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The Pulse Podcast

The Pulse Podcast

By Sarah Grassel
Pulse is defined as an arterial palpation or a strong regular beating or throbbing. In this podcast, discover wedding professionals in the Black Hills who uncover new techniques and live passionately for their work to bring brides and couples something beautiful for their special day.
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Ep. 029 - Live Wedding Painting, Shalayne Mowry
Join me in my discussion with Shalayne as we discuss... Our mutual move to Spearfish and the Hills for Black Hills State University; Shalayne's discovery and passion for art; Our connections to the Jacobs family in Deadwood; The impressionism style of art and painting; The demand increase for live painting; The ability to travel for weddings as artists and the dream of it becoming a reality; ...and of course the definition of art and advice to others. Be sure to follow Shalayne on Instagram and Facebook! You can also see her full portfolio on her website: You can also read more of the show notes and view samples of her work at my website -- Recorded 05/02/2022 Released 05/28/2022
May 28, 2022
Ep. 028 - Sprucing Up Your Wedding Day + Party Décor, The Garland Girls
Join me in my discussion with Garland Girls as we discuss What it is to be a military (Air Force) wife and mother; How Naomi and Makaila came to the Hills and opened their business and the positive impact COVID-19 had; Managing a woman-owned business and balancing life with kids; Staying on top of trends (ever heard of a balloon bouquet?); How to/when to incorporate balloon garlands in your wedding décor and overall plans; ...and of course the definition of art and advice to others. We definitely got off track from the normal wedding and art discussions, but it was so great to get to know these two a little more. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @garland.girls21 You can also read the show notes and few some of their work on my website at -- Recorded 04/08/2022 Released 05/06/2022
May 06, 2022
Ep. 027 - Bridal Beauty, Corey Wright
Before the big day arrives, bridal beauty prep starts weeks ahead of time. Corey Wright is the new proud owner and face behind Sunny Skincare and Beauty located on the south side of Rapid City. Join Corey and I in this, the latest, episode of The Pulse as we discuss... Corey's discovery and journey to now; Trends in makeup wedding, both what's popular and what to avoid; What to expect on the wedding day from your makeup artist; The importance of exfoliation and skin preparation before the wedding day And of course we talked about the theme of the podcast: art and advice for other artists. Corey gave one of the most unique definitions of art and I loved hearing that she considers herself as an artist now.  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram: @sunnyskincareandbeauty Visit her website  You can also read the show notes and few some of her work on my website at -- Recorded 04/05/2022 Released 04/16/2022
April 15, 2022
Ep. 026 - Wedding Dream Team, Justin Straw + Sandra Nichols
The wedding dream team here in the Black Hills, Justin Straw and Sandra Nichols joined me and talked about everything from themselves to what couples should look for in photographers or designers when planning their big day.  This episode is packed with so much information. Here are some more talking points we go over:  Hiring the professionals that are going to be a good team, together.  When it comes to decor and planning, be different. Be You.  Setting personal boundaries between clients and vendors. Being in love with love and weddings as a vendor.  Trusting the vendors and professionals you hire to handle all the little details when something isn't going exactly as planned.  And of course we talked about the theme of the podcast: art and advice for other artists. #COMMUNITYOVERCOMPETITION. It's a mindset. Follow Justin and Sandra on Facebook and Instagram: @justinstrawdesigns @indigoblue_photography @indigoblue_seniors You can also read the show notes and a transcription of the episode on my website at -- Recorded 03/15/2022 Released 04/02/2022
March 31, 2022
Ep. 025 - The Chains That Bind, Jordan + Kassidy Kitzmiller
Sisters, Jordan and Kassidy Kitzmiller recently went into business together. The two offer a service and art that are new to the area and grows in interest everyday. Check out their business Rogue Kreations, and follow their journey on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Read the show notes at -- Recorded 01/29/2022 Released 02/12/2022
February 12, 2022
Ep. 024 - Wedding Entertainment, Caricatures by Alyssa (Tanner)
Bringing a non-traditional, live wedding entertainment to guests, Alyssa Tanner is the beauty and brains behind Caricatures by Alyssa based out of Rapid City, South Dakota.  Follow Alyssa on Facebook and Instagram or check out her website at Read the show notes at -- Recorded 01/26/2022 Released 01/29/2022 -- Cover photo by Henry Roy Photography
January 29, 2022
Ep. 023 - Bohemian Black Hills Wedding Florist, Kayly Pikula
Weddings include so many details, including florals. Kayly Pikula takes her work seriously, but always remembers to have fun. As a wedding florist in the Black Hills, she specializes in bohemian, modern, and classic designs. It isn't just about the bouquet you walk down with either. Kayly has worked on large installation pieces as well. Follow Kayly on Facebook and Instagram or check out her website at Read the show notes at -- Recorded 11/30/2021  Released 01/15/2022 -- Cover photo by Kelsey Spratt Photography
January 15, 2022
Welcome Back! The Pulse Takes New Direction in 2022
New year, new podcast! Well... not really, but my branding and direction has taken a turn for the better. I am so excited to start this new season and journey with a clear idea and plan for the future of the podcast.  Catch up on all of the previous episodes and seasons and stay tuned for new releases, beginning next weekend!  Here's to 2022. 🥂 Episode recorded on 12/29/2021 | Released on 01/01/2022
January 01, 2022
Ep. 22 - Wandering Wilde (with Marcus Heerdt)
Writer and avid hiker from Minnesota originally, Marcus Heerdt has made his home in the Black Hills. Not only is he a very talented writer, Marcus has taken some beautiful nature and landscape images.  In the episode, we talk about his journey and overview of the guide he authored - the third edition of Hiking the Black Hills Country. Book acknowledgment: Many individuals from the different public lands agencies and other organizations helped with the third edition of this book. Thank you to everyone who answered my questions and provided great insight. I would like to thank: Sara Erickson, Samuel Ainsley, Benjamin Schumacher, Matthew Jurak, and Eric Carney from the various Black Hills National Forest ranger districts; Patty Ressler, Matthew White, Joanna Marshaus, and Andrea Fountain of the Black Hills Parks and Forests Association; Nickolos Myers and Joanne Ensley at Devils Tower National Monument; Tom Farrell from Wind Cave National Park; Connie Wolf at Badlands National Park; Bradley Block of Jewel Cave National Monument; Kobee Stalder of Custer State Park; Jim Jandreau, Bear Butte State Park; Tim Cowman, State of South Dakota Geologist; Mark Fahrenbach and Brian Fagnan of the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources; Jona Ohm, Strategic Communications Director for South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks; Curtis Price, Lecturer at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology; LaRayne Woster, teacher at St. Joseph Indian School; William Welk of the Pennington County Highway Department; Jackie Wyatt, Vore Buffalo Jump; Marcus Lingl and LaDonna Droll from Vector; Martin and Lisa Freidel of Custer; the staff of the Hot Springs Public Library; Joe from Canyon Cab Company for picking me up at the end of the Centennial Trail; Danielle Billing of Twin Falls, Idaho; and Todd Tobin and Chris Hawkey for continued inspiration. If I have forgotten anyone, I am truly sorry. This book would not have been possible without the guidance and support of Katherine O’Dell and David Legere from FalconGuides, who stuck by the project and believed in the importance of this revision even through a time of great difficulty in the world. Where to buy it: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books-a-Million, Indie Bound, Black Hills Parks And Forests Association, FalconGuides, Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Company, Walmart, and Target. It is also available at retail locations throughout the Black Hills as well such as Forest Service District Offices, Wind Cave Park Store, Jewel Cave Park Store, Devils Tower Park Store, so on...  Stay tuned for more of his books and publications in the coming years or follow Marcus' work online at or on LinkedIn. Episode recorded on 07/30/2021 | Released on 08/15/2021
August 15, 2021
Ep. 21 - MAKING WANTS AND WISHES REALITY (with Cory Tolley, Mtn Man Metal)
Born and raised in the Hills, Cory Tolley is making a name and business as Mountain Man Metal Art in Belle Fourche. What started off as custom trailers has expanded into home decor, signage, and more. The business is run by himself and his wife, Darcy. Check out his story and craft in this new episode. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook @mountainmanmetalart or go online and check out his website Visit his work this week during the rally at the Mid America Truck Stop on HWY 85/212 in Belle Fourche. Episode recorded on 07/13/2021 | Released on 08/08/2021
August 08, 2021
Ep. 20 - PROJECT BADASS (with Madison Reeves)
Homeowner at 17. Author at 19. Madison grew up in Belle Fourche and has a great start in life. Check out our conversation to hear her journey to now and get a little inside information on her book, Project Badass, that will be released this fall! SHOUTOUTS: @authorswholead Follow her on Instagram and Facebook. personal brand: @themadisonreeves book: @projectbadassbook You can also check out her websites! personal brand: www.themadisonreeves.coom book: Looking to make direct contact? Send her an email at Episode recorded on 07/12/2021 | Released on 07/25/2021 COVER PHOTO PROVIDED BY @ELLENS_COLLECTION
July 25, 2021
Ep. 19 - BUSINESS MINDED MUSICIAN (with Clayton Ryan, The Singing Mountain)
From Iowa originally, Clayton spent a lot of time in the Hills with family growing up and now calls it home. Clayton has had a lifetime of music and plays multiple instruments. After he moved to the Hills he joined up with the Brandon Jones Band, continues to sing and write his own music fulltime, and founded Westward Talent Co (an artist management agency by artists, for artists).  In the episode Clayton shares a few pieces of advice throughout and talks about how he came to his passion. Fun facts: He is a self-acclaimed desert soul musician and he loves classical music! SHOUTOUTS: @brandonjonesband @dbillsmusic @maxjmillerdrums @devonsants @thecusterbeacon @ironphnx @thecavecollective @loudamericanroadhouse @iamchrishuisenga @beneath_the_sky_down_yonder @humbletownband @destynhx Follow him on Instagram and Facebook or check out his website ( to see where else you can listen to his music and follow him.  Episode recorded on 07/09/2021 | Released on 07/18/2021 COVER PHOTO PROVIDED BY RUSS HADEN
July 19, 2021
Ep. 18 - ACCIDENTAL DISCOVERY (with Jonathan Williams, The Paint Doctor)
From a family full of scientists and mathematicians, Jonathan graduated from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with a degree in chemical and biological engineering. Working in that field for several years, he found himself very unhappy. He took what he calls a premature retirement and found himself again. Starting over, he began working for a local painting company and something "just clicked."  Learn more about his story in this episode and listen for his advice toward the end of the episode! SHOUTOUTS: Sacred Mountain Retreat Center Black Hills Lifestyle Magazine Mission 22 Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.  Episode recorded on 06/23/2021 | Released on 07/11/2021
July 11, 2021
Ep. 17 - DELICIOUS DESIGNS (with Madison Lindsey, The Country Cookie)
Taking her by surprise, Madison fell in love with baking and her beautiful edible art after months of practicing for a friend's baby shower. When she's not in the kitchen, you can find her out on the family ranch or hanging with her three kiddos.  In the episode we discuss juggling a business and your personal life, the importance of community over competition, the beauty of art and expression, and more.  Follow her on Instagram and Facebook or head to her website to book your order. P.S. She books FAST and is in high demand, so be prepared to book months in advance.  Episode recorded on 06/10/2021 | Released on 06/27/2021 COVER PHOTO CREATED WITH IMAGES PROVIDED BY @THE.COUNTRY.COOKIE
June 28, 2021
One of my best friends, Cora Carroll was born in Rapid City and has established her name and businesses in the Hills. She is a talented wedding portrait and fine art photographer (@coracarrollphotography) and entrepreneur. In this episode we sit down and talk about her business ventures as owner and creator behind her Maiden Mountain Company operation.  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @mountainmaidencompany and order from her shop online at! Episode recorded on 04/23/2021 | Released on 06/13/2021 COVER PHOTO PROVIDED BY @MOUNTAINMAIDENCOMPANY
June 13, 2021
Dick Termes is a local legend born and raised in Spearfish, South Dakota. Education is a large part of what got him to where he is today, and we talk largely about his path to today. A big proponent of education, Dick encourages artists to continue pursuing higher education in art and to be a continued student while practicing their medium. We also talked about his unique discovery and process behind the six-point perspective. This is a special episode. A little over a year ago, Dick and I had a similar conversation when I wrote an article for the Black Hills Visitor magazine. You can find that article a little here. I loved getting the chance to speak with him today and see how much has even changed and evolved in his artwork over the period of time. It's incredible how much he is still doing in the art world. I love that he is making his work digital and working on a virtual program for folks around the nation and globe to experience from their living room! After our conversation, you can stick around to hear a reading of the article and a little snippet of my experience in Dick's virtual reality program.  BHV Article Links in BHV Article mentioned in the last paragraph: Interactive Monument  Video Tour of Gallery You can follow the Termesphere Gallery on Instagram and Facebook and Dick invites you to follow his personal page on Facebook! Be sure to check out his website, too.  NOTE: The exhibit at the School of Mines and Technology is no longer up. You can view his work at the Termesphere Gallery in Spearfish or take a quick trip to Casper, Wyo. or Half Moon Bay, Cal. Episode recorded on 04/22/2021 | Released on 05/09/2021  COVER PHOTO is a collage from photos that were taken by JESSE BROWN NELSON for BLACK HILLS VISITOR/EVERGREEN MEDIA.
May 09, 2021
Ep. 14 - FROM DAY ONE, ALWAYS AN ARTIST (with Lumi, Kady Jo)
Born in Bozeman, Lumi was raised in the Northern Hills and claims this is home. She grew up in an art family; "it's been a part of me," she says. Lumi is going to be a graduate of BHSU in studio arts in less than a week (GRADUATION IS MAY 8!). Known recently for her collage work, Lumi is a multidisciplinary artist who dangles in sculpture, painting, fashion, and more.  In the episode we talk about her future goals and wishes to get involved with troubled youth, the big picture question of "what art is," and she shares about her mental health and how that impacts her work.  NOTE: As of right now, the new scheduled date for the event at the Spearfish Skate Park is May 12. Unfortunately, someone has already vandalized the artist's work, so stay tuned to any announcements she may have about the event by following her social media.  Access her different social platforms and check out her website; the links are listed below, or you can access them through the link in her bio! @lumi.1997 - Instagram, @lumi_1997 - Twitter, @lumistudio1997 - TikTok, and Etsy SHOUTOUTS:  Yayoi Kusama - 16:36 Episode recorded on 04/22/2021 | Released on 05/02/2021 COVER PHOTO is a self-portrait PROVIDED BY LUMI.
May 02, 2021
Moving to the United States a few years ago, Troy is from Botswana, Africa. Another student at Black Hills State University, he is a junior pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design and has fallen in love with West River South Dakota.  In the episode Troy mentions looking forward to fostering his career and future in the Spearfish area. Listen as he shares more on his journey to the here and now. We dive into some of his internship work and collaborations for big names, advice for young artists, and what art is as a whole.  Troy brings in a unique perspective on art, and after the episode we continued to have a conversation I only wish we had been recording still. It's our plan to meet again in a year after he graduates to follow up with his goals and accomplishments as well as to pick his brain further on the topic of art.  Give Troy a follow on Instagram and stay tuned for more information on his website in the future. SHOUTOUTS:  Former Podcast Guest, Parker Schlenker (Episode 3) - 6:13  Creative Branding Agency - 9:07 Jamal Hill - 9:18 Wilma Wong - 9:38 Episode recorded on 04/22/2021 | Released on 04/25/2021 COVER PHOTO BY @KYLEE.P.M 
April 25, 2021
Originally from the Sioux falls area, Keegan Baatz is a junior at Black Hills State University studying photography, focusing on color and fashion. This young professional has already exhibited out of the country and has a really great start to his career. Keegan is still discerning what his long-term goals are, so I can't wait to connect with him again in a few years after he has solidified a plan to talk about how much has changed and his journey to the final decision. In the episode we talk about some of my favorite works he's produced as well as what he believes the big picture is when it comes to art. Check out Keegan's Instagram, and if you're not familiar with his work I encourage you to scroll back and look at his development and previous work! You can also check out his website for more of his work. SHOUTOUTS TO @bhsuphoto - 3:30 @auburnartgallery - 4:52 @tinycactus - 9:44 @skottchandler - 10:07 @jerdogg99 - 10:13 Keegan also interned out at Badlands National Park. If you haven't, you NEED to check out some of the images he snapped. Episode recorded on 04/14/2021 | Released on 04/18/2021 COVER PHOTO is an edit from the disco series images PROVIDED BY @KEEGAN.BAATZ AND PORTRAIT BY @REVERED_MEDIA (CHRIS MEHLHAFF)
April 18, 2021
Ep. 11 - FOSTERING ART FROM THE START (with Erin Bender)
From the bustling city of Rapid, Erin Bender grew up in a home that was very art-oriented. Today, she's pursuing her goals and education at BHSU with a photography major and graphic design minor.  In this episode we talk about collage and photography in addition to branding and individual style. Erin loves neutral colors and it shows in each of her pieces. Her style and aesthetic is a part of what sets her apart. Erin also just began her journey into the graphic design world.  Be sure to follow Erin on her social media feeds IG and FB @4est.junkie, Twitter @4estjunkie, and check out her new website! SHOUTOUTS TO  Lumi (@Lumi.1997) 4:36  BHSU photo (@bhsuphoto) 6:59  Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant) 15:52 Basquiat (@jean_michel_basquiat) 16:21 Banksy (@banksy) 16:33 Mike Mazz (@MikeMazzDesign) 24:34 Episode recorded on 04/07/2021 | Released on 04/11/2021 
April 11, 2021
Born and raised in Spearfish, Destyn has always had a passion for filmmaking and music. Growing up he went from camera to camera and decided that filmmaking was what he wanted to pursue for a career.  Co-owner of 605 Media & Entertainment, you may have seen him around doing commercial work or wedding films, but under his own brand and naming he is able to use his creative expression in music videos.  We talk about past and current projects and the drive behind finding and following opportunities.  Follow Destyn on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, or check out his personal website and YouTube channel. Follow 605 Media & Entertainment on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website. SHOUTOUT TO MUD THE COSMONAUT about halfway through the episode. (10:49ish) We talk about the video Destyn put together for the self acclaimed space punk music group from the Hills. "Powerful Trip" can be viewed online through Mud the Cosmonaut's YouTube account!  SHOUTOUT TO the MIDSOMMAR movie at 20:42. Episode recorded on 03/26/2021 | Released on 04/05/2021  COVER PHOTO PROVIDED BY DESTYN HUMANN, CREDIT TO JORY ANDRE
April 05, 2021
*SPECIAL* Reintroducing Me, Sarah, and Moving to Weekly Episodes
Hey all! I am so excited with how many people the podcast has been reaching. As I continue to grow my audience, I am working toward a new goal: releasing episodes weekly! In this special episode, I share that announcement and do a little reintroduction as to what the podcast is about and who I am. Something I forgot to mention in the episode is that there will be a few weeks with no new artist content when little James makes his appearance in the world. Instead, I will be sharing quotes from the artists I've talked with. You've seen how they define art, but I will be highlighting their advice as well!  Links I mentioned:  Twitter @ThePulse_PodArt Instagram and Facebook @thepulsepodcastartistfeatures New website coming soon, you can view the sponsor page and listener page to access minimal information. The full release will be announced on social media when it is completed. Email:
March 30, 2021
Ep. 9 - Paige Clark
From just outside of the Black Hills, Lemmon, SD, Paige Clark has recently been exploring digital illustrations and her love of faith and studio arts. Pursuing a double major in graphic design and studio art from Black Hills State University, we talk a little about everything from how she got her start professionally to building her passion and faith at the same time and the influence that has had in her artwork.   Follow Paige on Instagram and Facebook.  Episode recorded on 03/18/2021 | Released on 03/21/2021
March 21, 2021
Ep. 8 - Sophia Clarke
From the Bahamas, Sophia "Pip" Clarke is calling the Hills home for now as she pursues her degrees in Art and English education from Black Hills State University. "Her work contains consistent threads and connections to her home, ranging from folklore, social issues, and flora and fauna," she wrote on her website.  In this episode we dive into her inspirations, talk about childhood experiments and different medium choices, and more. We also "fan-girled" over former guest @hopechristofferson (check out her episode, number two!) and other local artists. It's amazing how other artists can inspire us to be better artists ourselves and inspire us to explore our passions.  Follow Sophia on Instagram and Twitter, or check out her website.  Episode recorded on 02/25/2021 | Released on 03/07/2021
March 07, 2021
Ep. 7 - Brandon Jones
Music didn't seem like it was always going to be in his future, but Brandon Jones has become a popular with locals and is taking his band to new levels every year. This episode takes us back to his introduction to music as a child to how music became part of his proposal to his wife.  Follow Brandon and the band on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify. Stay tuned for more on their website, too!   Episode recorded on 11/05/2020 | Released on 02/25/2021 COVER PHOTO PROVIDED BY BRANDON JONES BAND The music played by Brandon Jones in this episode is ORIGINAL and COPYRIGHTED to him and the Brandon Jones Band.
February 25, 2021
Ep. 6 - Tracy Harrison
Black Hills native and member of the Oglala Lakota Tribe, Tracy Harrison is a self-taught dreamcatcher maker in Keystone, SD. Listen as she shares her journey to discovering the passion and the history of the dreamcatcher itself. Bonus! Stay 'til the end to hear more about the difference between a Mandela and a Dreamcatcher. Sure glad I found out after about 10 years!! Follow Tracy on Instagram or Facebook and support her work by ordering online through her Etsy shop.  Episode recorded on 11/04/2020 | Released on 02/07/2021
February 07, 2021
*SPECIAL* Ep. 5 - Katie Jones
As you know, before the podcast started, I covered some artists with written features. Among those included a feature from just a few short months ago on Nebraska native Katie Jones. Coming to the Hills to pursue her education at Black Hills State University, Katie sits down with me and updates us on how much has changed since we last spoke. One of the key points she makes is advising on the importance of getting your artwork out there.  You can read the written feature from July online, here.  Follow Katie on Instagram and support her work by ordering prints online through her website.   Episode recorded on 12/28/2020 | Released on 01/17/2021
January 17, 2021
Ep. 4 - Lucas Olson
So far we've heard from digital and studio artists, authors, and artists with a wide imagination for the world of the unknown. Lucas Olson brings something new to the table. Music! Not your typical midwestern country artist, Olson prefers blues and jazz. Listen to his journey to now and advice to others in the latest episode. Not overly active on social media, you can follow Lucas and contact him through Instagram and Facebook. Episode recorded on 10/28/2020 | Released on 01/03/2021 COVER PHOTO PROVIDED BY SYDNY KOEHN, KREATIVE MEMORIES PHOTOGRAPHY Excerpts Played: While We're Young by Wes Montgomery and Moon River
January 03, 2021
Ep. 3 - Parker Schlenker
Not originally from the Black Hills, Parker Schlenker comes from East River and is fine tuning his skills at Black Hills State University while making the area home. Capable of multiple studio and digital art mediums, Parker enjoys focusing on pen and ink. He brings the magic and math of unknown worlds to his audience by creating new languages and experimenting with not only his studio arts but linguistic and writing skills as well. Listen to the episode to learn more about him! You can follow Parker on Instagram.  Episode recorded on 10/27/2020 | Released on 12/06/2020
December 06, 2020
Ep. 2 - Hope Christofferson
As a studio artist from Rapid City, Hope Christofferson's art is full of mythological beauty and passion. Listen to the artist directly as she shares her story on developing a passion for her work and discovering the need to pursue it full-time. Hope also explains her thoughts on the value of the "between" rather than the end product and shares advice for other artists.    Follow her on Instagram or check out her website and Etsy shop.    Episode recorded on 10/27/2020 | Released on 11/15/2020
November 15, 2020
Ep. 1 - Therese Wilhelmi
Therese Wilhelmi is a multidisciplinary artist from Rapid City. Currently a senior at Black Hills State University, listen as she shares about former projects and her artistic process, offers some advice, and gives a sneak peak into what to look for from her senior project. Follow her on social media, Instagram (since the recording, Therese updated her IG handle to fit her website it's and Facebook or check out her website and send her an email at Episode recorded on 10/22/2020 | Released on 11/01/2020
November 01, 2020
Welcome to The Pulse
This teaser episode gives a little insight and background into what this podcast, and what I am all about.  Links mentioned:  Check out my portraiture and wedding films: Finer Details Artistry  The Pulse is on Instagram and Facebook! Follow me to get updates on the latest episodes and sneak peaks to future artists. 
October 28, 2020