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 Bold Not Old, Moonshot Thinking.

Bold Not Old, Moonshot Thinking.

By Wallis Pattisonn
Understanding and living our own "Moonshot " thinking. Transformation begins in the imagination. Moonshot thinking is about asking us to stretch, to access inner resources and build a bridge to an inspiring new reality.
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Shooting for the Moon
I wanted to share a little of my own journey of discovery in relation to my own Moonshot thinking. How we become attached to outcomes and our need to understand this is not always how the universe works and in fact it most often doesn't. An unfolding revelation.
March 31, 2022
What is your Moonshot Vision?
Join me in the coming days and weeks as I take you on a journey of discovery and exploration. Together we will discover practical tools to help you become clear about your own personal Moonshot Vision. Our inner call for transformation can be very persistent and relentless as we are asked to reach beyond what seems possible. Let's explore these possibilities together..
March 22, 2022