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Waves Podcast

Waves Podcast

By Maxime Gourlain
Don't be a drop in the ocean. Make some waves!

This podcast features interviews with amazing artists, scientists, entrepreneurs... Awesome people who, just like you, had a dream and decided to go after it. They tell you about their lives, how they got to where they are and what they've learnt from their journeys in a very open, calm and funny conversation with me.
This is the chillest podcast you've ever heard and hopefully the one you'll enjoy the most !
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#16 Stephanie Kwong : Check Your Beliefs
Back from our break with an A-MA-ZING interview of the even more amazing Stephanie Kwong! In this episode Stephanie talks about how to see if your beliefs are  holding you down, how to identify and question them constantly to update  your mind AND so many tips on how to convince your subconscious that  you CAN do what you want! As a hypnotherapist and mindset coach,  Stephanie knows a lot about how the human brain works and how we can use  this knowledge to improve our lives and feel better! We talked about  Gary Vaynerchuk, brain waves and a lot more so please go ahead and have a  listen! Stephanie's Website,  Podcast and Instagram Timecodes: I read your reviews: 2:34 Interview: 4:07 Stephanie says you should check this out! The Science of the Law of Attraction What The Bleep Do We Know?
April 15, 2019
#15 Shereen Kassam : A Way To Get My Voice Back
How to start comedy, making jokes as an introvert and the difference  between doing stand-up and stripping... These are a few questions Shereen  Kassam answers in this episode. She tells us about her creative  journey, her childhood, and why she went from a corporate career to  comedy. An inspiring and motivating story that helps us understand how  she got to where she is, and also proves one thing: It's never too late  to start being creative. Shereen also tells us about her amazing podcast  Creative Breakthrough, one of my favorite in the game, before focusing  on the future and what's next for her! 
April 15, 2019
TIDE #4 : Everybody's Trash, But It's Alright
This week's episode of Waves Podcast is a bonus one! No guests, just me  talking about something I find interesting, important... And as we get  closer to Valentine's Day, I thought we should talk about something  related to it. So this one's about love, self-love and single life, and  although the title may seem negative at first, it really isn't. It's a  funny reference to a book by someone I respect but... I said that on  podcast already. I basically tried to explain the sentence "blabla are  trash", said by women, then men and showed that everybody's just as  "trash"... Plus what is "trash" even? Who decides what's trash  behaviour? Isn't the problem a simple lack of communication? Spoiler  alert: It might. And it could very well be solved by feminism, a better  freedom of expression, and introspection that enables us to really think  about what kind of relationship we want. Yes, I talked about all that  in barely 30 minutes and ended up on the subject of confidence, what it  is, how attractive it is to most people, and how it could help you find  the one... Maybe? Who knows! 
February 27, 2019
#14 Andrew James: Focus On One Thing And Stick With It
Youtuber Andrew James tells us about his journey as an artist, from his  first video at 13 years old, to reaching 110,000 subscribers at only 17!  He talks about creativity, motivation, starting making tutorials and  seeing his channel blow up... Before getting into more personal and  "serious" topics like bullying, finding his voice through filmmaking and  what he thinks is the key to succeed on YouTube. 
February 4, 2019
#13 Francis James : There's No Unreachable Goals, Only Unrealistic Time Frames
In this episode of Waves Podcast, Francis James, actor and lead singer  of Suspicious Minds, tells us about his journey, his band and opens up  on various other topics. From his passion for music, to the link between  relationship, mental wellness and success, we dealt with all the usual  self improvement and personal growth topics without even noticing.  Francis also explained us the two main aspects of being an artist: being  in touch with your emotions, and being confident in your ability to  succeed. This is a very inspiring interview for artists as well as  non-creatives! Peace of mind and emotion function the exact same way  whether you are using them "at work" by creating music... Or not. So you  mind find this interesting and helpful either way! Francis also  highlighted the importance of realizing that dreams are good, but  they're not all. You also need to set goals in order to reach them! So  be my guest, please have a listen! 
February 4, 2019
#12 Sober: Be Around People That Are Better Than You
Through his personal experience, anecdotes and life stories, Sober takes us on the journey that made him the artist he is now. From his passion for travels, to relationships, and obviously his love for music, the young rapper shares his thoughts on life and on what being an artist means to him. Honesty and vulnerability are the keys of this incredibly inspiring, motivating and soothing episode of Waves Podcast. A source of knowledge on well-being, life balance and peace of mind for aspiring rappers, artists, and really any human being. 
January 21, 2019
#11 Aleise Kay: Building Your Finances Is A Mindset
This week's episode of Waves Podcast is DENSE. It is super interesting  and is 99% of new knowledge - the remaining 1% is the time I was  talking. Aleise Kay is a coach in finance and well-being and she  explained us how these two elements are linked. We tend to assume that  being good at finances is just about saving up but things are different  to her. You need to know who you are, what you want, learn, be open, and  much more to become financially responsible. Funnily enough, I thought  this episode would be different from the others. More technical, less  spiritual... Well it wasn't. Turns out if you want to manage your money  well, you need to manage yourself well. Be at peace and feel good. Then  you can invest. 
January 14, 2019
BONUS #3 : Resolutions or Re-Solutions?
 The beginning of the year is the time people start taking resolutions to  improve their lives... But is it really the best moment for you to try  and get your life together? In this episode of Waves Podcast, I shared  my view on this topic and the reason why I don't really care for such  resolutions. To me, it is a lot easier to undertake such changes during  Spring or Summer, as it highly increases my chances to make these  resolutions last longer. Otherwise, they'll turn into "re-solutions"  that I will take again in 2020... And in 2021. But obviously, it depends  on your personal taste. If you love winter, go for it! Take as many  resolutions as you can, but for me, I know I should wait a little and  avoid social media in the meantime... Because these tend to pressure you  and make you feel bad if you don't buy in this resolution thing.  #newyearnewme , right? 
January 7, 2019
Urbanfux: I Have To Do It Because I Want To
Last episode of Waves Podcast before Christmas, last episode of the year... I had to pick a guest that embodies this period of happiness and positivity! That's why this episode is a conversation with Urbanfux, streamer on YouTube, awesome human being and very good friend of mine. To be honest, I don't know anybody that is as positive as her, and a chat with such an incredible person is always very fun and refreshing. We obviously started by talking about the difference between her online ID Urbanfux and her real name: Jenny. Although these two personas live in the same mind, they are different: Urbanfux is a very outgoing person while Jenny is a lot more shy, for example. Which is why she talked about the way she deals with this aspect of her personality and why it isn't really "bad" in essence. Being a very messy person, and knowing that Jenny is quite the opposite, I also asked her how she manages her time, before "waffling on" and sharing online and real life experiences with others. Positivity attracts positive people. That is one of the ideas I want to remember from this episode, along Jenny's words: "I have to do it because I want to do it". This quote sort of contradicts what people usually think: "I want to do it because I have to do it", it reminds us that our decisions must be fueled by our dreams, needs and desires... Not the opposite. This is an inspiring and motivating episode in which we dealt with topics like well-being, personal development, The Internet, shyness, streaming... And many others! Hope you will find this podcast interesting!
December 19, 2018
BONUS #2: Nobody Will Believe In You If You Don't
Lack of support and confidence is one of the biggest difficulties I've had to face so far. For my videos, for my podcast... I somehow need some confirmation from people I care about no matter what I do. The problem is that it means my happiness AND my success depend on them. That's bad. As much as you love your friends and family, you cannot let them steer your life... Plus, if you start believing in yourself, if you are proud of your creation, your job, they will start to think so too. They will start following you. So don't act like they owe you this.
December 3, 2018
Courtney Diamond : What's The Worst That Could Happen?
Really. What's the worst that could happen? In this episode, writer, podcast host and Twitch streamer Courtney Diamond reminds us that we need to try to do what we want and realize that the risks aren't that high. People might mock you? So what? You can't let your fear dictate your future... Success has nothing to do with luck either... It just depends on you. An amazing episode of Waves Podcast, in a funny & "chill" mood, dealing with important self-development, creativity and self-help topics... Without forgetting well-being.
November 19, 2018
BONUS #1 - Life is A Pressure Cooker
For this first bonus episode of Waves Podcast, I decided to share a few personal stories and explain what I learnt from them in the hope that it will help you guys too. Facing death and depression is obviously far from fun but it somehow helped me grow as a human being, like some direct personal development experience. And since I truly wish you will never have to deal with such thing, I think you'd benefit from hearing my conclusions... Without living what came before them. So yeah. I will tell you my main source of happiness, a weird metaphor of life and the importance of taking time to do something we like a little. You don't have to quit your job, but please, don't forget to pay attention to yourself.
November 12, 2018
Hannah Siddiqui : We All Have A Story To Share
In this episode of Waves Podcast, Hannah Siddiqui tells me about how she became a successful photographer, how she started her brand at only 20yo, and collaborated with brands like Adidas or Facebook... We then talk about society issues like gender, sexuality, tolerance, but also the way people behave on social media, hiding their "negative" feelings and trying to depict a perfect happy life everyday. She explains that if we could all share our story freely, tolerance would greatly improve and the Internet could be what it is supposed to be: a free source of knowledge for all of us ! With the election coming, Hannah also asks to our American audience to GO OUT and VOTE on November 6th !
November 5, 2018
Rebecca Knowles : Allow Yourself To Go For It
In this episode, Rebecca Knowles talks about how she became an actor, from her childhood to landing a role in Netflix' show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She gives tips on where to go to break in this industry, but also how to grow as a person and give yourself permission to do so and be happy, in a world where social media pressure you into behaving a certain way. Rebecca also shares her views on personal development as well as some very deep remarks on human nature, in this rather motivational episode of Waves Podcast.
October 29, 2018
Nabeelah Munshi : You Don't Have To Be Happy All The Time
How to be happy in a world where every single thing we do is judged and analyzed? How to stay motivated when everybody else seems to have an awesome life, and shows off on Instagram etc? These are very good questions, and Nabeelah and I tried to answer them in this episode, using our own life experiences... And then we digressed too. As always.
October 23, 2018
Rosie McCarthy: Everyone's Got Some Kind of Genius
Rosie McCarthy was born in New Zealand but decided to follow her French boyfriend a few years ago and settle in Paris. In this episode, she talks about her fast-growing YouTube channel called Not Even French, how she got to where she is... And a thousand other things. French culture, culture in general, her personal stories, tips for Youtubers, her marriage, balancing creativity and marketing... It would be too long to list everything. Just please have a listen, and I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two !
October 15, 2018
Nate Rose : A Burning Desire To Do It
Nate Rose, AKA the James Bond of rap talks about passion, money, determination, and laughing to the face of haters in this podcast interview... He explains why people should stop making art if they're not mainly motivated by a true passion, a "burning desire" to do it. If you're looking for money, start a business, or climb the ladder working at Waffle House. But art and especially music are not the right thing for you ! He shares life advice, talks about "haters" and how determination got him to where he is.
October 8, 2018
Samantha Damis : Just Get Out There And Do It.
Samantha is a model, her pictures on Instagram (@samdamis) are completely stunning, but somehow her personality is even more beautiful. To be honest I hadn't laughed that much in a while ! We talked about fashion, which I knew nothing about, she explained everything about how to become a model and I personally found it very interesting ! We then digressed and talked about beauty ideals and the racist remnants that lie behind them, the similarities between being a model and being a brand manager, before talking about the importance of trying things out. Samantha explains that she sometimes doubts herself too much, and that as a shy person she sometimes needs to force herself to do things, but she never lets this shyness take over her future. She simply does whatever makes her happy ! If you enjoyed this episode, please don't forget to tap the "favourite" button and follow us on Social Media !
October 1, 2018
Jordan Harry : Knowledge Is Useless Until We Apply It
Some people love Ted talks, some hate them. To be honest I kind of like them... And especially the one Jordan Harry gave, on how to read a book a day ! In this episode he shares techniques on how to learn faster and remember more, but also tips to improve yourself, to find out at which time of the day you are the most efficient, when you should study, work or have sex. If you are a creative person looking for inspiration, well... He has a solution for that too. And finally, he gives out a free class on his website to all Waves Podcast listeners who will send him a direct message on Instagram ! Just tell him you listened to this episode and he'll give you advice on which course suits you best ! His IG: @Jordannharryy So yeah, I hope you'll enjoy this episode, and if so don't forget to tap the "favourite" button and follow us on all Social Media !
October 1, 2018
Sarah Funk : Jump In, You'll Figure It Out
Sarah Funk is a Youtuber and Instagram influencer who lives in New York and shares videos about her city, as well as travel vlogs. she's encountered a significant success on YouTube in just a few months and is definitely not going to slow down now ! In this episode, she tells us more about how and why she managed to get more than 20k subscribers in such a little period of time, how she makes her videos before talking about her personal life, her reaction to mean comments, and why she quit a very comfortable job to make videos. Hope you'll enjoy this episode, and if so don't forget to tap the "favourite" button and follow us on Social Media !
October 1, 2018
Introduction - Welcome to Waves Podcast !
That's it ! Waves Podcast is finally there ! And to celebrate the launch, we publish three episodes at once, so go check them out ! But if you want to know what it is about first you should take a few minutes to listen to this introduction and see how it will help you reach your dreams, and why you should listen to it !
October 1, 2018