at the top. But those at the bottom rise, because they grow up learning the value of hard work and perseverance, whilst those at the top, who had it easy; learn complacency. We’ve seen this in all stories of the hero’s journey. Rocky 3 is a great example. Mr T whooped his ass because he was fucking HUNRGY. By removing hunger from the equation, you kill spirit & drive. This dynamic equilibrium, found in living systems, is how freedom operates. It’s a constant flux. The notion of fixed equality or “balance” is what we know & define as death. Life is alive. It’s dynamic & unpredictable by nature. The more you can predict it, the less alive it is. “Be like water”, as Bruce Lee said. A flowing river is alive, static water goes rancid. Thanks for listening guys. Remember to subscribe, share, and follow me on twitter & medium @AleksSvetski
July 25, 2020
Ep 10: Entrepreneurs VS Economists
Most modern economists (ie; professional sophists) unfortunately don’t understand entrepreneurs, have never run a business, nor been in a position of significant responsibility in a business and therefore have the unfortunate audacity to perpetuate the moronic concept that businesses, business owners & capitalist merely exist to “take advantage of their customers”. This is incredibly naive, short sighted and reinforces why modern economics is completely OUT OF TOUCH with reality. Entrepreneurs are like the stems cells of the economic body. They are crucial, whereas these economists (the modern & keynesian types who don’t understand logical consistency or sound philosophies) are useless leeches who try to apply mathematical models to that which you cannot model. In this video I use the example of a forest, and lumber to think about what capital & capitalism actually means in the context of the entrepreneur and the incentives in a FREE MARKET who’s cornerstone is PRIVATE property rights When it’s your asset, you don’t go and rip it all up unless you’re a moron, who will wind up ruining himself, and that is the self correcting mechanism that a free market organically includes, and which moron economists think they have to somehow dictate or decree. Pubic = no idea how much is needed, if it’s even needed. Blind & stupid. Public + Private = raping & piligaing Private = YOU GIVE A SHIT. And if you do not, you ruin yourself. Ta-daaaaaa. You CANNOT have capitalism with public property or central planning. THAT is why it’s failed so far. When you mix up the incentives - you screw it all up. It devolves into madness. The cancer that is collectivism will eat up the organic structure that is capitalism. You need a mechanism to take the power away from the state. And this is why #BitcoinFixesThis. Thanks for listening guys. Remember to subscribe, share, and follow me on twitter & medium @AleksSvetski
July 24, 2020
Ep 9: MMT = MORON Monetary Theorists
This episode was inspired by a Tinder debate...of all things. What I thought was going to be an interesting discussion, evolved into a debate with someone who believes that “free markets” have somehow been disproven, that money is an illusion, and that the core problem with the world is lack of regulation with respect to large corporates who exist to rape & pilliage society and it’s people. When confronted with ideas like the cantillon effect; the only response she could muster was: “it’s not that simple; central banks do not have that much power”. She claimed to want to do “help people” and then basically stated that “individuals are too incompetent & (in her words) irrational to make decisions on their own”, and as a result we should have regulations which enforce limits on growth. I was clearly triggered and I wish I saved the damn conversation but she deleted / blocked me on tinder before I could do so..hahahaha Oh well - at least it inspired this video, which I hope you enjoy. As usual, subscribe, share and follow me on both twitter & medium @AleksSvetski
July 23, 2020
Ep 8: "Crypto's" are a SCAM
The word “Crypto” has been co-opted, and it now refers to something which is a fantasy at best, and a scam at worst. The Crypto's you see floating around everywhere are not an answer to anything. They're a distraction at best, and at worst a bigger scam than the existing, legacy financial system; because they're perpetuated by entitled morons who think “they’re the right people to make the right choices” just because they can write some code.. They’re no different to the politicians and bankers of today, and if anything, less experienced & more incompetent so instead of working in the old guard, they spin up their own instances of the same garbage; only with a different smell. They miss the entire point of Bitcoin; which is to have an autonomous network deliver a guarantee of rules that are unchangeable - like the constitution of America, but orders of magnitude better. Bitcoin stands against everything that "crypto's" stand for. Bitcoin lowers time preference, it ensures nobody is in charge, it gives us a level playing field, and it fundamentally adjusts the base incentives of society. Therein lies its power. Crypto is just a bunch of young, inexperienced nerds who think "they know better". They don't seem to understand Bitcoin’s raison d'être. The idea that the supply is fixed, the parameters are fixed and the rules of the game are the same for everyone - and if anyone tries to change them to their own advantage (at the expense of everyone else) they get booted off (ie; forked off) the network. That’s the edge. Shitcoins (all altcoins), ICOs, Tokens and now "Decentralized finance" (aka; DeFi) is just a replication of the existing system, only on a more fragile network, with less checks & balances. It does nothing to re-stabilise society or change behaviour. It just perpetuates the existing fraud, and makes it such that catastrophic failure is even more likely. I tweeted on this (link below), and obviously discuss it further in this video. Thanks again for listening.   Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify:   And follow me on Medium & Twitter @AleksSvetski 
July 21, 2020
Ep 7: Hypocrisy & Hong Kong
It’s July 1st and the start to the second half of what’s been a shitshow of a year.    In this episode I touch on the continued madness, and what’s likely the nail in the coffin for Hong Kong. To see these peaceful, intelligent and innocent group of people subjugated by a murderous, authoritarian dictatorship like the CCP truly saddens me.   Furthermore, to not hear a PEEP from any of these “woke SJWs” who’ve been making a fuss about non-issues like racism over the past few weeks, simply reinforces why none of them actually gave a crap about what they were allegedly standing up for.    In fact, when they attempt to align themselves with the protests in HK, it makes my stomach churn, because they’re literally fighting on the side of more state control and tyranny, which is EXACTLY what the HK people are fighting against.   It’s a sad day for liberty, and although I know that corrupt, centrally managed institutions ultimately collapse in on themselves, the collateral damage along the way is painful to watch.   Share this with your friends & who knows; maybe we can at least wake more people up to the perils of collectivism & statism.   Key Tweets:   NY Times write up:    ____________________________________   Thanks again for listening.   Subscribe on YouTube:  And follow me on Medium & Twitter @AleksSvetski
July 20, 2020
Ep 6: Peterson > Taleb. Any Day
I had a debate with my brother over a year ago now, about Taleb VS Peterson. His conjecture was that Peterson’s work is just religious shit, whilst Taleb is a genius trader → and that’s all that apparently matters. This triggered some thinking on my part, but it didn’t come up again until recently, over the course of the CoronaScam, where I’ve seen him throw out many of his purporter values. This was further reinforced by his recent behaviour & comments about Bitcoiners too. Now don’t get me wrong Taleb is a brilliant mind, but I think he’s a hypocrite in many ways (really fat & unhealthy guy who apparently deadlifts), so I question the authenticity of his character → the quality of his work notwithstanding I enjoy both their work, but Peterson to me has a depth of authenticity, and a depth of character which I truly admire. And the more mature I become, the more I realise that is where the value lies in the humans we learn from & aspire to be. I’ll let the video do the talking. Shout out to @AmericanHodl, and @AllenFarrington Follow on Twitter @AleksSvetski Find Video version on YouTube:
July 18, 2020
Ep 5: Staying Hungry.
Different approach on this episode, and talk about the importance of staying hungry and how that requires a world that is dynamic. There is NO such thing as a fixed status. This was inspired by Arnold. He reminds us to stay hungry, but the presupposition here is that you had to become Hungry.   To truly be hungry you need to know what it’s like to have nothing.  To be a have not. To be rock bottom.   Let’s look at one of the most important dynamics in Life: Being at the top  VS  Being at the bottom   People inherently don’t want to be at the “bottom” and want to get to the “top”, but in this episode, we explore why they both exist, and why this differential is absolutely critical for Life to exist.   The benefits of being rock bottom, or down & out include:   Depth Hunger  Strength   The upsides of starting at the top are great.  Luxury  Comfort  Ease   But they miss out on the depth that you experience and build from being at the bottom.  By eliminating the top & bottom, and forcing everyone into a lukewarm middle, we miss the best of both side.  In our attempt to remove the pain, we remove the meaning & numb the benefits.  The bottom is extraordinarily important. It’s where you build depth, and the lower you go, the higher you can rise.  And the broader the range, the richer the life.   We’ve been conditioned to believe that struggle is something we should avoid, and this conformity through comfort is a disease that makes you weak.   Hunger has its place. It makes you strong, it makes you worthy.
July 17, 2020
Ep 4: Equality breeds Conformity
**Disclaimer**  I'm still working on the flow & quality, so bear with me. Subsequent videos are getting better.  Equality is the WORST outcome for society, unless you want to create a one full of drones, who all think the same (ie; USSR, CCP, Nth Korea).   The very definition of “different”, or “original thinking” is the antithesis of conformity.  If we force individuals to conform, for some short sighted notion of equality, we literally destroy the very essence of what makes life special.   Look at who we’ve aspired to be & been inspired by throughout history.  Everyone from Jesus, to Aleksandar the Great, to Eminem, to William Wallace, to Oprah, to Bonnie & Clyde, Kurt Cobain, Beyonce, Tupac, Kanye, Batman, Orwell, Dostoyevksi, Rothbard, Einstein, Tesla, Newton, Solzhenitzin, Peter Theil, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Joan of Arc, Terrence McKenna, Maradona, Mandela, Ghandi, The wright brothers, Banksy, Oceans 11, The Matrix, V for Vendetta.   Being different & thinking different is only possible when people are free to do so.  This is fundamentally antithetical to conformity, and as an extension; equality.   Monocultures cannot, by definition breed diversity. They become baron, dry, uni-directional, and grey.   Freedom may be messy, but it’s where all the colour in life is.  This is where real, emotional, personal art comes from. Not the super-predictable, overtly political bullshit we see today, with a bunch of “woke” brands & corporates just parroting the same thing.   There’s nothing unique here. There’s nothing original. It requires no courage to say what the last person said.  It takes courage, strength, passion and bravery to be different - and that’s what we kill as we lead with “equality & conformity” instead of “freedom & individualism”.   What a sad, drab world it would be if we were all the same.  There’s one example I can think of that’s done well at this. They’re efficient, but at what cost to the human spirit?  Yeah - Nth Korea. Much of China is like that too.  That’s not a world worth living in.   Another good visual is the Pixar movie; Wall-E.  That’s unfortunately where we’re headed.   To grow, on an individual level, and as it’s logical extension; the level of the organism (humans), we have to move outside of what’s known. We have to move beyond the comfort zone, but this is only possible with Freedom.  Struggle is where the beauty & colour of life comes from. That’s the very definition of being “alive”.  The more we push for equality, and eliminate the freedom to choose, the freedom to discriminate, the freedom to speak, transact, and think, the more we sterilize the very “life” out of life.    Thanks again for listening.  Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify & follow on Twitter & Medium @AleksSvetski
July 16, 2020
Ep 3. Diversity & Discrimination (Part 2)
Recorded when this new stupid legislation came out enforces non-discrimination in the work place based on sexual orientation, extending from race, nationality and whatever else they have in there. Soon enough it will extend to IQ, intellect, and every other “minority” complaint so as a business you’ll no longer have ANY choice as to who to hire, because you’ll get sued for any number of reasons. So much for freedom of speech and the right to choose. I literally just recorded on this the other day, so I’m going to add a little more in this video. Forcing someone to make a decision based on your notion of morality is violence!!! This new law is a form of violence perpetrated by the state. Let’s use an example to illustrate it’s stupidity: The LGBTQ community has fought for a while (especially the LGBs) to be recognised as a legitimate sub-section fo society. And that’s fine. Especially things like Gay marriage etc. That’s a non-violent act of 2 people eloping. I personally have no interest in it, but if two people of the same se love each other & wanna get it on, go for it. I'm happy for you! I’m glad that they stood up & fought for the right to do that. The very fact that they needed to actually fight for it pisses me off anyway, because it just shows how insane society is. We give up our moral agency to state institutions that supposedly “know better”. So anyway. LGBs in particular, got some well deserved wins. And I’m happy for them. They should also join us in defunding the very clowns they had to ask permission for, so they don’t have to ever be subject to such begging ever again.. But now with this law. Let’s say you’ve got a business full of gay people, and your edge is that you hire gay people only because you guys all share common values, mental models, tastes & styles. It’s a part of your USP. Should you not be allowed to do that? Is it not discrimination now that if you don’t hire some straight guy, who’s nothing like you to come in and work with you? How would you feel if the government turned around tomorrow & said, nope; you have to hire this person "because discrimination laws”. Like seriously. How can you give the state that power. Private property implies you have the right to choose (ie; the very definition of discrimination) what you can & will do with YOU own property (whether it’s you, your stuff or your mind). It's nobody else’s right to force you to do otherwise. By enforcing these laws, you remove personal agency and responsibility. You basically admit that you don’t actually own anything, nor do you own yourself. You’re just a subject of the government; or a “vessel” that fulfils a duty that you’ve neither agreed to or understand. Welcome to the matrix. Congratulations you’re now a drone. No free will. It’s time to Wake Up. __________ Thanks again for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify & follow on Twitter & Medium @AleksSvetski, and
July 15, 2020
Ep 2. Discrimination & Diversity (I support both)
**Disclaimer** This is my first episode since I dissected that Dan Tapiero & Raoul Pal video (yeah, I’ve been busy). It’s rough, but I hope you enjoy the content and can bear with me as I churn these suckers out. I promise they will improve, so thanks for listening and remember to subscribe, etc. ___________________________ Discrimination & Diversity There is a major level of cognitive dissonance going on with people (especially leftists & collectivists) who are ‘against' discrimination, but ‘for' diversity. As usual, because they don’t take a moment to THINK before they speak, their positions are contradictory! In this short video, I’ll break that contradiction down and make the point that discrimination is fundamentally critical in the path to diversity, because to discriminate means to choose, and choice is the basis of differentiation and diversity. The idea of self-ownership and personal property rights, whether that property be your business, your money (and where you choose to spend it), your friends, your body & being, your opinion, or what goes on in your mind, is that YOU can choose to make a decision (ie; discriminate), based on whatever reason you want to. It implies it’s yours to do with as you please. That’s freedom. Now…if you decide to initiate violence upon another, based on some discriminatory reason; well the problem is not discrimination; it’s the fucking violence - irrespective of the reason. The aggressor is the aggressor - and who is being transgressed upon has the right to defend themselves. The very notion of not being able to discriminate means choice does not exist. And you might say “oh it’s not to that extent”. And I say: “oh really? Where is the line drawn? Who gets to decide that? And what happens when the next group starts to demand more?”. Tyranny never starts out blatant. It begins as small transgressions on our freedom. It requires us to ever so slightly violate our values, and continue to do this incrementally, until before you know it - we’re Nazi guards or deranged Karen’s. We need to discuss these things early and cut out their venom before it spreads. __________   Thanks again for listening.   Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify & follow on Twitter & Medium @AleksSvetski
July 13, 2020
#1: Dissecting Bitcoin , Gold, and The Future of Macro Investing (w/ Dan Tapiero)
Here we go... Aleks Svetski here (yep, founder At For episode #1 of Wake Up, I'm sharing my take on the real vision interview between Raoul Pal and leading macro-economist Dan Tapiero. I'll be dissecting and reinterpreting the conversation to help people better understand the nature, benefits and philosophy of Bitcoin, whilst attempting to explain the nuances a little deeper. Thanks in advance for listening. Subscribe on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify & follow on Twitter @AleksSvetski More coming soon!
September 23, 2019