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Searching the Scriptures with Watchman Alexander

Searching the Scriptures with Watchman Alexander

By Alexander Lawrence
The hour is late and there's no time to waste; now is when we prepare for the return of the king. Join me, the prophecy buff who tackles the tough stuff, for deep Bible study from an independent, Hebraic perspective.
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Searching the Scriptures #48: The Tower of Babel (Pt. 1)
Why was the infamous Tower of Babel such a problem in God's eyes? There's more to the story than we were taught in Sunday school.
September 14, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #47: Sidonians & Canaanites (Pt. 2)
This is the second half of episode 46
August 1, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #46: Sidonians & Canaanites (Pt. 1)
Sidon, firstborn son of Canaan and founder of the Sidonians, played a huge role in the history of civilization, but most people couldn't say what it was. Today, we begin to explore the impact of Sidon (the giant?) on the story of the Bible. During the episode, I mention a video about the possible discovery of the remains of Atlantis, the fabled city of Poseidon. Here is the link to that video.
July 18, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #45: Natives and Strangers
Schedules got crazy, and Terry and I weren't able to sync up to record a new episode, but I didn't want to leave you hanging for too long, so here's my offering: a recording of my inaugural sermon for the Disciples of Yeshua Congregation. (I fill the roles of overseer and lead teacher for DOYC, a new home fellowship based in Central Texas.) During this sermon, you'll learn about the four Hebrew words that describe classifications of people: natives (Strong's H249), strangers (H2114), immigrants (H1616), and foreigners (H5237). Most English translations fail to make clear distinctions between strangers, immigrants, and foreigners, but it's important that we understand the distinctions as a Hebrew would, because God's laws and expectations differ between each of these groups.
July 13, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #44: Trespassing in Middle Earth
From the Dead Sea Scrolls we learn that Canaan, father of the Canaanites, stole part of the territory that belonged to Shem. Thus, the stage was set for God, using descendants of Shem, to forcibly remove the squatters from the Promised Land of Middle Earth.
June 9, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #43: Noah, Ham, and a Curse
What exactly was Ham's sin, and what about it is instructive to us, today? The story of the cursing of Canaan, Ham's son, is necessary to discuss before we launch into the more pertinent topic of Canaan's impact on the world. Early in this episode, I (Alexander) mentioned a blog post about Daniel's four beast kingdoms. Click here to read that article. Also in the first portion of the episode, Terry described how Adonai's covenants are like Russian nesting dolls. He made just such a doll as a visual aid, and here is a picture of it
May 20, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #42: Blood & Meats
After Noah and his sons departed the ark, God Most High established a covenant with them, and with all their descendants. That covenant involved two dietary commands: Don't consume blood, because the life is in the blood. Feel free to eat any remeś (רֶמֶשׂ) thing that lives, in addition to plants. The first part is easy enough to understand, but the second part generates confusion. What is the meaning of the Hebrew word remeś? Does it encompass fish and fowl? Does it exclude or include unclean animals? These questions lead us into an analysis of Acts chapters 10 and 15.
May 3, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #41: Profitable Ignorance
As we continue studying through Genesis and Daniel, we find ourselves emphasizing the fact that we don't have the mystery all figured out. We're gathering clues to help us understand end-times prophecies, but we haven't even assembled all the clues yet, much less connected them perfectly to construct an airtight narrative. Sometimes it can be difficult to not be dogmatic. Pride—that most universal of sins—leads us to convince ourselves that we know more than we really do. That attitude stunts further development, because growing in knowledge of the truth requires input from our brothers and sisters, with their unique perspectives and revelations.
April 12, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #40: Forty Days of Fire and Flood
We didn't plan it this way, but our fortieth episode happens to largely deal with the forty days of wrath for the wicked and celebration for the saints. I'm going to chalk this nice synchronicity up to Providence. The episode begins with an explanation of chiastic, or mirror, structure found through the Scriptures, and likely built into the entirety of redemptive history. From there, it moves into discussion of the forty days: why it keeps popping up throughout the Bible, and why would we should expect one or two 40-day periods of paradigm shifts once we reach the Day of the Lord.
March 29, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #39: Seven Days or Seven Years?
We begin to unpack the prophetic symbolism found within the Flood narrative. Along the way, we consider whether or not the seven days of Noah's separation from the world could equate to seven years of protection for end-times believers.
March 22, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #38: The Corruption of All Flesh
 "And God created... every living creature... after his kind: and God saw that it was good" (Gen. 1:21). Over and over again in the Book of Genesis, Moses records that God created creatures in distinct categories called "kinds," and that mankind, being created in the image of God, was set apart from all other kinds. After each bout of creation, we read that God looked up his work with pleasure, considering it good. Everything was made just the way it should be, and there was no need to improve on or reconfigure any living thing. Is it any wonder, then, that Satan would incite people to destroy the God-ordained distinctions between kinds by mixing what was not intended to be mixed? Noah lived in the first Hybrid Age, and his world was judged by deluge; we've now entered the second Hybrid Age, and the world will soon be judged by malestrom.
March 15, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #37: Old vs New Covenant
What really is the difference between the Mosaic (Old) and Messianic (New) covenants? Is the New Covenant fully in effect now? How does the Law factor in? I cut through all the confusion with an episode-long Q&A about law and covenants. Here's the link to my Artify Me! shop, mentioned in the opening segment. It's a photo-to-portrait service that's high quality yet reasonably priced. Check it out!
January 10, 2021
Searching the Scriptures #36: The Sons of God
“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare, if you have understanding. Who determined its measures, if you know? Or who stretched the line on it? Whereupon were its foundations fastened? Or who laid its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?" (Job 38:4-7) The Book of Job is not the only biblical text featuring these mysteries sons of God. In this episode, Terry and I point out some of the most pivotal scriptures about God's sons and the divine council, and we explain why being monotheistic does not mean disregarding the existence of divine principalities. This week's listener Q&A topics: Is it wrong to smoke a cigar? What about cigarettes? Is eating (certified) kosher a form of idolatry? What is the "gift for the common good?"
November 22, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #35: The Genesis 6 Incursion
Ancient Hebrew scriptures teach that some of the Sons of God mated with mortal women and produced children called Nephiliym. These children were not only hybrids, but giants, huge both in stature and infamy. This episode is an introduction to the giants and a refutation of the Sethite theory, which robs the Genesis 6 account of its supernatural component.
November 9, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #34: Timeline Conundrum
Not every biblical genealogy presents the same timeline. The discrepancies may have been purposefully brought about by God's providence to prevent us from making exact calculations. Also in this episode: Why the pattern of human innovation and technological progress may have begun in the ungodly line of Cain How the names of the antediluvian (pre-Flood) patriarchs compose a prophetic message
November 3, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #33: The Jubilee Cycle Enigma
Most of this episode is dedicated to answering the question, Are Jubilee cycles 49 or 50 years? Along the way, the Watchman contemplates whether the Jubilee year begins in the spring or the fall. Don't miss the addendum at the end of the episode! Also in the episode: Who was Cain's wife? Did men in the days of Enosh begin the call upon YHVH, or did they begin to profane his name? Here's the link to the Hanukkah greeting cards mentioned during the preamble:
October 22, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #32: The Bright Side of Death
Death is a mighty enemy (1 Cor. 15:25-26) and the last that will be defeated (Rev. 20:14), but did you realize that God uses death to benefit us? As with every negative thing, the Almighty can bring good out of bad. That's exactly what he did by removing mankind's access to the Tree of Life. Our Q&A this week is from Richard Jenkins, who asks whether the Jubilee cycle is 49 years or 50 years. Our answer will be split into two episodes in order to do the question justice.
September 28, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #31: Serpent Seed Theory
It would be remiss of us not to address proponents of Serpent Seed (a.k.a. Dual Seed) theory while we're hanging out in Genesis 3. If some bloodlines today originated with the mixing of Eve's seed with Satan's seed, that would have far-reaching implications. Is it something worry about?
September 21, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #30: Subjection
This one could be called "The Curse: Part Two." We discuss both the subjection of women to their husbands, and what it means that the earth brought forth thorns and thistles.
September 14, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #29: The Curse
Terry and I spent most of this episode discussing the curses leveled against mankind and the nachash (serpent). We also discuss the meaning of the two "seeds" mentioned within the curses. Our listener question involves the relationship between salvation and following God's precepts, and also how we handle divine commands that cannot currently be upheld to the letter.
September 7, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #28: Nakedness and the Nachash
Were Adam and Eve clothed in light before the Fall? Was the serpent in the Garden of Eden a talking snake or a serpentine spirit, or both? Terry and I tackle these questions as we continue our study of Genesis. During the Q&A we address: The identity of Melchizedek The importance of the location of Jerusalem If you like this podcast, please consider a one-time or recurring donation to help defray ministry costs like website hosting and newsletter service. Also, don't forget to visit my Youtube channel and my blog!
August 31, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #27: Keeping, Knowing, Multiplying
Completing our analysis of Genesis chapter 2, Terry Arnold and I discuss what it meant for Adam to "keep" the Garden of Eden, why knowledge is not the forbidden fruit, and whether or not Adam was originally unisex.
August 24, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #26: Genesis 2 Double-Take
After a long hiatus, I'm back, and I'm not alone. Please welcome co-host Terry Arnold II! Together, we're picking up where I left off in our study of Genesis in order to lay the foundations for proper biblical exegesis. My apologies about the sound quality this time around. My computer was accidentally recording from the wrong microphone. The quality will be back to normal in the next episode. To have your question answered in a future episode, please send an email to, with your name and state or territory in the subject line.
August 17, 2020
Searching the Scriptures #25: The Sabbath, A to Z (Part III)
In this third installment of my three-part series about Shabbat, I present guidelines for observing the seventh day. These guidelines are derived from Scripture alone, not from Jewish tradition. You'll learn during this episode: What the Parable of the Ten Coins really means Why Y'shua told his disciples to pray that their flight from Judea won't be on Shabbat What is means to kindle a fire on Shabbat Whether or not its okay to make Gentiles work for you How to identify the principle behind the command
September 2, 2018
Searching the Scriptures #24: The Sabbath, A to Z (Part II)
Did the Sabbath change from the seventh day to the first day of each week? The vast majority of professing Christians say that it has. But as anyone who reads the Bible knows, the majority is often wrong. In the first installment of this miniseries about the Day of Rest, I talked about the Sabbath being a permanent sign for the people of Adonai. There are no biblical passages whatsoever—zip, zero, zilch—which indicate a change in one of the Ten Commandments. In installment number two, I unpack the Bible verses which detractors leverage to fool the unstudied into believing that the Sabbath has been either abolished or altered. You'll learn that none of these verses, taken in proper context, say what Christian teachers claim that they say. I finish the episode by offering quotes from the people who claim to have officially altered God's sacred day. day.
July 22, 2018
Searching the Scriptures #23: The Sabbath, A to Z (Part I)
The Creator God set a precedent at the beginning of the Age: one day out of every week is special. It is a day of rest and focus on El Shaddai, and it is intended to be a great blessing for kingdom people. But is this special day, the Sabbath (Hebrew: Shabbat) the seventh day or the first? And is it even still in effect today? In this first of at least three shows dealing with the Sabbath, I answer those questions from both the 'Old' and 'New' Testaments.
July 15, 2018
Searching the Scriptures #22: Nephesh & Neshamah
Today, I continue laying the foundation for proper biblical interpretation by analyzing days five and six of the Genesis Creation account. You might want to have handy a Bible and a Hebrew concordance, because English translations don't suffice when studying Genesis chapters one and two. In this episode I talk dragons, blood, and living souls. Sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones. Who says the Bible is boring? During the show you'll learn: That aquatic dinosaurs are listed among the animals listed on Day 5 That God's definition of life is not the same as the modern scientific definition That the spirit and the breath of God are connected but not analogous That some animals—a surprising number of them—have souls like human beings
July 8, 2018
Searching the Scriptures #21: The April Fools' Edition
What do Star Trek, Monty Python, and Airplane have to do with each other? Not much, but you're going to get dosed with all three. Oh, and you'll learn more about Genesis and the mountain of God, or whatever.
April 6, 2018
Searching the Scriptures #20: Teatime with Taylor
Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you my friend Taylor Joseph. We met while he was living in Central Texas last summer. He's since moved back to his home state of California, but he came to visit Amanda and I for a few days prior to Hear the Watchmen 2018, where he functioned as Lead Coordinator for Mike and Jeannie. In this special hour-and-a-half episode, we have a "coffee shop" chat about humility, dealing with discord in the ekklesia, the pitfalls of social media outreach, and Taylor's experiences as a Lyft driver. There's a lot of laughter and only a smidgen of irreverence. I think you'll enjoy the informal discussion.
March 27, 2018
Searching the Scriptures #19: The Fate of Traitors
Reportedly, there has recently been a surge in the number of Messianics and other Christian Israelites who are denying that Yeshua is Messiah. This is a tragedy of the highest order, for it is written, A man who disregards Moses’ law dies without compassion on the word of two or three witnesses. How much worse punishment do you think he will be judged worthy of who has trodden under foot the Son of God, and has counted the blood of the covenant with which he was sanctified an unholy thing, and has insulted the Spirit of grace? (Heb. 10:28-29). ​Rather than continue with our current study of Genesis, I've decided to pause it and dedicate this episode to preventing further destruction by the defectors and Jewish anti-missionaries so active these days. Turncoats are abundant in the Torah Observant or Hebrew Roots Movement because many of us became bitter and isolated. Read: vulnerable to the attacks of Satan. We got upset at having been partially misled by Christian theologians, then went overboard and started questioning everything before having passed through that initial outrage and tempering it with wisdom. Guess what? Satan uses resentment as a foothold. The closer someone is to the truth, the more that the Adversary steps up his attacks. But that's not the only problem. I suspect that many people joined the HRM just because it was out-of-the-ordinary without being obviously wrong or cultish. They were bored Christians who got excited about the new fad. They came all pumped up about being “in the know,” but that feeling never lasts. Once the freshness wore off, they were left vulnerable to the anti-missionaries who showed up offering even more knowledge. But knowledge of facts and concepts is not the same as knowledge of a person. These turncoats evidently never knew the Savior. The fact is that many who called themselves Christians were living like sheep without a shepherd. They never listened to the Savior's voice in the first place; they were just going with the religious flow. Once they became aware that church leaders were badly misinterpreting parts of the Bible, they left off following those men... only to wander into destruction because they couldn't hear the call of the True Shepherd. ​In this week's recording, I get back to basics so that we aren't standing on a shaky foundation. We need to firmly grasp what the Word of Elohiym has to say about the identity of Messiah so that we aren't fooled by false teachings. Anti-missionaries are particularly leveraging the doctrine of the Trinity to bring people away from Yeshua. I want to show you what the Bible really says about the godhead so we can say that "we are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the saving of the soul" (Heb. 10:39).
December 29, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #18: The Age of the Earth
After a one-month hiatus due to the demands of creating an online course, we're back to continue our journey through Genesis. Mr. Bruce Malone, founder of Search for the Truth Ministries, visits to share his wisdom concerning the age of this wonderful rock we call Home. Is it meeeeellions of years old? Hardly. I used to be an old-earth creationist, but I switched sides several years ago. It's easy for us humans to arrogantly impose our ill-informed ideas on the scriptures and imagine that it will work. I fell into that trap—trying to make excuses for the Bible so that it wouldn't step on any scientific toes. Don't get me wrong, I love Science, but the real thing, not the God-rejecting belief system that uses the label to bring respectability to its foolish agenda. So I've invited a scientist onto the show to tell us why the "scientific" version of history is bunk. Mr. Malone is a chemical engineer who holds 17 patents with Dow Chemical. He has a sharp, analytical mind, and it was that mind, when engaged in a study of the Word of God, that led him to the conclusion that geological and archaeological evidence supports the biblical notion of a young Creation. Since then, Bruce Malone has spent 30 years bringing the scientific evidence for creation to churches and colleges at seminars throughout the United States and 12 foreign countries. He has also authored six books on the evidence for creation with over 500,000 copies in print. I highly recommend the materials available for order on Search for the Truth's website. Two items you should be sure to check out are The Rocks Cry Out and Have You Considered: Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. In this episode you'll learn: The definition and importance of the term uniformitarianism How analysis of recent geological processes supports a global flood How the Flood would have drastically altered the planet What we can deduce from the existence of copious amounts of coal beneath the earth Why the discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bones is a big deal How to engage and combat those who bend scripture to cram it into a modern scientific worldview
December 22, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #17: The Firmament and Biblical Earth
Our last episode was the first in a series called Laying a Foundation, where we began a survey of important concepts in Scripture, with Genesis 1:1 as our starting-point. We left off talking about the fact that there is no singular form of the word heaven in Hebrew, and we noted that the spiritual realm is part of the greater Hebraic concept of the heavens. Then we briefly talked about the fact that YHVH used a firmament (Hebrew: raqia) to make a space between the waters above and the waters below, and the space in-between the water is part of the heavens. But what is the firmament? Is it a hard surface or the expanse of outer space? In this episode you'll learn: About the relationship between the raqia and the shamayim About the use of simile and metaphor in biblical descriptions of the cosmos Reasons why the Flat Earth Theory is questionable That the geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system are mathematically indistinguishable Which Bible verses teach that the heavenly bodies move, not the earth Why Satan has worked hard to make us believe in the insignificance of our planet
November 13, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #16: In the Beginning
We're going back to the beginning, but that doesn't mean we're going back to basics. This episode kicks off the Laying a Foundation series, which is intended to help listeners develop a truly biblical worldview. I take a fine-toothed comb to the Book of Genesis, defining terms, making connections with extra-biblical scriptures, and exploring a possible intersection with scientific research. In this episode you'll learn: ​The link between the Hebrew words for heavens and waters ​How the spiritual realm differs from the heavens How stars in the night sky are avatars for immortals How stars could be present to see the Earth formed, before luminaries were placed in the sky Why the Spirit of God hovered over the waters Why the biblical day begins at sundown About the possibility of a time separation between the Resurrection and the Harpazo Why I use the name Yeshua instead of Jesus And more
November 4, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #15: Tech of the Immortals
Jon Pounders of Now You See TV joins me to talk about the advanced capabilities granted to humankind by the fallen Watchers. According to extra-biblical scriptures like 1 Enoch, the wonders of modern civilization have their origins in the antediluvian world. Some of those secrets survived the Flood and were used by early postdiluvian peoples to do things that we've assumed were exclusive to the modern age. Much of this knowledge was once again lost or dispersed due to wars and disasters, but adepts and priests of the Mysteries saved enough to eventually return the world to an advanced state. Be sure to watch Jon's program on YouTube or Vimeo. He and his team dig into great topics that mainstream Christian shows won't touch. They invite on a wide range of excellent guests.
October 21, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #14: Todd Bennett Talks Torah
Author Todd Bennett gives listeners an introduction to a growing movement that seeks to return Christians to the Hebraic roots of their Faith. This Second Reformation is picking up steam for good reason as people become exposed via the internet to biblical concepts which seminary men never preach about (or never preach from the correct historical perspective). Are you ready for the fullest expression of Kingdom life? Start here. If you'd like to purchase any of the Walk in the Light books, Mr. Bennett's excellent series about Hebraic Christianity, please click this Amazon affiliate link. By doing so, you will support both the author and myself. Alternatively, you may purchase them directly from the author's website [not an affiliate link].
October 13, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #13: One Boy's Shocking Vision of the End
Christian Jose Polanco took out his phone and started recording when his 16-year old unbelieving nephew received a vision that left him a blubbering mess [note: this was a waking vision, not a dream]. I came across the audio of that incident, which had been shared with the hosts of A Minute the Midnite, and knew immediately that it was a genuine message from YHVH.  Many people brush me off when I try to explain what Bible prophecy says about the days ahead. But when an unbelieving teenager gets wrecked by a prophetic vision of the horrors of the last days, it isn't so easy to dismiss. If this doesn't convince you to get solid with your Maker, almost nothing will. This isn't a fun episode, but it's an incredibly important one. Warning: Disturbing content throughout. This episode is not for children. The full-length version of Jose's recording can be found on the website and YouTube channel of A Minute to Midnite. In today's episode you'll learn about: The rate of societal collapse Famine and the spread of cannibalism The role of Catholic Church in the war Thermonuclear holocaust The systematic activation of the Ring of Fire Widespread martyrdom The worship of physically present gods in South and East Asia
October 6, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #12: The Wedding and the Wrath of the Lord
Picking up where I left off last time, I finish discussing the meaning of the fall holy days (mo'ediym) of YHVH. If you're unsure whether or not to treat Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) as a mournful day, I offer some insight on that topic in the first half of this episode. This episode features an extended question and answer period, during which I explain that the 7th seal, 7th trumpet, and 7th bowl judgments are identical. In the process, I construct a basic timeline of the last weeks of this present age and the first weeks of the Messianic age. In the second chapter of my book, Leviathan's Ruse, Vol. 1, I included a timeline of the last days. There was one error in that graphic. For some reason, I listed the 6th seal and the 7th trumpet as the same day. That was incorrect because the 7th trumpet judgment should have been listed with the 7th seal. The graphic has been revised and posted below. Studying it may help you to better understand the content of this episode. By listening to today's episode, you'll learn: About the multiple fulfillments of Shavuot/Pentecost About the prophetic significance of the fall of Jericho Why we should afflict ourselves on the Day of Atonement That the honeymoon and the wrath of YHVH begin simultaneously in different places A few reasons why the Book of Revelation isn't chronological Where Sumerian stories about the Anunnaki came from Why the apostle John saw the souls of beheaded men on thrones
October 3, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #11: Divine Days and Signs
We have just entered into the Fall holy days, so it's a good time to discuss the prophetic significance of those divinely appointed times. Pivotal events in redemptive history occurred on the Spring holy days in the past, and climactic events will occur on the Fall holy days in the future. In this episode, I begin talking about how God's purposes will be accomplished on Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot at the end of the age. A lot of people have been claiming that the stellar alignment of September 23rd will be the fulfillment of the sign described in Revelation chapter 12. They don't understand that the sign was already fulfilled on the Day of Trumpets (Yom Teruah) many centuries ago. For in-depth information about the Rev. 12 sign, read this. To see the two eclipse-related graphics mentioned in the show, see this page. You'll learn: Why the 9/23/2017 stellar sign isn't what people think How the Day of Trumpets has at least two fulfillments What the "last trump" really is, and why the Rapture won't be on the Day of Trumpets About the end-time plight of the Jewish people What Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) represents
September 23, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #10: Meet My Black Messianic Pastor
Pastor Jonathan Dade joins me to discuss a variety of subjects from Christian "cannibalism" to racial tensions and the route to reconciliation. Pastor Dade is the founder and senior pastor of Messiah Echad congregation of Georgetown, Texas. He holds an MBA from Washington State University College of Business and a Masters of Theological Studies from Colorado Christian University. He has a heart for his community, his city, and the original form of the Christian faith. In this episode, you'll hear about: The recent solar eclipse and natural disasters in America Advice for new preppers How Christians can have differing opinions but still love each other Maintaining our theological identity while still cooperating for good The insidious elitism practiced by many Messianic organizations The remnant of racism in the South
September 15, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #9: Which Prophecies Are Left? Part 2
According to the Bible, what's going to happen between now and the Second Coming of Jesus? Quite a lot, actually, which is why this topic took two podcasts to cover, and even so I only scratched the surface. In this episode we continue our investigation by first turning a magnifying glass on the oracles of Daniel, then linking them to oracles from the other scriptures. You'll learn: How 2 Baruch confirms Daniel 8 Why Rome never went away About the 70 "weeks" (i.e., Shemitahs) of Daniel 9 About the last-days apostasy that has been ramping up for centuries Why the Antichrist is called the Man of Lawlessness How the Antichrist can be an ancient king but still fulfill the Messianic prophecies And more
September 8, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #8: Which Prophecies Are Left? Part 1
One of the ladies from my congregation recently asked me to give a rundown of the biblical prophecies awaiting fulfillment. This episode is part one of two episodes addressing that very thing. There are a lot of world-changing events still to come, and it's going to be quite the ride. If you want to know what to expect (and who wouldn't?!), don't miss these episodes. You'll learn: The potential pitfall of studying end-time prophecies The polarization that has already begun Several components of the Blessed Hope The meaning of the fig tree, olive tree, and vine Why we should brace for a time of global calamity The identities of the kings of the North and South Why the Antichrist won't be Islamic
September 2, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #7: 7 Ways to Test Prophecies
This is part two of our discussion about prophecy. How do we know whether or not we can trust a prophetic word given since the finalization of Scripture? It would be foolish to blindly believe anything uttered by a person just because he or she claims to have received it from Adonai. We should put the alleged prophet through a series of tests. In this episode, you'll learn the seven tests that I propose we all use. During listener Q&A, you'll hear about the Jubilee cycle and why it's most likely 49 years in length, not 50.
August 25, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #6: Lawrence Family Prophecies
YHVH God gives awesome gifts to his kids, and one of those gifts is prophetic foreknowledge. Get to know your host a bit as he describes the times when he and his mother were given prophetic insights. During listener Q&A, you'll hear a likely explanation of why every other person is "taken" in Matthew 24:40-41 and Luke 17:34-37, and when it will happen.
August 20, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #5: Detestable
Thomas Dunn and Jared Chrestman of Angry Son Media join me to talk about their documentary film, Detestable, which pulls back the curtain on a world of unspeakable evil ignored by the secular media and the Church alike. In this unique film, Satanic ritual abuse survivors share their harrowing experiences in the hopes of raising awareness and making it more difficult for abusive religious organizations to operate in secret. Along the way, spiritual warfare expert Russ Dizdar provides insight into the strategies of the occult groups who perpetrate heinous crimes as part of their worship practices. YOU'LL LEARN: The motivation behind the film How the victims were located The unexpected response from Christian viewers How awareness of SRA can change lives Why law enforcement can't uproot Satanic cult activity
August 12, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #4: Rapture Madness
Can we talk about the damning lack of verses supporting the pre-Tribulation Rapture theory? It's rather absurd, really, that so many of us have fallen for this Dispensationalist invention that can only be supported by supposed types and shadows because it can't offer even a single direct verse as evidence. Pastor Douglas Hamp joins me as my first guest on StS, and he drops some valuable insights into what the Bible does and doesn't say about the Rapture. A post-Trib convert from the pre-Trib camp, he has co-authored a new book titled Reclaiming the Rapture. You can purchase it here. Mr. Hamp's website is YOU'LL LEARN: Why the "types and shadows" argument doesn't hold up The difference between wrath and tribulation The amazing prophetic overview given by Isaiah (26:16-21) that puts wrath after the resurrection How the two kingdoms and the Hebraic marriage factor into the argument
August 4, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #3: How to Not Interpret the Bible Like a Dummy
You don't want to be one of *those* people, do you? You know, the ones who collect heresies like they were beanie babies because they make the Bible say what they want it to. To coin a phrase from Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, "It's the hermenuetic, Dummy." Okay, maybe I tweaked that quote, but just as the economy was the big issue that needed to be addressed by the incumbent in '92, mainstream Christianity's interpretive method is in some ways a major problem that needs to be tackled today. We don't need more of the same, we need to recover what we've lost as the Body of Messiah, and to get there we must seek the authors' original intent when studying the scriptures. YOU'LL LEARN: What makes for good hermenuetics The dangers of the ultra-literal method and the allegorical method Why Leviathan and the beast kingdoms of prophecy are symbolic How there can be two Yahwehs in the Bible How we've misinterpreted the New Testament to justify changing the Sabbath
August 2, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #2: The 7,000-Year Plan of God
Our collective story is not yet very long. The Bible teaches that human history is unfolding along a timeline of only 7,000 years, with the last thousand years comprising the Messianic kingdom to be install upon Yeshua's return. Where are we on that timeline, right now? And how should that affect us? YOU'LL LEARN: The divine nature of cycles of seven What early church members thought of the idea of a Septeon (i.e., eon of 7 divisions) The many passages that teach the Septeon Why the apostles could state that they were living in the "last days" 2,000 years ago Why the biblical year may differ from the current astronomical year
August 2, 2017
Searching the Scriptures #1: Unleaven Your Life
Mmm, that new podcast smell. There's nothing quite like it. This pilot episode begins with a bit about Watchman Alexander, then moves to the topic of Christian "cannibalism" before addressing the issue of leaven as a symbol in the Bible. YOU'LL LEARN: How being qualified in the Kingdom of God is different than in the secular world One of the main ways in which God's flock commits self-sabotage The true meaning of leaven in Scripture and why it matters What the Bible says about knowing the "season" that the world is in
August 2, 2017