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Wake Up With Patti Katter

Wake Up With Patti Katter

By Patti Katter
We all need encouragement, motivation and inspiration in our life. Each week, Patti will interview guests who motivate and inspire others through their unique personal and professional experiences. All of your senses will WAKE UP as you listen to this scrumptious podcast that is sure to tickle your eardrums.
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Maria Crider Shares Her Courageous Story of Battling Breast Cancer When Young and Pregnant

Wake Up With Patti Katter

Adam Bird: Heroes Media Group, Life & A Throw Back
Join Patti Katter with Adam Bird as they talk about his digital media publishing company, Heroes Media Group, and relive the disco era’s glory days with a throwback. Adam gives a rundown of what his company’s brand does and how they help you get started into podcasting. He also reminisces the past, from his retro hairstyles and fashion to his taste in music. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode: Starting your podcast with Heroes Media Group Content matters – criteria for good quality shows Retro Fashion Style Guide – what’s hot and not Throwback Music and Video Games Tips and hacks for aspiring podcasters And so much more! ~ About Adam Bird: Adam Bird is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heroes Media Group LLC. Heroes Media Group (HMG) is a Digital Media Branding platform committed to providing a voice for our community heroes and those who support them. HMG is committed to providing education, entertainment, and empowerment to Active Duty Service Members, Veterans, Firefighters, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Educators, Medical Professionals, and Clergy. Adam earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management in 2011. He is an experienced entrepreneur and leader in building companies, educating, training and mentoring, and empowering teams to success. Ultimately, Adam founded HMG to create jobs and reorganize how media is consumed, delivered, and trusted globally. Born in Wisconsin, Adam developed a love for the outdoors at a very young age. Fishing, hunting, and playing sports was an everyday thing. After high school, Adam enlisted in the Army National Guard. He worked in various positions until mid-2007, when he left the Military to pursue greater opportunities and be a full-time single parent to his son. ~ You can find Adam Bird on . . . Website: HMG Instagram: HMG Facebook: Instagram: Facebook: ~ Connect with Patti! Website: Online Shop: Instagram: Facebook: Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter's private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade:
May 14, 2021
David Schloss Shares His Tips On How To Run High Yielding Social Media Campaigns
Join Patti Katter and her guest David Schloss as they discuss the different buckets, the purpose your feed is serving, what not to do when building an ad campaign, and everything about social media advertising that can take your business through the roof. For you to reach your target faster, in this episode, listen as David explains how you can figure the social media platforms where your audience is hanging out, plus the essence of understanding budget and management allocation when dealing with a marketing company that'll spearhead your solution. As you tune in further, determine how Convert ROI can help make your ad plans into the revenue-producing machine that your business needs to skyrocket. In this episode you will learn: · What you should learn for your business in the future. · Who is promoting what on Facebook and Instagram? · You don't have to be scared of using your budget on an ad. · Choosing your marketing company – how do you properly spend? · "I did 77 audits in 7 days to establish trust and credibility." · And much more! About David Schloss: David Schloss is the founder of Convert ROI, a highly successful digital advertising agency focusing exclusively on Facebook and Instagram ads platforms. His expertise is behind the psychology of running high-yielding Facebook Advertising Campaigns, whether that is through his fully managed private client work, consulting, intensive training events, or keynote speaking. David's proprietary methods of "Contextual Congruence," his process developed based on the marriage between direct response marketing and understanding social behavior, are responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for his clients every year. You can find David Schloss on: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Connect with Wake Up With Patti Katter on: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don't forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Check out Podblade:
April 8, 2021
Josh Felber: Emmy Award Winner, Inc. 5000™ Winner, Best Selling Author, Contributor to Forbes Magazine
Join Patti Katter and her guest Josh Felber to discuss how he has integrated the most important facets of his life into his many different successes. In his early years, Josh experienced rejection. But as someone who has established a strong mindset, he shares how he navigated to other opportunities from rejection and failure. In this episode, he also speaks about his podcasts that uncover the most prominent public figures' mindsets and habits and how copying from those can help people put into reality their own versions of success. In this episode you will learn: · Started my first business at the age of 14. · Social Media – Focus on creating content that connects and helps people. · On sparking curiosity with your kids, involve them. · Making Bank – Understanding the mindset and process of the 1%. · The Morning Routine – What are the morning routine of the top people? · And much more! About Josh Felber: Like many entrepreneurs out there, he started young. He created his first real business at the age of 14 and has owned 15 more in the 30+ years since. Before the age of 25, he had already achieved one of his lifelong goals of becoming a millionaire. As he went from a young bachelor to a husband and father of three, Josh's most valuable resource, TIME, began to disappear. HE REALIZED THAT NO MATTER HOW QUICKLY HE WORKED, HE COULDN'T GET EVERYTHING DONE. His business neglected, his relationships declining, his faith and fitness no longer a priority… Josh knew he needed a better way. He felt scattered, rushed, and as though he was unable to make significant progress in any area of life. THAT'S WHEN HE REALIZED SOMETHING… He had always divided and conquered his daily outcomes. Chunking each task into a different block of time and handling it individually. Looking at his list of focused outcomes, Josh did the math…He realized that accomplishing all of them every day was impossible! After working on the challenge on his own for months, Josh decided to reach out to his mentors and friends. Working through the issue (with a little external perspective), he finally discovered what he needed to do…INTEGRATE! HE BEGAN FINDING WAYS TO INTEGRATE HIS FAITH, HIS FAMILY, HIS FITNESS, AND HIS BUSINESS. You can find Josh Felber on: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Connect with Wake Up With Patti Katter on: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don't forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Check out Podblade:
April 2, 2021
Mike Young: Founder of The Makeover Master & Host of The Top Rated “Made Over Podcast"
Join Patti Katter and her mentor Mike Young as they discuss the traumas of losing your identity and the power of self-assessment. In this episode, Mike is clear about one thing: being self-conscious is imperative. From his experiences, he has found that most people carry the ability that sees potential in others but can't see the same that is innate to them. As a remedy, it is essential for Mike to practice the habit of examining one's actions, failures, triumphs, and the overall self. In this episode you will learn: · "I thought I was going to be a pro baseball player." · Where the Makeover Master came from. · Assessing what you've done and overcome is a powerful exercise. · In the business of reclaiming self. · Accept yourself enough to decide for your life! · And much more! About Mike Young: Mike Young is the founder of The Makeover Master, host of the top-rated "Made Over Podcast", author of "Made Over: How To Create A Powerful Brand That Will Transform Your Business & Save Your Life," and a seasoned entrepreneur. Mike is the creator of "The Mentorship Makeover - Business Growth System" and the "A$AP Strategy Session," as part of what he considers his life's work and duty to help others avoid the hellish 8.5 years of debt, pain, and growing pains (and $200,000+) he spent buying every book and course he could afford, traveling to every seminar and event imaginable trying to get his business to work. He works with those who have a business, but it's "not really working," and they can't seem to discover the real reasons why. Mike's system and methodologies fix a giant problem that many business owners face in today's world of generic advice and information overload, a problem that's keeping them from running a successful business, costing them money, time, energy, and focus. Trying to figure it all out alone, spinning their wheels and trying a lot of shit that simply isn't working. You can find Mike Young on: Website: Linkedin: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Connect with Wake Up With Patti Katter on: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don't forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Check out Podblade:
March 26, 2021
Michael Julian: Active Shooter Survival Training For Individuals, Businesses & Organizations
Join Patti Katter and her guest Michael Julian as they talk about survival, responsible training, and the overall discipline that teaches people to take the right actions in order to protect their loved ones. In this episode, Michael shares how he became the President of a business from being an executive protection provider. In his years of experience, Michael learned that the vast majority of masses were never taught to react to assault, even though it's already right in front of them. As a figure that trains survival into each individual's mindset and methods, Michael is firm on the belief that people need to proactively be ready to react before it is even needed. In this episode you will learn: · Why do people react blankly to a hostile situation? · Teaching people to shoot back without a gun. · Mindset + Method = Survival! · What is a paralyzing mindset? · Be certified to teach A.L.I.V.E. · And much more! About Michael Julian: Michael trained under his father and founder of National Business Investigations, Ron Julian, becoming involved in the family business at a young age, assisting his father in many forms of investigations. He majored in Administration of Justice in college, where he was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa International Scholastic Order for academic achievement. Michael began working full-time for N.B.I. in 1990, specializing in surveillance operations. He continued his education by completing the reserve law enforcement academy presented by the California Department of Justice and studying advanced surveillance techniques offered by the National Association of Investigative Specialists. You can find Michael Julian on: Website: Linkedin: Facebook: Connect with Wake Up With Patti Katter on: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Check out Podblade:
March 19, 2021
Steve Sims: The Real Life Wizard Of Oz, From Rags To Riches
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Steve Sims, as they talk about his different inspirational life experiences and the importance of surrounding yourself with people you want to become. Steve grew up financially poor but never gave up on working hard on his goals. He chased after rich people and threw parties just to learn how they think! Today, Steve is a very successful entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and best-selling author. He has amazing communication skills so it’s not surprising that he has befriended many powerful people, such as Elon Musk, Andrea Bocelli, and so on! In this episode, you’ll learn: · Focusing on the quality rather than the quantity. · There’s a big difference between willing to work hard and baeing prepared. · The experience that made him realize he wanted to be more. · Learning how rich people think and communicate by being around them. · Why is the most confrontational word in the human language. · You only succeed by failing and learning from those mistakes. · And much more! ~ About Steve Sims: I teach you the art of communication so that you can gain and utilize relationships to accelerate your business goals. I speak at the highest-level events teaching entrepreneurs the art of communication in every sector of business. I offer limited spots for 1-on-1 consulting and specific courses to aid you in making the next step to a more efficient and profitable career. I make use of MY connections to help you in whatever it is that YOU may need through my exclusive Speakeasy membership. Entrepreneur Magazine labeled me as “The Real Life Wizard of Oz” because I have developed a reputation for making the impossible, possible. I founded the first high-end luxury concierge, through which ​I've arranged things like private dinners at the feet of Michelangelo’s “David” while being serenaded by Andrea Bocelli.​ I published a best-selling book, “Bluefishing”, documenting how I’ve built a business on social currency. I have spoken for Harvard, The Pentagon, ​and Fortune 500 Companies.​ All coming from a young lad that was only qualified to lay bricks at a construction site. I've spent 20+ years falling on my face to learn the lessons that you can implement into YOUR career ambitions. ~ You can find Steve Sims on… Facebook: Instagram: Company Website: Linkedin: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade:
March 5, 2021
Trademark Attorney Andy Nelson: Protecting Your Brand
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Andy Nelson, as they talk about protecting your brand. Andy is a Partner and Trademark Attorney at Fortis LLP, providing legal advice to his clients in different areas of his focus. He also shares with us the importance of trademarks, copyrights, and the struggle he went through with losing a job. In this episode, you’ll learn: · His experience in the military to becoming an attorney. · Andy’s interest in studying political science. · He has a Facebook page called Defending Your Brand. · The difference between trademark and copyright. · Why your business needs a trademark and the factors you need to consider. · The difference between having a registered trademark vs. just using a brand name. · And much more! ~ About Andy Nelson: Andy Nelson represents clients in complex business, commercial, intellectual property matters. Andy’s practice emphasizes the development of effective strategies for trademark and copyright protection, enforcement, licensing, and dispute resolution (including practice before the USPTO and TTAB). Areas of focus also include complex contractual and commercial matters, website protection, social media, privacy regulations, trade secrets, and disputes among co-owners of businesses. Andy represents a variety of companies in the technology, food and beverage, apparel, footwear, accessories, marketing, advertising, consulting, design, and manufacturing industries. Andy is admitted to practice in all California state courts. He is also admitted to practice in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, as well as the United States District Court for the Eastern, Northern, Central, and Southern Districts of California. Andy also regularly gets admitted to practice in jurisdictions outside of California as needed. Over his career, Andy has represented a wide variety of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. A veteran of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, Andy especially enjoys working with businesses owned by veterans, military spouses, active duty service members, and others focused on the military community. These clients not only do business in a wide variety of industries, they are also located all over the world. ~ You can find Andy Nelson on… Email: Linkedin: Company Website: Facebook Group: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid @PattiKatter Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade:
February 26, 2021
Andrew Sayles: From Jail To Running Six Figure Businesses
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Andrew Sayles, as they talk about how he changed his life from being in jail to running six-figure businesses. Andrew was sent to prison more than once even when he already became successful, and he had to start again from zero. He was able to overcome it all with extreme dedication and the help of other people. He also shares with us how having mentors can drastically change your life for the better! In this episode, you’ll learn: · His five months in jail and rehab program was a blessing in disguise. · How Bill Rowland impacted and changed his life. · The types of drugs he sold when he was selling these products. · Inspirations, leadership, and business mentors he had. · Andrew overcame his hardest trial by finding mentorships. · People who have gone to jail can become successful; it’s just a trial. · And much more! ~ About Andrew Sayles: Life can change quick; In less than 5 yrs, I went from being in jail to running multiple 6 figure businesses with the help of millionaire entrepreneurs who gave me the keys to sales, marketing, growth, and everything else tied to success. My name is Andrew Sayles and these are my tales of how it happened. I share relatable stories to help everyone learn about hustle, personal development, and the positive mindset you will need to win. This show is for anyone who wants self-improvement without the repackaged "Ra-Ra." These are real stories from highly successful business people and Entrepreneurs. Whether you're just starting out or looking to go to the next level, this is where you will have the opportunity to dive into the mindset of what it takes to win. I interview top performers, leaders, and gurus so we can learn all the tools necessary to succeed. ~ You can find Andrew Sayles on… Listen to Andrews Podcast by searching Sayles Tales on your favorite Podcast Player! Andrew on Instagram: @realandrewsayles Find both Andrew and Patti on Clubhouse! @AndrewSayles @PattiKatter --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @pattikatter @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter's private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade:
February 19, 2021
Tony Whatley: 365 Driven, Serial-Entrepreneur, Author of Side Hustle Millionaire
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Tony Whatley, as they talk about his experiences in the business industry and how to become a better public speaker. Tony is an entrepreneur, a best-selling book author of the Sidehustle Millionaire, and the founder of 365 Driven. He has helped several business people and was part of many startups that reached 1 billion in revenue in just one year! In this episode, you’ll learn: · The background story of Tony and his company 365 Driven. · He struggled with racism growing up as a child because of being half Japanese. · Hiring a voice coach is necessary to become better in public speaking. · The importance of using different tones and pitches while speaking. · The different kinds of services they offer in their business. · Tony and his wife’s love for sports cars and racing · And much more! ~ About Tony Whatley: Tony Whatley is a business mentor, speaker, best-selling author, and podcast host. He is best known as Co-Founder of LS1Tech, an online automotive community that grew into the largest of its kind, with over 300,000 registered members. This business sold for millions in only five years after starting. Amazingly, it was just his part-time business! Tony once led a successful corporate career with over 27 years of experience in oil/gas, managing $100MM+ international EPIC projects. He has built and scaled project management departments, and consulted within Fortune 100 corporations on systems, processes, and leadership. Tony also has extensive experience in procurement and contract laws, as well as contract negotiation. In 2015, Tony decided to focus on building businesses full-time and left behind multiple six-figure salary ranges to do what he loves. Tony earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, from The University of Houston. He is also a Certified Project Manager, as well as serving as club president of Toastmasters, a public speaking and leadership training group. When he is not doing work to build his legacy, you can find him and his wife, Lisa, exploring the world or racing high-performance cars. ~ You can find Tony Whatley on… Website: Linkedin: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Instagram: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter's private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade:
February 12, 2021
Sunil Godse: Understanding Your Intuition & Listening To Your Gut
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Sunil Godse, as they talk about understanding your intuition and listening to your gut. Sunil is the owner and teacher at Intuitionology, he helps businesses increase their productivity by using intuitive resonance to build trusted professional relationships! He is also the author of the amazing books Fail Fast, Succeed Faster and GUT! In this episode, you’ll learn: · The importance of trusting your intuition and listening to your gut feelings. · Your intuition and all those experiences to learn from will be put into the subconscious area of your brain. · There are four types of intuition that all work at the same time. · You need to overcome the fear associated with what your intuition is telling you to do. · There are a lot of signals you need to consider before making important decisions. · Four intuitive hurdles that get people in trouble and interfere with your signals. · And much more! ~ About Sunil Godse: The statistics companies face are very stark with 80% of employees unhappy in the workplace, resulting in $550 billion a year in lost productivity resulting in much higher internal costs, and if not fixed, the results could be fatal. The reason? Companies seem to treat their employees as numbers where transactional relationships and a heavy focus on short term results engulf the corporate culture. It comes as no surprise to anyone when such a corporate culture has employees feeling disengaged and demotivated in the workplace, negatively affecting the overall productivity with downstream effects being higher turnover as valuable employees look elsewhere to find companies who actually care for them. If this is not fixed quickly, this starts to put a tremendous squeeze on profits, putting the company on a downward spiral, and it could end up becoming a part of the 99% that are no longer around by year five. The good news is that this can be prevented by ensuring that management learns how to implement intuitive resonance within the organization to establish trusted relationships with its employees, creating a tight-knit corporate culture that has employees intrinsically motivated to perform at their highest level. The cumulative effect translates to an immediate increase in productivity with longer-term effects being lower turnover costs and higher profits, a combination Sunil Godse is used to seeing as he grew several entrepreneurial ventures to over $20 million before helping many other companies accelerate the productivity of their employees, elevating their business success to a whole new level. You can find Sunil Godse on… Phone: 519-870-7816 Twitter: @sunilgodse Linkedin: Website: Email: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade:
February 5, 2021
Jay Hutton: VSBLTY, Artificial Intelligence Transforming Retail & Enhancing Security
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Jay Hutton, as they talk about the amazing capabilities of artificial intelligence that could provide you with endless opportunities! Jay is the President and CEO of VSBLTY, providing a revolutionary way of enhancing security and transforming retail spaces. He also shares in the episode how these new artificial intelligence cameras could save lives and provide greater protection for your business. In this episode, you’ll learn: · What exactly is VSBLTY and how did it start? · How computer vision taking video streams count and track what you do. · The amazing opportunities and capabilities VSBLTY has to offer. · They can teach computers how to recognize objects like weapons and identify bad guys. · Reasons why you should start investing in these artificial intelligence cameras. · How Jay got into learning about artificial intelligence and actually starting his company. · And much more! ~ About Jay Hutton: Co-Founder and CEO, Jay is both the visionary leader of this new company and at the same time brings day-to-day balance to the team, fostering quick-to-market client opportunities with focused, disciplined attention on the challenges inherent in their execution. Jay draws on his many years of experience as a seasoned software executive with a career spanning more than 25 years. Jay began his career at Gandalf Technologies, an Ottawa-based pioneer of data communications technology in 1988. He later served as Country Manager (Canada) of Ascend Communications during their rapid growth, public offering and ultimate sale to Lucent Technologies in 1999. Jay then spent the next 10 years as President and CEO of a privately financed private company that ultimately went public. Prior to starting VSBLTY, Jay managed the introduction of electronic payment options to New York City’s 13,000 taxicabs that also functioned as in-vehicle media outlets for local news and weather. ~ You can find Jay Hutton on… Linkedin: Website: Twitter: Instagram: To find VSBLTY on the US Stock Exchange, search VSBGF. --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade:
January 29, 2021
Jamie Keeling: Tae Kwon Do World Champion of 2016: Business & Life With No Bullshit
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Jamie Keeling, as they talk about Taekwondo and his experiences in the business industry. Jamie is the owner of multiple successful businesses who has more than 14 years of experience in the industry! He also won a world championship title in Taekwondo back in 2016 and overcame his struggles with bullying. Jamie shares stories of his hardships and how he conquered them all! In this episode, you’ll learn: · How Taekwondo changed Jamie’s life for the better. · Despite only starting training at the age of 27, he became a Taekwondo World Champion in the year 2016. · Jamie met his fiance in the school where he trained in Taekwondo. · He struggled with bullying for years until he decided to learn how to defend himself. · Teach your children to self-defense; it is a huge mistake to guard them against the realities of life. · His journey and background in the business industry · And much more! ~ About Jamie Keeling: Managing Director, Jamie Keeling, founded Bulletproof Business on 4th January 2018, after he stepped away from running his family’s multi-million-pound construction business. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, business is in his blood. He joined the family business in 2005 as a laborer, and over the years worked his way up through the ranks. First entering the office environment in 2006 as an admin assistant, within 12 months he was running the entire purchasing department for the business. He went on to manage the company manufacturing facility alongside his purchasing role and was officially made a director in 2012. After handing over the manufacturing facility, he moved on to managing the multiple contracts and sites operated by the business all over the world.​ In 2015, he hired his first business mentor and together with his fellow directors created explosive growth that saw their sales more than double from £2.2m to £4.5m in the short space of just 12 months, which saw Jamie leading a team of 60 and being promoted to Managing Director in December 2016. He was the driving force behind creating the systems needed to thrive as a business, and during his time with the company built many departments from scratch, including completely re-structuring the business in January 2017 to install the solid foundations that were needed to ease their growing pains, and ensure a financially healthy business. He didn’t always see eye-to-eye with his co-directors, and he knows first hand how challenging it can be to navigate family dynamics alongside all the other challenges that come with being in business.​ He chose to exit the business in December 2017 realizing he had taken it as far as he could and it was time for a change; this was one of the best decisions he has ever made, and in January 2018, the first iteration of Bulletproof Business was born. Jamie had started doing some freelance consultancy working with other business owners on their business strategy throughout 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Since then he’s worked with scores of businesses across the UK helping start-ups find their feet in getting established, working closely with early-stage businesses to accelerate growth, and delivering specialist consulting for established 6/7-figure companies across multiple sectors to create high performance, profitable operations with a focus on financial management, project management, and growth strategy. Jamie is results-focused, and his core values of integrity, honesty, and operational excellence are reflected in every aspect of his work.
January 22, 2021
The Navy Spouse Who Pushed Through Obstacles & Started A Marketing & Design Business
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Alicia Thompson, as they talk about how started her own content creation business! Alicia is a content creator and a Navy spouse who is extremely passionate about her work and will always exceed your expectations. She also shares how she overcame her obstacles in life and found her purpose! In this episode, you’ll learn: · She grew up traveling with her parents and lived in multiple different homes. · The story of how she met her husband, who is now in the Navy. · The best exercise in any field is to just keep going and keep practicing. · Alicia has so much passion and creativity that she likes to do what’s best for you. · If you are a brand new business, one of the biggest things is to really establish your budget before looking for a content creator. · Work with people who would really want to understand and work with you. ·  And much more! ~ About Alicia Thompson: I am the mom jumping in the kids' bounce house, making the kids scream cause I sprayed them with the hose. Evil laughing in the corner with an occasional snort. I take risks and sometimes fall while walking up the stairs. I am still dating my husband after 3 years of marriage, two kids and one very long deployment. I embrace the little things in life and dare to take on the bigger things. Every day I thank my lucky stars for the life I have been given and choose to work so hard at. My background is built on the expectation to think creatively in any medium. I have worked in print, digital, retail, corporate and small business environments. Aspiring to be a  jack-of-all-trades, I am comfortable working cross-departmentally with sales, IT and other creatives. I have led marketing and creative departments for the last six years. My responsibilities have included maintaining brand identities, constructing brand strategies for social and marketing projects, working with developers to enhance company software, planning and organizing events and handling print marketing. I confidently display superior organizational skills, attention to detail, initiative and curiosity in every role. Always demonstrating the ability to maintain multiple responsibilities, exceptional time management, team bonding and a continuous willingness to learn. I have a superb ability to apply a brand's look and feel across all platforms and screens. Understanding the fundamentals of branding as it relates to user experience. I also bring to the table strong computer proficiencies including expert skills in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office with advanced PowerPoint skills, and web design. ~ You can find Alicia Thompson on… Website: Email: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade:
January 15, 2021
Antonio Harrison: Supernatural, Virtual Reality Fitness Coach
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Antonio Harrison, as they talk about Supernatural, a virtual reality game. Antonio is a virtual reality fitness coach in Supernatural! He takes us with him on his journey and shares about the amazing content you can find on this platform! Stay tuned and start getting fit with Antonio! In this episode, you’ll learn: · Antonio’s journey to getting where he is now. · His father coached him in almost every sport before he got into high school. · How Antonio became a virtual reality fitness coach. · The different genres of music he prefers to use for his content. · Be easy on yourself. Take your time, have some fun, enjoy it · What are his next plans and goals for himself? · And much more! ~ About Antonio Harrison: Dr. Antonio Harrison, a.k.a Coach Doc, was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. He is a loving husband and father of 3 boys. Coach Doc has spent his life in the world of Sports and Fitness. He began his journey as a Junior Olympic Swimmer who then fell in love with basketball, football, and track. Coach Doc is a former 4-year starter, NCAA Football player. He continued his passion for the sport by coaching High School Varsity Football for the past decade as a Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach. He has a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis and focuses his research on Health, Sports, and Fitness, as well as Leadership and gives invited talks nationwide. His works have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, magazines, and books. He has taught graduate school for the past 12 years and currently is a Professor at Pepperdine University and the online program of the University of West Florida. He is also a Fitness Coach that trains both HIIT classes plus Strength and Conditioning, as well as a Virtual Reality Fitness Coach for Supernatural. You can follow any of his work on social media @onecoachdoc. He works with groups, companies & organizations, as well as individuals, on utilizing the Science of Human Behavior to help others reach their full potential and unleash their inner Warrior through self-discipline. ~ You can find Antonio Harrison on… LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Linktree: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @PattiKatter @thepatrioticmermaid Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade: “Please consider sponsoring my Podcast with a small monthly gift to help sustain and grow my show. ” -Patti Katter  Click here to sponsor:
January 8, 2021
Scott Carson of The Note Closers Show: Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Notes
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Scott Carson, as they talk about how he makes money through real estate buying notes. Scott is an investor, marketer, entrepreneur, podcast host of The Note Closers Show, and the owner of We Close Notes. He is an incredible person that Patti met in a Facebook group about podcasting and has helped her a lot since then! In this episode, you’ll learn: · There’s always enough to go around in the podcasting community. · How to handle a crappy homeowner who doesn’t want to pay. · Scott shares one of his bad experiences in the real estate industry. · How do they verify to know if a person who wants to purchase their notes is legit? · The most important thing with any business is having a great team! · The biggest mistake anybody will ever make is investing in something they don't understand. · And much more! ~ About Scott Carson Scott Carson (aka “the Note Guy) Scott Carson is a nationally syndicated radio and podcast host of the popular Note Closers Show Podcast with millions of listeners each month. He has been an active real estate investor and entrepreneur since 2002, focused on the niche of distressed mortgage investing. For the past ten years, he has been helping real estate investors, and entrepreneurs create wealth through his teachings and strategies. He is a highly sought-after speaker and podcast guest with thousands of speaking appearances at events across the country. He has also been featured in many media outlets, including Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, and He spends his free time traveling to new places and making memories. He calls Austin, Texas home. ~ You can find Scott Carson on… Website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Interested in Podcast Editing Services or Interested in starting your own Podcast? Ask Patti for a Consult! Podblade:
December 18, 2020
28 Year Old Police Officer, Dominic Vasquez: Surviving Covid & Sharing HOPE
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Dominic Vasquez, as they talk about the inspiring story of how he survived COVID and positively impacted others’ lives. Dominic went through a difficult time and almost died in several occasions, but everyone didn’t give up on him! He is a miracle and someone who deserves great things in life. Listen to his stories now and surely they will touch motivate you in life! In this episode, you’ll learn: · Dominic’s dad is an honorable man who he looks up to so much. · The story or incident of how he got infected with COVID-19. · He was rushed to a hospital because he couldn’t breathe properly. · A lot of people supported and helped him get through his sufferings. · Through this hardship, he was able to reflect on a lot of things in his life/ · Dominic really loves his family and they are the reason why he doesn’t want to give up! · And much more! ~ About Dominic Vasquez written by his sister: My brother Dominic, or Dom for those of us who know him well, is 28 years old. Before late march of 2020, Dom lived his life in an extremely athletic manner. He was at the gym every day, sometimes even multiple times a day. He prioritized his fitness because he wanted to stay healthy, and because his job as a law enforcement officer requires a high level of fitness. Staying fit and healthy could literally be the difference between life and death in his profession. This was an important aspect of his life. Another thing that Dom has always prioritized is family, he has always been better at this than me. He is quite literally the definition of a family man. When he wasn’t spending time with family, he was with good and loyal friends. Most of those friends being law enforcement buddies, but also a few really good childhood friends too. Dom was extremely social and loved to be around friends and family. He has always been very protective of us and would literally do anything for the people that he loves. I will also say that my brother has been through a lot over the last 3-4 years. He has seen the worst of people through his job. He has been shot at, been in a dangerous vehicle pursuit that ended in a crash, and has witnessed many things that no one should ever have to as a police officer. March of 2020 brought him and our family another traumatic incident to add to the list. Dom is older than me by about 5 years. However, I often assume the caretaker role with him (and everyone else in my life). This is exactly what happened when he contracted COVID-19 in late March of 2020. At this time, I was working in EMS for an ambulance company out in Salt Lake City. COVID was new to the U.S. and we didn’t know much about it. I was starting to get patients on my ambulance who were positive for the virus, but were stable. That week, my brother had told me he thought he had the virus because he felt the sickest he had ever felt before. He told me that he didn’t know how to explain what it felt like, the closest thing he could relate it to was “a really bad flu”. You can find Dominic Vasquez on… LinkedIn: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms.
December 11, 2020
Steven Berkowitz: Executive Producer, Director and Podcaster
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Steve Berkowitz, as they talk about his journey of how he overcame his challenges and hardships in life and achieved success! Steve is an Executive Producer, Director, Podcaster, and writer. He is known for his notable works and famous shows, such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Pros vs. Joes, and Outback Nation. In this episode, you’ll learn: · What are the shows he has worked on and is currently working on? · The story of his journey on how he became a great producer! · Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a great show that touches people’s hearts. · Steve shares his fondest memories that he had the most fun time as a producer. · At a young age, Steve started suffering from seizures caused by his epilepsy. · Unless you take care of yourself, you won’t be able to focus on your career and loved ones. · And much more! ~ About Steve Berkowitz: Steve Berkowitz has been producing, developing, writing and directing groundbreaking and riveting unscripted TV, digital content, documentary series, and sports for over 15 years, working with everyone from ABC to TLC to Netflix, Nat Geo, Discovery, Bravo, YouTube, MTV, ESPN, Snapchat and Lifetime. As a showrunner, Steve executive produced HGTV’s successful outdoor renovation series, “Backyard Takeover,” TLC’s hit family docu-series, “OutDaughtered,” and Esquire’s acclaimed youth football docu-series, “Friday Night Tykes,” which is now streaming on Netflix. He also directed Season 5 of Bravo’s popular fashion docu-series, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” oversaw the story team on season 2 of ABC’s epic robot competition series, “Battlebots,” and supervised seasons 7 and 8 of the original “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” on ABC. Additionally, Steve has interviewed, directed, or collaborated in some way with many of the biggest celebrities, personalities, musicians and athletes in the world, such as: James Harden, Damian Lillard, Ashley Graham, Shaquille O’Neal, 50 Cent, Anthony Anderson, Macklemore, Dennis Rodman, David Duchovny, Emma Roberts, Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, KISS, Dane Cook, Jewel, Jamie Chung, Eddie Huang, Ariel Winter, Christie Brinkley, Randy Couture, Roy Jones, Jr., Goldberg, Rachel Zoe, Howie Mandel, Nick Cannon, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Jim McMahon, Too Short, Jerome Bettis, Bo Jackson, and former Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach Bill Cowher. Steve currently is writing, directing and executive producing a powerful documentary film with international production company Cineflix Media and consulting on a new series for Netflix. He also hosts and executive produces a podcast called “No Script, No Problem” for the Bleav Podcast Network and is developing multiple projects under his Big Play Productions banner. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Steve spent four and a half years cutting his teeth as a local sports anchor, reporter, shooter and producer at TV stations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Tennessee. In his free time, he enjoys yoga, hiking and rooting for the LA Clippers and Dodgers. You can find Steve Berkowitz on… Website: Twitter: @steveberkowitz Instagram: @stevemberkowitz LinkedIn: Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook!
December 4, 2020
Jonathan Pritchard: The Mentalist, Author, Consultant & Entertainer
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Jonathan Pritchard, as they talk about his journey and background in the magic and business industry. Jonathan is an author, consultant, entertainer, and mentalist. He helps clients generate leads online and at live events with applied psychology. Can Jonathan really read minds? Enjoy the episode now and find out! In this episode, you’ll learn: · Jonathan’s passion for doing magic tricks and mind reading started when he was five years old. · What tricks does Jonathan know how to do and how does he do them? · Before the pandemic, his shows would usually have 200 to 3000 people above in a fine art theater. · What has he been doing since the quarantine in the business and magic world? · When he was in college, he used to show up at every dorm party and was known as the guy who did magic tricks! · The only way your idea will become real is when you apple your time and energy making it a reality. · And much more! ~ About Jonathan Pritchard: Have you ever thought about having something fun in your trade show exhibit booth to draw attention? Well, you found it! I'm a corporate mind reader. How do I help? Read on... BEST KNOWN FOR: Amazing Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Nick Cannon on America's Got Talent; entertaining U.S. troops stationed overseas; performing on Penn and Teller "Fool Us;" personally consulting with world-class achiever Criss Angel; performing at Vegas casinos on the strip; entertaining thousands of students at hundreds of colleges across the country; and consistently being recognized as one of the best in the business. WHAT I DO NOW: Help companies connect with their employees & customers in fun, dynamic, memorable, and meaningful ways with custom exhibit strategies. WHO I HELP: In the business world I've worked with BP, State Farm, 1871, General Assembly, and more. Basically, I help VP of Sales, HR Directors, and anyone else tasked with planning trade shows, conferences, increasing sales numbers, giving presentations, or any other situation where it's absolutely essential to make the most out of a brief opportunity to make meaningful connections with those you can help the most. WHY IT WORKS: With 15+ years under my belt as a world-touring Mentalist, I know the inner secrets of how people think, and how to use that knowledge to great effect. UNCOMMON FACTS ABOUT ME: I learned to juggle fire at 13, hammered nails up my nose at 15, and ate fire at age 18. I have practiced kung fu every day for 8+ years, and I'm also learning how to play the banjo. (It stays at home, I promise.) MY WHY: I grew up in a small town in NC and managed to make incredible opportunities for myself. I have a moral You can find Jonathan Pritchard on… Website: Twitter:  @realjpritchard  Facebook: @mentalistjonathan LinkedIn: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group.
November 27, 2020
Malorie Nicole Host of Forbes #1 Podcast: Abundantly Clear: Assessing Blindspots In Your Business & Personal Life
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Malorie Nicole, as they talk about assessing blindspots in your business and personal life. Malorie helps business owners and CEOs to understand their personal growth blocks that are creating day to day business problems. She shares her journey, challenges she faced, and how she overcame them. In this episode, you’ll learn: · Malorie had a normal childhood growing up and was homeschooled. · The story of how she got into an accident where she got her brain injury. · Brain injuries can take up to several years of healing and it can be depressing. However, you need to keep moving forward and do not accept that as your reality. · It is okay to feel frustrated, address your emotions and try to understand them. · Her transition of working for someone else to starting her own business. · Our brain doesn't actually know how to multitask. We can only focus on one thing at a time. · And much more! ~ About Malorie Nicole: Host of Forbes #1 Rated Show Abundantly Clear Podcast Multi Certified Coach to Entrepreneurs, CEO's and high performers who want to create expansion in their world and live their full potential. .. and human being who cares about people, just like you. ~ You can find Malorie Nicole on… Website: LinkedIn: Email: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @pattikatter & @thepatrioticmermaid Facebook:  Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook Group: Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms or watch on Amazon TV or Roku. Podblade:
November 13, 2020
US ARMY COL Gregory Gadson: Double Amputee Commander To Hollywood Hit, Battleship
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Gregory Gadson, as they talk about how a retired colonel became an actor, a motivational speaker, and a founder of his own company. Gregory made his acting debut in 2012, starring in the movie Battleship. He is also the founder of Patriotic Strategies, a government service provider. And despite losing both his legs in combat, he continuously proves to us all that you can do and be anything you want to be. In this episode, you’ll learn: · Why did Gregory join the military even though he wanted to pursue football? · From being a lieutenant colonel, he was promoted to the rank of colonel. · After losing both his legs and severely injuring his right arm, he continued to serve in a program called the Continuation of Active Duty. · He retired from the military in the year 2014 after more than 25 years of service. · Gregory started his own company called Patriotic Strategies with his partner, Kurt Gutierrez. · And much more! About Gregory Gadson: Colonel Gregory D. Gadson, a Chesapeake, Va., native; served our nation in the United States Army for more than 26 years. Col. Gadson's service culminated as the Garrison Commander of Fort Belvoir, where he oversaw the daily operations of the post, a strategic sustaining base where more than 50,000 military personnel and employees provide logistically, intelligence, medical and administrative support, and command and control for a mix of more than 140 commands and agencies for the Department of Defense. 25-year career Army officer, Col. Gadson's life is a portrait of courage in the face of great adversity. In May 2007, as commander of the 2nd Battalion, 32nd Field Artillery, Col. Gadson's greatest challenge came in Iraq, where an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack cost him both legs above the knees and normal use of his right arm and hand. Despite this, Gadson remained on active duty in the Army and continued to inspire many with his message of courage, perseverance, determination, and teamwork. Greg is a passionate advocate for wounded warriors, veterans, and those with disabilities; on several occasions, testified before Congress on issues related to these groups. Greg made his silver screen debut in 2012 as a lead actor in the blockbuster movie Battleship; where he portrayed a war-injured veteran that helped save the world from an alien invasion. In 2015, he completed season one of The Inspectors, a family television series on CBS. Greg continues a very energetic and dynamic lifestyle where he continues to serve his nation as an entrepreneur and managing partner of Patriot Strategies, LLC, a government services company. He is also an accomplished photographer/artist and remains active in cycling, skiing and scuba. Greg's military awards include the Distinguished Service Medal; Legion of Merit (2); Bronze Stars (3); Purple Heart; the Meritorious Service Medal (3) and the Army Commendation Medal (3). ~~~~ You can find Gregory Gadson on… Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Speakers Bureau: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website:
November 5, 2020
Reagan: 5th Grade Class Photo Goes Viral, The 2020 Look!
Join Patti Katter in this very wholesome episode with her guests, Sarah and her daughter, Reagan. For her 5th-grade class picture, she made a funny and cute face that went viral on Facebook! She is a smart, strong-willed child who considers herself a young woman with a very supportive and loving mother. In this episode, you’ll learn: The story of how Reagan made a funny face and got the picture. Her brother and friend Alma is her inspiration for making funny faces. The picture of Reagan hilariously sums up life and 2020      perfectly. Reagan loves to write and has even considered becoming an actress! We need to help each other laugh more, especially this year, 2020. Stay yourself, don’t let anyone take your passion away,      and keep making funny faces! As a parent, keep trying to identify your child’s strengths, continue honing, and celebrating them. There's always something to laugh at and be grateful for! ~ Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Instagram: @thepatrioticmermaid Follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook! Don’t forget to join The Wake Up with Patti Katter private Facebook group. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Podblade:
October 23, 2020
Boone Cutler and Geoff Dardia: Warfighters (Combat Veterans) Made The Decision To Take Their Health & Healing In Their Own Hands
Join Patti Katter and her guests, Boone Cutler and Geoffrey Dardia, as they talk about the book called FPL, which stands for Functional Personal Lifestyle. Boone and Geoff wrote the book FPL for military veterans to help them understand the different wounds and treatments available for those who have been wounded in the war. Don’t miss out on this episode! You’ll surely be touched by how courageous our military veterans are and that they deserve all the support they should receive after surviving the hardships in war. In this episode, you’ll learn: · Boone and Geoff’s amazing partnership and how they both inspired each other. · They wrote the book FPL to empower warfighters to take ownership of their health. · A fantastic book for warfighters by warfighters, trying to help people stop suffering. · If you don’t take ownership of your health, you’re never going to get better. The second you do take your health into your own hands, that’s when things change. · Getting rid of the mentality that military veterans are disabled people. · The people working in the Task Force Dagger Foundation Health Initiative Program are incredible and they have a very inspiring mission. · And much more! ~ About Boone Cutler: Boone Cutler is an author, columnist, music video director, and Warfighter Rights-Leader. He holds the distinguished honor of being the first nationally recognized radio talk show personality who is also a combat veteran of the current war. Boone began writing his Iraq War-inspired autobiographical account of what he experienced, Voodoo in Sadr City, during his combat tour in Iraq, and completed it during his two-year recovery from wartime injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, during the Neglect Scandal of 2007. America currently loses at least 23 Warfighters (22 veterans + 1 active duty) to suicide every single day. About Geoff Dardia and Task Force Dagger: The Task Force Dagger Foundation Health Initiative Program started with Geoff Dardia, a SOF community member, in 2013. His story started like many others: he was “banged up” physically, mentally, and emotionally. Facing divorce, medical retirement, deep depression, and suicidal ideation, he refused to accept the standard of care and refused to believe a large portion of his symptoms were “all in [his] head.” About the SOF Health Program. Geoff sought care outside the conventional medical system. He started a transformational health experience that he later continued with the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, the flagship clinical care and research facility for the Institute of Functional Medicine. This experience not only showed Geoff what was driving his conditions and causing his symptoms, but it also empowered him to address these root causes and protect himself from exposures inherent to the Military Operational Environment. Ever since his healing experience in 2013 — in true force multiplier fashion — Geoff has been recruiting diverse professionals and advocates who share his Mission, Purpose & Focus. Their work through the Health Initiatives Program continues to empower others in the community and build the case for taking a Person-Oriented Medical Approach to care for our soldiers and special operators. ~ You can find Boone Cutler and Geoff Dardia on… FPL: Boone Cutler’s Website: Geoff Dardia’s LinkedIn: Task Force Dagger Foundation:
October 16, 2020
Dwight Heck: What It's Like Being A Single Father
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Dwight Heck, as they talk about what it is like being a single parent. Dwight is the owner of Give A Heck Financial; they empower and educate you with financial education to live life on purpose and not by accident. Aside from being a business owner, he is a full-time single parent of five children. It was not easy for Dwight because of the wrong impression most people have with single dad parents. How was he able to handle it all by himself? In this episode, you’ll learn: Dwight is a single father of four daughters and one son. How difficult it is for a man to get custody of his kids. There’s a stigma that a male being a single parent is not good enough for the children. It’s okay for parents to split up because sometimes there’s more damage when you force yourselves to stay together. The wrong judgment and impression people have on single male parents. People tend to judge situations that are completely out of their control. As a parent, it is your responsibility to be the bigger person. Dwight never thought of leaving his children even when it got extremely hard to handle. Look past the facade and give support to single male parents. Your kids are your number one priority and staying in a      broken relationship is not good for anybody. About Dwight Heck: Give a Heck Financial was founded by Dwight Heck, who started his career while living paycheck to paycheck as a single Dad of five children. Like many of us, Dwight didn’t understand how money worked or the basics of budgeting. The money came in and immediately disappeared, followed by sleepless nights and stress filled with quiet desperation. Instead of asking for help, Dwight kept his financial troubles to himself to avoid embarrassment and judgment. Tired of feeling like he was stumbling through life with no direction, Dwight made up his mind to live with intention and purpose. A turning point came in 2001 when Dwight discovered some major health issues. They led to a crossroads of giving up the emotionally, mentally, and physically draining IT consulting world. After working nine hard, relatively thankless years as an IT consultant, a friend reached out to Dwight in 2002 and asked if he was interested in checking out the finance and insurance industry. He encouraged Dwight to use his remarkable people skills, relatability, and ability to teach and train to help others in financial distress. Dwight was instantly sold on the idea of making the lives of people better while enhancing his own. Although Dwight knew nothing about budgeting, investing, or life insurance, he was determined to learn it for the sake of his own family and then help others to do the same. Done with nights of quiet desperation, Dwight rose to the top of the industry and has spent the last 18-years helping families and businesses thrive. You can find Dwight Heck on… Website: LinkedIn: Youtube: Instagram:
October 9, 2020
Jonathan Augustin Movie Director-Producer of The Lift Boy: From India to Hollywood
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Jonathan Augustin, as they talk about the indian family-drama film called The Lift Boy.  This film was produced by Caroline Pictures, a motion picture company founded by Jonathan Agustin himself.  He wrote and directed the film. Learn more about how this heart-warming film came to be, and listen to the podcast now! In this episode, you’ll learn: · Jonathan knew he had to go back to India and pursue moviemaking. · The Lift Boy was inspired by Jonathan’s life and real-life experiences. · Jonathan’s next project is called the Word Boy, an adventure horror film. · Choose a cast of actors that will bring the characters in the film to life. · What other platforms can you use to watch The Lift Boy aside from Netflix? · And more! About Jonathan Augustin: Jonathan Augustin is a filmmaker born in Bombay and educated in Bournemouth. He got into the business of film production at the age of 16 in an Ad Film production company where he worked on over 20 commercials as an assistant director. Ever since then, he has had the pleasure of working on a few of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands in various advertising agencies and content production houses (Vanish, Colgate, Archidply, Mother Dairy, Tata Sons, Tata Docomo, P&G- Pampers, Microsoft). Jonathan is well-traveled and has professional exposure in markets such as Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Argentina & India. He is culturally sensitive and is blessed with a go-to personality. He is highly inspired by Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Howard Schultz, Walt Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer, Elon Musk, Reed Hasting, Karan Bilimoria, and Sylvester Stallone. ‘The Brains of Gordon Gekko with the heart of Jerry Maguire’ is apt to describe him. Jonathan's debut feature film, THE LIFT BOY, was released in Indian theatres on 18th Jan 2019 to critical acclaim & houseful shows. In addition, the film released theatrically in UAE on 18th April and in theatres across Taiwan on 2nd August 2019, successfully completing 3 Weeks in Taiwan. THE LIFT BOY was later acquired by Channel 4 UK & for worldwide in-flight sales. In April 2020, NETFLIX acquired worldwide streaming rights. In June 2020, the film released in theatres across Poland got acquired by Etisalat, Chili, and is also being officially remade in Kannada (Indian Regional Language). THE LIFT BOY was financed by CAROLINE PICTURES PRIVATE LIMITED, a boutique, borderless motion picture company founded by Jonathan. '​'​ Know something about everything, Know everything about one thing " - Jonathan Augustin. Specialties: Film Direction, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Brand Building, Entertainment, Marketing Consultancy, Film & TV Production, Website Production, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, OTT Content. ~ You can find Jonathan Augustin… Instagram: @theliftboy @jonathanaugustin  Hashtag: #TheLiftBoy  Twitter: @JonathanChats @TheLiftBoy Jonathan's FB: Website:
October 2, 2020
Comedian, Navy Veteran PJ Walsh: Overcoming Hardships With Humor
Join Patti Katter and her guest, PJ Walsh, as they talk about overcoming hardships with humor.  PJ Walsh is a famous comedian with an incredible talent for making people laugh. Aside from being famous for his shows, he is also a US Navy veteran and a three-time American Ninja Warrior Competitor. PJ shares how he was able to handle all his challenges with a great mindset and humor. You’ll definitely enjoy this episode! In this episode, you’ll learn: · A rundown of what PJ Walsh has done in his life. · PJ was diagnosed with Dyslexia in third grade. · Why did PJ decide to join the Navy? · Comedy and what makes you laugh depends on your preference. · PJ’s struggle with Social Media. · A public figure’s job is to shoulder other people’s pain. · The importance of learning and having a growth mindset. · And much more! ~ About PJ Walsh: PJ Walsh is known as one of the hardest working comedians behind the microphone, and for a good reason. His boundless energy and the strength of his physical comedy have carried him around the globe, from the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City to over 20 overseas tours for U.S. troops in several countries, including Iraq & Afghanistan. PJ’s years touring with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour’s stars found him performing on celebrated stages, including Radio City Music Hall, Universal Amphitheater, and the Ryman Auditorium. A successful show on Sirius Satellite radio and a role in the Lionsgate feature film “Delta Farce” followed. With a vision in mind, PJ stepped out of the stand-up comedy spotlight to complete two years of intensive training at the prestigious William Esper School of Acting in New York City. Upon finishing school, he set his focus on his vision of a solo show recounting his true-life journey. “OVER THERE: Comedy Is His Best Weapon” has been called “Fantastic, heartfelt, hilarious” by, chosen “Best” of both the Hollywood Fringe Festival and the San Francisco Fringe Festival. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, PJ partnered with H. G. Fairfield Arts Center for the Environment Inc. A non-profit organization established by Marine & Korean War veteran Katherine Fairfield Freston, for “Courage Continues At Home – 30 Shows In 30 Days” and performed 30 one-hour, stand-up comedy shows throughout the Hudson Valley, New York region. An initiative focused on “service reciprocated” and raising funds for food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention for local veterans and their families. When not headlining comedy venues across the country, PJ is committed to raising funds and awareness. ~ You can find PJ Walsh on… Facebook: Instagram: Website: Email: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Facebook: Instagram: @wakeupwithpattikatter and @thepatrioticmermaid Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms.
September 25, 2020
Rhonda Britten: Fearless Living
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Rhonda Britten, as they talk about fearless living. Rhonda is the founder and CEO of the Fearless Living Institute, they help change lives by teaching people how to master their fear, and provide mentorship programs.  She has won numerous awards, named the “America’s Favorite Life Coach”, and was the first Life Coach on reality television in the world. In this episode, find out more about what sets the Fearless Living Institute apart from other life coaching programs. In this episode, you’ll learn: · The powerful story of how Rhonda Britten became fearless. · Making choices with compassion is important in realizing you’re not damaged. · Critical questions to answer in order to give yourself a fighting chance of fresh air. · Rhonda’s students and clients are her children. · Fearless Living: The Ivy League of Life Coach Training · What are Rhonda’s biggest accomplishments? · Stretch Risk or Die! Free gift from Rhonda Britten · And much more! ~ About Rhonda Britten: After witnessing the horrific murder-suicide of her parents at the tender age of 14, Rhonda went into a twenty-year spiral of self-doubt, blame, and addiction. She tried everything to help herself (therapy, self-help books, improvement workshops, PTSD, energy work, you name it.) but still had nightmares every night and couldn’t get past the fear that there was something wrong with her. After she woke up very much alive after her third suicide attempt, she knew she had to find another way. What she discovered is a pathway to freedom that cuts through false beliefs, negative thoughts, and the silent, secret fears every human being carries. Her simple yet life-altering method is called Fearless Living. ~ You can find Rhonda Britten on... Website: Stretch Risk or Die! Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Website: Facebook: Instagram: @wakeupwithpattikatter and @thepatrioticmermaid Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms.
September 18, 2020
Army Veteran Will Castillo: The Twists and Turns of Becoming a Paralympian for Team USA
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Will Castillo, as they talk about how he went from being an army veteran to participating in a Para Bobsled. Will is a living legacy, who lost his left leg in combat and was the only sole survivor. His story serves as an inspiration to us all because not only did he survive, he continues to show us that no matter what disability or trial you may have gone through, nothing is impossible. You don’t want to miss this; stay tuned! In this episode, you’ll learn: · September 11, 2001 (9/11) terrorist attacks in the US-inspired Will to join the military. · How did Will Castillo lose his left leg? · The story of how Will came to love Para Bobsled. · An opportunity to sponsor Will Castillo, a potential Olympics competitor. · The hardest part of overcoming trials is learning how to forgive yourself. · People that suffered something big and survived always try to pay their dues. · We need more platforms to share great stories. · And much more! ~ About Will Castillo: Will was born in Columbia, South America, but grew up in Queens, New York since he was three. Until the 911 attacks happened, it inspired him to join the U.S. Army. On April 27, 2007, on patrol with his team in Fallujah, Iraq, their truck was hit by an IED leaving him the only survivor. He struggled with the guilt of being the only one to have survived the incident. Will spent two years recovering at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. After a few years passed, he decided to go to Walter Reed to get surgery with someone he knew. He encouraged Will to try bobsledding. Will knew he found his sport when he tried Para Bobsled. Since then, he has won numerous awards and has been dedicating his blessing to wounded soldiers and his military team’s honor. ~ You can find Will Castillo on… Facebook: Facebook Page: Email: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Facebook: Instagram: @wakeupwithpattikatter and @thepatrioticmermaid Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms.
September 11, 2020
Schara: Up Close and Personal
Join Patti Katter and her guest, Schara, as they talk about her journey in the music industry. Schara is an incredible pop recording artist with an exceptional voice and extreme dedication to pursuing her music career. In this episode, she shares her inspiring story, insights and updates on her new upcoming song. You don’t want to miss this! In this episode, you’ll learn: Schara knew at a young age that singing is her calling. The song Real Love by Schara Chalmers’ is charting in the US. Mental illnesses caused by using Social Media. The importance of being proud of our bodies. Schara’s goal is to produce catchy music that's still meaningful. When is Schara’s new song “Apocalypse” coming out? And much more! About Schara Chalmers: Schara is a pop recording artist from Vancouver, Canada. Born to an East Indian mother and a Portuguese/ Scottish father, Schara was raised solely by her mother, a writer in Film and TV. As a young girl, her home was filled with eclectic music from Bob Marley, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Nirvana, Enya, Loreena Mckennitt, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and many other artists. From early childhood, Schara has only had one dream: to be an internationally renowned pop artist. She has passionately worked towards this dream since she was a child and continues to work towards it. This passion leads to Schara being involved in all different aspects of music. She excelled at the voice, guitar, and piano lessons and sang in a children’s choir. Recognizing her musical talent, her second-grade teacher asked her to perform at several elementary school competitions. Since childhood, Schara has been writing her songs and honed this skill as an adult by working with various producers around Canada, discovering who she is as an artist and writer. After finishing several EP’s in her childhood and teenage years, Schara decided to enhance her stage presence. For many years she performed in clubs and bars in the greater Vancouver area, performing her original pop songs. In 2015, during one of those performances, on a typical Vancouver rainy evening, she spotted a 3-time Grammy award winner Chin Injeti in the audience. She recognized him through her research on the music industry. She knew he had been producing and writing with Eminem, Pink, Drake, Joey Badass, Dr. Dre, and others. She sang her heart out during her set and then ran up to Chin, telling him, “I’ve been dying to work with you!!” He was impressed with her voice and stage presence. A week later, they began working together, and today, Chin is both her mentor and collaborator. Her latest recording, “It’s Like Torture,” was done with Chin Injeti at his Vancouver studio. She is currently building her fan base and her social media presence. Her music and personality resonate well with audiences of all ages because of her raw honesty. While pursuing her dream, Schara became a janitor to pay for her album as well as working three other jobs at the same time to save up enough money to pursue her music career properly. She channels her adversities and struggles into her songs.  A few years ago, she took to Facebook and Instagram and raised seven thousand dollars from a fan base she had never met. They supported her with only having heard a 30 second sound clip of her music, blogs, and posts. All of the money went to studio time She has performed throughout the continental U.S., including Vancouver, Canada, in Memphis, and Los Angeles at a variety of venues including the Hard Rock, Tin Roof, and a host of others. She has been featured in interviews and performed on FOX, ABC, and CBS, Schara is scheduled to launch her highly anticipated single "Real Love" in May 2020. Her debut EP is expected to be released before the end of 2020. Tour dates will be announced soon.
September 4, 2020
Retired US Marine Corps Gunny SGT Ed Lynch: Recon & Beyond
Ed Lynch is a native of Saginaw, Michigan and is the founder and owner of Patriot Muscle, LLC. He is a 20 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Starting out with the Marine Presidential Honor Guard and Silent Drill Team, he went on to serve as a Force Recon Marine, Sniper, High Altitude Parachutist, Combat Dive Instructor, and Special Operations Training Group Instructor. Upon retiring from active duty, he worked for the Federal Air Marshal Service and later served as a Combat Advisor for the Asymmetric Warfare Group (U.S. Army), and has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan on multiple occasions. He has also been employed overseas in an official capacity for the U.S. Government in various combat zones and high risk areas and has over 34 years of combined government service. Ed and his wife Janet have been married for over 25 years and have three children together. --- You can find Ed Lynch on... ---  Connect with Patti Katter!  Instagram: @wakeupwithpattikatter and @thepatrioticmermaid
August 14, 2020
US Military Army Veteran, Sabo Uses Music Therapy To Help Himself As Well As Others
Join Patti Katter and SABO as they talk about using Music Therapy to heal. SABO is a military veteran who provides help through his music to other veterans that deal with the difficulties of moving back into civilian life. He shares how he grew up, his military experience, developing his passion for music, and what his art means to him and other people. Stay tuned! Among many things, here are the things you’ll expect: Making life-altering decisions as a      teenager. Figuring out that anything is possible even      in an environment of chaos. Creating music and a little talent show in      the middle of Iraq. Finding your identity during the      transition to civilian life from active duty. Using music therapy as an outreach to      other veterans that go through the same things. And much more! ~ About SABO: NSA Entertainment’s SABO, is the latest Hip-Hop prodigy this independent label is set to blaze the industry with. As a proud Colombian this 36-year old rugged rapper has used an assortment of past struggles and influences to mold him into the dynamic character of SABO. Growing up in the Miami area, SABO relishes his memories of the hood and Military life style which has molded him into the confident individual he is today. SABO's engaging personality stems from a childhood highlighted by learning. He believes the absence of his father made him suffer through the realization that life can’t get much worse. I’ve already been through the worst, he said. I never really had the sense of family in my life, which has made me stronger. SABO also conducted two tours in Iraq as a combat Tanker while serving in the US Army. Through all the struggles and hardships, he manages to keep making music and inspiring others as well. His determination to excel at his craft grew from the support of his family. His close friends RedNose and Hitman are just a few who noticed his skills and kept pushing him towards pursuing a musical career during his military years. Music has always been a part of SABO's life. Through his early years in poetry, SABO was able to unleash a skill for writing, which correlates to his ability to compile masterful lyrics. SABO’s ultimate goal is to reach and touch everyone especially soldiers who were in combat. SABO now transfers his energy to other special projects that benefits the veteran community through raising awareness on veteran suicide prevention, homeless veteran, and plants over pills campaigns. With community partnerships he has been able to plan, facilitate, coordinate, and execute events to benefit the Warfighter Community. SABO just released his 6th studio album titled Prolonged Exposure taking the Warfighter Community by storm. ~ You can find SABO on... Website: Instagram: Facebook: SoundCloud: YouTube: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Instagram: @wakeupwithpattikatterand @thepatrioticmermaid Also on Amazon TV & Roku Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms.
August 7, 2020
From Prison to Six Figures Zachary Babcock of Underdog Empowerment Shares His Story Of How He Went From Time In Prison To Becoming a Successful Business Owner
Join Patti Katter and Zachary Babcock as they talk about Underdog Empowerment. Zachary talks about his experiences of stealing cars at the age of 17 and going to prison. imprisoned. He ended up turning his whole life around to help other people like him. Listen to this podcast to hear more about Zachary!  In this episode, you’ll learn: Being open about your mistakes, including getting into drug addiction. The psychological warfare in prison and how the current systems don’t work. How he was able to get out and transform his life. Helping people who want to change their lives and teaching them how to fish. Using frustrations to fuel your inspiration to build a business. And much more! ~ About Zachary Babcock: From living with convicted felons in prison for over 5 years to building a 6 figure business... My name is Zachary Babcock, and I'm a student of psychology, business, and marketing with a broad perspective from both extremes of life. I share everything I learn about getting and keeping attention with underdog entrepreneurs to help them get to the next level. My podcast is for underdog entrepreneurs who have a grandiose vision, all the odds stacked against them, and everyone counting them out, regardless of their current resources. I share all of my biggest "a-ha moments" in my personal journey of building a passive income business, tough lessons learned, and beating the odds while interviewing some of the most successful visionaries and thought leaders who practice entrepreneurship. ~ You can find Zachary Babcock on...  Podcast Penthouse: Underdog Empowerment: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Instagram: @wakeupwithpattikatter and @thepatrioticmermaid
July 31, 2020
Exclusive Interview with Timothy Dick: CO Founder & CEO of Profit Layer Shares His Story of Humble Beginnings to Business Success
Join Patti Katter and Timothy Dick as they talk about profit layers. Timothy shares how he got started, built businesses, and now helps other small companies scale. He gives the importance of doing things one step at a time and not comparing yourself to others. Special thanks to PodMax for connecting Patti with Timothy!  Among many things, here are the things you’ll expect: Figuring out your identity as a young teenager and exceeding expectations. Managing a fast-growing business with no outside investors and starting another company in the middle of growth. Putting importance on the quality of life at a certain point in your career. The different layers that go into any business. You need synergies between these various factors! Not focusing only on the money but having the willingness to work hard and generating viable ideas. And much more! ~ About Timothy Dick: Tim has a vast background in SaaS and was one of the first executives at HostGator in its early days. HostGator grew to host millions of websites with hundreds of employees before Tim transitioned focus on VOIPO. He is also an active angel investor and consults for multiple investment firms on M&A, startups, and strategy. He was born and raised in rural West Virginia and the son of a coal miner and was a first-generation entrepreneur. He is passionate about small business, resourcefulness, marketing, and personal development. ~ You can find Timothy Dick on...  Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: --- Connect with Patti Katter! Instagram: @wakeupwithpattikatter and @thepatrioticmermaid
July 23, 2020
Robert Grigore: World-Class Mental Health Expert & Author Shares How EDMR Has Helped Him Help Others
Robert Grigore is a World-Class Mental Health Expert, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified EMDR Therapist, Approved EMDR Consultant, Published Author on EMDR, Owner & CEO of Grigore Counselling. Robert opened up and shared that as a youngster, he had low self esteem, and didn't like himself. Listen to his story and how his life turned around by using EDMR. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all Major Podcast Platforms and on the following Syndicated Radio Stations: Tampa, FL 1630 AM, 92.1 FM Las Vegas, NV 1520 AM, 99.5 FM Macon, GA 870 AM, 87.9 FM Lancaster, PN 1640 AM, 102.1 FM Boulder, CO 96.3 FM Milwaukee, WI 90.3 FM Pittsburgh, PA 94.7 FM Long Beach, CA 101.5 FM The Villages, FL 97.7 FM Colorado Springs, CO 87.9 FM Jacksonville, FL 90.3 FM Washington DC, 96.7 FM Roberts Links: SPECIAL THANKS to PodMax Global and OnAirBranding for arranging this fantastic interview! 
July 17, 2020
Dan Dwyer: Exclusive Interview With Boots To Business Confidant and Mentor
Dan Dwyer is a Northern Alabama-based entrepreneur dedicated to the boots to business advancement of veteran entrepreneurs across the globe. Patti has had Dan on the show before, but this time she talks with him on a more personal level. As always, Dan offers encouragement to our listeners. Listen to his story of how he went from Green to Gold while serving in the US Army. He also shares a little bit about how he grew up, his favorite quote and leaves business owners with motivation to continue on during the Covid19 Pandemic.
July 3, 2020
Tommy Anderson: Best Selling Author, Award Winning Photographer & Artist
Tommy Anderson is a best selling author and award winning photographer/artist living in the Los Angeles area. An accomplished screenwriter and Associate Producer on the film based on his best selling novel "Haboob Wind", Tommy is also an actor in both television and film. Anderson is  a founding member of VetPics Film Productions located in San Diego, California - an all veteran independent film production company. VetPics' first film (in post production), "Life after Oblivion", (based on the story 'Oblivion' for the San Diego Film Consortium's Armed Forces Film Challenge) was written and co-produced by Tommy. In addition Tommy has co-hosted and has appeared on several Southern California radio talk show programs. Most recently he was the face of the national Spotify commercial as the man with the dancing dog. Tommy has written a new novel "Two Million Steps" which is now being in edited for publication.​ Before moving to the Los Angeles area Tommy lived in Madison, Wisconsin. He was a career firefighter/paramedic with the Madison, WI Fire Department and retired from the US Air Force Air National Guard. Tommy is a board member with US4Warriors Foundation, and a member of  the Hollywood American Legion Post 43, Veterans in Media and Entertainment, and the US Press Association as well as a photo-journalist with the California American Legion Press Association.
June 26, 2020
Yehuda Remer: Author of The ABC's of Guns, Safety On (Coloring Book) and Safety On: Books For Kids About Guns
Yehuda Remer was born in LA, he lived in Israel and is a life-long history enthusiast who is serious and dedicated. He is a John Wayne devotee, Father, Husband, Son and Brother.  He's a 2nd Amendment Advocate.  Troop Supporter, Adopted Texan. Patriot. American. Yehuda is a proud Jewish gun owner who believes that people should not be afraid nor hide their love of the Second Amendment and gun ownership. He's the author of several educational gun books. He even has a book for children that teaches them the ABC's of guns.  The ABcs of Guns: The latest in the Safety On Series, The ABCs of Guns is a new and unique way to teach your child not only the alphabet, but all about firearms as well.  From A is for Ammunition to Z is for Zero In, the book covers a vast and diverse spectrum of firearms related components. SAFETY ON: THE COLORING BOOK: A companion to SAFETY ON, the coloring book allows parents to give their children the opportunity to further the gun safety education process by allowing the child to immerse themselves into the book. It gives the child the ability to truly visualize and burn into their memory the safety protocol that everyone must take while handling guns. SAFETY ON: An introduction to the world of firearms for children:  Told through the eyes of a little boy who wants emulate his father, SAFETY ON is a unique book catered to children that delves into the subject of proper gun safety protocol as well as teaching kids what to do if they find a firearm somewhere it is not supposed to be. SAFETY ON gives parents the opening they need to bring up the very pressing and important topic of gun safety.   Whether you own a gun or not, whether you are pro-guns or anti-guns, gun safety is not something to be taken lightly.
June 19, 2020
Special Interview With US Army Veteran, Author, Public Speaker and Advocate: Cornelius J. Maxwell
Cornelius Maxwell is an advocate for veterans, minorities, people with disabilities, the 2nd Amendment, and justice for all. Cornelius joins Patti Katter to discuss current events, including, #BlackLivesMatter 
June 4, 2020
EXCLUSIVE Interview With Author & Warfighter: Boone Cutler
Boone Cutler is an author, columnist, music video director and Warfighter Rights leader. He holds the distinguished honor of being the first nationally recognized radio talk show personality who is also a combat veteran. Boone began writing his Iraq War-inspired autobiographical account of what he experienced, Voodoo in Sadr City, during his combat tour in Iraq, and completed it during his two-year recovery from wartime injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, during the Neglect Scandal of 2007.  America currently loses at least 23 Warfighters (22 veterans + 1 active duty) to suicide every single day. This is a number that Boone has made his mission to combat with his creation of “The Spartan Pledge”.  Warfighters promise not to take their own lives, and instead vow to find a new mission to help one another. Boone has new books coming out this year! Callsign Voodoo, PsyOp'er and The Boone Cutler Protocols. This is the first time Boone talks about PsyOp'er publicly. Be sure to listen in!
May 1, 2020
Amanda Kish: CEO of Heroes For Heroes PPE Fabrications, LLC
Amanda Kish has a huge heart to help others. She recognized a need for PPE during the Covid19 Crisis and jumped into action to help. Amanda is a strong woman with incredible values, integrity and a heart to help others.  Amanda's story is a story of Healing & Hope that you won't want to miss.
April 28, 2020
Jerry Brazie: From Dirt Poor, To Owning Over A Dozen Companies Worth Over $400 Million Combined
Join Patti Katter (Wake Up With Patti Katter) and Jerry Brazie as they chat about his success story and facing adversity. He details the story of how one person’s doubt of him and his business became the key element to his growth, fueling him to prove him wrong. Eventually he was able to manage stepping up his business to a point that is bigger than he could have imagined! By the end of this episode you will know to identify the things that the things that you don’t want (rather than what you want), learn how to invest in yourself, and succeed even from having nothing. Jerry’s story and life lessons are inspiring from a personal and business perspective, so enjoy the interview! ~ Jerry Brazie was a dirt-poor kid from Portland, Oregon with eight brothers and sisters who has owned and operated more than a dozen companies over the last 20 years with combined sales of more than $400 million. A commercial real estate investor with multiple buildings in the Portland area as well as land development and residential homebuilder. He loves the game of business and is always looking to give back. He started with nothing, had no education, and had zero advantages in life. He was on my way to a lifetime of hammering nails and emptying garbage cans. But he pulled himself up in a way that only can be done in America, and he wants to pass along to other people who had no advantages himself what is possible. ~ You can find Jerry Brazie on... Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: ---
April 7, 2020
Melissa King: Personal Trainer & Health Coach Talks Natural Healing For Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia
Join Patti Katter (Wake Up With Patti Katter) and Melissa King (Honey Bee Wellness) as they chat about anxiety, depression, and dealing with mental health issues. She starts with how she was raised, talked about growing up sensitive, and the ways in which she was able to overcome her mental health challenges. It’s very inspiring to see how simple life changes could benefit mental health significantly! By the end of this episode you will learn the benefits of movement, diet, and sleep quality for anxiety and mental health. You can learn to view your actions as your choices, rather than pre-dispositions. We hope you enjoy the podcast! ~ Melissa King is a certified health coach and personal trainer specializing in helping women overcome their anxiety and depression so they can be more productive, have more energy, and live an abundant life. Melissa believes that in order to create healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable you must do this one step at a time. Melissa teaches behavior change techniques that can be personalized to fit any lifestyle. She has learned most of this from personal experience having overcome anxiety and depression herself. She teaches through an online program, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching. She also works with corporations to guide them in creating a corporate wellness program within their organization where team members can thrive and be the healthiest version of themselves. Health and fitness is her passion and she gets so much joy out of supporting people on their health journey to become the best version of themselves. ~ You can find Melissa King on... Instagram: Website: ---
March 29, 2020
Homesteading, Prepping & Survival With JJ
JJ called in to the show from a remote location in Kentucky. JJ has been, "homesteading" for the past 15 years and he shares a little about himself with us. He also talks briefly about the terms, "homesteading, prepping and survival" and the stigma attached to some of those terms. The audio of his call was not great but bare with it as he offers some important and interesting facts about homesteading and being prepared during a time in American history where many of us are self isolating due to the Coronavirus. 
March 17, 2020
Jack Spirko: Host of The Survival Podcast Talks About Practical Preparedness In Case of Man-made or Natural Disaster
This episode is Raw & Unedited!  On this episode, Jack Spirko from The Survival Podcast talks about the importance of practical preparedness and information every American should know in a time of uncertainty.   Be sure to go to and follow Jack Spirko for more, FREE practical advice about becoming a smart prepper.  "If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail." You can also join The Survival Podcast Forum on Facebook at
March 16, 2020
Mini-Episode: When Sickness Hits Your Family, Have These 3 Types of Documents on Hand
For over a decade, Patti has had a plan in case of emergency. Everyone is in an uproar about the Coronavirus, but Patti wanted to share information that is important for you to have if someone in your family becomes sick during any time of year or situation. Listen to this short episode to hear what type of documents you should have on hand in case of a medical emergency. 
March 14, 2020
Erik Allen: Top Rated MMA & Bearded Biz Entrepreneur
Join Patti Katter (Wake Up With Patti Katter) and Erik Allen (TopRated MMA & Bearded Biz Entrepreneur) as they chat about his life experiences and his businesses. He shares a heartfelt story about his childhood, having experienced a lot at a young age, having to get out of debt, but having a changed life and getting married while getting out of it! He also talks more about his podcasts and his reasons for starting them. By the end of this episode you will learn about facing adversity, getting your life together, and helping out others. Enjoy! ~ Erik is a man of integrity, work ethic and an overcomer. Growing up with a complicated childhood and broken home, to raising himself from the age of 14. Unfortunately finding trouble along the way desperately trying to fill the gaping voids in his life. As a young man Erik found himself empty and tired of settling for less. Now, Erik and his wife of nearly 15 years and their two children live in Northern Idaho and live a humble and blessed life. Together they are breaking the cycles handed down to them of addictions, depression, abuse, and lies. They are leaving a new legacy for their next generation built on a biblical foundation. Along with being the sole provider for his family, Erik is an entrepreneur and avid MMA fan. Which he has created the best MMA podcast of the northwest. He believes in giving back and honoring those that have served our country. With his companies Top Rated MMA and The Bearded Biz Show he is able to do just that. By lifting others up and giving back to the community and veterans through great organizations like Hire Heroes USA. Another one of the ways Erik is able to give back is by sharing his story and encouraging others, no matter what path they are on to find hope and purpose. Erik’s natural approach ability and heart for people make him a great speaker for different events and podcasts. He knows that sometimes having the opportunity to meet someone and hear their story and how they’ve overcome is the courage someone might need to find new strength in their own battle. ~ You can find Erik Allen on... Facebook - Twitter - (@ErikGAllen) Instagram - (@Bearded.Biz) Instagram - (@ErikGAllen) ---
March 14, 2020
Brian Paul: National Guardsmen, Firefighter, EMT With Post Traumatic Stress Battled Alcoholism and Now Helps Others Fight Addiction & Find Purpose
Brian Paul served in the Oklahoma National Guard 45th Infantry; when the Murrah Building was bombed in an act of domestic terrorism in 1995, he was deployed to the site and worked among other responders in the devastation, receiving the State Activation Medal and Humanitarian Medal. Desiring to continue serving the public, Brian became a career fire fighter and EMT. He had a great life with a beautiful wife, son, and home. The stress of shift work, poor sleep, and encountering death and trauma regularly at his busy station accumulated. This man once seen as a hero began to drink heavily. Brian's clarity of thought diminished, and he had difficulty thinking clearly on his calls--a crucial asset for emergency workers. Failing health due to alcoholism brought Brian close to death: his liver was damaged and his bone marrow was even shutting down. At the lowest point of his life--homeless and barely alive--Brian finally accepted lifesaving help through a 90-day rehabilitation facility, where he chose life. He was successful in this recovery effort because of his faith in a Higher Power, love for his son and mother, and his adherence to a proper treatment program. He founded Veterans 4 Life USA to help reach out to struggling men and women who are serving or have served in military or first responder professions that expose them to intense trauma and long-term stress. Recently Brian fulfilled his dream of playing semi-pro football, demonstrating the full recovery from his previous state: he is in shape, full of energy, and impassioned to help as many brothers and sisters fighting their own battles as possible. Heroes In Uniform:
March 6, 2020
Police Officer Wife, Stacey Magovern Turned Her Passion of Helping Law Enforcement Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business & Launches LEO Nonprofit
CEO and founder of Point Blank Safety Services and Blue Family Fund. Inc. Stacey Magovern went from outside salesperson to running a multi-million-dollar company overnight. The wife of a police officer Stacey’s passion for helping families of law enforcement became her business. She launched her company Point Blank Safety Services in 2012 with no way of knowing today her company would be one of the most successful traffic safety and security companies in Texas. She then used that success to pay it forward by founding a nonprofit, Blue Family Fund that provides scholarships for First Responder dependents and financial aid to families of injured or fallen law enforcement officers. Stacey is not just the CEO and founder of these businesses but is also a published author and motivational speaker. In this episode, Stacey will start by sharing a little bit of her childhood; where she grew up and where she’s from as well as how she met her husband. Stacey will talk about her organization; what it is about. Moreover, know how to get involved in the business and how can you find it. She will also talk about what the Blue Family Fund is. Enjoy! ----- “I took my idea and made it a reality.” - Stacey Magovern ----- Follow Stacey Magovern on: Twitter: Website: Website: LinkedIn: Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Be sure to follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget we have an encouraging, motivating group on Facebook with fun contests. Check it out! Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: iHeart Radio: Spotify: Anchor: Breaker: Overcast: Pocketcasts: Radio Public: Stitcher: Also: Check out Podblade for affordable podcast editing starting at $20:
February 27, 2020
AJ Roberts: 15 Year British Forces Veteran Uses His Experiences To Help War-Torn Sierra Leone, Helping Hundreds of Blood Diamond Amputees
AJ Roberts is a 15 year British forces veteran who’s toured Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a distinguished leader having lead his men through the darkest of times. He also lived in Australia for nearly 3yrs. He worked his butt off and bought his own house within 3 yrs.   Unfortunately during this time his best friend killed himself, as did 3 other friends. All serving soldiers. He uses all his bad experiences as strengths in coaching others. In January 2020 AJ traveled to war-torn Sierra Leone to help hundreds of blood diamond amputees, all who were brutally butchered by terrorism and greed.   While there are many victims of the war, those whose limbs were brutally cut off by war rebels are of particular interest to me and sadly many of them were just infants and toddlers at the time. There are thousands of children born to war amputees; some of them who are now orphans are unable to go to school or get quality education because their parents are no more or simply can’t afford to educate them.    Follow AJ!   Facebook:   Instagram:
February 21, 2020
Jayc Ryder, Producer, TV Show Host and Psychic Medium Jayc Ryder.
Today, Patti Katter had the pleasure of talking with Jayc Ryder. Jayc Ryder is a Professional Inspirational Speaker who does not fit into one box. He has the unique ability to connect with his audience, no matter their age, experience, gender or even language. Having had massive success as a TV Celebrity in Ukraine and worldwide on the TV Cable Networks, his fan base constantly rave lyrical about the changes in their lives because of Jayc’s Insightful and Inspirational messages. His method of interacting with his audience ensures that each member of the event feels as though they have spoken directly 1 on 1 with Jayc. With an incredibly unique ability to direct stories in a strong emotional way making his interactions with the different audience demographics a highly in demand skill. In this episode, Jayc will be sharing about where he grew up; his childhood as well as how he ended up where he is today. Be almost render speechless like Patti from listening to Jayc’s psychic adventures- how his psychic abilities works. Moreover, listen to him throw out something to say for Valentines Day. Enjoy! ----- “My mission in life is to help people find love.” - Jayc Ryder ----- Follow Jayc Ryder on: Facebook: Website: Instagram: Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Be sure to follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget we have an encouraging, motivating group on Facebook with fun contests. Check it out! Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: iHeart Radio: Spotify: Anchor: Breaker: Overcast: Pocketcasts: Radio Public: Stitcher: Also: Check out Podblade for affordable podcast editing starting at $20:
February 13, 2020
Amy Williams From The Amy Williams Show & Patti Katter Talk Life, Losing Parents and Pushing Forward
Today, Patti Katter had the pleasure of talking with Amy Williams. Amy Williams is the host for The Amy Williams Show podcast. Join her for your mid-week motivation! With new Episodes released every Wednesday morning. Get positive, uplifting content with special guest appearances to help you get through whatever life throws at you. Life. God. Love. Where she’ll  be discussing a range of topics to keep you going and encouraged. In this episode, Amy will share a little bit for herself; where she came from as well as a little bit of her childhood. Listen to some snippets about her Podcast and what she focuses on. Know if there was a specific thing in her life that she can think of that she has been able to overcome successfully. Furthermore, know the input she had on how she dealt with the loss of her parents. Amy will also be sharing what happened to her brother; how he was placed in a wheelchair and from growing up, how her brother’s situation affected her. Enjoy! ----- “Every loss is different for every person but that’s because every relationship is different.” - Amy Williams ----- Follow Amy Williams on: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Be sure to follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget we have an encouraging, motivating group on Facebook with fun contests. Check it out! Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: iHeart Radio: Spotify: Anchor: Breaker: Overcast: Pocketcasts: Radio Public: Stitcher: Also: Check out Podblade for affordable podcast editing starting at $20:
February 7, 2020
Self Care Mini-Episode: Belly Breathing
On this short mini-episode, Patti shares this simple reminder on how it is important to breathe properly to reduce stress. Deep breathing helps lower stress in the body. When you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to relax.  Breathing exercises are a good way to relax, reduce tension, and relieve stress. 
February 2, 2020
How To Improve Your Focus, Featuring Apple Crider
Today, Patti Katter had the pleasure of talking with Apple Crider. Apple Crider is 20 years old, working on graduating college in 2.5 years, and is the host of Young Smart Money, a top 100 business podcast for young entrepreneurs. Recently Apple used his knowledge of the podcasting space to start Podblade, a low-cost podcast editing company known for their $20 podcast edits. Apple is passionate about making people aware of the multitude of alternatives that exist outside of the "traditional" life path. Apple’s mission is to empower 100,000 young people to live a life that makes them feel fulfilled and excited everyday. Through producing a top 100 podcast that reaches hundreds of thousands, and speaking on stages across the country in front of young people he is moving closer to this goal each and every day. In this episode, Apple will be sharing a story about himself; how he got the name ‘Apple’, where he’s from as well as about his childhood. Know when he started with Podblade, how he end up meeting his partner ni Podblade and how it intersected together. Furthermore, know the reason why he decided to start Podblade. Apple will also share the obstacles he has come across in life that he may have overcome. Enjoy! ----- “I find that, as time goes on. I realize more and more the importance of having a clear focus and having a clear goal in mind and really… Just having that sort of tunnel vision in terms of like, getting yourself to that goal.” - Apple Crider ----- Follow Apple Crider on: Website: Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: LinkedIn: Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms. Be sure to follow Wake Up With Patti Katter on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget we have an encouraging, motivating group on Facebook with fun contests. Check it out! Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: iHeart Radio: Spotify: Anchor: Breaker: Overcast: Pocketcasts: Radio Public: Stitcher: Also: Check out Podblade for affordable podcast editing starting at $20:
January 31, 2020
Self Care Mini-Episode: How To Make Time For Yourself in 5 Simple Steps
It’s easy to become wrapped up in life and it will spin out of control like a tornado or a hurricane if you aren’t careful. Family, community, friends and work often keep us so busy we forget about ourselves. I’ve already created a couple of other mini self care episodes but we need to talk about how to make TIME for ourselves in order to indulge in those self care activities. Listen in to this podcast as Patti shares 5 simple steps on how you can find more time for yourself.  You can listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms!
January 20, 2020
Global Motivational Speaker, Damien Rider: Triumph Over Adversity
Somewhere out on the ocean Damien Rider found his purpose – and the saving grace and simplicity of breath and peace. The paddle reset his internal compass and gave him a renewed resilience and fortitude to power him forward. Damien created the first Child Abuse Awareness Week in Australia and Thailand and was a featured baton bearer in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. His book, ‘One breath meditation’, combines mediation techniques to bring people back to breath and connection. Damien has produced two documentaries about his journey, and is currently working on a television series. He remains motivated to help and inspire others who’ve suffered childhood trauma or abuse through media campaigns, education programs, school support projects and community health classes. Damien Rider’s mantra is… accept, adapt, breath and keep moving forward. In this episode, Damien will talk about where he’s from; a bit of himself- how is it was when he grew up, his childhood and how its impacted him as well as what he is today. Know why the topic about focusing on the good things in life was so impactful to Damien. He will share how he started going public and how he figured out what it is that he wanted to do. Enjoy! ----- “Along the way, I had so many awakenings and one of the was to give thanks to all the challenges and all the obstacles that I overcome in my life and that was what abled to keep me going.” - Damien Rider ----- Follow Damien Rider on: Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Site: You can listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on a variety of Major Podcast Platforms. Here are a few links: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: iHeart Radio: Spotify: Anchor: Breaker: Overcast: Pocketcasts: Radio Public: Stitcher: Also: Check out Podblade for affordable podcast editing starting at $20:
January 17, 2020
Self Care Mini-Episode: Ways To Show Yourself Love
Often, we look to others to show us love. Maybe you feel like your family, your significant other or friends don’t tell you they love you enough or maybe they don’t show you they love you in the ways you want to be shown. I’ve felt that. I’m human. I think we all have some type of void when it comes to love in our lives. Sometimes, the problem lies within ourselves. Do you find yourself easily criticizing yourself and not showing yourself love? Tune in to this episode as Patti talks about her personal experiences and tips on the importance of self love and different ways you can love yourself. 
January 13, 2020
Dan Dwyer Presents: 5 Leadership Hacks for 2020
Today, Patti Katter had the pleasure of talking with Dan Dwyer. Dan Dwyer is a Northern Alabama-based entrepreneur dedicated to the boots to business advancement of veteran entrepreneurs across the globe. "As an experienced leadership and organizational development consultant, coach to leaders, managers and organizations, leadership blogger, and podcaster, I am passionate about powerful conversations that accelerate organizational success. I enjoy guiding people who guide others; shaping performance improvement, and up starting start-ups. I especially enjoy working with young leaders who want to make a difference for their team, their organization, and our society. With over 25 years experience in building and leading high performing teams at all levels, retaining top performing professionals, orchestrating multimillion-dollar operational budgets, and cultivating trusting relationships with team members, peers, and senior leaders alike, I blend a practical, results-driven approach, centered on powerful conversations, to get to the core of any situation, and guides leaders and organizations to achieve their very best results." Dan Dwyer In this episode, Dan will share a rundown of himself. He will talk about what prompted him into working on his books. Regarding about Dan’s passion to military, he will also talk about how people who are not in the military can utilize his books and how can people be part of his organization. Dan will be sharing where to find his business as well as tips for success. Be sure to go to www.PattiKatter to download Dan's FREE Leadership Workbook as discussed on the show! Enjoy! ----- Follow Dan Dwyer on: LinkedIn : Blog: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Upwork: You can listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on a variety of Major Podcast Platforms. Here are a few links: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: iHeart Radio: Spotify: Anchor: Breaker: Overcast: Pocketcasts: Radio Public: Stitcher: Also: Check out Podblade for affordable podcast editing starting at $20:
January 10, 2020
Self Care Mini Episode: 12 Steps To Better Sleep
After a few years of riding the lack of sleep rollercoaster, Patti put together a list of 12 different tips that have helped her and others like her find a better night's rest. Take a listen, and chime in with your tips on all Wake Up With Patti Katter social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.  Note: If you are having a hard time sleeping, it’s always a good thing to seek advice from your doctor. There are different sleep disorders that can interrupt your sleep or can even be dangerous such as sleep apnea (for you snorers out there or those who aren’t breathing correctly during sleep). Check out Wake Up With Patti Katter on all major podcast platforms, as well as VIDEO interviews on The Wake Up With Patti Katter YouTube Channel.
January 5, 2020
Rom Raviv, Young Serial Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Podblade Shares
In this episode, Rom will talk a little bit of himself; where he came from as well his childhood. He shares about his podcast agency from how he started podcasting to starting his own podcast editing business, Podblade.  Enjoy! ----- “I was always into entrepreneurship and I always wanted some kind of a personal brand…Uh, creating content, something like that. I knew it ever since I was maybe.. 14 or 15.” - Rom Raviv ----- Follow Rom Raviv on: Website: Facebook: Youtube: Instagram: You can listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on a variety of Major Podcast Platforms. Here are a few links: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: iHeart Radio: Spotify: Anchor: Breaker: Overcast: Pocketcasts: Radio Public: Stitcher: Also: Check out Podblade for affordable podcast editing starting at $20:
January 3, 2020
Self Care Mini Episode: The Body Scan
Going into the New Year, Patti decided to put together a few mini podcast episodes that focus on self care. For far too long, Patti focused on helping everyone else but forgot about herself. Over the years, she's learned the importance of self care and she wants to share some of her tips with you. On this mini-episode of Wake Up With Patti Katter, you can listen to a body scan meditation Patti often does in the evening before she falls asleep. She felt like it was important to share with her listeners what works for her, in her own voice.  Before you listen and participate in this body scan meditation, please be sure you are in a comfortable place where you can relax. Preferably a bed, with your headphones on where no one will disturb you. Now, sit back. Relax and enjoy.
December 30, 2019
Dan Salcumbe, The Carnivore Coach: From Vegan to Carnivore
In this episode, Dan will be sharing a little bit of himself from where he grew up, even a tiny bit of his childhood. Follow on Dan’s life when was in the military and the transition from being in the military to becoming personal fitness trainer. He will talk about how he is a complete carnivore and how was he able to follow a particular strict diet. Furthermore, he will talk about how he cooks his meat to the kind of seasonings that he uses. ----- “I think the whole concept of figuring out what you want to do, I think that comes with maturity.”” - Dan Salcumbe ----- Follow Dan on: Contact Dan via his website, The Carnivore Diet Coach website. Listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on all Major Podcast Platforms: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: iHeart Radio: Spotify: Anchor: Breaker: Overcast: Pocketcasts: Radio Public: Stitcher:
December 27, 2019
Twas The Week Before Christmas With Shelby The 8 Year Old Christmas Expert
In this episode, Shelby will share why we think we have Christmas as well as why boys and girls are supposed to be good on Christmas. Shelby will also be sharing what kind of treat she wants for Christmas and what kind of clothes she thinks Santa Clause wears. Know the name of Santa Clause’ reindeers, Shelby’s favorite Christmas decorations and Christmas dinner, even more so, know what Shelby’s exciting thing during Christmas. Enjoy! ----- “Spending time with my family and open presents.”” - Shelby ----- You can listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on a variety of Major Podcast Platforms. Here are a few links: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: iHeart Radio: Spotify: Anchor: Breaker: Overcast: Pocketcasts: Radio Public: Stitcher: Patti's Favorite Podcast Network is Heroes Media Group. Be sure to follow her page there, and don't forget she is also on The Decision Hour Podcast hosted by Heroes Media Group with Adam Bird! Also: Check out Podblade for affordable podcast editing starting at $20:
December 20, 2019
27 Year Old, Leon Sylvester Shares His Experiences With Sobriety and Addiction
Leon Sylvester was born in the UK. He battled with alcohol and drug addiction his whole adult life. He’s just 27 and has been sober for over 470 days. He now lives his dream, working in Asia, working remotely and doing tonnes of travel. His mission is now to inspire more people to adopt a life of sobriety and live their dream. In this episode, Leon will talk about how he grew up, where he was from, as well as a little history about himself and of his childhood. He will also share the relationship he has with his mother. Leon will discuss why sobriety is important to him and know what he will tell to those who are struggling with alcoholism and/or drugs.  Enjoy!  ----- “It was a realization.. Like… If I want to achieve the things I want to achieve in my life, I have to stop doing [drinking].””  - Leon Sylvester -----  Find Leon on: Leon's YouTube: Sober Leon -  Instagram: Sober Leon -  Facebook: Leon Sylvester -  Facebook Group: The Sober Movement - (Private group by invite only, please contact Leon via his Facebook link to be added)   You can listen to Wake Up With Patti Katter on a variety of Major Podcast Platforms. Here are a few links:  Apple Podcasts:  Google Podcasts:  iHeart Radio:  Spotify:  Anchor:  Breaker:  Overcast:  Pocketcasts: Radio Public:  Stitcher:  Patti's Favorite Podcast Network is Heroes Media Group. Be sure to follow her page there, and don't forget she is also on The Decision Hour Podcast hosted by Heroes Media Group with Adam Bird!
December 20, 2019
Sean Gasaway Shares His Story of Going From Humble Beginnings to Music Stardom
Sean Gasaway, an award-winning singer/songwriter, publisher, record executive, and record producer also known as GASOLINE joined Patti in this episode to share the story behind his success and how he started playing music. By the end of this episode, you will learn a bit about music history and about Sean’s humble beginnings and his upcoming album! You should also watch out about his hilarious “Pork Chop” story! Enjoy! Follow Sean on Instagram -- @sean_gasaway_music Sean’s Website -- Facebook -- Follow Patti on Twitter - Follow Patti on Instagram - Patti's Website -
November 29, 2019
Army SFC Michael Schlitz Opens Up About Being Severely Burned and Wounded in War And How He Now Helps Other Veterans
US Army SFC (Ret.) Michael Schlitz medically retired from the United States Army in March of 2010 after suffering severe wounds in war. In this episode, Michael shares his story about being severely burned and wounded in war. Being an adrenaline junkie, Michael also shares his story about how and why he went into the military. By the end of this episode, you will know how Michael endured his injury and how he now helps other veterans. Michael: “I also thought that was it. Like, I’m going to die here in Iraq, face down in the dirt, burning alive. I was thinking those things. My guys were yelling at me from but I knew they were 7,500 meters away and I didn’t know what they could do for me. And then they hit me with the fire extinguisher and you had two kinds of responses from that. You had the complete relief of this like ice blanket being put on you from the fire extinguisher. I mean, just kind of relieved the pain for the most part. And then you had the emotional aspect of saying, okay my guys are here, I still have a fighting chance. Patti's Website - Follow Patti on Twitter - Follow Patti on Instagram - www.instagram.com1/wakeupwithpattikatter Follow Michael Schlitz on Instagram - Michael Schlitz Bio -
November 22, 2019
Pro Wheelchair Body Building Champion Joshua Foster Opens Up His Life To Inspire Others
We loved having, IFBB PRO Wheelchair Bodybuilder Joshua Foster on the show today. In this episode, Joshua tells his story of how he obtained his injury in an auto accident, and how he started wheelchair bodybuilding. By the end of this episode, you will learn how Joshua faced his injury and what made him want to become a wheelchair bodybuilder. Joshua: “Take your time, see a therapist. It is what it is, but I wish all the prayers in the world, all the technology, to make everything better right now, but it doesn’t. So, work hard, figure your life out, be smart, and just be patient ” Joshua’s Facebook -- Twitter -- Instagram -- Patti’s Facebook -- Twitter -- Instagram -- Website/Podcast --
November 15, 2019
Maria Crider Shares Her Courageous Story of Battling Breast Cancer When Young and Pregnant
Maria Crider, a Mother, and breast cancer survivor joins us in this episode, Maria tells her story about fighting breast cancer while she was pregnant. By the end of this episode, you will get to know what Maria went through and how she survived breast cancer while having a baby on the way. Maria: “..we would go out and walk either at the mall or the park or Disney just to get out and walk not wallowing in self-pity and feeling bad for myself. Get them up, get them moving even though they don’t want to. It’s good for your mental health”  Maria wanted to share the following resources that helped her the most when she needed it: Kick Ass Cancer Mamas is a private hidden group. If anyone needs it. You can find Maria on Facebook to ask her to add you to the group.  Reach Maria on Facebook --   Infant Risk: Team Gina: provide financial assistance to patients for things like bills, babysitting, food, etc. Instagram -- Website/Podcast -- Reach Patti
November 8, 2019
Who is Patti Katter?
Patti decided it would be a good idea to create an introduction. Check out this podcast to get to know Patti. The podcast before the podcasts.  -- Patti’s positivity and passion for life is contagious! Listening to her as you work out in the gym, on the commute to work or in your earbuds as you tackle the day’s tasks, you’ll always hear an upbeat and encouraging voice dedicated to helping you learn, grow and reach for the sky. Her background and life experiences are a mixture of ups and downs, highs and lows, wins and losses, and so much more that have given her the ability to inspire and help others in a way that few others can. She is the wife of a combat injured veteran and has helped him navigate the arduous journey through the military healthcare system to find the treatment he needs and has met with Presidents and government officials to positively change policies for military veterans and their families. Patti is also a member and advocate of multiple non-profit organizations, a contributing author of three books, and is also a Talk Show Personality for Heroes Media Group as the co-host of “The Decision Hour”; a podcast dedicated to highlighting every day heroes and helping us all make positive choices and decisions for the benefit of everyone around us. “Overcoming trials with triumph” is a personal mantra Patti has not only applied to her own life and family, it’s also the driving belief she has used for over a decade to inspire others as they face life’s challenges and seek personal growth. Her newest podcast, “Wake Up With Patti” is a must add to your daily routine! With her witty and positive attitude, Patti is interviewing other upbeat guests and discussing how each of us can get the most out of this journey we call life and create a path we love!
November 5, 2019