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Warisan Ingatan

Warisan Ingatan

By Warisan Ingatan
Warisan Ingatan is a series of webinars initiated by several artists, scholars, and people from civil society who concern about Indonesian history. Warisan Ingatan attempts to present alternative narratives of the events of 1965. Through research, discussions, and spontaneous expression, Warisan Ingatan opens a space to recollect past experiences and discuss them. Contact us
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Seri Warisan Ingatan Eps. 1
MEMAHAMI SEJARAH 65: SUARA GENERASI KETIGA Rangga Purbaya dan Sirin Farid Stevy dari FIS 1965 akan membahas praktik metode visualisasi sejarah lisan korban 65 dan keluarganya, serta bagaimana mereka mengumpulkan data. _________________________________________ Understanding the Events of 1965: Voice of the Third Generation Rangga Purbaya and Sirin Farid Stevy from FIS 65 discussed the visual method of the oral stories of 65 survivors and their families. They also explained the data collection process as well as its challenges.
May 19, 2021