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The Warped Record Podcast

The Warped Record Podcast

By Troy Millette and Andy James
Another music podcast by those who live it, but are most likely under-qualified to talk about it.

Singer/songwriters Troy Millette and Andy James explore music they love and hate, the albums that puzzle and complete them, the songs that sing them to sleep and the motifs that keep them up at night, and everything in between!
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S1E1: Butter Miracle Suite One by Counting Crows
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Counting Crows is a quintessential 90's alternative rock band. Adam Duritz's melancholy and metaphorical lyrics fused with the twang-rock melodies of Dave Bryson, David Immergluck, and co. have been entrancing listeners for the better part of three decades.  In this episode Troy and Andy dive deep into the band's 2021 release "Butter Miracle Suite One" to discuss it's origin and give thoughtful opinions track-by-track. They also discuss the accompanying film released in conjuncture with one of 2021's most mature offerings.  You can stream the suite here: You can view the short film here:
February 09, 2022
What is the Warped Record Podcast?
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January 01, 2022