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War Cry Podcast

War Cry Podcast

By War Cry Podcast Team
Exploring cases and stories about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Men and members of the LGBTQ 2 Spirit community.
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Chris Cuestas from the National violence Prevention Resource Center
Chris tells us about how he started his path being a detective and someone who generally helps resolve issues of violence in various communities. Strategies communities and families can take in order to address MMIW/MMIP, human trafficking, gang violence and why identity is important for safety. Chris also shares with us a successful MMIW case he was able to be apart of and help bring a woman home to her family.
October 28, 2021
Learning About Culture Helps Inform Best Practices - Yakima Co. Coroner Jim Curtice
Jim shares how he started as a paramedic, then later elected to Yakima County Coroner. He shares how knowing more about various cultures helps inform the work he does and is always open to learning more. Jim is also open to speaking to families about any questions they may have in his process such as what he is required to do. He also informed us about the devastation of the opioid crisis in the Yakima Valley.
October 22, 2021
Ellie Bundy - Salish Kootenai and Montana Tribal Task force for MMIP
Ellie shares her presentation on Montana MMIP cases. National and Montana State based legislation and how that ties into MT Tribal task force processes and resources. This episode is a great way to get some real answers on how to contribute to the cause and movement of MMIW/MMIP in any community. As well as educting youth on the issue and how to keep aware and safe.
October 14, 2021
Indigenous Women Being Resourceful - NIWRC
Two dynamic Indigenous women join the disucssion today. Rose Quilt (Yakama) and Paula Julian (Filipina), they share resources from their organization Nation Indigenous Women's Resource Center. As well as give all neccessary historical context as to why these discussions and healing practicies are needed. MMIW missing posters info, tool kit and grass roots community movement.
October 07, 2021
Missing in Washington – Yakama and other tribal members
We are sharing the names from the WSP list of missing from the Yakama Nation area and other tribal cases in which families have requested. This includes a review the history, policy, and lasting impacts
October 07, 2021
Connie Walker - Helping families tell their stories and being an advocate
Guest Connie Walker, Cree Indigenous Canadian, award-winning investigative journalist, and podcast host. Connie gives not only her own personal journey into telling indigenous stories but also the history of the 60's scoop in Canada. She also gives perspectives on working in the United States and learning about various issues in the US and the similarities with Canadian issues. Connie turns the tables on us and asks the War Cry Team about self-care and how stories about MMIW are received. As we all want to work towards more Indigenous voices in the media and be respectful to our communities. Resources were shared on how to report in Indigenous communities. Links below.
September 10, 2021
The Ancient one: DNA and Delay in Process
Techaminsh Oytpamanatityt, The Ancient One, also known as Kennewick man, an important figure and literal ancestor to many tribal members in the Pacific Northwest. Replicas of his skull are currently being sold for $389. Upon learning this, the War Cry team asks, what is the importance of indigenous DNA? Our Bones? Our living bodies? We see action made when a profit can be had, but what about the many delays in process in cold cases, MMIW and MMIP cases?
September 02, 2021
Parker Doe with Tammy Ayer
Tammy Ayer, reporter for the Yakima Herald Republic. She discusses her reporting on MMIW/MMIP cases in the Yakima Valley and on the Yakama Reservation. Tammy also covers Parker Doe, a case that has been in the process of discovering the identity of a young women who was murdered in 1988 in the uncoorperted area of Parker, WA.
August 19, 2021
Crime Stoppers - Tip anonymously
Alicia Tobin from Crime Stoppers goes over the various ways community members can give tips anonymously. Given the fear of retaliation or being exposed, Alicia goes over how even Crime Stoppers wants to keep your identity anonymous and the various ways you can do this online, via an app or calling in.
August 10, 2021
Probate and MMIW/MMIP
Nichole Pebeahsy (Comanche), probate specialist discusses helpful tips and resources for families in dealing with probate. Her favorite True Crime podcasts and personal ties to MMIW and her passion to help MMIW/MMIP families during this process.
July 22, 2021
Kill the Indian Save the Man
War Cry team roundtables again in connecting boarding schools to the 1910 Dusky Maidens In Demand article/episode to papal bulls, manifest destiny, and religious institutions. Discussion around acknowledgning indigenous people as a neccessary knowledge source outside of what is taught in schools. Also how does the Godfather III work itself into this conversation?
July 09, 2021
What have our families been through?
War Cry Team catches up with each other after a year of quarantine. Updates on stories we have been following, the Vanessa Guillen case and the findings of children at Residential and Boarding schools.
June 24, 2021
Seattle City Councilmember Debra Juarez: Powerful Women
Guests are Seattle City Councilmember Debra Juarez, Blackfoot, and staffer Negheen. Discussion around the City of Seattle’s response to the MMIW/G crisis. Acknowledging the various tribal communities and valuable relationships in Seattle, King County and Washington state. Various War Cries to the Seattle Native Community. Brining out strong emotions around  MMIW/G and MMIP. Reflections on the red hand print symbol and its deeper meaning. Racial misclassification and how the true crime community needs to see how important this is. Empowering, uplifting and encouraging native women. As well as using humor and accepting our auntie statuses.
June 09, 2021
You don't have to walk alone: Carolyn DeFord
Carolyn's mother has been missing for 21 years. This experience and the support of her community has led her to being a powerful advocate for MMIW and MMIP families. She is currently the Project coordinator for Puyallup Tribe's Human Traffickiing Project and the founder of Missing and Murdered Native Americans on Facebook.
September 30, 2020
A mother's journey: Josiah Hilderbrand
Josiah Hilderbrand went missing in June of 2019. Over a year later his remains were found near the Yakama Reservation, manner of death suspected to be homocide. His mother Liz was proactive in starting a social media campaign to help aid in the search for Josiah. She speaks to her journey not only to the Reservation where he was discovered, but also to her journey of self care, finding a caring community in the Yakima Valley, and sharing her experiences to hopefully help others going through similar circumstances. 
September 14, 2020
Reporting Crime on the Reservation with Phil Ferolito
In this episode, we ask questions about reporting true crime on the Yakama reservation involving Native Americans. Our guest Phil Ferolito has 20 years of experience as a reporter for the Yakima Herald-Republic, which is one of the few newspapers in the country to maintain a list of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. We ask Phil about his communication with the FBI and various Law Enforcement agencies. When did he become aware of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and People? Did Journalism school prepare him for this? Phil lives in the Lower Yakima Valley, specifically the Yakama Reservation. #MMIW #MMIWG #MMIP #WarCryPodcast #Yakama #YakamaNation #YakimaValley #YakimaHeraldRepublic
September 01, 2020
E6 Epilogue
War Cry team shares community feedback from last episode and photos of Tony Peters. 
August 25, 2020
Tell nána: Anthony Peters
Anthony Peters (Yakama) was last seen at the Yakama Nation Legends Casino October 2014. His nána (older sister) Alfreda, talks to War Cry about her brother, his personality, his story and what she hopes will happen with his case. Please contact Yakama Nation Tribal Police if you have any information or if you remember the last time you saw him: (509)865-2933 Case #15-006132. 
August 16, 2020
Be Who You Say You Are: Abigail Echohawk
Abigail Echohawk (Pawnee) is the director of Seattle Indian Health Board's research branch, the Urban Indian Health Institute. She discusses being prayed for by ancestors, being colonially underserved, data as story, and how the absence or mis-categorization of Native peoples in data is an act of genocide. Also discussed are UIHI's reportw, its response from the community and institutions involved.
August 02, 2020
Missing a Mother: Sandra Lee Smiscon
War Cry Team interviews George Lee Jr. (Pah Tuuthlah) about his mother’s 2003 unsolved murder in Seattle, Washington. Sandra Lee Smiscon’s was named in a report regarding Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Join us as we talk about the events surrounding her death & her life. George’s talks about family life, the history of MMIW through the Yakama War & the long wait for justice. Trigger warning to our listeners, we discuss violence and abuse. Please take care while listening. If you have any information regarding this case please contact:  Seattle Police Department Homicide Tip Line: 206-233-5000
July 19, 2020
Episode 3 EPILOGUE
Updates on Atwai Vanessa Guillen and traditional Yakama terms of endearment and respect for those who have gone on. Oklahoma and reservation land status. We want to hear from you. Leave us a comment or contact us
July 09, 2020
Why People Don't Come Forward
Why haven't the War Cry team covered any cases yet? Aren't they a true crime podcast? Why don't Native and Indigenous people report the wrongs going on around them? What is gaslighting ? Can you gaslight history? Racism? Native and Indigenous people experience distrust and comments like "GET OVER IT!", and “Why do you keep bringing up old stuff?”. The War Cry team explores all these questions and want you to chime in. Mentioned in this episode:  - Body found in burned White Swan home, FBI investigating by Action News StaffWednesday, June 24th 2020 ( -Five Things About Violence Against AIAN Women & Men -What is ‘racial gaslighting’ & why is it so damaging for people of colour? -11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting -Chase Darkness with Me: How One True-Crime Writer Started Solving Murders Hardcover – August 13, 2019 - By Billy Jensen -We Fear Not - Yakama (FB page): -Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Native Women and Men: -Yakama Nation Review:
July 05, 2020
Episode 2 EPILOGUE
Updates on local cases, resources and the Presidential task force's posting. Some resources mentioned in this epilogue: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK [8255]) StrongHearts Native Helpline 1-844-7NATIVE (762-8483)
June 26, 2020
Lady Justice Listens
What is Operation Lady Justice? On June 3rd, 2020, the Presidential Task Force for MMIW/P held a virtual listening session focusing on the Northwest regions. War Cry team members discuss what this means for missing and murdered. 
June 23, 2020
Dusky Maidens in Demand
War Cry team explores the historical connections between this 1910 National news article about Yakama women and its present day connections to MMIW.
June 08, 2020
This is our WAR CRY
Trailer and introduction to our podcast team! Emily, Lucy, Robyn and Patsy. We are discussing anything related Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Children Men and LGBTQ 2 Spirit community. Our focus will primarily be (but not limited to) the Pacific Northwest. If you have a story you would like to share please contact us: and
June 07, 2020