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Waving the Red Flag

Waving the Red Flag

By wavingtheredflag
Number one dating and relationship podcast in Atlanta and the universe. Join Eddy, Josh, and Alvin as they chop it up about love, sex, race, and the culture. New episode every Wednesday 9pm EST
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88 - The Equivalency on That Ho is False
The fella's talk about Dave Chappelle's latest special The Closer and whether or not it's transphobic, the Squid Game capitalist metaphor, whether watching shows without your partner is worse than fucking somebody else, and  whether or not cheating is even wrong
October 14, 2021
87 - Black Male Beta Coon
This whole episode is basically just straight [spoilers] for Scenes From a Marriage episodes 1-3.  Josh, Alvin, and Eddy break down the first three episodes of the show addressing getting your needs met without hurting others,  deadbeat moms, the impact abortions can have on a couple, the extreme mix of emotions experienced during real relationship conflict,  maintaining passion in a long term relationship, improving and changing yourself for your partner, new dick energy, leaving your man because he didn't read the signs, and how to get your man to forgive you for cheating.
October 7, 2021
86 - Just Take Your Scarlet A and Go
The fellas talk about not wanting your adult children to have the same type of sex life you had at their age, having a fulfilling life devoid of sex and Eddy's penile injury, the definition of foreplay, differing senses of humor between men and women, and the Twitter adage "men marry who they want, women marry who they can"
September 30, 2021
85 - Niggy Takes feat. The Suburban Boys Podcast
Eddy and Alvin got the Suburban Boys Podcast to come through to talk about what counts as mixed, mandatory vasectomies for all men, defunding the CIA, Lil Duvall being an industry plant, immunisation science, dating tall women, and age regulation in porn.
September 23, 2021
84 - The Usual SUSpects
Josh and Eddy conduct the gayest episode of the pod to date.  They dialogue about how long it takes to get over a relationship, building confidence, affirmations, sperm counts and fertility, raw sex, nut tasting, whether pegging is gay, getting your groceries eaten, and the scarcity of dominant women
September 16, 2021
83 - I Would NEVER Knock a B*tch Out
Josh and Eddy argue about if they're cool with their girl talking to her homegirls about their stroke game , women weaponzing vulnerability against men,  whether women understand men better that men understand women,  and whether or not yelling is abuse
September 9, 2021
82 - Lie Hard with a Vengeance
This week it's the side effects of hair surgery and meds, the concept of roaching/dating around during the talking phase, the awkwardness of transitioning during sexual encounters, having a separate bedroom from your partner, and the impacting having a father in the home has on raising children
September 2, 2021
81 - Lil Bitty Boat
Alvin Eddy and Josh talk about OnlyFans banning sexual content, whether or not head counts as a body, having sex without kissing the woman,  the normalization of kink/violence in sex, bringing toys into the bedroom, how to short a stock, and going down on your pregnant wife
August 26, 2021
80 - Square Up
The boys argue about getting into fights as a grown man, jumping in on a one v one, presenting a united front as a couple, should extraverts accomodate their introverted partners, putting your girl onto new shit, and the QAnon husband who murdered his own kids
August 19, 2021
79 - Back in the Day When Things Were Cool
Alvin and Eddy talk flat earth conspiracies, extended adolescence and how hard "adulting" is, dr. dre being a deadbeat grand dad and what we owe our children, whether or not kids should learn algebra
August 12, 2021
78 - Therapy is Expensive
Alvin and Eddy get to talking about cultural appropriation and cultural copyright, being too old to be a rapper, going off your meds, being assertive vs domineering, dealing with unprofessional incompetent arrogant doctors, and communicating the severity of your emotions without crying and hollering
August 5, 2021
77 - Self Identified Somewhat Good N*gga
Josh Alvin and Eddy analyze the effectiveness of parsleying your way into some pussy, explore the friendzone, nice guys, the trauma dark skinned women experience as girls, the passing down of trauma, family secrets, and Black witchcraft practices in the South
July 29, 2021
76 - I'm a Great Value Man
The boys talk about internet privacy and the age of the algorithm, the singularity, the toxicity of wanting someone to be obsessed with you, if watching porn counts as cheating, do women cheat for different reasons than men
July 22, 2021
75 - The Time Has Cum
Josh and Eddy talk about being too old to party, having a timeline on marriage and having kids, thot poses, dick pics, advice to their younger selves, financial coercion in sexual relationships, and dating within your tax bracket
July 16, 2021
74 - Never Be The Broccoli
Eddy and Josh rehash Eddy's Dave Chappelle slander, talk twin flames, Tabitha Brown retiring her man, Jada and Tupac, and safe versus exciting men
July 9, 2021
73 - FML In a Good Way
This week the amigos talk about BBLs, the perils of plastic surgery, body image issues, changing your body for your partner, the existence of microbial alien life in the universe, whether or not humans are destroying the planet, and subconsciously wanting your partner to be upset as a sign of affection.
July 2, 2021
72 - A Bit of Bun on Bun Action
Eddy, Josh, and Alvin talk about the downfall of comedy, fighting younger versions of yourself, Australian gangsters, fistfights, getting tired while eating pussy, and getting instruction from women in bed
June 25, 2021
71 - A Different Pattern of Thot
Today the boys talk about Josh meeting Weezy from Whoreible Decisions, the dangerous nature of modern fame, the Paul brothers' secret triplet Jake Logan, the Kanye West Dwayne Johnson presidential ticket,  the intimidation of dating a worldly woman, period sex, angry sex, crying women trying to bang you, and killing baby Hitler
June 18, 2021
70 - The Guns of Infidelity
Alvin Eddy and Josh are in this week to talk about using the n word around whites, your girl getting flew out, telling your homie's girl if he cheats, and cultural acceptance around the assault of young boys , and cancel culture
June 11, 2021
69 - In Negro Fertilization
Alvin and Eddy talk women proposing to men, asking a woman's father for his blessing to propose, and get heated about whether or not men should be able to opt out of child support via a "financial abortion" 
June 4, 2021
68 - The Power of Now
Josh and Eddy are in for a short emergency broadcast episode while we work on some behind the scenes shit. In this minisode we talk about Eckhart Tolle and the nature of the true eternal self versus the ego, nut reload times, and how the world would be different if white men birthed Black babies. 
May 28, 2021
67 - I Don't Wanna Know
Alvin Eddy and Josh discuss the homophobia of women not wanting to date bisexual men, if they would want to know if their partner were cheating on them, being gay presenting, body neutrality, raising children gender neutrally/fluidly, and Joe Budden fucking over his team
May 22, 2021
66 - Sugar Toddlers
Alvin Eddy and Josh talk about being a sugar baby to Melinda Gates, the real meaning of high value man, dating your day one vs meeting someone while you're great, Eddy being a trash boyfriend, the drawbacks of winning an argument, white mom mixed energy, and the difference between a threesome and a train 
May 15, 2021
65 - I'm Never Too Far From Home w/ Abbas Wahab
Alvin and Josh are joined by Abbas Wahab of The Immigrant Section Podcast to talk about surviving prison without joining a gang, waiting for your girlfriend in prison, hitting rock bottom in life,  the myth of unconditional love, and enabling a family member with mental illness
May 8, 2021
Bonus Clip - You Gotta Let the P*ssy Marinate
Eddy Alvin and Josh discuss how long to wait between sneaky links
May 4, 2021
64 - Kegels and Lox
The gang talks glow ups, dim downs, how to take care of your body as you age, Eddy's abstinence and nofap journey, adult wet dreams, what counts as beastiality, the myth of post nut clarity, and learning  how to have better sex
May 1, 2021
63 - F*ckboy Film Club feat. Raiders of the Lost Podcast
The gang is joined by Anthony and James from Raiders of the Lost Podcast to talk about toxic film bro movies, the responsibility filmmakers have for the social impact of their work, crying at period romantic dramas as a grown man, the horror of paternal custody battles, when to let shit go in a relationship, and Denzel's #1 worst movie.
April 24, 2021
62 - Slippin
Eddy and Alvin talk about the untimely passing of DMX, the impact of his music and significance of his life's journey, our obsession with white people's inability to properly season food, breastfeeding in public, the over-sexualization of the naked human body, ancient African cuisines, the history of men wearing make up, how to properly conduct yourself in the comments section of a thirst trap, emotional and material support from mothers versus fathers, and receiving support from parents in adulthood
April 17, 2021
61 - Jumping Ship
Josh and Eddy talk porn addiction, the differences in men and women's viewing habits, whether women want sex as indiscriminately as men, casual hook up bro code, the ethics of dirty macking, and the intimacy of picking up your significant other from the airport, MMF vs FFM 3-sums, Eddy getting mad at dumb shit
April 10, 2021
60 - The Good, The Bad, and The Grateful
Josh and Eddy talk about what it means to be a 7 out of 10, forced intimacy & lovebombing in friendships, the differences between male and female friendships, the vaule of settling for less in a romantic relationship, and the drug habits of the white race
April 3, 2021
59 - Remote Control Dick
Jay Eddy Josh and Alvin talk about modern societies obsession with faces, increasing depression in modern society, what to do about pedophiles, the scared straight program, how fame effects mental health, unrealistic standards of beauty, having too many dating options, and the bar being insanely low for men in the dating game
March 27, 2021
58 - Artificial Bussy feat. The Suburban Boys Podcast
Eddy , Alvin, and Josh are joined by Q, E, and Sway from the Suburban Boys podcast to try and get as close to cancelled as possible. They talk: rihanna vs beyonce, the dangerous animals of Melbourne vs Houston, designer babies, male birth control, Shaq's going rate on the slave market, the validity of super straight identity, and how much money they'd need to fuck a male billionaire
March 20, 2021
57 - Thank You For the Orgasm feat. Tom DL Murphy
Eddy, Alvin, and Josh are joined by stand up comic Tom DL Murphy to talk about preplanning dirty talk, cringy sexual performances, the orgasm gap, bringing toys into the bedroom, the stigma around bootyplay as a man, the limitations of hotness in women, the appeal of amatuer porn, the challenge of trying to blow up as an OnlyFans girl, and Eddy teaches Tom The Way of The Melancholic Nut
March 13, 2021
56 - Satellite Heauxs w/ Jay
Jay is back with Josh and Eddy to talk cheating contingency plans, the use of the word "females", misogynoir, having exes hang around as satellites, whether monogamy is natural, the appeals of being a brotherhusband, and the difference between loving and lovebombing
March 6, 2021
55 - Godfrey Deboed My Joke feat. Abbas Wahab
Eddy, Alvin, and Josh hop on the mics with the homie Abbas Wahab, comic and host of The Immigrant Section Podcast, to talk Chris Delia's apology tour, the benefits of getting married, the beyonce lemonade conspiracy, horny grandpas, the ethics of power dynamics in sexual situations, the stupidity of Tenet, the Wachowski girls stealing the Matrix, and whether they'd date the girl versions of themselves
February 27, 2021
54 - The Talented Tenth Inch feat. Jay
Eddy and Jay are both in lockdown during Valentines in Melbourne joined by Josh and Alvin they talk splitting the rent, women letting niggas live off of them, temporary marriage licenses, the struggles of dating as a broke nigga, how to tell someone they're bad at sex, the Amazon position, and how to cheat for maximum damage. 
February 20, 2021
53 - The Initiation
Eddy Josh and Alvin talk about Eddy's climbing related hate crime, medical racism, the distinction between romance and intimacy, the appeal of being sexually dominated by women, and Josh's most extreme sexual experience to date 
February 13, 2021
52 - The C-Word feat. Willie Macc
Comic Willie Macc comes back through to talk about his new show on HGTV, whether or not Black people can enact structural racism, victim blaming, the challenges of raising a lightskin, the differences in having a daughter versus a son, Tory Lanez' innocence, T.I.s guilt, doing commercials as a Black man, and the intersectionality of cheating and picnics.
February 6, 2021
51 - But That's Nigga Here Nor There feat. Jay
Long time podcast friend Jay Jay comes in to talk to the fellas Josh, Alvin, and Eddy about becoming too light-skinned to say nigga, the requisite forehead size to qualify as Somali, the detached cultural identity of African-Americans in the greater diaspora, try hard woke white women, Australians' love of meth, the authenticity of the African Australian accent, fake breaking up with people as a power play, Eddy's internalized misogynoir, women's reaction to rejection, deleting your hoeness, and allowing someone to be selfish in a relationship during tough times. 
January 30, 2021
50 - A Small Respite of Dick
Josh and Eddy talk about  the capitol hill insurrection, Trump getting deplatformed off everything, how to win over working class whites to progressive values, what animals are acceptable to eat when you're REALLY hungry, if it is ever possible to know if someone is the one, paternalistic lying, what women look for in a man to cheat with, and getting cheated on with a friend or relative
January 23, 2021
49 - Buttcoin
Josh, Eddy, and Alvin talk the cryptopussy economy, love languages, dealing with your trauma before entering a relationship, the gendered fuckery of the concept of the mancave, and the management of second shift labor in straight relationships
January 16, 2021
48 - Roach Hoe Tell feat. Abbas Wahab
Eddie, Alvin, and Josh chop it up with Abbas Wahab, hilarious comedian and host of The Immigrant Section Podcast. They talk women leaving the relationship long before the official breakup, the benefits of being a Black psychopath, the gentle passive aggressive brutality of Canadian police, Asian students being categorized as white people, how to stop procrastinating on your dreams, immigrant parents' view of success, pullout couches, and the ethics of fetishizing deaf women.
January 9, 2021
47 - Jeff Bezos is a Prince
The gang is recording from home as the sound guys are off on vacation. They talk pregnancy scares, eating the rich, the genius of Drake's rap lyrics, the validity of transracial identity, the toxic positivity of the self help community, the safest ways to cheat and have unprtected sex, and the world's longest human shit.
January 2, 2021
46 - A Heavily Negro Class
Josh, Eddy, and Alvin talk about being a late bloomer, Eddy's grandma getting scammed by an Indian call center, Josh getting catfished, cockblocking etiquette, the evolution of the n-word, going through partners phones, letting yourself be lied to, and being the "other man".
December 26, 2020
45 - Mouth Shots
This week Alvin, Eddy, Josh  (and a little of Keiran) talk the death of Tom "Tiny Zues" Lister Jr., aging parents, whether or not real men need creature comforts, Black families traumatizing children as a caretaking tactic, finding a personal definition for friendship, crying as a man, being a nigga who operates entirely off vibes, and the goofiness of the Australian language.
December 19, 2020
44 - Respectability Twerkolitics
Josh, Eddy, and Alvin get to talking JFK and 9/11 conspiracy theories, Japanese gang control over taxis, Nate Robinson's systematic oppression by Jake Paul, the Dallas restaurant owner going off on his patrons for twerking in the restaurant, and the addictive appeal of high quality strippers including Josh getting robbed by a two in Atlanta
December 12, 2020
43 - Practicing Social Intimacy
Alvin is out so Josh and Eddy talk serial killer fandom, thanksgiving abuse, rejecting women who shoot their shot,  higher dimensions of perception,  the anthropocentric interpretation of the universe and a bunch more bullshit. 
December 5, 2020
42 - Beatin Ass N' Eatin Ass™: A Couple's Experience
Eddy, Alvin, and Josh are back to talk Black men going to therapy, queer acceptance in the Black community, celebrity domestic abuse, sex as a gift, love languages, and The Michelin Star nominated Outback Steakhouse and a bunch more bs!
November 28, 2020
41 - Don't be so jackquacious
Eddy, Alvin, and Josh talk ghosting, weaseling back into an ex's life, OnlyFans romance, cultural appropriation, the least known member of the Jacksons, Will Smith's genius insanity, social justice over personal obligations, Akon's tech ventures, and a bunch more bullshit. 
November 21, 2020
40 - Niel DeMike Tyson
Alvin and Eddy are on Zoom to talk a Trump coup, the career of Robin William's, the benefits of therapy,  the stupidity of Alcoholics Anonymous and a bunch more bullshit!
November 14, 2020
39 - A St Louis 8 and a half feat. Willie Macc
Eddy, Josh, and Alvin are joined by comic Willie Macc over in LA to talk Hollywood orgies, trying to rap over the age of 30, Mike Tyson making Boosie look like a little boy, Cajun Sparkle, the very first orgasm of life, the various levels of middle class, and the normalization of sexual abuse of young boys. Check out Willie's podcast AfroNoodles streaming on LaughFactory. 
November 7, 2020
38 - The Rim
Alvin, Josh, and Eddy talk fake orgasms, the scheduling of male orgasms, pegging, annilingus, whether "cishet" is a woke slur, sacrificing "innocent" men to the cause of the #metoo movement, Black Mirror episodes, foot stuff, the trolley problem in regards to self-driving cars, and a bunch more b*llshit!
October 31, 2020
37 - Romantic than a MF feat. Joe White
Perth comic Joe White is funny as fuck Ethiopian as hell and comes through to chat with Josh and Eddy while Alvin is out saving the world. They chop it up about cheap date ideas, extra-terrestrial dating, banging fans, break ups that men never see coming, and a whole bunch more b*llshit!
October 24, 2020
36 - The N*gga Nextdoor
Eddy (@eddyovergold) Josh (@moore2lifemedia) and Alvin (@diversityhire) talk about Josh's breakup, the oppression of Hennessy on the Black community, jerking off sad, lower colon health, dirty macking within a friend group, women moving on from relationships at lightspeed, the nature of consciousness and ego persistence and a bunch more bullsh*t!
October 17, 2020
0 - Waving the Red Flag
Waving the Red Flag will be coming soon.
November 20, 2019