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By Lauren
Let's talk travel. Interviews with avid travelers about their best and worst adventures and the things they've learned along the way.
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Food of the Gods
Today we're meeting Max, a chocolate maker as part of the first of two Halloween inspired episodes. Ready yourself with treats as we discuss travel, her work as a podcaster and blogger in the world of chocolate, and a lot about craft chocolate.  Wanderlust is on Twitter @Wanderlustpod or available by email at You can find Max on her personal Instagram, her podcast Instagram, or on her blog. The transcription for this episode will be made available on the blog. 
October 14, 2020
Into the Wild
Today we're joined by Kristin, an avid hiker, and scientist with a background in forest conservation. Learn about thru-hiking, hiker hunger, weird food creations, the best hiking equipment and about the Pacific Crest Trail.  You can follow Kristin on Instagram or read more about her adventures on her blog. Wanderlust is on Twitter. Transcripts are available based on the episode here.
September 29, 2020
A Bird's Eye View
Like birds? This episode is for you. Today's interview is with Sarah, a master of avian sciences about travel and her international birdwatching experiences as well as all her tips and tricks.  Wanderlust is on Twitter. Transcripts are available based on the episode here.
September 15, 2020
Agent of Travel
Today we're meeting Courtenay who is a travel consultant. Ever wonder what travel agents or consultants do? Or how someone becomes one? Courtenay is going to answer all those questions and more in this episode.  You can follow Courtenay on Instagram.  Wanderlust is on Twitter. Transcripts are available based on the episode here. 
September 1, 2020
Influencing Travel
Today we're meeting Gina, a travel influencer. We discuss travel, what it's like being a travel influencer, how she got started, and her process. Wanderlust is on Twitter @Wanderlustpod. You can find Gina on Instagram, Youtube, or on her blog.
August 18, 2020
Travel's Best Friend
Today we're interviewing Jessica, a native English teacher and American expat who lives in Seoul. We discuss travel, expat life, and what it's like having a dog in South Korea.  Wanderlust is on Twitter @Wanderlustpod. You can follow Jessica on Instagram @sleepyinseoul
August 3, 2020