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Walk With TFB

Walk With TFB

By Timothy F. Bryson
Black millennial eager to have unfiltered conversation with authentic people centered on education, sport, and culture. Walk with me!
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2.8 Put Yourself In Position // Sharod Williams
During this walk, Sharod tells us put ourselves in a position to be called upon.  A native of Miami (FL), Sharod earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degree from THE Coker University located in Hartsville, SC. While at Coker, our guest was a 3-year captain and four-year letter winner, and was recently named to the All-Time Coker men's basketball team. Sharod currently serves as the Director of External Relations at Texas A&M Commerce, though his impact on higher education and college athletics extends beyond the state of Texas. He is a national leadership development facilitator, supportive mentor to many emerging professionals, and the CEO of Being on Brand. To be more than a millennial is to challenge the status quo, while also shaping an inclusive and socially just future. And Sharod does just that, every single day. The rose that grew from concrete. #BlackGirlMagic Stan Account.  Sharod Williams is more than a millennial.  Sharod Williams LinkedIn Sharod IG/Twitter: @TRTGFC IG and Twitter: @WalkWithTFB
December 1, 2020
2.7 Can't Stop. Won't Stop. // Kristia Worthy
During this walk, Kristia shares why millennials just want an opportunity to showcase their talents and gifts.  A self-identified military brat, she is a 3x graduate of the University of Louisville. Kristia holds experiences in student affairs, athletics, human resources - but diversity, equity, and inclusion will always be core to who she is and how she conducts her practices. When she is not sharing #WorthyNotes or discussing #TransPARENTcy, you can find her and her partner making TikTok videos - hopefully one of them goes viral by the end of this episode.  Kristia is a leadership facilitator, Zumba instructor, and millennial mother. Her life story and experiences inform her commitment to women's health, student and staff development, and genuine fun.  Let's walk and learn why Kristia embodies a "can't stop, won't stop" mindset as she inspires vision and walks in her unique purpose.  Kristia Worthy LinkedIn Kristia Worthy Twitter: @KristiaWorthy IG and Twitter: @WalkWithTFB
November 24, 2020
2.6 The Year of Self-Discovery // Dr. Blake Banner
During this walk, Dr. Banner explains why we must be loud about the things we care about.  A native of Beaufort (SC) and former Division I student-athlete, Blake graduated from the University of South Carolina before earning of Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Florida A&M University. Affectionately referred to as The Healer Dealer, Dr. Banner is a reiki practitioner and life coach. She own her own business whose mission is to empower others to take charge of their body, their mind, and their spirit by promoting holistic healing and wellness. Her products and services include chakras, crystals, essential oils, guided meditation, and sound healing. How do you pursue self-discovery during in an era when burnout culture is glamorized?  Let's walk and learn from The Healer Dealer, Dr. Blake Banner!  Dr. Banner's IG: @drblakebanner  Dr. Banner website The Healer Dealer website (Discount code "WWTFB" 10% off purchase! Good through 11/25)  IG and Twitter: @WalkWithTFB
November 17, 2020
Tim Talks Vol. 4 // My Peace is My Self-Care
During this walk, Tim discuss what it means to practice self-care.  Inspired by Elevation Church and his grandma, he shares more about his own purpose journey and calls for us to identify moments of rest, while also defining what peace means for ourselves. Let's walk!  "Thought Bubbles" sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick  "Unschedulable Blessings" sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick IG and Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Website:
November 10, 2020
2.5 We're Not One-Dimensional // Harry Titus
During this walk, Harry explains why millennials are not one-dimensional.  A native of Maysville (SC), Harry is an educator, advocate, mentor, and doctoral student. He is a two-time graduate of THE Coastal Carolina University and is currently serves the Assistant Director for Student Care and Outreach at Elon University. Harry is also the Vice President of Coastal Carolina's Black Alumni Chapter.  Future Dr. Titus is a 1st generation college student, retired hooper, and strong champion for mental health therapy - all of which we discuss on this episode. A longtime Kobe fan, he embodies Mamba mentality. Harry's grit, focus, and attention to detail is both inspiring and contagious. Black millennial educators hold a very special place in our heart. Harry's story and leadership is an example of why. Let's walk.  Harry's IG: @harrytitus_ Harry's Twitter: @_harrytitus Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Podcast Website:
November 3, 2020
2.4 Sit in Stillness // Taylor Avery
During this walk, Taylor is busy manifesting yet asks us to sit in stillness. A native of Cincinnati, she graduated from Miami University (s/o to the Ox Box!) and has accumulated a diverse profile of work experiences, including but not limited to strategy and innovation, human resources, and education. She is a current MBA candidate at Lipscomb University, where she will graduate in December 2020. She is the founder and director of #iCamp, a summer workshop series for youth - whose curriculum centers self-discovery, financial literacy, mentorship, and entrepreneurship. This millennial became a leading voice in local and national politics, after creating engaging infographics designed to educate Millennials and Gen Z on the upcoming election. Her purpose work manifested in the first "Ballots and Brunch" event - which we will dive into on this show. There is power in proximity and we are glad we are proximal to Taylor's purpose journey. Let's walk! Taylor's IG: @TipTopTaylor #iCamp IG: @icampnashville Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Podcast Website:
October 27, 2020
2.3 School of Self-Awareness // Bryant Kirk White
During this walk, B. White explains what it means to be enrolled in the school of self-awareness. A native of Laurens, SC, he earned his bachelor's degree from the University of South Carolina before earning his Master of Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  He is the founder/executive director of A.Bevy, Inc. - a 501c3 arts and education organization whose mission is to produce create and introspective experiences that assists young adults in discovering their passion, path, and purpose. When is not changing the world through A.Bevy, B. White is the co-founder and lead DJ for Operation Make the Bride Happy (OMTBH) Wedding House - whose vision is to provide an experience, no matter the obstacle, that ensures the happiness that each and every one of us deserves. Through compassionate execution, the attainment of happiness is guaranteed. Let's walk and listen to why Bryant Kirk White believes there is more to be done on this earth.  B. White Website: B. White IG/Twitter: @BKirkWhite A.Bevy, Inc. Website: OMTBH Website:
October 20, 2020
2.2 Sick and Tired // Patrice Palmer
During this walk, Patrice (they/them) explains what it means to be sick and tired.  A self-identified "army brat," they have lived in several cities, states, and countries but rep Detroit and the Sea Islands of South Carolina. Patrice is a cultural storyteller, intersectional leadership educator, and entrepreneur. When they are not formally serving as Director or adjunct instructor, they are leading the diversity and inclusion initiatives at New Belgium Brewing Company.  They are also a co-author, doctoral student, and Chief Executive Officer/Principal Consultant of eROOT Consulting, LLC.  Let's walk and learn why Patrice says we must choose to invest in our own labor and create change by design - not by disaster.  Patrice's IG: @blaq_edukator Patrice's Tedx:  eROOT Consulting, LLC: Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Podcast Website:
October 13, 2020
2.1 Own Your Voice // Ashlynn D. Fields
During this walk, Ashlynn shares why it is imperative we own our millennial voice. A New Jersey native, Ashlynn is a former Division I student-athlete who holds meaningful experiences in advancement, alumni relations, and athletic administration. She is a sports enthusiast and currently serves as the Membership Engagement postgraduate intern at Women Leaders in College Sports. When she is not at work, Ashlynn is blogging, doing fitness, or drinking craft beers. She documents her authentic life adventures on both her personal website and Brewery Bliss platform.   Let's walk and learn how Ashlynn not only found her voice but chooses to use her voice enhance the holistic growth of others, elevate the advancement of women, and increase access for women of color who aspire to work in higher education and beyond. Ashlynn's IG/Twitter: @AshlynnDFields Brewery Bliss IG: @BreweryBliss Ashlynn's website: IG and Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Website:
October 6, 2020
2.0 More Than A Millennial
During this walk, Tim gives a preview of Season 2. Entitled "More Than A Millennial," this season will highlight millennials who are not only doing dope stuff but are also dope people. Let's walk!  IG and Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Website:
September 29, 2020
1.12 Do Good Work. Make Good Trouble. // Dr. Tomika Ferguson
During this walk, Tomika demands that we do good work and make good trouble. A Virginia native, Tomika is a former walk-on student-athlete who went on to become a 2x All-American and multiple school record holder at UVA.  She then went on to earn both her Master's and Ph.D. and now serves as an Interim Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Inclusive Excellence/Assistant Professor at VCU. Tomika is also the founder of Black Athlete Sister Circle, a holistic student development and leadership program for Black women student-athletes in higher education. Let's walk and hear how Tomika not only makes good trouble but also continues to exercise her blessings from God. Tomika's Twitter: @TomiFerg Tomika's Email: Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
August 25, 2020
1.11 Higher Ed Athletics // Sharief Hashim
During this walk, Sharief breaks down Higher Ed Athletics during COVID-19.  DC Born and Maryland raised, Sharief's career journey is "non-traditional" and extremely inspirational. He holds over a decade worth of work experiences in public county schools, community and park recreation, and of course college sport. He currently serves as the Director of Athletics at Susquehanna University, a Division III institution located in Selinsgrove, PA.  Let's walk and soak up all of the love and wisdom our #GirlDad chose to share with us all!  Sharief Twitter: @ADShariefHashim  Sharief Email: Andre' and Ahmad's Podcast: @Vision2_Inspire Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
August 18, 2020
Tim Talks Vol. 3 // Amplify Black Voices
During this walk, Tim talks about his beer collaboration with Hellbender Brewing Company. Entitled "Amplify Black Voices," this beer was brewed to both magnify and actively listen to the experiences of the Black community. Tim also shares the title of Season 1 and how we can continue to amplify Black voices in our career industries and personal lives.  "Hellbender and Tim Bryson Amplify Black Voices" Article Beer IG: @TheIPAWay Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
August 11, 2020
1.10 Our Energy Is Not The Same // Tori Tyson
During this walk, Tori amplifies the importance of "coaching the way." A California native, Tori is a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Her life experiences and love for the game led her to Howard University, where she currently serves as the Head Coach of the softball program. Tori has shown that she can be good at any level and that she is a value-add to every program and institution in which she has worked. "Don't walk away from your dreams", nor the opportunity to listen to why Tori's energy is both contagious and inimitable.  Tori's IG/Twitter: @ToriTyson  Tori's email: Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
August 4, 2020
1.9 I'm Not Scared // Dr. Arthur Doctor
During this walk, Doc embodies what it means to be fearless. A Charleston (SC) native, he is a student affairs professional who holds experiences in student organization advising, student conduct, Title IX, and facility maintenance/construction. Doc made history in 2018 when he became the first Black person to serve as the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of Mississippi. Most recently, he was awarded the 2020 Advisor Award of Distinction from the North American Interfraternity Conference for his dedication to mentorship and exemplifying the highest standards of character, leadership, and interfraternalism. Let's walk and learn how we can lead with courage while never losing ourselves in the process of change.  Doc's Twitter: @DrArthurDoctor Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
July 28, 2020
1.8 Uplift Black Women // Lamarr Pottinger
During this walk, Lamarr requires us all to reimagine our role in uplifting Black women. A former Division I college athlete, Lamarr is an educator having dedicated his professional career to serving college athletes, coaches, and staff. But more specifically, he is committed to amplifying Black voices and uplifting Black women through action. Let's walk and learn with this Jamaican native to identify how we can better empower, support, and sponsor Black women every single day.  Lamarr's Twitter: @Lamarr_Lead Lamarr's Email: Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
July 21, 2020
1.7 It Is Bigger Than You // Lauren Harper
During this walk, Lauren teaches us what it means to be civically engaged and socially responsible. A graduate of the real USC, Lauren previously served as the South Carolina State Director for former Congressman Beto O'Rourke's presidential campaign. And now, the political and public affairs strategist serves as the CEO of CityBright, LLC and Co-Founder/Senior Advisor of Secure the Ballot. Tap in now to learn the importance of human infrastructure and why securing the ballot is so much bigger than just you.  CityBright, LLC Website:  Support CityBright: $CityBrightLLC Secure The Ballot: Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
July 14, 2020
Tim Talks Vol. 2 // Use Your Paid Time Off
During this walk, Tim explains why we should all use our PTO days. Over the last several days, Tim had several revelations regarding higher education, craft beer culture, and why radical self-love is equally important as radical self-care. Let's walk! Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Website: Email:
July 7, 2020
1.6 We Must Become Anti-Racist // Victoria Alexander
During this walk, Victoria reiterates the importance of being anti-racist. A former college athlete and current racial equity researcher, Victoria has extensive experiences in various areas of higher education, including marketing/communications, fraternity and sorority Life, and diversity and inclusion. After creating an anti-racist reading list and resource guide, Victoria's social media engagement skyrocketed, all while trying to educate and empower her peers. Victoria will begin her PhD journey in the Fall 2020 semester, but wants us to know now that it is imperative we practice anti-racism.  Victoria's IG/Twitter: @VictoriaAlxndr Anti-Racist Resource Guide: Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
July 2, 2020
1.5 Our Movement Must Be Intersectional // Javi Rodriguez
During this walk, Javi emphasizes that we cannot say "Black Lives Matter unless we mean that All Black Lives Matter." A Puerto Rico native and rising doctoral student, Javi breaks down the history of social movements (including Pride Month and Black Lives Matter) and tells us how we can advance change by starting in our local communities. The work starts with us. Tap in now and learn why he believes our All Black Lives Matter movement will only be successful if our movement is intersectional.  Javi's IG/Twitter: @JaviPlatano Podcast IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
June 30, 2020
1.4 Being Black is Joyful // Christina S. Sessoms
During this walk, future Dr. Christina teaches us all about joy. A Seattle native and current PhD candidate, Christina opens up to us about her graduate school experience and the importance of radical self-care. Being Black is joyful, and we should all manifest joyful moments in our daily lives. Let's walk!  **This episode was recorded prior to knowledge of the murders of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and the recent murders of Tony McDade and George Floyd.** #BlackLivesMatter Christina's IG: @csessoms3 IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
June 23, 2020
1.3 Diversify Your Palate // Brandon Montgomery
During this walk,  Brandon speaks to us about his mission to diversify the craft beer industry. The ultimate Black beer traveler, Brandon has created a digital platform to help introduce people to Black-owned breweries, Black influencers, and Black brands. An HBCU alum and Black engineer, Brandon is a pioneer who is dedicated to increasing access and opportunity for Black people in underrepresented spaces. Tap in now and let's diversify our palate together!  **This episode was recorded prior to knowledge of the murders of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and the recent murders of Tony McDade and George Floyd.** #BlackLivesMatter Brandon's IG: @BlackBeerTravelers Brandon's Twitter: @blkbeertraveler  Bradon's website: IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
June 16, 2020
1.2 Reach Out, Not Up. #BlackInSport // Brooklyn McDaniels
During this walk, you will learn more about Brooklyn's charisma, servant leadership, and philosophy on mentorship. An Ohio native and Buckeye alumna, Brooklyn holds experiences as a former MLT Fellow, former ESPN intern, and was 1 of 7 students selected out of 2,000 applicants to serve in the 2018 Junior Rotational Program at the NFL. Brooklyn is a leader, specifically at the intersection of entertainment & sport, who firmly believes that it is more important to "reach out" than it is to "reach up." **This episode was recorded prior to knowledge of the murders of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and the recent murders of Tony McDade and George Floyd.** #BlackLivesMatter Brooklyn's IG/Twitter: @beelynmcdizzle Brooklyn's LinkedIn: IG/Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email:
June 11, 2020
Tim Talks Vol. 1 // Being Black Is Not Another Duty As Assigned
During this walk, Tim explains the purpose of "Tim Talks" while also reflecting on the podcast's first episode. Additionally, Tim discusses what it means to be #BlackInSport and gives a preview of what to expect from the Walk With TFB podcast moving forward.  IG and Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Website: Email:
June 9, 2020
1.1 Stop Killing Us #BlackLivesMatter // Aleth K. Pashi
The murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd will not be ignored. As a millennial mother with experiences across higher education and healthcare, Pashi reiterates why it is important to stop rewarding "lazy allyship" and to hold our non-Black peers accountable. Don't lose this moment to learn more about Pashi's story and how we can encourage "non-optical allyship" to create safe and socially just environments for Black people. #BlackLivesMatter  Pashi's IG and Twitter: @Pashh15 Hendrix IG: @HendrixCarterBean IG and Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Website: Email: 
June 2, 2020
1.0 Meet Your Host! // Timothy F. Bryson
During this walk, you will learn more about Tim's passion, vision, and purpose in creating this podcast. You will leave this podcast with answers to the following questions: Why Walk With TFB? Why education, sport, and culture? How can I support the podcast moving forward? Make sure y'all follow and subscribe to @2HappyHeauxes (Instagram) and @TheBloomPod (Twitter and Instagram). Instagram: @WalkWithTFB Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email: LinkedIn: Personal website:
May 26, 2020
Hosted by Timothy F. Bryson, this episode will introduce the Walk with TFB podcast. Listeners will learn more about what to expect on each episode as well as learn more about the purpose of the show. Instagram: @WalkWithTFB Twitter: @WalkWithTFB Email: LinkedIn: Personal website:
May 26, 2020