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Keep walking with me

Keep walking with me

By Walking Mentorship
Hope usually emerges from the dialogue between people. Nuno and Joao bring the inside look in the life of the beautiful people they walk with, the living proof that we are a lot more alike than we think. Everything is wrapped with a guest and music.
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Keep walking with me - David Clutterbuck
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is David Clutterbuck. David is the last fully active survivor of the pioneers of coaching and mentoring. His roles include being Special Ambassador for the oldest professional association in the field -- the European Mentoring and Coaching Council -- and visiting professor of coaching and mentoring at four universities. Everything he does revolves around helping people and organisations harness the power of dialogue -- to have the conversations that will bring about positive change. He has written or co-written more than 70 books. + about David Listen to the audio version and other episodes on +about Walking Mentorship . #walkingmentorship #mentoringprogram #davidclutterbuck #keepwalkingwithme #selfdevelopment #walking #mentoring #nature #walking #movielight
June 27, 2021
Keep walking with me - Madiha Mouchtak
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is Madiha Mouchtak. She is the Founder and Managing Director of "Answer Inside- Turnaround & Counselling".   Madiha has a prolific career of over 22 years in transformation and turnaround management, facilitating successful turnarounds and transformations across Europe. You can learn more about her here    She is also the book's author: The Sustainable Turnaround, Fix, Reset and Accelerate your business to thrive in 12 months.    +about Walking Mentorship​  #walkingmentorship​​​ #mentoringprogram​​​ #madihamouchtak #answerinside​​​ #keepwalkingwithme​​​ #selfdevelopment​ #walking​​​ #mentoring​​​ #nature​​​ #walking​ #movielight.
May 29, 2021
Keep walking with me - Miriam Lopez
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is Miriam Lopez.  Miriam created clickamino an amazing project that mixes Playmobil and Emotional education. You can check it here  She is a wonderful human being with a very special story to share.  Listen to the full audio version on Spotify  +about Walking Mentorship​  #walkingmentorship​​​ #mentoringprogram​​​ #thejenniferwalsh​​​ #walkwithwalsh​​​ #keepwalkingwithme​​​ # self-development​ #walking​​​ #mentoring​​​ #nature​​​ #walking​ #movielight
April 30, 2021
Keep walking with me - Jennifer Walsh
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is Jennifer Walsh. Jennifer is on a mission to get more people outdoors, understand the power of walking in nature, and the impact and importance of green spaces in our offices, homes, hospitals, schools, and cities. Jennifer was the founder of the Beauty Bar and also The Walk with Walsh.​  Jennifer leads Wellness Walks from coast to coast to teach about the healing benefits of nature and the importance of taking time away from tech. She also created a video series to tell stories in a new way ( as in hosting walking interviews ) and drive home the importance of what nature means to all of us in an ever-increasing technological world.    Listen to the full audio version on Spotify +about Walking Mentorship​  #walkingmentorship​​​ #mentoringprogram​​​ #thejenniferwalsh​​​ #walkwithwalsh​​​ #keepwalkingwithme​​​ #self​​development​ #walking​​​ #mentoring​​​ #nature​​​ #walking​ #movielight
March 21, 2021
Keep walking with me - Shane O´Mara
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is Shane O'Mara.  Shane is a professor of Experimental Brain Research at Trinity College Dublin and a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator.  Shane explores brain systems supporting learning, memory, cognition, and brain systems affected by stress and depression. Shane is the author of the book 'In Praise of Walking: The new science of how we walk and why it's good for us'. He is also the author of the newsletter:   Listen to the full audio version here​  +about Walking Mentorship​.    #walkingmentorship​ #mentoringprogram​ #trinitycollege​ #shaneomara​ #keepwalkingwithme​ #self​-development #sypartners​ #walking​ #mentoring​ #nature #inpraiseofwalking #walking
February 26, 2021
Keep Walking With Me - Jessica Orkin
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is Jessica Orkin. Jessica leads business transformation fueled by humanity, creativity, and purpose for SYP -​ Jessica is responsible for shaping the vision, strategy, and contributions of SYP to a rising generation of employees, clients, and change-makers. Jessica is also an advisor to senior leaders, a sounding board and partner to their teams, and a mentor to emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Listen to the full audio version here​ Watch the full video here +about Walking Mentorship Programs​ #walkingmentorship​ #mentoringprogram​ #jessicaorkin​ #SYP​ #keepwalkingwithme​ #self​-development #sypartners​ #walking​ #mentoring​ #nature
February 11, 2021
Keep Walking With Me - is Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.    Alex studies people, technologies, and the worlds they make. His latest book SHORTER explains how companies all over the world, in a variety of industries, are shortening their working hours while improving productivity and profitability.   SHORTER is the third in a series of books that makes the case for recognizing the value of rest in creative and prolific lives and blends science and history to better understand how we can live and work better in the digital age. His previous books, REST: WHY YOU GET MORE DONE WHEN YOU WORK LESS, and THE DISTRACTION ADDICTION, have been translated into 14 languages.    Through his company Strategy + Rest, Alex speaks and works around the world with companies who want to apply these insights to their organizations.  Alex received a Ph.D. in history and sociology of science from the University of Pennsylvania and has been a lecturer or visiting scholar at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Oxford University, and Microsoft Research Cambridge. Alex lives in Silicon Valley.   Strategy+Rest: LinkedIn: Twitter and Instagram: @askpang   You can listen to the audio version in Anchor -   + info about WM programs -
December 29, 2020
Keep Walking With Me - Jane Murray
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is Jane Murray.    Jane is a former lawyer who has spent her career specializing in venture capital. She ran a fund for a couple of decades and oversaw investments in start-up/early-stage companies in a broad cross-sector of industries.   With first-hand experience of the world of cut-throat competition, individualism, and isolationism, and having seen the impacts of those paradigms amplified by technology, she founded Peacebeam in 2016.  Peacebeam is a digital publisher working at the intersection of technology, wisdom, and interconnection. Jane is passionate about reimagining the role of the entrepreneur and the company and creating a new economic story by experimenting with value and capital. She is pioneering Kindness Capital at Peacebeam and has recently authored The Path of the Entrepreneur, Understanding Your Shadow, for the London School of Economics accelerator LSE Generate.   Jane sees that in order to traverse the challenging times we live in there needs to be an evolution from the pursuit of individual wellbeing to the pursuit of collective world being and believes that understanding the ‘technology’ of kindness and its creative power is the pathway to a saner future for the planet.   You can listen to the audio version in Anchor -  + info about WM programs -
November 28, 2020
Keep walking with me - Dan Rubinstein
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is Dan Rubinstein.  Dan likes to walk and likes to write, and when he decided to combine both passions, the result was his first book, Born to Walk: The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act.  But Dan doesn’t have a one-track mind. Over the past couple of years, he became increasingly obsessed with standup paddleboarding — which is kind of like walking on water. Paddleboarding, on rivers, lakes, and oceans, is a unique way to interact with natural and human aquatic ecosystems; it can help connect us to this vital natural resource that we often ignore or neglect. Join us on a virtual walk with Dan Rubinstein.  + info about WM programs -
October 29, 2020
Keep walking with me - Gerard van den Berg
Our next guest on the podcast - Keep Walking With Me - is Gerard van den Berg, CEO & Founder X-ploregroup. Gerard provides people with adventurous and educational experiences all over the globe and his professional leadership allows him to offer authentic, up-close experiences in the planet’s wild, remote places and capitals of adventure and culture. He feels comfortable offering integral and professional services in challenging, natural, and off the beaten environments. His experience brought him to work as a Wilderness Specialist, Safety Crew Member, Location Scout, and Production Manager for national and international TV production companies.  You can watch the video version on Patreon -  listen to the audio version in Anchor -  and Spotify - + info about WM programs -
October 1, 2020
Keep walking with me - Galeo Saintz
Our first guest sets our standards really high. Galeo Saintz, Founding Chair at World Trails Network generously opened his soul in a deep and very inspiring conversation. From the ecological corridors to save elephants to the transformation we go through when walking in nature for a few days and the way he sees the future after the pandemic, Galeo took us on a journey to our capacity and responsibility to contribute to a better world.
September 4, 2020
0,00KM - João Perre Viana + Nuno Santos Fernandes
Nuno and Joao are partners from the Walking Mentorship and they bring the inside look in the life of the people they walk with. One likes to make questions, the other loves to find answers. In a world of chaotic noise, The Podcast Keep walking with me searches for potential solutions towards the best version of ourselves. Every month we walk together with a guest. Welcome to the Podcast Keep walking with me. This is our very first episode, which we will dedicate to 0,00KM, the first step in many of our mentoring programs. Before we start, there is a disclaimer that needs to be shared. After listening to this program, you might feel the urge to step outside and go for a long walk. Don’t worry that is absolutely normal. My name is Joao Perre Viana and I am the founder of the Walking Mentorship. Today we are going to cover the beginning of this incredible journey and I will have the pleasure to interview my partner Nuno. Hi, My name is Nuno Santos Fernandes, I am a partner at the Walking Mentorship. As Joao mentioned we will be talking about the first years of our mentoring programs and guess what, I will be interviewing my partner. Shall we start?
July 29, 2020