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The Fight 4 Truth

The Fight 4 Truth

By War on Corruption, LLC
The Fight 4 Truth podcast is operated by the independent media platform, War on Corruption, LLC. The podcast will not only help in better interactions with our followers, it will serve as a method for getting their stories, and voices, heard. We will also be discussing a variety of subjects. Though some may prove to be more controversial than others, our goal remains the same: To spread information and awareness.
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OCJDC VS. Former Autistic employee
The Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center (OCJDC) hired an individual with autism. They were made aware of his condition. Regardless of this fact, upon moving him to the nightshift, he found that the supervisor appeared to have some form of issue with everything he did. With this Because of their hostility, he attempted to get off of the shift before finally sending an email to the HR department. What unfolded next is purely something out of a horror movie. In our first podcast, we are discussing this case and the situation that's unfolded since this man's termination. We apologize for the sound quality, this is the first time we've branched out into this arena. We will improve as we learn and grow.
May 30, 2022