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Wasabi Boat Research

Wasabi Boat Research

By Wasabi Boat Research
A zombified badger talks crypto, stonks, memes, and life with very special guests
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Alpha in Plain Sight w/ @Haal69k

Wasabi Boat Research

Ep. 9: BOOMER - Crypto Through the Eyes of a Retired Hedge Fund Trader
Wasabi talks with Boomer, a former global macro fund manager, about his crypto journey and Foot Guns trading newsletter. We cover:    🔥  Did Boomer get rekt trading his 3,000 #ETH stack?   🔥 The accidental Yen trade that made Boomer's hedge fund career  🔥  How the "weird Twitter" movement influenced CT  🔥  How many of Boomer's institooooooootional friends are buying crypto today?  🔥  How to avoid causing global food shortages with your trades   🔥  What crypto needs to learn about regulators and political power  🔥 The personal tale of Wasabi's anti-bank radicalization and other dirty  secrets of the tradfi world  🔥  What Boomer's personal portfolio looks like?  🔥  Why Boomer hates stonks, trading vol, Teslas, VC, Coinbase and many other things  🔥  Tulip mania trutherism, anti-crypto zealotry, and other pathologies of our modern age  🔥  Boomer's insanely undervalued art picks, and more!   Links Mentioned:  Foot Guns (Boomer's Trading Newsletter)  Follow Boomer on Twitter  Follow Wasabi on Twitter: Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation  Cover Art
November 03, 2021
Ep 7. The Lyceum: A Salon For Enlightened Degens
Wasabi talks with @snooplyin42 about his new project The Lyceum, a watering hole for crypto anons to talk about philosophy, politics, NFT drops and other topics too hot for normal discord.   We talk:   - BGAN Punks' conversion from an NFT project to a community owned DAO   - Pitfalls of cookie cutter NFT "roadmaps"   - Governance models for NFT communities   - What NFT projects Snoop is acoooooumulating now and what NFT could do well in a Coinbase NFT world?   - Launching the Lyceum, its NFT  entry model, and how new members can join   - Snoop's upcoming NFT project Dimenschen, which lets you mint NFTs from unique philosophical ideas.    Links Mentioned   Follow Snoop on Twitter The Lyceum Twitter  Lyceum NFTs  BGAN Punks DAO announcement
October 20, 2021
Alpha in Plain Sight w/ @Haal69k
My convo with @haal69k aka $1500 Badger LLC aka shadowy crypto Bond villain. In 77 minutes of highly enriched alfalfa, we talk: Why the Fibonacci golden pocket means I’m NGMI Physics modeling Horse betting How to trade around a long term crypto bull thesis Investing after hacks Crypto trading “edge” hiding in plain sight Position sizing & time origins Favorite trading tools How to play the “ETH suburbs” 2 favorite passive-ish income plays in crypto @Footguns token release & roadmap Favorite Defi tokens The Giga bull scenario for @ What we can expect from the $1500 Badger regime Why DeFi needs more lawyers and other hot takes on crypto regulation Highest conviction trades right now Links Mentioned Follow Haal on Twitter  TradingView Charts Popsicle Finance ($ICE) Foot Guns Substack (subscribe!) How to make a token on Polygon (YouTube) Man who solved the Market BadgerDAO Lexpunk  Video Version #crypto #bitcoin #badgerDAO
September 11, 2021
Ep 5. Alex the Entreprenerd on Bitcoin Yield Strategies in DeFi
BadgerDAO strategist Alex the Entreprenerd talks the present and future of WBTC yield farming.    We cover:   Getting paid to learn Solidity / ETH development  Where do the yields on Bitcoin come from and how they compare to other assets like stablecoins?  Top strategies for WBTC yield that are working now   How new strategies are developed and tested  3 red flags non-coders can use to spot dodgy projects ' What is the frontier for BTC yield strategies? No code tools?   Tips for becoming a yield strategist at a DAO like Badger or Yearn   Resources Mentioned  Follow Alex:  Alex's YouTube: Yearn Watch WBTC Vault: Badger DAO Vaults (yield farming aggregator) Gitcoin Hackathons  #bitcoin #defi #yearn #badger #BTC #ETH
August 13, 2021
Ep 4: @SnoopLyin42 on Bastard Gan Punks, NFTs and AI
A chat with @snooplyin42 about the Bastard Gan Punks Project. Snoop is a OG Bastard minter, collector, and creator of the BGAN Sales bot. We cover: The origin of Bastard GAN Punks project and what it says about AI and the NFT market How has the BGAN market developed (major categories, market trends, big collectors) Are Bastards decoupled from Punks? Who is Mooncat and why does he own all the bastards I want? Snooplyin's live Bastard breakdowns  What's next for the Bastards community? Follow Snooplyin on Twitter Follow Berk (Bastards Creator) on Twitter Links Mentioned: Bastard GAN Punks Project Mooncat888's beautiful Bastards  Mooncat's Medium article on Bastards and main categories  BGAN Punks Discord BokkyPoobah's BGAN Browser
August 04, 2021
Ep. 3: Sharedstake Rug Postmortem with @0xYield Farmer (aka Poopster) and @Weeb_McGee
A chat with Poopster and Weeb McGee about the rugpull at Sharedstake and prospects for the protocol's recovery. We Discuss: What happened The role of community members in the recovery Status of the SGT governance token and a roadmap to securing the 16,000 ETH locked in the ETH2 validator nodes Will other protocols be stepping in to help the recovery?  How to handicap risk after exploits Wasabi gets #Blecpilled? Lessons learned for users, developers, and community members. Follow Poopster: Follow Weeb McGee Follow Wasabi Links Mentioned: Sharedstake Protocol Team Post Mortem (Written by IceBear) Immunify Post Mortem Chimera Post Mortem Kairos Post Mortem (now deleted PDF) #sharedstake #ETH2, #vETH2, #ethereum, #SGT
August 04, 2021
Ep 2: @CryptoIdealist on Curve, Convex, Yearn, the Lockening, and the Value of Pure Apeage
Crypto Idealist shares his thesis on Convex, the battle to lock up CRV tokens, time horizon arbitrage, the value of aping in, and other DeFi projects he likes. Follow cryptoidealist on Twitter for more on the CRV ecosystem.
August 04, 2021
Ep 1: A $DIGG Discussion with @Wezekbruh
Wasabi and Wezek talk about the future of $DIGG, the rebasing synthetic bitcoin released by BadgerDAO and the upcoming rebase options launch. Links Mentioned "Why I am Unreasonably Long in DIGG"…g-40a7d8ce077d DIGG (coingecko)
August 04, 2021