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Washed Up Walkons

Washed Up Walkons

By Tyler Kluver
3 former Iowa Hawkeye football players try to fill an hour with words.
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144. ISU Looks Ehh.. NFL Is Full Force, Drake Deletes Twitter | WUW 144
Kevin and Tyler talk Drakes twitter drama and then move on to all things football. The college world opened up for the most part with plenty of drama in Week 1. Most relevant cross state rival ISU looked lack luster at best in their home opening loss to Louisiana. We discuss if Brock Purdy are contenders or pretenders. We talk the latest news that the Big Ten is close to figuring out a way back on the field, and most importantly, what does that look like for a program logistically to be game ready. Finally we take a look at the NFL slate and talk about how the world feels a little more right with FOOTBALL.
September 14, 2020
143. Football Is Back, For Some | WUW 143
Rough week of content. Insanely slow week for football material, especially for Iowa. We talk about the first weekend in college football and review Kevin's picks from last week. We talk about Hawks in the NFL with recent stories about Niemann, Matt and Anthony Nelson, Tristan Wirfs, and Josey Jewell. We banter as always.. Enjoy
September 10, 2020
142. UNI Panther Karter Schult | WUW 142
Karter is from Tripoli, Iowa and chose a partial scholarship offer at UNI to continue his education and football career in college. After waiting to gain significant playing time Karter stepped in his sophomore year and never looked back. By the end of his time in a Panther uniform he had several school and conference records to his name. He bounced around the league for several years and also had a small stint in the AAF league before finishing his NFL career with the Vikings. He now works with youth athletes developing strength and speed programs at D1 Sports in Waukee, IA.  #manscapedpod Code: WALKON for 20% off and FREE SHIPPING at
September 7, 2020
141. Hawkeye Offensive Lineman To Army Ranger with Reid Sealby | WUW 141
Reid was in the 2012 recruiting class joining the program with Kittle, Beathard, Ott, and others. Reid discusses how his way to Iowa actually came through wrestling and tells a funny story about meeting the Brands brothers on a wrestling visit. He talks about starting out at D-line and quickly moving to the offensive side of the ball in his first camp and shares his 'Welcome to the Big Ten' moment. After 3 years of grinding and not a lot of movement on the depth chart Reid tried his hand at Long Snapping in the spring of 15' before deciding to transfer that summer. He transferred to Southern Illinois and found success in the stacked Missouri Valley conference for his final 2 years. After football ended he found his way into an internship with Nebraska Football in Strength and Conditioning before deciding that wasn't for him, and after more odd jobs eventually took the leap to joining the military. He talks all about officer candidate school, Ranger school, and his recent first deployment to Africa. Enjoy.
September 3, 2020
140. Sage Ohlensehlen | WUW 140
Sage is a current senior at the university of Iowa and is Captain of the Women's Swim Team. She is among the 125+ athletes who recently learned their sports were being discontinued at the university. She has been vocal on social media trying her best to save the sport she that has been her life since 5 years old. We talk about walking on to the swim team from Bettendorf and what it means to be a Hawkeye, as well as her perspective on learning the program was being trimmed, what can and is being done to save it, and what it means for the university and the state moving forward. #manscapedpod 20% and FREE SHIPPING with code WALKON at
August 31, 2020
139. Stewart Brown | WUW 139
Stewart is from North Carolina and has been doing gymnastics since he was 18 months old. He joins the show to discuss his way to Iowa gymnastics and some of his experience as a Hawkeye, and to talk about COVID 19 affecting the athletic department, forcing programs to be cut and athletes left wondering what is next? #Manscapedpod Code WALKON for 20% off and FREE SHIPPING at
August 27, 2020
138. Stuart Duncan(Father Of Keith) | WUW 138
Stuart Duncan is the father of Most notably snubbed kicker of all time, the true Lou Groza winner, the hero of Michigan '16, and Nebraska 19', the best kicker in potentially the universe, Senior Keith Duncan. Stuart has been one of the vocal Iowa Football parents recently on social media and joins the show to provide an interesting perspective on all that is going on with the cancellation of football and the Big Ten drama. We also chat about the view from his eyes on the crazy career that Keith has had. Enoy #manscapedpod Use code: WALKON for 20% off and Free Shipping at 
August 24, 2020
137. Frank Garza | WUW 137
Frank is the father of Luka Garza, star center of the Iowa Basketball team. We sat down with Frank to discuss what makes Luka the player he is today and what drove him to drastic improvements from his sophomore to junior season. The mental side of the game has become supremely important to Luka and we discuss some of the philosophy behind that as well as everything that went into his decision to come back to play for the Hawks in his senior year.   Use Code: WALKON for 20% off and FREE SHIPPING at!   #manscapedpod
August 20, 2020
136. Could A Spring Season ACTUALLY Work? | WUW 136
On todays episode the guys dive head first into breaking down a potential spring football season. Jeff Brohm, head coach of Purdue, released a proposed schedule for the entire football calendar year of 2021, could it actually be an ok option? We discuss the pros and cons of that plan plus how players AND parents are still fighting for a season this fall. We obviously discuss George Kittle locking down a 75 million dollar contract and finish the show discussing squirrel life expectancy.. LOL enjoy.   #manscapedpod   Code: WALKON for 20% off and FREE SHIPPING on Manscaped Products!
August 17, 2020
135. B1G Football Cancelled with Jeremiah Sirles | WUW 135
In this episode Jeremiah Sirles joins the show making his second appearance. Jeremiah is a former Nebraska and NFL offensive lineman and after retiring from the league last year, started his own podcast based on Nebraska football which is now affiliated with the University of Nebraska media department. We dive head first into the news that there will be no B1G football this fall. What are the implications on Injury, Eligibility, Season Relevance. What is the financial fallout looming for the B1G and the NCAA. What is going through the minds of the players and organizations in this crazy scenario. We discuss all of this and more.    #ManscapedPod   Use code: WALKON at checkout for 20% off and free shipping on Manscaped products!
August 13, 2020
134. Garza Returns, Martin Exits, Opt Outs And More | WUW 134
A dense episode as we return to the mic after taking Thursday off. We talk what Luka Garza returning to the Hawkeye Basketball team means for their season this year. Oliver Martin is back in the portal after transferring in from Michigan just a year ago, we discuss him and the portal at large. Players are opting out all over the country and the Big Ten has seen 3 super stars, all of which Iowa was set to face, take their leave for the NFL. We update you guys on some momentum of the show and more fun conversation.   #manscapedpod Use code: WALKON at checkout for 20% off and Free Shipping on Manscaped products!
August 10, 2020
133. Husch Blackwell Report, KF Press Conference, Luka Garza Decision | WUW 133
We sat down hours after the official report came out on Iowa Football, and Gary Barta and Kirk Ferentz had their press conference, to discuss the findings of the report and more. We also touch on the decision facing Luka Garza and what it means for Iowa basketball.
August 3, 2020
132. The NCAA Problem, David Goggins, Teammate UFC Matches, And More | WUW 132
We talk a range of topics from David Goggins and how to be mentally hard, The walkon vs the scholarship athlete in terms of every day life in the program, who we would put on a UFC fight card out of the pool of our former teammates, Players we are most excited to watch this year(assuming there is football), A funny locker room story from freshman year, How much gear we came away with after 5 years in the program, how players go about having surgery and who pays for it, our thoughts on the transfer portal, teammates we originally didn't get along with but became friends with, and more. This is our Bi-monthly Patreon Subscriber Q&A where those who support get the full episode and regular listeners get a small bit of the entire thing. 
July 30, 2020
131. Brady Ross Part 2 | WUW 131
In part 2 with Brady we pick up in the Q/A from twitter when Jake Gervase barges in and makes a cameo appearance on the show. We then get into the Iowa vs. Iowa State "Superbowl", How it feels to lose as a player and what that weight feels like, the financial situation of an athlete moving on from college to real life, how to find fulfillment for someone who "never has enough", What Brady thinks about the craziness of Corona affecting the off season schedule, and players not being compensated for what they are worth. 
July 27, 2020
131. Brady Ross Part 1 | WUW 131
Brady Ross finally joins the show and we deep dive into everything about the last 5 years of his life. We split this episode into 2 parts. Part 1 focuses heavily on Brady's journey to becoming a Hawkeye what his recruiting process looked like. Brady talks about the 'making enemies' mentality that he used to make a name for himself as a young guy in the program. Drake and Brady have an in depth conversation about what it's like mentally playing the fullback position and the anxiety that comes with it. The episode ends by us discussing his attempted lateral to Nate Stanley last season.
July 23, 2020
130. Lucy Rohden | WUW 130
In this episode we discuss some Twitter drama that Drake poked his nose in, and then we bring on Hawkeye personality Lucy Rohden who was blown up in the Iowa community over the last couple years for her ISU troll video and several popular tiktoks. She talks about gaining popularity within the fanbase, hate from other fanbases, dealing with the constant struggle of content creation, her experiences while attending the U of I, and what she would want her future to look like.
July 20, 2020
129. Maurice "MoGoouchie" Goodson | WUW 129
Iowa Football in 2019 debuted a tremendous weapon in the backfield in the form of Freshman running back Tyler Goodson. Tyler stepped in as a true freshman and started playing Big Ten football like he had been doing it for years. Hawkeye nation looks to have #15 scoring touchdowns for the next couple of years, and he could potentially be the best back at Iowa since Shonn Greene. As popular as he has become, his parents Maurice and Felicia have become a bright spot in the Hawkeye family as well with their entertaining and infectious energy on social media and beyond. We had the pleasure to sit down with Maurice and talk topics ranging from his favorite memories from year 1 and a background on how Tyler grew up, to his reactions on the racial disparity debacle and his sons expectations moving forward. One of our favorite interviews to date. Enjoy
July 16, 2020
128. What Lengths Would You Go To Play In A Big Ten Championship? | WUW 128
We sat down to talk a variety of topics starting with the details on a new podcast coming from us called "Burn It Down' and what that will be about. We give a merchandise update on new designs and when we hope to drop that new store. Skipping to 18 mins in we start discussing Iowa football specific topics including a fun "Try this at home" workout from inside Iowa Football that will leave you gassed. We discuss the new position that Broderick Binns has assumed inside the UI athletic department, and we finish the second half of the episode talking about just crazy this COVID world is and if football will even happen. What the season could potentially look like, and how it affects the guys that are currently in the program.
July 13, 2020
127. Pat Lugo | WUW 127
Pat Lugo hails from Florida and joined the Iowa wrestling team in 2017. After winning 2 state championships to cap his high school career, he made a pit stop in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. After 2 seasons there his coach was seeking other opportunities and he decided he would as well. Pat talks about what put him on the big stage of wrestling and how he got to Iowa City. After redshirting in 2017 he became a pivotal part of the Hawkeye squad and as a senior this past spring had his career cut short after winning the Big 10 championship and holding a #1 seed entering the national tournament. Pat talks about the Brands brothers and being apart of the Hawkeye program, his upbringing and how that made him who he is today, and more!
July 9, 2020
126. Robert T Green, Akrum Wadley Statement, And More | WUW 126
Recent statements by former Iowa players, posted by Robert T Green, have resurfaced Iowa into the spotlight after moving forward from original racial disparity issues. This episode gathers some of our thoughts on the situation.
July 6, 2020
125. Conversation With James Daniels And Jordan Lomax | WUW 125
James Daniels and Jordan Lomax join the show to discuss the racial disparity concerns inside Iowa Football. They talk about their own experiences from when they wore the Black and Gold and provide an entirely new perspective on the situation. We break down the specific issues, the route of those problems, potential solutions, and how to move forward as a community.
June 25, 2020
124. Chris Doyle Is OUT, Who Should Be IN? | WUW 124
Earlier this week it was announced that Chris Doyle, Head strength and conditioning coach for the Iowa football team would be parting ways with the program due to the situation involving racial disparity allegations. As exercise science majors who once considered college strength coach as a potential career path, and guys who have been coached by a strong lineup of coaches, we wanted to talk about who we think should step in at Iowa. We also discuss if Chris Doyle will ever coach again, and where that would be, as well as what you need when you're looking for someone to lead your program. Enjoy
June 18, 2020
123. Racial Disparity Allegations Hit Iowa Football | WUW 123
Friday June 5th former Iowa football players, many African American, started leaking personal stories and anecdotes to social media about potential racial disparity inside the Iowa Football program. By Saturday morning Iowa football and specifically Chris Doyle were in the national news as the questions about this thought to be 100% clean organization started to pile up. As 3 players who laced up cleats along side many of those speaking out we took a week to listen, learn, and process our teammates claims as well as own thoughts and experiences from our time at Iowa. This is a record of our own thoughts and some discussion about the dynamic issues and topics this situation has brought to light.
June 12, 2020
122. Austin Blythe | WUW 122
Austin Blythe grew up and played high school football in Williamsburg, IA. An extremely successful high school wrestler and football player, Austin had a choice to make regarding what sport was best for him in college. After receiving an offer to play football for Iowa after his freshman year, he eventually decided to choose the Hawks over a list of other programs. After redshirting his true freshman year he started for 4 years and finished his career as one of the imperative senior leaders on the 2015 Rose Bowl team. After that season he was drafted by the Colts and now is going into his 5th year in the NFL as part of the LA Rams. Austin talks about all of this and more!
June 4, 2020
121. Spencer Petras, Jacks Pizza, SpaceX, Riots, and Lance Armstrong | WUW 121
We talk about a bunch of different topics in this episode. It starts off with where Kevin was last week and talking about guests that will be coming on the show, and then turn to the Lance Armstrong documentary and Elon putting people into space. We settle in to throw our views out on the current events from Minneapolis and the riots that took place in Des Moines. We finish with some very entertaining conversation about Jacks pizza, what you wouldn't do for 175 million dollars, and the possibility of Spencer Petras being better than Nate Stanley?
June 1, 2020
120. Colin Fisher | WUW 120
Colin joined the Iowa program as a manager in the fall of 2015. Colin comes to the show to provide an interesting perspective on Iowa football that this podcast hasn't seen before. The managers each year are a select, small group of guys that are crucial to the program. They are essentially, along with several staff members, the people who make everything run smooth. They set up and tear down practice, they prepare the locker room and equipment for game days. They transport equipment to the stadium, they drive guys back and forth from the hotel during camp, they assist with meals, and so much more. Colin is one of the truly good dudes that spent time as a manager at Iowa and it was a joy to talk about all of this on the podcast.
May 28, 2020
119. Ross Reynolds | WUW 119
Ross came in to Iowa, from Waukee, in the fall of 2014. He originally planned to grey shirt and come in after that 2014 season, However a spot opened and Ross was wearing the tiger hawk. Another under recruited Iowa kid, Ross grinded his way through Iowa and "owes everything to Coach Doyle" as many of the Hawkeye players would tell you. Ross saw significant playing time in his junior and senior seasons with Iowa in 17' and 18' and capped his career with the Outback Bowl win over Miss. St. After playing his final game for the hawks he signed as a free agent to San Francisco and has been with the 49ers since where he is currently playing with Kittle and Beathard. We talk about all of this and more!
May 25, 2020
118. Riley McCarron | WUW 118
Riley McCarron joined the team one year before the walkons in the same class as CJ Beathard and George Kittle. He has a very similar story as we do , Iowa kid with very little interest as far as big time D1 colleges go. Iowa hopped on his radar late and he was on his way to Iowa City. Riley put his head down and grinded his way onto special teams where he became an integral part of our core in 2015. It was that year where he started to become a factor at receiver as well. After an injury allowed more playing time Riley took advantage and was crucial to the 2016 receiving core. Much of our conversation was a walk down memory lane talking about all the good times in the black and gold. We got into his time in the NFL and what his life looks like now as well. Enjoy!
May 21, 2020
117. Marc Morehouse | WUW 117
Marc Morehouse is a well known reporter from Cedar Rapids and has been covering Hawkeye Football for the entire Kirk Ferentz Era. As players he was able to interview us on multiple occasions in the more formal setting and we finally got him in our house to chop it up Walkon style. We had an awesome wide ranging conversation that was super informational and holds an inside look feel from both parties. Enjoy.
May 18, 2020
116. D1 Nutrition Breakdown | WUW 116
We go fully in depth into Nutrition and Training and how they work together in the life of a young athlete. How does the Iowa program approach performance nutrition? What are the best ways to gain weight as a high school kid and why is it so difficult? What did our nutrition look like pre Iowa vs once we were in the program? How does Chris Doyle and staff approach each body type once they are in Iowa City? What does each meal provided for the players look like and what times of day do they get fed? All of these questions answered and more!
May 14, 2020
115. Mother's Day + Throwback | WUW115
We took the weekend off to focus on family time but still have something for your listening pleasure. Take a step into the past and listen to our 3rd episode ever, which to this day is our most listened episode and first one to reach over 10k downloads. Drake tears Nebraska apart and it makes for great entertainment. Kluver also adds a personal mom story in the spirit of Mothers Day.
May 11, 2020
114. Drake's Advice To Fight COVID | WUW 114
Live interactive episode done with fans over Zoom. Hackers for the most part stayed away so once we got rolling we had some pretty funny content. We ended up talking mostly how COVID will affect Iowa football. The game experience for the players, the fans, the tailgates. We talked about conspiracy theories with comical twists to them. And we touched on a bunch of other stuff.
May 7, 2020
113. Recruiting On Fire and Crop Top Husker | WUW 113
The guys answers Q&A questions and turn out 75 of the best minutes the show has seen. Topics range from the recent recruiting savagery to the husker recruit wearing a crop top on TikTok. We answer who the most athletic guy we ever played with was. What do players think of Alternate Unis? What would our death row meals be? Do D1 players use steroids? What kind of change did we see from KF and the program in our 5 years? Which of the Hawkeyes drafted this year will have the best career? And much, much more!
May 4, 2020
112. Faith Ekakitie | WUW 112
Faith joined the team one season prior to the Walk Ons in 2012 with almost no knowledge of Iowa, the state or the sport. He knew very little about recruiting, college football, and defensive scheme but was talented and ended up in the Black and Gold. After his career with the Hawks football took an interesting turn in Canada and now a few years later he is back in Illinois. We talk about his entire journey plus more.
April 30, 2020
111. 2020 NFL Draft Breakdown | WUW 111
The guys breakdown in a jam packed episode the 2020 NFL draft and our thoughts on where the Hawkeyes landed. Some entertaining banter to begin the episode, some shit talking to OSU, and other fun. Tristan Wirfs, AJ Epenesa, Michael Ojemudia, Geno Stone, and Nate Stanley all were drafted and Nate Wieting, Kristian Welch, and Cedric Lattimore will also be headed to camps with NFL teams.
April 27, 2020
110. Kevin's Father, Brian 'Beef' Ward | WUW 110
Since the inception of our podcast there has been the occasional mention of Kevin's dad. Many stories from our college days involve stories from the Ward lake house in Michigan or other extremely entertaining situations that have played out with Kevin's family. Kevin is one of 3 brothers, all of whom played D1 football which has created quite the life for their parents for the past decade. Brian sheds some light on what it's like to travel the B1G 10 and how see every team and stadium the conference has to offer. We talk about the legendary Ward tailgate, stories from Brian's playing days at Illinois, and the time I almost killed Kevin on a Jet Ski.
April 23, 2020
109. Toren Young | WUW 109
Toren Young is a recent Iowa Hawkeye running back from Madison, Wisconsin. Like many, Iowa City and what Coach Ferentz had to offer stole Toren away from another B1G region and got him in the black and gold. This episode is an hour plus of straight locker room good times as we go over tons of favorite memories and stories of our time playing. There is of course some back story on Toren as well as his thoughts on sharing the backfield, What he thinks of Nate Stanley, Coach Doyle, and Tyler Goodson, as well as how he felt scoring touchdowns as well as his feelings in some of his biggest moments.
April 20, 2020
108. James Butler | WUW 108
James Butler is a former running back for the Iowa Hawkeyes. He most recently made waves in the XFL with the Houston Roughnecks. Before Corona shut the world down he was leading the XFL in rushing touchdowns and literally created the XFL version of the Lambeau Leap, "The Houston Hop". James spent time in both the NFL and the CFL in between his time at Iowa and now and has an entire backstory of football and life before becoming a Hawkeye as well, highlighted by an impressive 3 years as part of the Nevada Wolfpack. Listen to James tell his story of always betting on yourself, learning how to be a team player on and off the field, and other trials and tribulations of his career.
April 16, 2020
107. Who Should Be Iowa's Next Head Coach? | WUW 107
The Walkons were invited to be the celebrity guests for a Zoom meetup hosted in conjunction by the Iowa Clubs of D.C., Phoenix, and New York! We hopped on for an hour to answer questions asked by the fans and club members about our time at Iowa. Topics include, Who should be the next Iowa head coach, the polecat play story in depth, How COVID19 will affect the football landscape this coming fall, favorite Coach Doyle stories, and more!
April 13, 2020
106. Gary Dolphin | WUW 106
Gary Dolphin is the play by play announcer for the Iowa Hawkeye football and basketball teams. He has held the position for over 20 years. When people think of Hawkeye sports, Gary is surely associated with it. We finally got the chance to sit down with 'Dolph' and talk about everything Black and Gold. We discuss stories from our playing days, Gary's favorite interviews and calls in his career, talk about the suspension from broadcasting that Gary served last year, and more.
April 9, 2020
105. LeShun Daniels | WUW 105
LeShun Daniels is a former Hawkeye and NFL running back from Warren, Ohio. Brother is James Daniels, former Hawkeye center and current Chicago Bear. LeShun joined the Hawkeyes with the Walkons in the 2013 recruiting class. He is one of 4 players in that class to see action in that true freshman year. LeShun became an integral part of the Hawkeye running game in 2015. LeShun bounced around to multiple teams in the league after playing for the Hawks and now lives in Illinois with his wife and child. We talk about his time playing, his favorite memories, and just catch up on all the good times.
April 6, 2020
104. Niemann Is Back For More, Mahomes goes to the movies? | WUW 104
Ben Niemann is back for a second round on the show. We wanted this to be a live episode over Zoom but then it got hacked and we had to improvise our own episode a day later. We answer all the pressing questions like who our favorite Iowa media personnel are, the training table meals we miss the most, if Kluver is ever going to get a real job, What it's like for Patrick Mahomes to attend a movie at the theaters, How the NFL players are having to deal with COVID19, and more!
April 2, 2020
103. Ryan 'Big Cat' Kriener | WUW 103
Ryan Kreiner came to Iowa City to join the Hawkeye basketball team after absolutely dominating as a prep athlete at Spirit Lake. He has one of the more interesting and low key figures on the Iowa basketball team for the last 5 years and has played a crucial part in the Hawkeyes success. Ryan joined the show to talk about his story, his favorite memories playing for Iowa, what it was like to have his final career cut short by COVID19, what we can expect from the 2021 Hawks, what is next for him, and MORE! Enjoy
March 30, 2020
102. Visiting Hours Bonus Episode | WUW 102
COVID19 has taken the world by storm and everyone is stuck in quarantine. So, to help provide a break from all the craziness Drake and Tyler held a live podcast over lunch on 3-23-20. Fans were able to join and help direct the episode by asking questions and participating in the chat. What became of the idea turned into a fantastic episode.
March 28, 2020
101. George Kittle AND Rob Tonyan Jr. | WUW 101
At this point if you don't know who George Kittle is, I am not sure how you ended up here. Rob Tonyan Jr. is a current Tight End for the Green Bay Packers and one of George's friends, training partners, and roommates. Rob played QB and WR for Indiana St. in college and met George during Pre-draft training in Texas. They've been boys since then and now live together down in Nashville, TN where they are spending time training during the off season. George and Rob joined the show to talk about a variety of topics including George playing in the Super Bowl, what it's like to be a celeb, managing the football/entrepreneur balance of a professional athlete, and more! 
March 26, 2020
100. Chad Greenway | WUW 100
Chad Greenway is a well known Iowa Football legend. He would make many people's Hawkeye Football Mt. Rushmore and is one of the greatest Linebackers in history to wear the black and gold. After being a crucial part of the 3 year domination period of Hawkeye football in 02' to 04' he was drafted in the first round by the Minnesota Vikings where he spent his entire NFL career. A perfect story if there ever was one. Chad talks about all of this and more including his recruitment story, Reese Morgan, stories from high school and Iowa city, and how being a Hawkeye shaped him into the man he is today post football life. Chad now lives in Minnesota with his wife and 4 daughters(future Olympians) and is an entrepreneur. His most recent venture is having a hand in a vodka company, Grey Duck Vodka. We hope you enjoy our chat with Chad.
March 23, 2020
99. The CoronaCast With Alex Meyer | WUW 099
What do the Iowa wrestlers think about their season ending? How does the corona virus shutting down the world affect a football program, athletes training for the next level, and other sports? Will the NCAA allow an extra year for seniors or at least go back and postpone sports temporarily? Alex Meyer makes his second appearance on the show to talk all things Corona and Hawkeye Sports. We had originally planned on recapping the B1G wrestling tourney and then previewing the NCAA wrestling nationals, however this Corona thing really took a turn, so we discuss it. We break down what it would be like as an athlete to have a season and potentially a career cut short due to such wild circumstances. This one got pretty fun.
March 16, 2020
98. Jordan Canzeri | WUW 098
Jordan Canzeri is a former Running Back for the Hawkeyes that joined the team in 2011. All the way from Troy, New York. Hear the crazy store about how the Hawkeye coaching staff found Jordan from a highlight finding its way to Coach O'Keefe's desk, the tape was made by an opposing teams coach from Jordan's time in High school. Jordan saw playing time right away in 2011 before a setback knee injury in 2012 forced him to medical red-shirt. He talks about how that injury helped shape his mindset and allowed him the chance to be apart of the 2015 season. Jordan has the all time school record at Iowa for carries in a game(43) against Illinois in 2015 when he literally carried the Hawks to victory. Post Iowa career he has taken several paths to try and continue playing the game he loves while battling injury after injury which he talks about as well. Enjoy 
March 12, 2020
97. Amani Hooker | WUW 097
Amani Hooker joined the Hawkeye football team in 2016 from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. One in the line of many hawkeye defensive backs who went under recruited out of high school only to come to Iowa City and make a huge impact in the Big Ten. As a sophomore in 2017 Amani jump started Kinnick Stadium with a pick-6 on the first play of the now infamous Ohio St. thrashing. The next year Amani would go on to win the Tatum Woodson Defensive back of the year in the Big Ten and enter the NFL draft foregoing his senior season. He was drafted in the 4th round to the Tennessee Titans and just finished his rookie season where they made it all the way to the Division Championship before falling short to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Chiefs. We talk about all of this and more!
March 9, 2020
96. Sean Welsh | WUW 096
Sean joined the Hawkeye football team alongside the Walk Ons in the 2013 recruiting class. All the way from Dayton, Ohio, Sean saw early action in his career as he broke into the starting lineup in our 2014 redshirt freshman season. Sean played a crucial part to the offensive continuity in the undefeated 2015 season and was also apart of the Joe Moore award winning 2016 offensive line. Through his time at Iowa Sean started to battle some anxiety and depression and many will remember him releasing a statement about mental health in the fall of 2017 before we began our senior season, something that was widely respected throughout the team and Hawkeye Nation. After finishing his time at Iowa, Sean was signed as a free agent to the Washington Redskins before deciding to retire from football and enter the professional world. We talk about all of this and more on this episode!
March 5, 2020
95. 2020 Hawks At The Combine | WUW 095
The boys sit down to discuss how this years Hawkeye Combine invites fared in Indianapolis. Nate Stanley, Tristan Wirfs, AJ Epenesa, Michael Ojemudia, and Geno Stone took to the field in Indy to show out against the nations best. We talk all of the results of there testing and on field workouts as well as what those tests actually mean. How much weight does a 40 time carry in a NFL coach's eyes? The bench press? The vertical? What are coaches really looking for and what do this years list of Hawks need to do moving forward to put themselves in their best draft day position.
March 2, 2020
94. It's Uber For Kluver | WUW 094
The boys jump on and improvise after the planned guest couldn't make the show. Topics of conversation range from both Iowa men's and women's basketball teams to Iowa wrestling. Kevin had multiple friends in town who contribute to the podcast with some betting talk, Drake threatens to fight one of them, and Gervase finally speaks on his shitty internet. At around 25 mins the episode takes a turn when Kluver reveals that he was let go from his job and is now in search of work, which created some entertaining conversation.
February 27, 2020
93. What Would It Take To Get KF On The Show? | WUW 093
The boys sit down on an impromptu episode to do Q&A with the WUW twitter fan base. Question topics covered plenty of topics such as Coach Ferentz coming on the podcast,  Our most embarrassing moments, our favorite movies and cheat meals, how hard the girls were jersey chasing in college, the drunkest Drake has ever been, and more. It made for a very funny, exciting, and relaxed episode. Enjoy
February 24, 2020
92. Ben Niemann, Super Bowl Champion | WUW 092
Ben Niemann played at Iowa from 2014 to 2017 as a Linebacker for the Hawkeyes. He saw immediate action his freshman year on special teams where he paved his way into the starting lineup along side Josey Jewell and Bo Bower. Undrafted in the 2018 NFL Draft, Ben got a shot with the Kansas City Chiefs and hasn't looked back since. Taking a similar path in the NFL, Ben just completed his 2nd season with Kansas City ranking as one of the best special teams players in the league in both seasons. Oh ya, they also just won the Super Bowl. Ben joins the show to talk about what it's like to play with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and others. He discusses what it was like to grow up with a busy college football coach for a dad, have his High School chanting his name at a pep rally, and much more.
February 20, 2020
91. Travis Perry | WUW 091
Travis Perry holds the title of OG Savage Back and OG washed up walkon. Travis came to the Hawkeyes from Urbandale High School in Central Iowa where he was a star high school athlete. With multiple options coming out of high school Travis, like many of our other guests, decided that walking on at the U of I was the best option for him and it paid off tenfold. Travis went on to start on and off at Linebacker for the Hawks while remaining the staple of all 4 special teams units throughout his career. Travis reflects on some of his better stories and talks about how being a Hawkeye prepared him for the real world.
February 17, 2020
90. Nick Easley | WUW 090
Nick Easley played high school football in Newton, Ia and found his way to Iowa Western CC. There he became the leading WR in the nation his sophomore year in catches but still wasn't catching the eye of Division 1 schools. Nick tells the story of committing, decommitting, and recommitting in his journey to Iowa City and the black and gold. Nick would go on to be a pivotal part of the Hawkeye Offense in 2017 and 2018 helping the Hawks bring home bowl victories in both years. Nick is now fighting to rise up the ranks of the NFL and create for himself a role inside an organization. He is currently and has been with the Buffalo Bills.
February 13, 2020
89. Nate Stanley | WUW 089
Nate Stanley needs no introduction. He just finished up his time as QB1 for the Iowa Hawkeyes this past season. As a starter he never lost in the Cy-Hawk, Floyd of Rosedale, and Heroes trophy games. On top of that he went 3-0 as a starter in Bowl games and is now preparing for the 2020 NFL Draft. Nate joins the show to talk life of a college QB and all things Hawkeyes.
February 10, 2020
88. Levi and Landan, The Paulsen Twins | WUW 088
Landan and Levi Paulsen found their way to Iowa City from Moville, Iowa. Two of the most Iowa good ol boys you will ever meet. Two of the best representatives of the Iowa Football program that walk the earth. Landan and Levi sit down to talk growing up as massive twins from a small town and what it was like to dominate high school sports. They talk about how they started their own businesses as high school kids and did everything from move furniture to bale hay to shovel driveways. Both go into detail about their personal and joint journeys at Iowa and how their time in the program molded them. We get into other topics as well like growing out their hair and then chopping it off for a cause, injuries and how tough being a D1 lineman can be on the body, and much more. Enjoy.
February 6, 2020
87. Breakfast On Benton Street | WUW 087
DISCLAIMER: This is not your normal WUW episode. This is 5 former roommates catching up for an hour. This episode is a mild version of if you walked into our house on Benton Street in Iowa City in 2017 on a Sunday morning and sat down to listen to our conversation. Ike Boettger and Bo Bower join the show and we simply try to keep the train on the tracks.
February 3, 2020
86. Kevin Ruins The Super Bowl | WUW 086
The boys get together for a quick saturday night spit on the Iowa vs. Penn St. dual meet in Iowa City. Kevin wrecks the entire show in a way only he could, so Drake and Tyler take it home by finishing the episode in discussion about the Super Bowl hawks and who they think takes home the title.
February 2, 2020
85. Jake Gervase | WUW 085
Jake Gervase is one of the TRUE WUW alumni. He joined the Iowa football team in 2014 as a walk on safety from Davenport Assumption High School. He is one of the better friends of the show and just recently wrapped up his rookie year in the NFL with the Los Angeles Rams. While in Iowa City Jake accrued many honors and awards including 3 time Academic All Big 10, Team Hustle Award, Big Ten Distinguished Scholar Award, Next Man In Award, Named to All-Bowl Team by for his play in 2019 Outback Bowl, Permanent Team Captain, Hayden Fry Award, Brett Greenwood Award, and he led the team in tackles with 89 his senior season. Jake talks about his wild path to Iowa City, his onion allergy, being called out by Coach Parker, "fooling" the NFL, and more.
January 30, 2020
84. Tristan Wirfs | WUW 084
Tristan Wirfs grew up in Mount Vernon, IA just a short drive away from Iowa City. After becoming a dominant Iowa high school athlete, Tristan joined the Iowa football program in 2017. Tristan is now next in line to be selected into the NFL as a first round Hawkeye. Tristan joins the show to talk about having fun while playing the game, what it's like to be a high profile D1 football player with unlimited pro interest, and all things Hawkeye football. 
January 27, 2020
83. Nicholas Baer | WUW 083
Nicholas Baer is a former walk on basketball player to the University of Iowa. Born in Iowa city, he grew up in Bettendorf where he became one of the states best prep basketball players before becoming a Hawkeye. Nick joins the show to talk all things Iowa basketball including his thoughts on some of the current Hawkeyes, playing for Fran Mccaffery, and what he misses most. He also catches everyone up on what his life looks like now in the G league playing for the Raptors affiliate team. Here is a summary of what Nick accomplished as a Hawkeye: Non-scholarship athlete his first two years, academically, before earning a scholarship following his redshirt freshman season (spring of 2016)… only player in program history to surpass 750 points, 500 rebounds, 100 assists, 100 steals, 100 blocks, and 100 3-point field goals… third Hawkeye since 1980 to lead the team in steals three consecutive seasons (Dean Oliver, Steve Carfino)… first Hawkeye since 1980 to lead the team in steals and blocks in the same season twice (2017, 2019)… first Hawkeye since Jeff Horner in 2005-06 to lead the team in steals in back-to-back seasons (1.3 spg in 2017 and 1.0 spg in 2018)… only player to win all four games in the seven-year history of the four-team Hy-Vee Classic… reached double figures 29 times and had four double-doubles… averaged 8.5 points, 8.3 rebounds, and two steals in four games representing Iowa on the 2016 USA East Coast All-Stars team… four-time Academic All-Big Ten honoree… three-time Big Ten Sportsmanship Award honoree for the Iowa men’s basketball team… averaged 7.3 points, four rebounds, and a team-best 1.75 steals on Iowa’s four-game tour in Europe in August, 2018… twice named to the NABC Honors Court and earned the team’s Academic Excellence Award twice.
January 23, 2020
82. Easy On That Cigar! | WUW 082
Macon Plewa makes his 2nd appearance on the show to co host a discussion on championships from multiple sports across the nation. We talk about Joe Burrow and how the LSU Tigers cemented their legacy on college football. Are they the best team of all time? Will Joe Burrow have a decline at receiver when he gets to the NFL? What are our thoughts on OBJ passing out cash to players and smacking police officers on their ass? Is Tom Brady going to stay in New England? Conor McGregor made a triumphant return to fighting and is he now back on top? Who wins the Division Championships and goes to the Superbowl? All of this and more :)
January 20, 2020
81. Steve Manders | WUW 081
Steve Manders joined the Hawkeyes in the class of 2013 as a walk-on linebacker from Fork Union Prep on the east coast. He eventually transitioned from LB to fullback and remained on the team through the 2017 Outback Bowl against Florida. Steve talks about his path to Iowa, what he learned in Iowa City, and how being inside the program helped him get to where he is now. A lifetime pro wrestling fan, Steve had already graduated with his degree from Iowa and decided to forgo his senior season with the team to chase a life long dream. The seed had been planted and several connections had already been made, Steve entered wrestling school under the tutelage of WWE superstar Seth Rollins. Now, 3 years later, Steve has grinded his way up the ranks by traveling thousands of miles and wrestling hundreds of matches, many times for no compensation. Things are just beginning for the Cornbelt Cowboy, hear about all of this and more. 
January 16, 2020
80. Early Entries, Transfers, And Playoffs Oh My! | WUW 080
We talk what it means to the hawks that Geno Stone declared early for the NFL Draft. What are some of our extended thoughts on AJE and Wirfs? A look into what some of the NFL hawks are doing as George Kittle continues to dominate and have we seen Marshal Yanda for the final time? A few thoughts on Iowa basketball and Wrestling and also some discussion on Peyton Mansell leaving the program for Abilene Christian University and what the Iowa QB room looks like now.
January 13, 2020
79. Best Of WUW 2019 | WUW 079
Quite possibly the most entertaining 40 mins we have produced yet. this episode condenses down some of our top moments from 2019 all in to one funny ass episode. Thank you guys for continuing to support!
January 9, 2020
78. Drake Proves To Be The Worst Host Ever | WUW 078
Listen in to see how Drake is actually the worst, hear some thoughts on the first round of the NFL playoffs, a few words on Iowa basketball and Iowa Wrestling, and our thoughts on “New Years Resolutions”.
January 6, 2020
77. Happy New Year! | WUW 077
We go deep in 77! Almost 70 mins of conversation with topics ranging from the CFP semifinal games to the future of the QB position at Iowa. What was the Ohio St/Clemson game like in person? Can Clemson beat LSU? What has become of the targeting penalty in college football? Why is Drake picking up moms on New Years Eve? What will become of Deuce Hogan? All of this and more. Enjoy
January 2, 2020
76. Holiday Bowl Recap, 2019 Finale | WUW 076
50 mins worth of talking the Iowa football finale against USC. More juniors leaving talk, a bunch of BS, and a few thank yous. Also, a brief look ahead to what we have planned for 2020!
December 30, 2019
75. The Walkon Holiday Special | WUW 075
Kevin returns and podcasts live from Chi Town and starts the episode off in his game helmet while exercising. We talk about Kevin's trip to NYC and then roll into George Kittle and how he continues to dominate life in every way. We talk Hayden Fry and the legendary legacy he left on the sate of Iowa and Iowa football. A few stories are told and we reflect on how Coach Fry impacted our lives without really realizing it. Then we talk more bowl prep and bowl game material and reminisce on some of our favorite bowl memories. What will Tristan Wirfs and AJ Epenesa do after playing USC in the Holiday bowl? Will Geno Stone leave for the NFL and other early exit talk. We finish by previewing the Holiday bowl matchup and talking about the holidays in general. Happy Holidays from the Walkons.
December 23, 2019
74. Inside Bowl Prep | WUW 074
What is it like for the Iowa Football team when the rest of the student body evacuates campus for Christmas break and bowl preparation begins? What is the schedule and how does the off season and regular season affect that preparation period? What are some of the most fond memories of the Bowl trips that we took? Take a break with us and listen to our inside bowl prep look at what it's like to be playing for the Hawks right now. 
December 19, 2019
73. Miguel Recinos | WUW 073
Miguel Recinos walked onto the Iowa Hawkeye football team in the fall of 2014 out of Mason City, Iowa. After redshirting and biding his time, he worked his way up the depth chart and was named starter for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. He capped off his senior day in Kinnick stadium with a walk off field goal against the Nebraska forncuskers. In this episode Miguel shares the struggle that he went through to find his fit at Iowa amongst some health issues and his natural loner instinct. He goes in depth about the dynamic of battling for a position with Keith Duncan while being each other’s most trusted teammate, and tells how the Iowa program changed him forever. He also talks about his performance in the Pinstripe Bowl, How he got to Iowa city in the first place, and much more. Enjoy :)
December 16, 2019
72. Groza, CyHawk, Bowl Games | WUW 072
This episode is absolutely jam packed with talk about the Groza award, the cyhawk series, an actual fire at Riverside, and The entire slate of bowl games that were announced. We recorded hot off of the College Football Award Show with some STRONG emotions. Buckle Up
December 13, 2019
71. Championship Saturday Reactions And Thoughts | WUW 071
We break down every championship game that went on, what they all mean, and what affect they have on the playoff picture. Will the Buckeyes or the Tigers be the #1 seed?, Can anyone beat LSU? Does the 4th seed(probably Oklahoma) have any chance? How did Ward's Winners fair? All of this and more.
December 8, 2019
70. Championship Weekend | WUW 070
Across the land the best 2 teams from each conference will be competing for the conference titles, what do the walkons think about each match up? Which games have the most significance relative to the playoff picture? What is the off season plan for the podcast? We talk about all of this and more, including some more Keith Duncan, All B1G post season awards, some hypothetical, and of course Ward's Winners.
December 6, 2019
69. This Episode Sucks More Than Nebraska | WUW 069
We talk all things Iowa v Nebby in this one, or at least we tried. Go vote for Keith Duncan to win the Groza. We discuss Frost, State of both programs, and other stuff, but then the WiFi gods really started messing with us and we just started getting mad. Could be funny for some? We suck. Thanks for listening.
December 4, 2019
68. Thanksgiving Special Behind Enemy Lines, Nebraska Preview! | WUW 068
Jeremiah Sirles is an American football guard who is currently a free agent. He played college football at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and attended Bear Creek High School in Lakewood, Colorado. He has also been a member of the San Diego Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, and Buffalo Bills. Jeremiah joined us to discuss what it was like playing for Nebraska, playing in the NFL, and now what its like to work for the university doing his talkshow 'Just My Opinion' which is a live interactive show on twitch based on the cornhuskers. Hear his thoughts and ours, please enjoy!
November 28, 2019
67. Illinois And Senior Day Recap | WUW 067
What do the walkons think about the 19-10 win over the weekend, the emotional Nate Stanley post game, the upcoming game against the Huskers. All of that and more. Drake also tries to do math and Kevin missed the game for the first time and 7 years!? Hear all of it here.
November 25, 2019
66. Illini And Senior Day Preview | WUW 066
What is it like to walk in with almost 40 other teammates freshman year and walk out with only 14? How do the coaches go about preparing players for that scenario and what is the motivation to stay for the guys that do? How does the Iowa program prepare high school kids to be men after 'running the whole race'. Who will be the first current Senior that we bring on the show after this season? All of this and more, enjoy.
November 21, 2019
65. Floyd Of (Mel)Rosedale, The Pig Stays Put | WUW 065
The hawks had a huge win in Kinnick under the lights vs the fighting Flecks of Minnesota on Saturday and the guys break down everything, from the offense and defense, the play calling, the field rush, and the pig. Its all right here. Enjoy :)
November 18, 2019
64. The Gopher Preview | WUW 064
Shotgun episode missing our resident Psycho and so Kevin and Tyler shed light on the game this weekend and what its going to take to beat the undefeated gophers. Kevin hits everyone with his Ward's Winners as always.
November 15, 2019
63. The Most Important WUW Yet | WUW 063
This episode goes deeper than any before. If you love to hear 3 guys speak with passion and purpose that will make you feel like you're sitting inside the Iowa football complex then this episode was made for you. We discuss the loss to Wisconsin and give an in depth address to Hawkeye nation about the state of Iowa football. If you give one episode a chance, let it be this one. Share with anyone you know that would like this stuff. Thanks so much.
November 10, 2019
62. Macon Plewa | Wisconsin Preview | WUW 062
Macon Plewa is a wisconsin native who walked onto the Iowa football team as a linebacker that was passed over by the Badgers. 3 years later he became an integral part of the Iowa offense at Fullback and went on to help lead the charge in the Hawks undefeated 2015 regular season. One of the hardest working good dudes around and always a good conversation, Macon joins us to discuss a bit about his career and the upcoming game at Camp Randall.
November 8, 2019
61. Alex Meyer | WUW 061
We sit down with former All American Hawkeye wrestler Alex Meyer to discuss all things Iowa wrestling and plenty more. topics include how he became a Hawkeye, a look into what Tom and Terry Brands are really like, What wrestling in front of 45,000 people in Kinnick feels like, rabbit hunting at the dorms on campus, and more! 
November 4, 2019
60. So Much Meat | Sponsored by Donnelly's Pub | WUW 060
This podcast is 30 minutes of Kevin and Tyler sitting at Donnelly's Pub in downtown Iowa City the night before the Penn St. game. Topics discussed are the social event that we had just come from where we got to catch up with over 125 former Hawkeye brothers in the brand new club level of the new North end zone. We discuss what it's like to see so many guys post playing days and mention a bunch of former names you all know. Then the wings get brought out and we go full on food critic to give you guys the rundown on Donnelly's Buffalo and Honey Hot Jameson flavored wings. We finish by interveiwing some WUW fans that sat in live on the podcast. Also there is a Merch update at the beginning! Thanks to Donnelly's Pub IC for sponsoring the podcast, make sure to check them out if you get the chance.
November 1, 2019
59. The Wild West Is Wide Open, Northwestern Recap | WUW 059
We jump on to talk about a variety of topics including National Tight End Day and George Kittle, How NW could be that bad offensively and how you get to that point as a program 10 months post B1G ship appearance, Hawkeyes offensive bright spots, Hawkeyes defensive dominance, How good is Ohio St? Is Minnesota ready to face the music? and more... Enjoy
October 28, 2019
58. Northwestern Preview | WUW 058
The guys are back to tell multiple entertaining stories that arise in conversation from the playing days, Drake is stealing money from old people, Kevin is sick, and Tyler talks diet. Some NW breakdown about potential defensive outcomes for this game along with offensive opportunity, and we finish with Wards Winners. Enjoy
October 25, 2019
57. Hawks Win, You Can Listen Again | WUW 057
The podcast picks back up with more energy this week after a win against the boilermakers. We discuss a few of the crazy games that happened over the weekend, Kevin’s betting mistake, and much more.
October 21, 2019
56. Purdue Look Ahead | WUW 056
We take to the mics to talk about all things hawkeye football. Much of this episode is friendly comedic banter about the past week in hawkeye nation and how to stay positive and focus on the good. Drake also tells a story about destroying his bedroom door after losing to NDSU, and of course we get Ward's Winners. All that and more, Enjoy!
October 18, 2019
55. Penn St. Recap | WUW 055
We sit down to discuss the hawks after dropping a loss 2 weeks in a row. What is going on with the Offense? Whats wrong with our O-line? Is it Nate Stanley's fault? What do we think about our defensive effort? The answers to all these questions and more. Plus, we discuss what it was like to be at the legacy social event, and go over Kevin's heartbreaking weekend from the sportsbook. 
October 14, 2019
54. Penn St. Preview | WUW 054
We discuss a variety of topics including general notes about the game Saturday, the Kinnick edge, elite sports book in Iowa City, a sponsored extra episode from a pub, Sandusky/Paterno, and more!
October 11, 2019
53. How Do Hawks Heal? Michigan Recap | WUW 053
Hawks took one on the nose this past weekend and we break down what its like to walk into the facility on a day after a loss. How do the Hawkeyes approach the process of learning and getting better? A few words for the twitter coordinators and haters, and more. Have a day!
October 7, 2019
52. Michigan Preview | WUW 052
This episode is jam packed with great Kevin quotes, a pre game hype speech from drake, and plenty of content about this weekends upcoming game versus the wolverines. Khaki pants gets plenty of mention along with some oliver martin talk. The 3 talk what its like to be in the locker room and in the complex when the team is rolling and everyone knows you have something special. Share this episode with whoever you know, thanks for listening.
October 4, 2019
51. Middle Tenn. Recap And Kevin Returns! | WUW 051
Kevin returns from a week long vacation that saw him absent from 3 episodes. We catch up and here how his time was and also talk football stuff. Nebraska getting stomped, the Hawkeyes taking care of business, 100 ft Ethernet cables and more.
October 1, 2019
50. Hawks Are Back! Middle Tennessee Preview | WUW Ep. 050
Current events from the football world. Drake and Tyler discuss Baker Mayfield firing back at Rex Ryan, The Big Ten slate that starts this weekend, 4 bullet point statements from Kevin "the 3rd host" Ward, and the Iowa/Middle Ten. game. Enjoy and Go Hawks!
September 27, 2019
49. Carson King Is A Hero | WUW Ep. 049
Drake and Tyler let loose on the Carson King Drama.
September 25, 2019
48. Bye Week Breakdown + Q&A | WUW Ep. 048
Kevin is somewhere not podcasting so Drake and Tyler break down all things that happened over the weekend in the Big Ten. They discuss the absurdity that was UCLA vs Wash St., and Drake also gives his final word on Antonio Brown. Other topics of conversation include Gameday going to Lincoln, the Wisconsin Michigan game that turned heads, and we answer some questions from the people! Episode finishes with 2 inside stories about how 5 mins early is 10 mins late for Iowa Football.
September 23, 2019
47. Put Down The Oars And Get A Motor WUW | Ep. 047
This week the guys spend a half hour talking about the big ten games from last week with a lot of good one liners and opinions on several of the teams. We discuss Kevin's picks from last week and this week and talk about Carson King, the ISU fan whose Busch Light sign went viral and is now closing in on raising a half million dollars for the UI Childrens Hospital. This is a good one, settle in and enjoy!
September 20, 2019
46. Cy-Hawk Recap | WUW Ep. 046
We take you back through an hour long recap of the Iowa/Iowa St game. Buckle up and get ready to go on an emotional roller coaster as we discuss every twist and turn from this insane rivalry game. 
September 16, 2019
45. Cy-Hawk Preview | Hate Week Is Full Force! | WUW Ep. 045
We deliver exactly what the people have been asking for as Drake spends plenty of time trashing both Nebby and the Cyclones. Other topics of conversation include the B1G landscape after week 2, how a 2 week break affects the cyclones,  and who Kevin has as his Locks of the Week!! 
September 13, 2019
44. Rutgers Recap | GameDay Is Coming | WUW Ep. 044
Here we talk about all the ins and outs of the rutgers victory and a few other side notes. Then, we get into how we think GameDay coming to Ames for the Cy-Hawk series will affect both sides of the game.
September 9, 2019
43. Rutgers Preview | WUW 043
The guys discuss the big ten football landscape, some NFL drama, and other random funny football topics. Ed Orgeron impersonations for everyone.
September 6, 2019
42. Miami Ohio Recap | WUW 042
The boys break down the Hawks season opening victory. Topics discussed include the Alaric Jackson injury, the Oliver Martin touchdown, the Brady Ross fumble, and more!
September 2, 2019
41. 5 Days 'Til Football | What Does Game Week Look Like? | WUW 041
This week the guys catch up on some current events including Patrick Chung getting busted for coke, Andrew Luck retiring from the NFL mid-game, The shit show that was Miami vs. Florida, and more. In the second half of the show we take you through the mindset of how we all use to approach game week and what we each were trying to accomplish. We finish the show with our degenerate gambling opinions on this weekends games. Enjoy
August 26, 2019
40. Bo Bower | WUW 040
Our good friend and former teammate/roommate joins the show and talks about a variety of subjects. We talk about food in Iowa City, The Mariott during camp, taking the stairs, Bo's favorite memories, and more.
August 19, 2019
39. Football Is Coming! Kids Day Recap | WUW 039
In this episode the boys give a ton of updates regarding merchandise and other logistical notes. Then, they get into the Kids Day in Kinnick and break down some initial thoughts on the 2019 Hawkeyes. 
August 12, 2019
38. Pat Angerer | WUW 038
Pat is a former Iowa and NFL linebacker. Known widely around the state and beyond for his time in Iowa City, Pat now sells mortgages and is a true American family man. He sits down with the walkons to talk playing days, being a dad, crazy bowl trip memories and more.
August 5, 2019
37. Josey Jewell | WUW 037
The boys finally get Josey jewell in on the podcast to catch up and talk football. The conversation ranges from Hawkeye football to Bronco football and everything in between.
July 29, 2019
36. Chris Ruth | WUW 036
Tyler breaks down a few current events with Hawkeye football players and then the episode rolls over into an in depth interview with Chris Ruth. Chris is the head of the Hawk Vision department for the University of Iowa, and has a hand in all things Iowa Football video. 
July 22, 2019
35. Kluver Hung Out With Pat McAfee!? Merch Updates, Iowa Spreads Talk And More | WUW 035
The boys get into a long discussion over some vegas sports book lines that came out over the past week, We give you a full update on where we are with merchandise, and Kluver end the episode with his story on how he got to snap to Pat McAfee last week.
July 15, 2019
34. Shea "Heisman LOCK" Patterson | WUW 034
The guys recap the 4th of July weekend with topics spanning the WSOP main event, Kevins reappearance, Our Holiday weekend, The Women's World Cup, Shea Patterson, and more.
July 8, 2019
33. What Is The Hawkeye Championship? | WUW 033
Kevin literally fell asleep, So Drake and Tyler take on the episode and talk about what the hawkeye championship and a golden hawk is within the program, and also talk about the coaches lifestyle. All that including more.
July 1, 2019
32. Wild Recruiting Weekend, Q&A Episode | WUW 032
What would we change about Kinnick? How often do players get gear? This weeks episode answers your questions from social media about some of the ins and outs of Iowa Football and the guys recap a crazy recruiting weekend that saw multiple commitments.
June 24, 2019
31. Drake Leaves Iowa | WUW 031
Short Ep due to technical problems but the boys talk about Drake traveling out to his new home in Arizona. They recap the oliver martin scenario and talk about handling online heat, finish it out with some banter.
June 19, 2019
30. A Walkon Gets Married, Transfer Portal Of Mystique | WUW 030
The boys sit down for a lubricated conversation pre wedding day with some special guests and then dive into the transfer portal and how all things relate to Oliver Martin, a recruit of interest. strap in
June 10, 2019
29. What Happens When The Walkons Headline A Golf Tournament? | WUW 029
The walkons were joined by Bo Bower and Ben Niemann in Kansas City for a charity I Club golf tourney, and things got rowdy. 
June 4, 2019
28. After The Jersey, Dealing With Depression And Finding Identity | WUW 028
The boys dive deep into a large scale issue of all athletes and humans everywhere. Listen to our thoughts on how to deal with life after a college career.
May 27, 2019
27. How To Go From Walk-On To Team Captain | WUW 027
We talk about some current event Hawkeye football stuff and then go Kevin Ward deep dive which produces our longest episode yet!
May 20, 2019
26. What Are Iowa Football Players Doing Right Now? | WUW 026
Tyler and Kevin discuss what May looks like for Iowa football players, a couple free agent signings, and recap bachelor party weekend.
May 14, 2019
25. The Hawks Cash In! Draft Recap And Breakdown | WUW 025
The guys talk about the good players who actually make money playing football.
April 29, 2019
24. Kevin Wants To Do Your Chores!, Easter Recap | WUW 024
We recap Easter and tell some other stories.
April 23, 2019
23. Capping A College Athlete's Potential | WUW 023
Tiger won the Masters, GoT is back, and we dive into why student athletes should be making more dough.
April 15, 2019
22. Cole Croston | WUW 022
Cole Croston takes a minute to sit down and discuss his journey from local Iowa walk on to super bowl champion and everything in between.
April 8, 2019
21. Chance At The Final Four, Kicked Out Of A Workout, Celebrity Appearances? | WUW 021
We talk about cool stuff, listen please?
April 1, 2019
20. Tournament Talk, Kevin's Ripped Pants, Steve Irwin | WUW 020
We cover a variety of topics spanning from the ncaa tourney to weddings to vacations to poker. Another fun week on the pod.
March 25, 2019
19. Tristan Wirfs Is Stronger Than You, Megan Gustafson Is Better | WUW 019
We talked about how a couple UI student athletes are doing amazing things, recap Drakes poker tournament, and give the Tyler Kluver back story.
March 22, 2019
18. Ike Boettger | WUW 018
The girth show joins us for some good conversation and laughs.
March 11, 2019
17. Hawks Dominate The Combine, Drake Throws A Trash Can | WUW 017
We talk about the hawks performance at the NFL combine, answer some questions, and tell a funny story.
March 4, 2019
16. King Kong Versus A Dolphin | WUW 016
We discuss a bunch things current event wise in college sports.
February 26, 2019
15. George Kittle | WUW 015
Our buddy, and all world tight end joins the show for some stories and laughs. 
February 18, 2019
14. State Of The Pod Address, Bonus Update | WUW 014
A bunch of housekeeping information as we slide into the next chapter of our podcast.
February 15, 2019
13. James Daniels | WUW 013
Our former teammate JD joins the show and provides 1 hell of an hour full of Entertainment
January 14, 2019
12. Ybor City, Chocolate Milk, And Concussions | WUW 012
Hawks won the Outback bowl over Miss. St. We talk about a variety of topics and have some fun.
January 7, 2019
11. Bump In The Road, Drake Kulick Deep Dive | WUW 011
We explain some merchandise issues we are having and then Drake takes you deeper into his life and how he came to be.
December 17, 2018
10. Hawks To The Outback bowl, Down A Tight End | WUW 010
Episode ten of the podcast takes us into a conversation about the bowl game, Noah Fant's decision to head to the NFL, and the Gary Dolphin controversy.
December 3, 2018
9. Senior Day Emotions And Little Red | WUW 009
episode nine. Post thanksgiving, senior day talk, nebraska game break down.
November 26, 2018
8. Thankful For The Heroes Trophy Each And Every Year | WUW Ep. 008
Episode eight. Drake gives the hot takes on Nebraska and we talk a little bit about the defense and thanksgiving.
November 21, 2018
7. Will The Hawks Pull It Together? | WUW 007
Episode 7. Kevin got a real job, we are selling merchandise, and the hawks are seeking there first win in a month.
November 15, 2018
6. Switching Things Up, How American Is Kevin? | WUW 006
Episode six. We open up a more conversational flow to the podcast, bust out some Coach Ferentz impersonations, and talk about how American Kevin is.
November 8, 2018
5. Nate Stanley Haters Address | WUW 005
Episode five. We address the Nate Stanley haters, talk about our childhood Halloween memories, and give our thoughts on the Maryland football controversy.
November 1, 2018
4. Letter To A Future Walk-On | WUW 004
Episode four. Michigan/Michigan St. drama, letter to a future walk on, and locker room stories.
October 25, 2018
3. Drake Puts Nebraska In A Body Bag | WUW 003
Episode three. NFL Hawks, Leaving early for the league, and Drake's take on Nebraska
October 18, 2018
2. Floyd Stays Home | WUW 002
Episode two. Bacon, Drake in a speedo, Kevin in the dirt.
October 11, 2018
1. What Are We Doing? | WUW 001
Episode one. The hawks, Josey Jewell, and Walmart guy.
October 5, 2018