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InSight Aviation

InSight Aviation

By waymanaviation
Listen and Learn from Captains, Air Traffic Controllers, and Aviation Industry Professionals. We will explore how they became passionate about aviation. How they reached their current position. What their advice is for aspiring aviators and their outlook on the future of the aerospace industry.

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2.6 Atlas Air Sr Dir of Training Ops Teressa Mastrosimone, former Wayman Instructor
In this episode we talk to Teressa Mastrosimone, a Wayman Alumni and the Senior Director of Training Center Operations at Atlas Air's Miami facility. She oversees their training center, training records, scheduling and hiring of new pilots and flight attendants.
September 12, 2022
2.5 Stevo1kinevo Exec TBM Pilot & YouTuber
In this episode we have the pleasure with speaking with Corporate Pilot & Aviation YouTuber Stevo1kinevo about his career as a TBM 850 pilot. He tells us about his unique path to becoming a pilot, flying for a part 121 carrier, eventually going into corporate flying and becoming a Flying Ambassador to The Bahamas. Also we speak about the importance of quality of life in an aviation career and a few interesting experiences he has had whilst flying the TMB 850. You can follow Stevo1kinevo here: YouTube - Instagram - Website -
July 03, 2022
2.4 American Airlines MIA Chief Pilot & Flight Dir, Capt Domingo Alfaro
In this episode American Airlines Captain, Chief Pilot & Director of Flight Domingo Alfaro tells us about the responsibilities of a Chief Pilot & Director of Flight. We also learn how he got this position and about the massive demand for qualified pilots.
May 13, 2022
2.3 Captain Kimber Turner Former DHL Pilot
Captain Kimber Turner who now works in admissions at Wayman Academy talks about tips to get hired at your first pilot job, creative ways to build flight time and the lifestyle as a corporate pilot compared to that of a cargo pilot. 
April 13, 2022
2.2 Aviation Education with Brian Hough Senior Vice President At King Schools
Brian Hough Senior Vice President at King Schools brings his wealth of knowledge on developing aviation curriculums, insights into training efficiency, how best to serve a student, the pilot shortage and making collegiate education flexible for flight students.
March 17, 2022
2.1 How to get hired as a Flight Instructor w/ Assistant Chief Mario Culpepper
How to get hired as a Flight Instructor w/ Assistant Chief Mario Culpepper at Wayman Aviation Academy. We speak about becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), ways to make learning effective and efficient, resume tips and suggestions on how to interview for your first CFI job.
February 21, 2022
Neshomar, Medevac Learjet Pilot From Bonaire
In this episode we talk with Neshomar, a Medevac pilot from Bonaire flying Learjets around the Caribbean and South America. We talk about how he got involved in aviation and his flight training experience. He also tells us about his professional career path from flying the Twin Otter into challenging airports with short runways and the steep learning curve and fast paced environment of flying Learjets on Medevac flights.
December 03, 2021
Dr. Jorge Guerra, Director of Aviation & Safety Department At Florida Memorial University
In this episode we speak with Dr. Jorge Guerra, Director of Aviation & Safety Department at Florida Memorial University (FMU) in North Miami, Florida. He shares with us the different aviation programs they offer and the advantages of learning to fly in a college environment in regards to airline transport pilot minimum hour requirements.
November 06, 2021
Robert Arkin, Fixed & Rotary Wing Pilot From South Florida
In this episode we speak with Robert Arkin, a prolific fixed and rotary wing pilot from South Florida. We’ll talk about his aviation journey and the ins-and-outs flying to The Bahamas.
October 15, 2021
Carlos Rivera SOC Duty Manager At National Airlines on InSight Aviation
In this episode we talk with Carlos Rivera, SOC Duty Manager at National Airlines. National Airlines is a Part 121 cargo and charter airline based out of Orlando, Florida. We speak about how it is working in the operations center of an international airline and the complexity of managing the logistics of it all.
October 06, 2021
Nina MacPherson Airport Manager At North Perry On InSight Aviation
We are pleased to have Nina MacPherson Airport Manager at North Perry on our podcast! She has the important job of managing all affairs at North Perry Airport and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Learn what it is like to be in charge of one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country.
August 03, 2021
Miami Dade College and Pilot Examiner Tim Schmelzer on InSight Aviation
S1.15 - Who doesn't love Tim Schmelzer? Tim is a very well known professor and pilot examiner in the SoFlo area and we were happy to have him on our podcast! Listen and learn from a very experienced DPE.  0:00 Introduction.  3:30 Talking about the history of Eig Watson school of Aviation (Miami Dade College).  5:05 Where did you go to college?  5:45 How did you get into Aviation?  7:45 What was your favorite part of flight training?  9:35 Talking about the ups & downs of the Aviation industry.  13:35 Discussing Tim’s journey and some tips for future Aviation students.  16:15 Talking about flight schools.  18:10 The mindset of a student, how to get things done and talking about scholarships.  24:30 How to get started in Aviation; discovery flights.  29:50 Did you have any mentors during your career?  33:30 Tips for future students and talking about being prepared.  38:25 How was the transition from a professor to being a pilot examiner?  41:00 The mindset in an emergency.  43:00 Talking about checkrides.  45:30 Viewer questions.
August 03, 2021
Rob Dumovic Aerobatic Instructor interview on InSight Aviation
S1.14 - Rob is one of the lucky few who gets to fly Aerobatic aeroplanes including the Extra & Citabria. What is it like to be in his shoes and to work with world famous aviator Mike Goulian? Find out in this episode!   0:00 – 2:00 Introduction  2:43 How did you get interested in Aviation?  6:00 Talking about training airplanes and their pro’s and cons.  7:02 Where are you from originally?  7:50 Rob’s journey to working with Michael Goulian.  11:00 Talking about Michael Goulian aerobatic pilot.  12:05 Aviation interviews & check rides.  15:35 How many hours do you have now?  16:30 Talking about the Extra aerobatic airplane, the Blimp and aerobatic flying.  22:20 Should you jump into a Citabria or Extra first?  25:35 Why is flight experience important?  28:55 Short conversation about the pilot shortage.  30:20 Building experience as a pilot and talking about the process of being a safe pilot.  34:20 Keeping standards in Aviation.  35:50 Robs journey and his presentation about Aerobatic flying.  46:20 Viewer Questions:
August 03, 2021
United Airlines First Officer Edwin on InSight Aviation
S1.13 - United just announced a major order of airplanes for the coming few years. Edwin Garcia is a passionate pilot at United and he talks about his journey, the present and future outlook of the Aviation industry.  0:00-1:00 introduction  1:15 What is your role at United?  1:50 What routes did you fly?  3:20 Talking about United’s airplane order.  5:00 The different routes that United flies.  7:11 Will the 757/767 fleet be impacted by this large order of new aircraft?  9:40 What do you think about United’s investment in supersonic flight?  11:10 KTNT a supersonic jetport? 12:35 How did you get interested in aviation?  19:15 Why did you choose Broward College?  20:10 Talking about part 61 and part 141 training.  23:20 The office life versus the pilot life.  25:20 Aviation. The biggest industry with the smallest community.  26:10 Why you should get involved in Aviation.  28:00 Why you should join an Aviation organization.  29:00 Leadership and doing volunteer work.  32:00 Edwin’s journey to the cockpit.  41:00 Committed to Aviation.  44:10 Talking about getting a degree.  51:10 Viewer questions.
August 03, 2021
USAF B2 Bomber Pilot Lieutenant Colonel Tim Sutton.
Interview with USAF Lieutenant Colonel Tim Sutton.
July 12, 2021
Captain Wayne jetBlue FLL Chief Pilot
Interview with Captain Wayne from jetBlue where we discuss hireing, the pandemic and his aviation journey!
July 02, 2021
Cayman Airways pilot Giselah Ebanks @Flaps40_
Cayman Airways pilot Giselah Ebanks also known on social media as @Flaps40_ How did this Caribbean student learn to fly and join her country's flagship airline. 
May 12, 2021
Miami Dade College - School of Aviation - Orlando Villaverde Phd
Interview with Miami Dade College, Eig Watson School of Aviation  chairman Orlando Villaverde Phd. Learn about the MDC program, Orlando's background as a Firefighter helicopter pilot and flight instructor
May 12, 2021
Tropic Ocean CEO Interview Rob Ceravolo
Tropic Ocean CEO Interview with Rob Ceravolo. Amphibious Caravan 121 charter flights from Miami and Ft Lauderdale to the Bahamas and Keys. Rob was a military pilot that went through F-14 Top Gun training. How did he come to aviation? What was his path to becoming a pilot. How did that prepare him for business and starting an airline? Rob has a lot of good advise for young pilots and what he likes to see on a resume
March 03, 2021
Boeing 777 Cargo Pilot, Sheik.
Cargo pilot and gold seal instructor Sheik joined Aviation InSight. We discussed his transition to the right seat of a 737 with 1500 hours to now flying the 777 as an First Officer. Here is the general breakdown of the questions we asked Sheik:  1.50: How did you get started in Aviation?  5.11: Was there a big difference between training in Guyana and in the USA?  10.35: How was it to balance flight training with college?  12.10: Day in the life of a Cargo Pilot  14.06: How was the transition from piston the heavy jets?  19.06: How was it to study for the transition to jets?  30.10: Why Miami Air?  39.40: What was the training process like at Southern?  45.49: How did your experience at Wayman help you in your career?  53.10: Scholarships in Aviation
March 03, 2021
American Airlines Pilot and Recruiter Capt Steven Yoo
1:00​ Welcome & Introduction.  2:36​ How did you get interested in Aviation?  7:00​ Language, communication and learning.  15:00​ How did you continue your flight training?  20:45​ Right into SkyWest; interview process.  24:10​ Steven’s idea for pilot recruiting.  30:00​ Talking about mentorship and asking for help.  32:40​ Did you have mentors during your period as a student?  35:00​ Why do you want to do this? Including Simon Sinek’s; Start with the Why.  35:50​ The transition from SkyWest to American Airlines and being all in.  37:30​ There will be obstacles during your flight training.  39:10​ What if it’s not in you? The Gritt?  40:00​ Talking about the Pandemic, how are you seeing it from your seat at the airlines?  44:30​ About our program, why start flying now!?  47:15​ Volunteer and stay current!  49:00​ Why you should speak English in Aviation.  50:40​ Aviation is an international career.  51:20​ Questions from viewers.  55:00​ Closing words from Steven and how to get in touch with him. 
March 03, 2021
Jamaican Airways & Atlas 747 - Capt Maria Ziadie
1:00​ Welcome  2:00​ Who is Maria and how did she get into Aviation?  7:40​ How long was the process from Private to Instructor?   9:30​ Talking about female pilots.  10:24​  (Start part 2 due to technical problems) Talking about Instrument approaches  12:10​ What was your favorite lay-over?  13:40​ Was there a big culture difference when you landed in the middle-east as a female Captain?  15:35​ The pandemic and flying cargo.  17:30​ Viewers questions:   18:30​ How do you handle jetlag?  23:20​ How did you get involved with different non-profit aviation organizations?  28:40​ You flew Airbus and Boeing, which one do you prefer?  29:50​ What is the difference between training outside of the US?32.10: Can you tell us about your study habbits when you have a check ride coming up?  34:00​ How did you handle the “Caribbean time” mentality?  35:00​ Punctuality in Aviation.   36:40​ Words of wisdom
March 03, 2021