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What if...? With Wanda

What if...? With Wanda

By Wanda Alexis Alexander
Inspiration and Motivation for getting through the day, pondering life’s purpose, our own power and passions. What if you can truly have it all? What if you already have what it takes to do what you desire? What if? with Wanda is a podcast from Wanda Alexis Alexander, successful entrepreneur and empowering speaker committed to inspiring and supporting the next generation of leaders.
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What if you could rise above/banish negativity? What if you could silence the haters? Part One
Wanda answers these questions addressing what if some of these people or external circumstances aren’t ones you can easily jettison or ignore — parents or other close family friends or acquaintances a boss client coworker and of course how do we handle discouraging if not devastating news and events flying at us at all times?
September 22, 2020
What if you paid attention to how you are spending your time?
Thoughts and ideas about how best to use our time. Wanda shares one tool she used to help her focus on using her time better and also a few tips using the letters of the word TIMER.
September 15, 2020
Part 2 of What if you changed your mind about failure
Sharing another example of a life experience that seemed like failure but in fact was a means to a better ending.
September 8, 2020
What if you changed your mind about failure?
Let’s talk about fear and specifically the fear of failure. Four key strategies or thoughts about our power over the fear of failure.
September 1, 2020
What if you don’t choose to shine?
Will you sacrifice receiving all of your earthly rewards by not shining your light brightly! This segment discusses how you can truly step into light...into your calling...if you simply choose to shine your light.
August 25, 2020
What if you stop resisting and turn up your light?
What if you stop resisting and let go of what’s holding you back from sharing the fearfully and wonderfully designed human being you are? Let’s talk about walking fully in our freedom to be who we authentically are. Two major questions are provided to ponder.
August 18, 2020
Why are you hiding?
This podcast was born out of me answering the question of myself: Why are you Hiding? The answer and the resulting action is shared here.
August 11, 2020