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Finding Our Way: The Official Podcast of Wayland The Band

Finding Our Way: The Official Podcast of Wayland The Band

By Wayland The Band
In this podcast the founding members of the band Wayland welcome guests from all over the land to the band's headquarters in Nashville TN. The conversation will reflect on past experiences, lessons learned, and of course hilarious stories from on and off the road.
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Who's Written Songs for Reba McEntire, Eric Clapton, Faith Hill and WAYLAND? . . Steve Diamond, That's Who!!
Mitch and Phill invited songwriter and producer Steve Diamond over to their Nashville studio to chat. Steve was one of the first people the band met when they moved to Nashville. He shares his story of becoming a hit song writer, and what it's like to write with and produce Wayland in the studio. 
August 10, 2022
Wayland's Drummer: Introducing Kai Chambers
In the first episode of Season 3, Phill and Mitch sit down with drummer Kai Chambers as they both tell the story of Kai auditioning for the band when the band didn't even know he was auditioning. Kai gives us a glimpse into life as a farmer in Australia, and how fast life changed into living in Nashville TN.
June 15, 2022
The Band's Manager, Alyssa Hoffman of Fearlyss Entertainment
Mitch and Phill sit down with their manager to tell the story of how Alyssa became such a big part of their lives so quickly. She explains what it's like having Wayland Warriors as parents, climbing the corporate ladder at a Fortune 500 company, and diving face first into the crazy world of a Rock n Roll band on the road. The three also talk about being roommates, best friends, what it's like dating someone you work with, and pineapple on pizza.
June 18, 2021
Wayland the Band, Sturgis SD, American Idol, Selena Gomez, and Tinder all have one man in common: Joey Clement
Wayland Warriors, this is your official introduction to your new bass player in the band! Join Mitch and Phill as they proudly invite Joey Clement into their inner circle. Joey reflects on his musical journey that lead him to Wayland from high profile gigs with American Idols and pop stars, to his true rock roots. Listen as the guys tell the the story of how this new chapter of the band was opened through a dating app! 
June 11, 2021
Phill's Parents visit the desert!!
This is such a special episode for Phill and Mitch to share with you. Mike and Clare Vilenski join the boys in the JT studio to reflect on Phillip's childhood that led to moving to California and meeting Mitch. They reminisce about how they watched the band grow through trials and tribulations, and what that was like through the eyes of loving parents, doing anything they could to encourage and help them find their way.
May 19, 2021
The Sensei of Songwriting, Michael Gurley.
Mitch and Phill get a visit from their long time friend, Michael Gurley. The guys tell the story of Michael discovering the band while they were on stage at the world famous Whisky-a-go-go, on Hollywood's Sunset Strip. Soon after that, Mike's guidance lead Mitch and Phill to completely start over with their songwriting process as he pushed them to their highest potential. This started the snowball that lead to everything we all know as Wayland. 10 years later the three songwriters still love working together any chance they get, and Wayland is so excited to help Michael celebrate the release of his new solo record, "Ultrasound." There aren't many people that have played as big of a roll in helping Wayland find their way as Michael Gurley has.
February 10, 2021
Running naked through the desert with KIPTOE
Mitch and Phill got a chance to sit down with their good friend Kiptoe, a visual artist who travels the world painting murals. One of the most unique aspects of how he shares his art, is his amazing YouTube channel where he captures the process of creating these massive works of art. The Wayland guys are some of his biggest fans, so it was fun to dive deep into his story, and discover so many parallels with the band's journey, as they both find their way.
November 20, 2020
Sean Taylor name drops The Muppets, Spiderman, Los Angeles Bank Robbers, and Apt 14
Phill, Mitch, and Sean sit down in the desert studio and crack open a few ice cold cans of root beer, and go back almost 20 years to when they first met. With the long history and friendship, and Sean's amazing career and passion with film and television, he was the perfect person to direct and produce the documentary on the band. The stories between these three are hilarious, as Sean has been there from the beginning, as the band has found their way.
November 06, 2020
From Detroit, to London, to Istanbul to the Mojave Desert: filmmaker/musician Kurt Braun
Phill and Mitch met Kurt at a desert party and became fast friends! So fast that he was directing the music video for "No More" within just a few weeks of the first introduction! The guys have morning coffee in the desert studio and share stories of traveling the world, creating art, and staying true to their Michigan roots, and of course, finding they're way.
October 30, 2020
You Can't Put Out These Flames of Durga!!
Phill and Mitch have afternoon coffee in the desert studio with their good friends, Beah and Cecilia Romero. Not only are the identical twins in the powerful heavy rock band Flames of Durga, they share with us the passion behind painting murals, teaching yoga, and most recent release of their own clothing line, Punk Rock Hippie! Discussions go from Echo Park to Joshua Tree by way of an upcoming UK rock n roll tour! Beah was the starring roll in Wayland's latest video for "No More."  Beah and Cecilia were the first friends we met when we moved out to the desert and together in Joshua Tree we're finding our way.  Flames Of Durga: Punk Rock Hippies: Twin Flames Yoga: No More Music Video:
October 23, 2020
Bone Responsibly!!!
Phill and Mitch have coffee in the desert studio with Brian Kellen and Heidi Cooper, owners of Boneyard's Bloody Blend. They get deep about perfecting the secret recipe to a spice mix, as well as building a successful business. There's a lot to talk about with a couple who has traveled all over the country to see the band in clubs, festivals, cruises and bike rallies!! Brian and Heidi reflect on what it's been like to have a VIP Wayland  experience as they've watched the band find their way.
October 16, 2020
Albino Chickens on the loose in Joshua Tree?!?
Phill and Mitch sit down with Phillip's childhood best friend and drummer in his very first band, The Albino Chickens. Ryan Jensen came all the way from Colorado to The Desert House to jam, spill secrets on what Phill Vilenski really did on the playground, and share stories from the journey they shared while finding their way for the past three decades. 
October 09, 2020
Hoss Wright tells his "Long Story Short"
Mitch and Phill sit down with their friend of 20 years. Hoss came into the band's life as a mentor when they were first getting started and helped guide their early studio experiences, taught them about rehearsal and preproduction, and has played drums on many of Wayland's studio recordings throughout the years. This is Hoss' first time telling his story from leaving his home town to join a rock n roll tour at age 17, to performing and recording with world renowned musicians. Hoss was scheduled to play drums on the 2020 tour with Wayland before the cancellation of all live performances, and there's no telling what the future holds as they are all still finding their way.
September 18, 2020
What the F$%K is Reiki Healing?
This episode Phillip and guest co-host Alyssa sit down with Reiki Master Jackie Galstaun to discuss what the F$%K Reiki Healing actually is. Jackie encourages listeners to participate in her 30 day Blessings Challenge and reveals the techniques she's shared with the band that they've successfully implemented on the journey to finding to finding their way as her clients and friends.  For more information on Jackie Galstaun and Reiki & Health visit her website or her social media channels: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube  Copyright Wayland 2020 Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube Spotify Apple Music 
August 28, 2020