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The Warwick Esports Podcast

The Warwick Esports Podcast

By Warwick Esports
Warwick Esports is a society at the University of Warwick. In this podcast, Joshua "Phosphorescent" Mankelow, Samuel "AVGAN" Miah and Alex "CheeseLordP" Petropoulos will be talking about anything and everything esports.
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#006: How to Coach with Jack "Coach" Fenton
Today's episode of the podcast is slightly different. This time we had our ex-president of the society, Jack "Coach" Fenton in to speak about coaching, running trials and just working with competitive teams in general.
October 5, 2020
#005: Muzzammil "Muzz" Garasia
Today's guest is Muzzammil "Muzz" Garasia. Sam and Josh have a chat with him about a bunch of stuff including VALORANT and anime!
July 27, 2020
#004: Raz "Razzzzzzzz14" Saifullah and Max "KappaRoss" Darlington
In today's episode of the podcast, Sam invites Joe "McFluggleMuffin" Garrett onto the show to talk about becoming talent in the esports industry. In the latter half, Josh and Sam return to have a conversation with our social secs, Max and Raz.
June 10, 2020
#003: Raphael "hpaR" Santiago
Today, Alex and his guest Dan discuss how the Formula 1 has taken up playing the video game version of Formula 1 in lieu of a physical grand prix. Following that, Josh and Sam chat with Raph featuring a guest appearance from Raph's Mum.
May 21, 2020
#002: Paul "Photo" Hawkins
After a short talk about a restructure to the show, Alex talks to "The Starcraft Wizard" about some recent esports news, and Josh and Sam have a conversation with Warwick Esports' current Vice President, Paul "Photo" Hawkins.
May 11, 2020
#001: Daniel "bepis boi" Zeng
In the inaugural episode of the podcast, we discuss the format of the show, 'interview' the current president of Warwick Esports, Daniel "bepis boi" Zeng, and have a chat about Riot Games' new title: VALORANT.
May 1, 2020