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WCBG Interviews

WCBG Interviews

By WCBG Media
Wagner College Broadcasting Group (WCBG) highlights the stand-out voices of Wagner College, a liberal arts school in Staten Island, New York. Wagner College is well-known for being the exterior of Horace Green Prep School from the movie School of Rock. WCBG's goal is to share the music of our generation, these artists are the future of music and they deserve so much recognition! So TUNE in and TURN it up!
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S5E1: Stolen Gin
In our newest interview, members of our new Eboard sat down with Stolen Gin’s lead singer, Jackson Lardner, to discuss the bands newly released song “Tension Release”. Jackson details what goes into making a Stolen Gin song, and how his personal musical influences affect the songs, and how it blends with the other band members to create Stolen Gin’s funky and memorable sound. Make sure to check in and see what these guys are up to by keeping up with them on Instagram and Tik Tok!
April 29, 2022
S4E4: Ben Dolic
We sat down with Ben Dolic to discuss all things "Kissing Her, Missing You."  Ben's latest release is so relatable and discusses the complexities to human interactions.  His insight into the music industry and his thoughtfulness are key attributes to his success.  His drive and determination, as well as the focus on creating alternative pop music that feeds the soul makes him one to watch. To follow Ben on his journey follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and check out his music on Spotify. You can view the music video for "Kissing Her, Missing You" here!
April 04, 2022
S4E3: Jansen Hogan from The WLDLFE
The WLDFLE are an exceptional up and coming band who should be on your ones to watch list.  The band are planning on releasing their newest single on February 10th called "Psycho" and we cannot wait for you to hear it! Sit back and listen to our conversation with Jansen! Follow The WLDLFE on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and their website Check out their music on Spotify
February 10, 2022
About a year ago we interviewed SLMBR about their beginnings and we were so excited to find out they are releasing a brand new song on 6/23!  SLMBR's new song, "State of Flux", shows a new side of the band and we can definitely tell the love what they do.  Stay tuned for the release and check out what they told us about it! The band is comprised of Nicholas Sossi Romano (vox//guitar), John Africano (bass), and Kristian White (drums). Follow SLMBR on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook Check out their music here
June 22, 2021
S4E1: Lip Candy
Lip Candy just released their latest hit "Bleed" which showcases a different side of the band. The band is comprised of Thomas Goetz (guitar & vocals), Philip Dion (bass), and Alex Feur (drums) and they are currently on the rise to greatness. Lip Candy is a hidden gem that truly cares about their fans and the music they release. The intention behind every lyrics, riff, and drum sequence shines through. Be sure to check out the band and follow them on the following platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. ​ Stream Bleed here
May 03, 2021
We chatted with the lovely members of UK rock band THE HARA about their new EP 'Play Dead', the influence of social media on the industry, and so much more! We can guarantee you haven't heard anything like them yet so be sure to check them out!  The band is comprised of Josh Taylor (vocals), Zack Breen (guitar), and Jack Kennedy (drums).  Their EP has recently reached number one on the iTunes charts and we cannot wait to keep spinning it.  Be on the lookout for their name on some festivals in 2021. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody By the way, it's J's last interview.  So here are a few words from her: After 85+ interviews it feels quite strange that my time at WCBG has come to a close because (if you didn't already know), I graduated!  It has been such an honor to have had the opportunity to talk to so many people in different facets of the music industry.  Thank you to those who said yes and spent an hour of their time with me discussing so many different things and of course, your love of music.  Thank you to the PR Agencies, Management Companies, and artists for working with me to schedule these interviews.  In the beginning, this concept seemed completely unfathomable and I am forever grateful to those who have supported me from the beginning of this all the way to my final interview.  I am so appreciative of my time at WCBG for helping me find my voice and allowing me to share it with all of you. This is J signing off for the last time.
September 30, 2020
S3E20: Jutes
We spoke with Jutes, a genre-bending artist who has such a unique sound.  We discussed his latest song "Say It First", how he picks the singles that are released for his projects, and so much more!  Currently signed to Capitol Records, Jutes is an artist who isn't afraid to take risks and experiments with a genuine and honest sound.  His lyricism expresses the honesty and relatability to know we aren't as alone as we might sometimes feel.  Be on the lookout for his EP, 'A Really Bad Dream', which drops October 22nd!  Interviewer: Jeanine Woody
September 27, 2020
S3E19: The Anthology of Emo
The Anthology of Emo is a compilation of interviews with iconic people in the music industry who were featured on the WashedUp Emo podcast.  We spoke with the man behind the mic, Tom Mullen, about his selection process for the book, the definition of the word "emo" and the importance of preserving an artist's legacy. Don't forget to pre-order the book, it's definitely one for the ages! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
August 23, 2020
S3E18: Chris & Matt from Caskets
Caskets (formerly Captives) are a UK based band that combines poppy melodies with hardcore instrumentals.  The differing genres juxtaposed together make them stand apart from others in terms of their sound.  We spoke to Chris & Matt about their upcoming debut album and their process throughout quarantine. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody
August 18, 2020
S3E17: Tors
We spoke with Matt, Theo & Jack about their musical inspirations, the reason they started performing, and small differences between American and England. Tors plans to release a new song each month, which has proved to be successful in numerous ways.  This only goes to show the drive and determination the band have to succeed.  We are super excited to see what this indie band from Devon accomplishes in the future!
August 15, 2020
S3E16: New Rules
New Rules have recently released their new single, 'Emily!' The band curates pop-rock music with insanely detailed and layered guitars.  We spoke with Alec McGarry, Nathan Lambert & Ryan Meaney about their favorite gigs, their early beginnings, John Mayer & more. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody
August 06, 2020
S3E15: Rhea Francani
We spoke to Wag alum & singer-songwriter Rhea Francani about her marvelous new song 'I'll Go'. We also loved hearing her thoughts on track-listing and her musical inspirations. It is always something special to speak with someone so genuine. Go check out her new song and be on the lookout for an EP! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
August 04, 2020
S3E14: Rick & Chris Brady from Until We Get Caught
Until We Get Caught recently dropped their debut EP, 'Surface', on InVogue Records.  The metalcore band is comprised of members from Staten Island, NY and Rhode Island.  We spoke with Rick & Chris Brady about their EP, their signing to InVogue and their thoughts on other important topics affecting the music industry.  UWGC is: Aleks Gershman (unclean vocals), Chris Brady (clean vocals), Ricardo Garcia (guitar), Dino Zawadski (bass guitar), and Chris Petrocchi (drums) Interviewer: Jeanine Woody
July 31, 2020
S3E13: Silver Warehouse
We spoke to the members of Silver Warehouse (minus Austin) about their upcoming debut EP, "Etiquette."  The band hails from North Dakota and is comprised of Cal, Sam, Austin, Cam & Dylan. Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody and Karine Swineheart 
July 28, 2020
S3E12: Magnolia Park
We spoke to the members of Florida pop-punk outfit Magnolia Park ahead of their new single 'Sick of It All.'  The single will be out tomorrow (7/24/2020)!  We are super pumped for release day and we cannot wait to see what the band accomplishes next Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
July 23, 2020
S3E11: Adam Parslow from The Nightmares
'The Falling Dream' is the latest release from noir-pop outfit The Nightmares.  We had a chat with Adam about the song and the band's musical journey thus far.  The band is comprised of Adam Parslow (vocals and guitar), Eleanor Coburn (keys), James Mattock (drums) and Benjamin T. Mainwaring (bass). Interviewer: Jeanine Woody
July 21, 2020
S3E10: Ffin Colley from Delaire The Liar
We've been obsessing over Delaire the Liar and were super pumped to talk to Ffin all about the band's music & more.  Delaire The Liar is not your average band, their emotive lyrics and powerful instrumentals make them ones to watch.  The band is comprised of Ffin (vox/guitar), Emma (bass) & Chaz (drums). Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
July 16, 2020
SLMBR are a New York-based band that should be on your radar.  We spoke to the members about their musical influences, the New York scene, and their beginnings. The band is comprised of Nicholas Sossi Romano (vox//guitar), John Africano (bass), and Kristian White (drums). Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
July 14, 2020
S3E8: Josh Gray
We spoke with the talented Josh Gray about his latest single 'Be My Excuse' which is out this Friday!! Don't forget to take a listen to the song when it drops! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
July 09, 2020
S3E7: Riscas
Riscas delivers all those summertime feels throughout their music.  The band hails from the UK and has a killer vibe.  Riscas is comprised of George Maycock (vox/bass), Tom Barker (guitar) & Ephraim Dodd (guitar).  Their latest single, 'Cool to Chill With' focuses on the developments of their sound and we believe they have truly found their calling.  Stay tuned for a discussion of time travel, prom & more. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
July 07, 2020
S3E6: Mike & Joe from Himalayas
Himalayas are an experimental rock band from Cardiff, Wales comprised of Mike Griffiths (lead guitar and vocals), Joe Williams (rhythm guitar and vocals), Louis Heaps (bass) and James Goulbourn (drums).  We spoke to Mike & Joe regarding their newest single "We Love To Hate" which will be out on Friday, July 3rd! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
July 02, 2020
S3E5: Those Who Dream
Those Who Dream are a pop-rock duo from Australia.  The brothers, Cooper & Josh, have recently released their new single 'Monster' which is a phenomenal track that highlights emotional experiences that connect all of us.  Take a listen to find out why the band wants to perform at MSG and much more! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody
June 30, 2020
S3E4: Prentice Robertson from Vistas
We spoke with Prentice Robertson (vocals/guitar) from Vistas about their debut album, Everything Changes In The End.  Vistas are a three-piece indie-rock band from Edinburg, Scotland that produces quality work through their dynamic sound. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
June 26, 2020
Under the name of PAIX, Richie Arthur delves into different musical styles that cannot be categorized under one genre.  His recent release-- a double A called "Criminal Mind//I Will Not Go" focuses on the complimentary styles that separate PAIX from other artists.  As a New Jersey native, PAIX utilizes his experiences from the local scene growing up, which helped shaped him into the fantastic musician he is today. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
June 23, 2020
S3E2: milk.
Hailing from Dublin, Ireland Milk. is a band that releases progressive, varied, and unpredictable pop music.  With roots in the alternative scene, the band is currently on a track to release their first EP (6/19/2020).  Milk. is comprised of Mark McKenna (vocals/guitar), Conor Gorman (guitar), Morgan Wilson (drums), and Conor King (bass).  It was such a pleasure speaking with them about their music and we cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the future. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
June 18, 2020
S3E1: 7 On Pump 1
7 On Pump 1 is an up and coming band from New York that is currently honing in on their sound and growing into fantastic musicians.  The band is comprised of Anthony (vocals/guitar), Tristan (vocals/guitar), Caleb (bass), and John (drums).  It was a pleasure speaking to them and we cannot wait to watch them grow over the next couple of years. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
June 12, 2020
S247: Luke Rainsford
Luke Rainsford is a phenomenal musician stemming from the UK.  The music Luke puts out curates a deep emotional connection with the listener through his lyricism and his composition.  As an artist, he helps to create a safe space for the listener, a comforting tone to show that we aren’t as alone as we think we are in the world.  Luke’s latest release, “Tip Toe”, pulls on the comfort that we know and expands on his musicianship by adding new layers that might not be apparent on first listen.  It was a pleasure speaking with him and we hope you enjoy it as well! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
May 08, 2020
S2E46: One Life to Lead
One Life to Lead is a nu-punk band hailing from Maryland.  Their honest lyrics and catchy riffs make them ones to watch.  Check out this interview with a band who we know will conquer the music industry! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
May 06, 2020
S2E45: Suit Up, Soldier
Suit Up, Soldier is a band from Provo, Utah releasing killer songs that have a groovy vibe.  The band will be releasing a new single later in the month and we cannot wait to see what they accomplish next! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
May 04, 2020
S2E44: Forts Like Vana
Forts Live Vana are an up and coming pop-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee.  The band have recently signed to Hutchdown Records and are comprised of Logan (vocals), Derek (guitar), Nito (bass) and Diego (drums).  We are stoked to see what Forts Like Vana does next!! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
May 01, 2020
S2E43: Sullivan from Midnight Skies
Seattle based band Midnight Skies, releases music that is emotional and intricate as well as upbeat and energetic.  Their latest Ep, 'Disconnect' is a rollercoaster of musical genres and messages that are relatable and have this amazing connectivity factor.  The band is currently signed to We Are Triumphant and is comprised of Sullivan, Kyle, and Kalevi. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
April 29, 2020
S2E42: The Wild & Free
The Wild & Free are a pop-rock band from St. Louis, Missouri that create catchy songs that embody different aspects of our lives.  The band is comprised of Rachel, Mike, Dan, Zach and Marc.  We are so excited to see them take the world by storm! Interview: Jeanine Woody 
April 27, 2020
S2E41: Andy Fowler from RoadTrip
When you think of boybands you might think of music with catchy choruses and stories about love.  We spoke to RoadTrip, a British boyband who is changing the game and making their own mark on the industry through a fresh vibe and a strong social media presence. * As RoadTrip grows, those who may be finding out about them now can catch up on their journey by watching all of their previous YouTube videos on RoadTrip Vlogs and past covers on RoadTripTV.  This personal connection with the different members of the band is also expressed in the upcoming documentary detailing the events leading up to their show at Shepherd’s Bush.  Recently RoadTrip dropped their EP ‘White Label’ that helped to solidify the band’s status and showed listeners that there’s more to what we might think a boyband is.  The band is comprised of Andy Fowler, Rye Beaumont, Brooklyn Wyatt, Sonny Robertson, and Harper Dark and managed by Blair Dreelan (formerly of East 17).  We were fortunate enough to chat with Andy and learn more about him and the band so stay tuned! *This episode was recorded prior to the band's breakup Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
April 24, 2020
S2E40: 19 Miles Per Hour
19 Miles Per Hour is a pop rock band comprised of Danny Iacopucci (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Michael Iacopucci (drums/vocals), Brady Ellsworth (lead guitar/vocals) and Noah Lefgren (bass guitar).  Their latest release, "Yellow Lines" is a total banger!  The band is currently part of the campaign called #BeTheReason and it is aimed at focusing on reaching out to others and doing what we can to support one another throughout this time. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
April 22, 2020
S2E39: The Kelseys
The Kelseys are an Ann Arbor-based band made of friends from College.  Their indie-rock sound is definitely something that we should be jamming out to during quarantine.  Take a listen to our interview with them and share the love for young artists make strides in the industry! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
April 20, 2020
S2E38: Lucas Woodland & James Joseph from Holding Absence
Holding Absence is a band that creates music that goes against the norms evident in Spotify culture.  The creation of an album that reflects a journey for the listener is rare in this day and age.  The culmination of emotion with a raw sound encompasses music that reflects the yearning of the soul.  Throughout this process the listener goes on an emotional rollercoaster that sets Holding Absence apart from other bands in this period.  Hailing from Cardiff, Wales and comprised of Lucas Woodland (vocals), James Joseph (bass guitar), Scott Carey (guitar), and Ashley Green (drums)—the band is on an upward trajectory that we believe will only allow them to pursue bigger and better things in the coming decade.  Their latest single, ‘Gravity’ only emphasizes the place Holding Absence has solidified for themselves.  Currently signed to SharpTone Records, and soon to be releasing ‘Birdcage’; WCBG believes that the band is something special and we hope to share their message with all of you.  In the words of Holding Absence “You Are Everything.”  It was a pleasure to speak with Lucas and James about the band’s accomplishments so far and their goals for the future! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody
April 17, 2020
S2E37: Meet Me @ The Altar
Meet Me @ The Altar is a phenomenal punk band that recently released their latest single, “May the Odds Be in Your Favor.”  The band is a true definition of the digital age since their members come from three different states, and they have produced exceptional songs that are true power anthems.  The band is comprised of Edith (Vocalist), Téa (Guitarist) & Ada (Drummer) and they hail from Georgia, Florida, and New Jersey respectively.  Check out these lovely ladies and stay tuned for a hell of an interview. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
April 15, 2020
S2E36: Emily Moreno
Emily Moreno is a current senior at Wagner College majoring in theater performance.  We were super excited to learn that she will be releasing her new EP, “Blue Ballerina” very soon and we cannot wait to hear the amazing tracks she has been working on.  We are so proud of Emily and we cannot wait to see her grow throughout her musical career. Take a listen to our interview with her! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  ​
April 13, 2020
S2E35: Arrows In Action
Arrows in Action is an up and coming band whose music reflects pivotal moments that many of us experience in throughout our lives.  Based out of Gainesville, FL, and comprised of Victor Viramontes-Pattison (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Jesse Frimmel (Drums/Vocals), Matt Fowler (Guitar), and Tony Farah (Bass), Arrows in Action is not your stereotypical power punk band.  As Gainesville is known as a college town with musical influences that reflect the young crowd in the area, it is refreshing to see a band take numerous influences to create a sound reminiscent of that of the early 2000s but different enough to separate them from all the noise.  Their latest releases “Close Enough” and “This Time” reflect a new era for the band and we cannot see what they accomplish in this decade.  We were fortunate to speak to all of the members while we are in quarantine and discuss their music. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
April 10, 2020
S2E34: Vertigo Child
We spoke with emerging artist Frank Pascarella, who is known as Vertigo Child.  He has been singing since he was five years old and when asked what inspired him to go into performing, he cited the movie Lilo & Stitch—specifically the scene where Elvis [Presley] is mentioned.  Since being exposed to Elvis’ music Vertigo Child started listening to his music even more and realized that he wanted to pursue music as something more than a passion. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
April 08, 2020
S2E33: Wilson, Justin & Riley from Last Night Saved My Life
You may have heard of Michigan based band Last Night Saved My Life, and if you haven’t you need to check them out.  They recently released their latest single, “Ghost”, and it is one that we cannot get enough of.  The song has so many different elements to it that make each listening experience unique; the composition of the melody and the layering of the different instruments, mixed with beautiful lyrics, makes it one for the ages.  Last Night Saved My Life is comprised of Wilson Shaner (vocals), Justin Burns (lead guitar), Riley Hupfer (rhythm guitar), Ryne Weber (bass), and Eric Cousins (drums).  We had a great time speaking with Wilson, Justin & Riley!  This was a super fun interview and we hope you enjoy it! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
April 06, 2020
S2E32: Chase Petra
Chase Petra is a Long Beach, California based band that is blending genres in a way that sets them apart from others.  Their album, Liminal, focused on the perils of growing up and experiencing the world as we get older.  Chase Petra’s music is catchy and emotional with deeper meaning hidden in each layer of their tracks.  The band is comprised of Hunter Allen (vocals and guitar), Evan Schaid (drums), and Brooke Dickson (bass guitar and vocals).  We have recently been obsessed with their music and we are super stoked to share this interview with! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
April 03, 2020
S2E31: Cora & Danny from The Everafter
The Everafter are a Yonkers based pop-punk band that are taking the world by storm.   The band is comprised of Cora Small (vocals), Rich Rivera (rhythm guitar), Ryan Lare (lead guitar) and Danny Nugent (drums).  We spoke with Cora and Danny about their latest EP, Where I Came From and their goals for the future.  It was a pleasure speaking to fellow New Yorkers about their journey in the music scene! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
April 01, 2020
S2E30: Jenna Bruno from The Ones You Forgot
The Ones You Forgot are a pop-rock band from Brick, New Jersey that we happened to see live when we were at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ in late January.  Right after their spectacular performance, we knew we had to reach out to them to share their music and message with the world.  The band is comprised of Jenna Bruno (Vocals), Matthew Thompson (Guitar), Ferdinand Benauro (Guitar), Justin Rodman (Drums), and Lance Nelson (Bass).  We spoke to Jenna during her free time through this quarantine; it was a pleasure speaking with her and we cannot wait to see what the band accomplishes next! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
March 30, 2020
S2E29: Pat Gilchrist from Not My Weekend
Not My Weekend is not your average alt band.  With their catchy hooks and fun to listen to lyrics, you’ll be singing their songs for days.  The band is comprised of Patrick Gilchrist, (vocals and guitar), Nick Hudson, (guitar), Noah Hammontree, (drums) and Ed Ma (bass guitar).  We spoke to Patrick about all things band related and TikTok (which he explained to us how to use it).  It was a pleasure talking with him and we hope y’all enjoy this interview! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
March 27, 2020
S2E28: Jeremy Sobocan- Music Photographer
There are so many sides to the music industry and the different components that help make a show go on.  There are so many memories that are captured in one single second that people can have forever.  It is important to not only support our musicians but also people who are vital to preserving these moments.  We spoke with Jeremy Sobocan, a band photographer from Canada who shared his love of music and photography with us.  Please support Jeremy and his photography by buying prints from his shop!  It is important during these times of uncertainty we support every aspect of the industry. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
March 25, 2020
S2E27: Charlie Romo
We sat down with Charlie Romo, a Wagner College and WCBG alum who is helping to bring back the music our grandparents listened to in a new innovative way.  Despite being a young performer, Romo embodies the character and finesse of someone who has been performing for decades.  Many of his performance standards come from the Great American Songbook.  We loved talking to him about his performances and his love of music. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
March 23, 2020
S2E26: Pat Kiloran from MILKK
Milkk is more than your average pop group.  The intricate weaving of different sounds combined with lyrics that make you feel something, sets them apart from other groups.  Overall, their sound has continuously evolved to encompass emotions and thoughts that tell the listener a story.  The focus the members have on creating an experience leads to a rollercoaster of emotions through their numerous tracks.  The band is comprised of Pat Kiloran, Jack Vondrachek, and John Ogelby.  We were fortunate enough to chat with Pat about the band and their upcoming record! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
March 13, 2020
S2E25: Tripp Rowe from Summer Wars
Summer Wars is a four-piece pop-punk band that hails from Raleigh, North Carolina.  Their music is wistful, nostalgic, and energetic—it speaks to listeners about different topics like relationships and the ups and downs of life.  Their recent release, “Borrowed Time,” is an electrifying rollercoaster of so many different emotions.  The band is comprised of Tripp Rowe (vocals/guitar), Noah Whiteman (guitar), Brett Caldwell (bass/vocals), and Will Davis (drums).  Signed to Adventure Cat Records, Summer Wars will be taking the world by storm with their thoughtful lyrics and insightful tracks.  We spoke with Tripp Rowe about what’s in store for the band in 2020 and beyond! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
March 11, 2020
S2E24: Call Me Karizma
Call Me Karizma is a hip-hop artist who hails from Minnesota.  His music is inspiring and is a constant reminder that we are never alone in the world.  The numerous components to his tracks, whether it be lyrics or backing beats, portray this longing to find one’s place in the world.  The composition and juxtaposition utilized in his writing process create an emotional impact that leaves the listener wanting more.  The aftertaste of Call Me Karizma’s music leads the listener to think and is an incentive to always come back to listen to more.  It was a pleasure speaking to Riz about his musical influences as well as learning about him as a person. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
March 09, 2020
S2E23: Nash Overstreet from Hot Chelle Rae
Hot Chelle Rae is a band we listened to growing up, producing hits like “Tonight Tonight,” and “Honestly;” finally their hiatus is over.  We were thrilled to learn that Hot Chelle Rae is back and better than ever working on releasing their EP, “Tangerine.”  The songs already released show the direction the band is headed in and we are so excited for what’s to come.  The new EP lends itself to be an outlet for the time that has amassed and how the band has grown into their own producing some amazing bops.  The band is comprised of Ryan Follesé (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nash Overstreet (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Jamie Follesé (drums).  WCBG was so lucky to have had the opportunity to speak with Nash Overstreet about the EP and of course tour! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
March 06, 2020
S2E22: Simon & Alex from Incase We Crash
Incase We Crash is an independent band that hails from Toronto, Canada.  Comprised of Simon Austin (Vocals/ Guitar/ Bass), Tyler Twigger (Drums), and Alex Koval (Guitar) the band has recently released their new song, “Garden.”  The trio releases passionate, intimate and energetic songs that focus on growth.  You might have heard the band when they opened for bands like Waterparks and Creeper—they have made a name for themselves in the pop-punk scene.  We spoke with Simon & Alex about the band’s plans for 2020 and so much more! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
March 04, 2020
S2E21: Dylan Owen
Dylan Owen is a rap artist from upstate New York, the songs Dylan puts out are not only personal but also form this connection between the listener and him.  The stories he tells express the ups and downs of life and the whirlwind of emotions that come along with growing up and seeing the world.  As a fellow New Yorker, it was important to reach out to an artist who is impacting the lives of many and experiencing the world one step at a time. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
March 02, 2020
S2E20: Ricky & Wyn of Phoneboy
We spoke with Ricky Dana (guitar and vocals) and Wyn Barnum (guitar and vocals) about their amazing band, Phoneboy.  Unfortunately, James Fusco (bassist) was unavailable at the time of the interview.  Based out of Hoboken, New Jersey, the band is comprised of three talented college students who have used music as a medium to express themselves in a manner that makes their songs relatable and interesting to listen to.  The realm of indie-rock lets the band show their many sides through the ever-changing definition of the genre.  They have recently released their EP, Handheld Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
February 28, 2020
S2E19: Brian Falduto
​WCBG spoke with Brian Falduto, Wagner and WCBG alum, class of 2014.  Brian releases heart-felt songs that delve into deeper stories with touching meanings.  It was a pleasure to speak with him about his upcoming music video for his song, “God Loves Me Too.”  You may recognize him from the movie School of Rock (which was filmed at Wagner) as Billy, a.k.a. (“Fancy Pants”).  Brian is so much more than the one role, his career as a life-coach and his experience in the industry is truly an inspiration for our Wagner students. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
February 26, 2020
S2E18: Canon Hill
Canon Hill is a band that hails from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  The young musicians release high-energy music that is raw and passionate.  The various influences and sound they produce set them apart from other young artists in regard to their versatility.  It was a pleasure talking to the band about what is in store for them in 2020!  The band is comprised of Ben Hayden, Logan Tichnor, Noah Pelty, and Gabe Duff. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
February 24, 2020
S2E17: Brian & Daniel from The Home Team
The Home Team is pop-punk/pop-rock that we have been rocking out to a lot lately (shout out to Guild 4 for not complaining about our music taste)! Hailing from Seattle, Washington the band has a unique sound that perfectly blends punk and rock aspects from the music we loved growing up to.  We spoke with Brian Butcher (vocals) and Daniel Matson (drums) about their recent album release, Better Off, and their plans for the future. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
February 21, 2020
S2E16: Christine
Hailing from Florida, pop sing/songwriter Christine produces heartfelt songs related to her own experiences.  As a bicultural and bilingual artist her music expresses many different aspects of growing up and connecting with people across the globe.  Her experiences make her a young artist to watch and someone who will impact the industry in a positive direction. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
February 19, 2020
S2E15: Zach & Keith from Roseburg
Roseburg is a band that has stood out to the staff in the way their music comes across to us as listeners.  The attention to detail and the focus on rhythms that are easy to listen to with lyrics that are hard-hitting and relatable, make them ones to watch.  The band formed in Roseburg, Oregon, a fitting name to honor where they had all met.  The band is comprised of Zach Knell (vocals/guitar), Samuel Sheppard (piano/guitar), Keith Lambson (drums), and Soren Buchert (bass).  We spoke to Zach and Keith about their journey so far and what is to come in the new decade of 2020.  The band will be dropping their debut album, Righteous Punk, so be sure to take a listen! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
February 17, 2020
S2E14: Cody Carson from Set It Off
WCBG sat down with Cody in the Greenroom at the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville, NJ.  We spoke about our love of the band and how they have impacted our station in so many different ways.  It was a pleasure talking to him and learning more about the creative process behind the songs we all know and love.  It was an added bonus that we were able to see Set It Off perform live.  Definitely a highlight of the year. Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody and Serena Lawrence  
February 14, 2020
S2E13: Alfred & Greason from The Second After
The Second After is a pop-punk band that releases impactful and energetic songs.  Hailing from Durham, North Carolina the band utilizes chord progression and key changes to create beautifully constructed songs.  Comprised of Michael Greason (vocals), Ryan McDonald (drums), Nolan Shambley (bass) and Alfred Williamson (guitar/vocals) and signed to Revival Records, The Second After uses their music to talk about topics important to the members.  We were lucky enough to speak with Greason & Alfred about the band’s plans for 2020 and experience in the industry! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
February 12, 2020
S2E12: Sean & Devon from Divided Minds
Divided Minds is a band that hails from Phoenix, Arizona.  The three young artists’ sound has evolved over the years culminating in a distinct vibe that sets them apart from others in their genre.  The band, currently signed to We Are Triumphant, has recently released a new music video for their song “Bad Bitch"! Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody and Alexis Costa  
February 10, 2020
S2E11: Bryce & Tim from Telltale
Telltale is an up and coming band from Virginia whose music is reinventing the normal pop-punk sound we grew up.  Their music speaks to our generation and focuses on what it is like to grow up and experience so many emotions and thoughts.  Telltale is a band that makes the listener reminisce their path to adulthood through their clever lyrics and catchy riffs.  The music they have released paints an amazing picture through the deliberate placement of specific chords and lyrics.  The band is comprised of John Cater (vocals), Bryce Marshall (guitar), Tim Fogg (bass), and Travis Slack (drums).  We were lucky enough to talk to Tim and Bryce over the phone about the band!  The band is currently signed to SharpTone Records. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
February 07, 2020
S2E10: Caleb & Dan from Nautical Mile
Nautical Mile is a band from Perth, Western Australia who is the true definition of blending sounds into a cohesive and interesting arrangement.  Comprised of Brodi Owen (vocals), Nick Henrisson (bass), Dan Ray (guitar) and Caleb Wynter (drums).  We spoke with Dan & Caleb about the formation of the band and their goals for the new decade of 2020!  We are so stoked to see what this pop-punk band will accomplish in 2020. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
February 05, 2020
S2E9: Sea of Tranquility
Sea of Tranquility is a two-piece synth band from North Carolina.  Their music is reminiscent of 80’s music.  When asked to describe their sound in the duo said, it is modern 80’s music with alt-rock guitar and pop lyrics.  Chandler & Worth told WCBG all about their music and their goals for the future! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
February 03, 2020
S2E8: Sean from mandala
Mandala is a band hailing from Connecticut that has some seriously sick songs. The composition of their tracks is different from what we have heard in a long time and we believe they are going to go far! We can't see what is in store for the band in 2020! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  & Gina LaRosa
February 01, 2020
S2E7: Eric from Arcane Ghosts
Arcane Ghosts is a band from Ontario, Canada comprised of Jason (vocals and guitar) and Eric (drums). The band had a sick vibe on their latest EP, “Human Interference,” and we knew we had to reach out to learn more about this awesome group! We spoke with Eric and discussed numerous topics where we learned so much about their craft. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
January 30, 2020
S2E6: Luc from Calling All Captains
Calling All Captains is a band from Canada that is breaking through the pop punk scene and changing the way we should define the genre.  The band is comprised of Luc Gauthier (Vocals), Brad Bremner (guitar), Connor Dawkins (guitar), Nick Malychuk (bass) and Tim Wilson (drums).  The band is signed to Equal Vision Records and released their EP “Nothing Grows Here” in February 2019.  Calling All Captains is in the midst of preparing for their first album release.  We spoke with Luc and had a wonderful conversation about the insides into the life of a budding signed musician. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody
January 27, 2020
S2E5: Greg & Connor from Flycatcher
Flycatcher is a band from New Brunswick, New Jersey.  It is comprised of Greg (singer and guitar), Connor (drums) and Jack (bass).  They came to Wagner in the Fall of 2019 to perform in our concert for charity.  Their set was killer, and it was a pleasure talking to a local band!  We know we will see great things from them in the future! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
January 25, 2020
S2E4: Finnegan Bell from Love Ghost
We spoke with Finnegan Bell, the lead singer and guitar player, from the band Love Ghost.  The band is comprised of Ryan Stevens (bass), Nicky Renard (lead guitar), Samson Young (drums), and Cory Batchler (keyboard).  Love Ghost’s music is a great blend of different genres, specifically with a focus on emotional alternative rock.  Their music sparks a deeper understanding between the connection of lyrics and riffs with overlaying beats. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
January 23, 2020
S2E3: Paul Grant- Eyelid Kid
Paul Grant, known by the moniker Eyelid Kid, is a young artist reinventing the way our generation listens to music.  He is making strides in the industry by releasing music we love. His songs focus on the aspects of production that we might not always remember to listen to.  These nuances paired with the fundamental layering of his tracks is intriguing and best represents the music of a new decade. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody
January 17, 2020
S2E2: Jack Gray
We spoke with Australian artist Jack Gray about his journey in the music industry thus far. His music is inspirational and personal. The singer, writer, and producer was born in North Queensland, Australia and had recently moved to Los Angeles, California. During the phone call, Jack informed us that he was in the midst of recording his first album in Sydney, Australia-- we were super hyped to learn more about his writing process and his love of music. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
January 14, 2020
S2E1: Sydney Sierota from Echosmith
Echosmith is a band I have listened to since middle school.  Their music is inspiring and expresses what it is like to be growing up in today’s day and age.  Once I heard they were dropping a new album, Lonely Generation, I was ecstatic to see their growth.  The introduction of new forms of layering, more intricate baselines with the same upbeat enthusiasm that was present in their first album is alluring.  The progression the band has experienced over the years is striking yet true to who they are.  I spoke with Sydney about the writing process as well as her goals for the future. Interviewer: Jeanine Woody 
January 09, 2020
S1E13: Katie & Josh from The Mowgli's
The Mowgli’s started at the end of 2009 and released their first album in 2012.  They’ve been touring ever since.  Their first album, Waiting for the Dawn, resonated with me as a listener.  I’ve been listening to them since high school, so I was super hyped to see that they have recently released a new EP, “American Feelings” and a new power anthem “Fighting with Yourself.” I sat down with Katie and Josh at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ during the 3-Dimensional Tour which was co-headlined with New Politics and the Plain White T’s. Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody  & Katie Thompson
December 28, 2019
S1E12: Raye Zaragoza & Caitlin Mahoney
This December (2019), Jeanine and Renata had the opportunity to interview critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Raye Zaragoza. They met her in the Green Room at City Vineyard NYC at Pier 26 to discuss her music and goals for the future. They also spoke with Caitlin Mahoney who shared with them about her career as an independent artist. Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody and Renata Pastuzak  
December 20, 2019
S1E11: Meagan Naso Author of The Second Ervonallen (The Nagaem Chronicles)
Meagan Naso is a Wagner College alum who just published her first young-adult novel called The Second Ervonallen.  The novel follows Jimmy, a young purple-eyed boy, who discovers he has unexplainable powers.  He encounters new adventures on the search for the truth about himself, while finding out answers about his father, his family, and his destiny. Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody & Serena Lawrence
December 16, 2019
S1E10: Aaron Gillespie-The Almost
Check out this awesome interview with The Almost, he had us laughing and thinking about all the different aspects of the American Music Industry.  Aaron gives so much insight into the industry and the core values he has to create a relationship with his fans.  His music should never be glossed over.  Be sure to check out his earlier works and his latest album, Fear Caller, to hear the progression over the past ten years!  We can't wait to see what he does next! Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody, Serena Lawrence, and Karine Swineheart 
December 13, 2019
S1E9: SACRVMENT- Music Producer
Ariel Ubaldegaray, better known as SACRVMENT, is a Wagner College and WCBG Alum who has worked on producing songs for NAYWONG and other artists.  It was super special to talk to someone who is delving into the realm of the music industry and beginning to flourish.  We cannot wait to track his progression! Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody & Pat Mooney
December 10, 2019
S1E8: Tyler Young from MAKEOUT
MAKEOUT is a band hailing from Providence, Rhode Island. They recently revamped their line up and are in the studio preparing for their next album. We spoke with Tyler about what's in store for the band in 2020 and we are super hyped to see what they do next! Be sure to check out their music and buy the album when it drops! Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody and Renata Pastuzak  
December 05, 2019
S1E7: Christo Bowman from Bad Suns
Bad Suns is a band whose music is timeless. We spoke with Christo Bowman (lead singer and guitarist) about his experience breaking into the music industry while staying true to the roots of their sound. The layering and production on their tracks definitely create an immersive experience for the listener, which represents the care placed on each track produced. Check out Bad Suns and their latest album, Mystic Truth! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
December 02, 2019
S1E6: Jack from Rascalton
RASCALTON is an awesome band hailing from Glasgow. Be sure to check out this super cool interview with Jack about his band and their experience breaking into the industry. You can definitely tell they love what they do! Stay tuned for some songs you won't be able to get out of your head.  We can't wait to see what they do in the future! Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody and Renata Pastuzak  
November 25, 2019
S1E5: Mikey Carnevale from The Frights
The Frights is an awesome band whose raw sound and emotional connection shine through their music. The relatability of the topics portrayed in their songs creates this amazing experience. Their latest album, Hypochondriac, is definitely one I've been jamming out to. Get hyped for a great interview with Mikey! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
November 19, 2019
S1E4: Jigsaw Youth
Jigsaw Youth is a local Staten Island band that is making strides in the industry.  This group of hard-working women not only know how to write relatable songs, but they also kill it on stage.  Their music is a unique blend of hard-hitting drums and sick guitar riffs that will be stuck in your head for days.  Check out their music on all available streaming platforms! Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
November 12, 2019
S1E3: Ian McQueen Producer of Strings Attached
Ian McQueen is a recent graduate from NYU who was an executive producer on the short series "Strings Attached." Strings Attached has won numerous awards. It focused on the intertwining relationships one has throughout their life. Check out their short series Interviewer: Jeanine Woody  
October 30, 2019
S1E2: Jay & Sergio from Persei
​Persei is an alternative rock band from Staten Island, New York.  Their music is reminiscent of bands we grew up with but with a unique spin to make them more modern and relatable.  The vocals are impactful, and the riffs are some you’ll be humming for days.  We are super excited to learn more about them and their new EP Idle Moments. They opened for the band Bayside on November 13th, 2019! Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody and Grace Twaddell
October 24, 2019
S1E1: Max Becker from SWMRS
SWMRS is a band from Oakland, California that is taking the music industry by storm.  Their new album, Berkeley's On Fire, reflects the influence of politics on a new generation.  Each chord is perfectly constructed to create a new sound that incorporates aspects of punk, hip-hop, etc.  The catchy songs help give an insight into the direction the band is hoping to go in.  We were lucky enough to score an interview with Max Becker and talk about his love for School of Rock (which was filmed at Wagner) and learn more about the core values of the band Interviewer(s): Jeanine Woody and Grace Twaddell  
October 10, 2019
Episode 0- Meet WCBG
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September 27, 2019