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Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF)

Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF)

A non-profit organization incorporated in 2016 in response to the high incidence of sexual violence, rape and human trafficking occurring amongst young girls and women across Nigeria.

The Foundation was established to raise awareness and address the prevalence of this problem through the “WARIF Approach”- a unique holistic method of tackling Gender Based Violence through the development and implementation of a series of initiatives, under the Health, Education and Community service.

Our 24 Hour Confidential Toll-Free Helpline 0800-9210-0009.

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Media as a Tool in Combating Sexual Assault and Rape.
For the Month of May, WARIF spoke with the Country Director for Global Citizen, Ms. Maimuna Maibe.  Maimuna is an Environmentalist with triple-bottom-line operations experience specializing in waste management and environmental strategy.  The WARIF Podcast is an educative and interactive platform to highlight the issues of gender based violence and the rights of women and girls. Join us as we continue to create awareness to the prevalence of rape and sexual assault in our communities and provide vital information on essential services to survivors, to assist with their healing and journey to full recovery.
May 27, 2022
The WARIF Podcast.
On this episode of the WARIF podcast, Dr. kemi DaSilva Ibru speaks on the birth of WARIF and how she was inspired to help women and girls that had been sexually assaulted in their communities.
September 03, 2021
Doctors on Air; Sexual Harassment
About Doctors On Air Doctors On Air is the most popular healthcare radio program in Nigeria today. It is a 30 minute program which provides up-to-date information on various diseases with a focus on Preventive care and strives to enlighten listeners, highlighting simple ways to maintain their 'Wellness', physical health, mental health etc.
August 04, 2021
Helping Survivors
Podcast session with Dr. Makanjuola 
May 27, 2021