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Business Intelligence Podcast

Business Intelligence Podcast

By Wei-Chung Wang
Business Intelligence from W.D. Strategies looks at business-related topics across disciplines, from entrepreneurship, marketing, and economics, to design, app development, or e-commerce business models.

Wei-Chung Wang has his PhD in economics from UC Irvine, was an International tax consultant, and currently acts as CEO of W.D. Strategies, VP of Global Marketing and Strategy at Kdan Mobile Software, Ltd., and Associate Provost and Business Professor at Juniata College.

Regular guests include W.D. co-founder and COO, Joey DiGangi, and Dr. Wang's colleagues and other industry experts.
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Adjusting Your Pricing Strategy in the Midst of Economic Uncertainty & Inflation

Business Intelligence Podcast

Adjusting Your Pricing Strategy in the Midst of Economic Uncertainty & Inflation

Business Intelligence Podcast

Adjusting Your Pricing Strategy in the Midst of Economic Uncertainty & Inflation
Rapid changes in price for everything from gas to groceries to intangible services are at the top of everyone's mind nowadays, whether you're a business owner or customer. This episode of the Business Intelligence Podcast breaks down some of the latest statistics and trends facing the global economy before diving into the challenges businesses are facing.  Chief among them is whether or not to adjust your own pricing strategy to preserve your margins as costs for nearly everything throughout your supply chain increase. And if so, what are some of the best strategies for adjusting your pricing and value proposition? Dr. Wang and Joey look at this problem through both a financial and branding lens to offer solutions based on what our team has seen work best for clients facing similar decisions.   If you would like to schedule a free introductory consultation with our team to explore your own pricing strategy, you can get started by visiting the link below: And if you're looking for more from Business Intelligence, including our social media scheduling software, analytics dashboard, and other tools, you can create a free account here:
May 19, 2022
Creating Strategies for Meeting Your Customer Where They're At
Dr. Wang and Joey share some of the strategies they've seen perform best for clients. This episode includes real-life examples and offers specific next steps for growing your business efficiently, creating better channels to communicate with your customers, and best practices for positioning your company in the eyes of the consumer.  In short, it's about meeting the customer where they are and removing as many barriers to entry as possible for them to engage with you. This--in practice--means streamlining your social media channels to connect more easily whenever questions come up, offering a mobile-responsive website, and even considering a mobile application.  Our team specializes in helping you build a strong digital footprint. If you'd like to get started with first steps, we suggest booking an introductory meeting with us here: If you'd like to try the Business Intelligence Platform and gain access to our analytics and social media management tools, you can get started for free here:
May 08, 2022
Preparing Your Business for Times of Economic Uncertainty
In the midst of increasing inflation, a global conflict, continued supply chain issues, and other disruptive economic events, Dr. Wang and co-host Joey DiGangi examine consumer spending habits on non-essentials. The data show that spending on products and services that fall outside of areas like food, gas, or building supplies has decreased--meaning that many businesses will have to compete for increasingly limited resources.  This episode discusses best practices businesses should observe to prevent decline, such as revisiting your pricing strategy, examining your value proposition, and closely monitoring operational expenses. It also provides specific examples and discusses next steps you and your team can explore. If you would like to schedule time to work with Dr. Wang, Joey, and the W.D. Strategies Team to evaluate your current strategy, visit the link below to schedule a free consultation:
April 20, 2022
Developing Cross-Channel Social Media Strategy that Improves Conversion
Running a coherent cross-channel social media strategy requires that you empower your marketing team to easily share a consistent brand message without complicating the marketing effort. Dr. Wang and Joey discuss best practices they've helped clients enact while diving into the new Business Intelligence Platform, a system our team has introduced to streamline content sharing, advertising campaign management, and business analysis.   You can create a free account with Business Intelligence using this link: For further reading on how to run effective social media campaigns, check out this blog that details key principles to which you'll want your team to adhere:
April 11, 2022
Discussing Inflation, Supply Chain Challenges, & Other Economic Issues
What's driving higher gas prices? How does inflation affect business opportunities? This episode shares Dr. Wang's perspective as an academically-trained economist on frequently asked questions related to issues that have been impacting businesses around the world.  The episode ends with a call to adapt--encouraging businesses to strengthen their relationships with customers, suppliers, and other partners to optimize their operational efficiency; and to strategically evaluate their pricing strategy.  If you're interested in working with our team and learning how you can improve your business's operations, schedule a free consulting session with us using the link below:
February 28, 2022
Preparing Your Digital Strategy for 2022
Business Intelligence host, Dr. Wei-Chung Wang, and guest host + web design expert, Rohan Bandekar dive into the economic factors at play this holiday season and their impact on small businesses; as well as what companies can do to stay competitive in 2022. The short answer? Enhancing your digital workflow. The episode discusses the importance of building a comprehensive strategy for streamlining key processes within your organization to continually serve your customers in an increasingly digital and mobile economy. If you're not sure where to start, we suggest booking a free consultation with our team. We'll discuss some of your current procedures, the software you have in use, and propose next steps for how to improve your business's online customer experience. You can book your first meeting with us here:
January 03, 2022
Exploring Steps Toward Digital Transformation
Business leaders the world over recognize the importance of creating a seamless digital experience for their customers. But where do you start? Dr. Wang & co-host Joey DiGangi discuss practical, iterative steps that help transform key workflows within your organization. Digital transformation not only leads to more opportunities to close deals and increase revenue, but also preserves your bottom line by helping your company operate more efficiently.  Throughout this episode, we talk about different solutions we help clients implement when enhancing their digital process. You can learn more about Business Influence, our social media automation and reporting system, here: To learn about how we help transform the digital sales process, visit: As always, you can also schedule a free consultation meeting with our team to discuss how we could help your business:
December 01, 2021
How will the Global Supply Chain Issues Impact Your Business this Holiday Season?
Dr. Wang & Joey recap a conversation about the worldwide supply chain issues and how they will inevitably impact small businesses this holiday season. They also discuss the need for businesses to remain agile and ready to adapt to the ever-evolving global marketplace. This episode combines an analysis of global economic issues and a ground-level look at how businesses can adapt by reviewing various aspects of their operational model. If you'd like to have a conversation with our team and evaluate some possible adaptations, visit:
October 20, 2021
How can Businesses Get More Out of LinkedIn and Other Business Processes?
Optimizing your business process helps you take back hours in the week and grow your company more effectively by avoiding bottlenecks. Dr. Wang and cohost, Joey DiGangi, discuss strategies to enhance internal processes to improve your content marketing strategy, streamline your follow-up process with prospective leads, and find new job applicants. The episode specifically discusses some of the ways in which LinkedIn and other popular platforms and services are broadening their functionality and how you and your team can make the most of these opportunities. Finally, we discuss goal setting. Every process that you want to enhance should have a clear value associated with it and a single metric that helps you determine any given strategy's effectiveness. We work with clients to structure these goals in a "cost per _______" format, paying close attention to a strategy's net impact on your bottom line. If you'd like to meet with our team to discuss how we could help you enhance your own internal process, visit:
September 27, 2021
Understanding Search Engine Optimization & Driving Website Visibility
Businesses of all stages are constantly trying to identify ways through which they can increase their website traffic. While many business owners have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), understanding the intricacies of what algorithms are looking for and accurately measuring the impact of your efforts is essential to get a return on the investment.  Dr. Wei-Chung Wang and co-host, Joey DiGangi, talk about how search engines like Google or Bing use algorithms to determine who shows up in a given search result while also breaking down strategies to help your company enhance its online visibility.  As with all business strategies, your SEO work can only create true change when its results can be accurately measured. The episode discusses the types of analytics that one should consider when measuring the effectiveness of their SEO effort.  If you would like to work with our team to create an SEO dashboard and develop strategies to increase your website's traffic, visit:  Dr. Wang and Joey also reference some great information throughout this episode. If you'd like to learn more, you can continue the process by checking out these two resource:  SEO Strategies for Small Businesses: W.D. Strategies' SEO Checklist for Website Content:  Exploring Technical Steps for SEO:  Understanding How Many Times Customers Need to See Your Brand:,likely%20to%20hover%20around%2077.
September 14, 2021
How can Small Businesses Harness the Power of AI?
Terms like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Workflow Automation are frequently discussed in the modern business world. They're oftentimes talked about in a way that makes leveraging such advances in technology seem out of reach for companies that lack the resources to hire in-house data analytics teams or staff full-time engineers. As Dr. Wang and co-host, Joey DiGangi, explain, this simply isn't the case.  This episode starts by establishing clear definitions of these three increasingly-popular terms before discussing the ways that your business may already be using AI without realizing it.  Finally, the episode ends with the discussion of time, labor, and capital-efficient ways that important workflows within your business can be automated through the application of existing AI-powered technologies and help you scale your operations. If you'd like to discuss some of the ways in which your business could benefit from applying technologies like the ones discussed, visit the link below to set up a free consultation:
September 11, 2021
Reshaping Your Relationship with Customers in a Post-Pandemic World
The Global Pandemic upended the traditional types of relationships that businesses/brands have with their customers, whether you serve clients locally or globally; and whether you provide tangible products or intangible services. Dr. Wang & co-host Joey DiGangi analyze some of the innovative strategies employed by companies that emerged stronger as a result of this challenging period in world history. They also discuss the most important lens through which to evaluate potential strategies in a post-Pandemic world: your brand. Your customers have new behaviors and expectations after more than a year of conducting meetings and making purchases exclusively online. Despite many parts of the world returning to a somewhat normal state, we advise our clients to rethink the ways in which you build relationships between your brand and your customers.  If you'd like help evaluating new business strategies to build a stronger digital footprint, visit our website connect with us today:
August 23, 2021
What Does it Mean to Be a Well-Rounded Professional?
Dr. Wang's passion for higher education is on display as he discusses the need to cultivate well-rounded individuals through the lens of being a college professor. He and co-host, Joey DiGangi, also talk about why it's important to look beyond the "hard" skills possessed by an individual and identify those with the ability to think critically and become adaptive leaders within an organization. Finally, Dr. Wang offers insight on some of the biggest challenges facing higher education institutions and reaffirms the importance of being adaptable in the face of looming marketplace shakeups.  As a business professional, the biggest takeaway is recognizing that while skills can be taught, the characteristics that make someone a leader take time to develop. If you're a business owner or in charge of hiring decisions, it's necessary to assess the applicant's character and look for substance and depth.  If you enjoy our conversations and would like to speak with us about how we could possibly help your own organization grow and respond to changes in the marketplace, visit our website to learn more:
August 19, 2021
Episode 10: Examining the Changing Education Industry
The education industry, like so many others right now, has seen its traditional business model flipped on its head amidst the chaos of the global pandemic. Many institutions are switching to online delivery for the safety of their students losing revenue generated by ancillary services like room and board. Simultaneously, there's an increasing prevalence of online certifications and other alternative training programs that could pose a challenge to the long-standing model of higher ed.  Dr. Wei-Chung Wang breaks down how these various factors affect those in higher ed, those that are considering furthering their education, and those who are in charge of hiring graduates through the lens of both professor + administrator at an American college and as a manager in a growing business .
December 11, 2020
Episode 9: Discussing Business Opportunities in the Food Industry & Beyond
Think about the massive impact that food has on your life and on the lives of everyone else in the world. Throughout history, food has always played a major role in the economy. But what happens when interactions with food can be potentially life-threatening? This is the case for nearly 10% of the US population that suffer from food allergies. Dr. Wang and Joey, who personally has a severe nut allergy, discuss the impact of food allergies and how they create untold business opportunities for companies that raise their awareness and create safe products and other experiences for this growing medical community. 
November 14, 2020
Episode 8: Taking a Global Perspective
Dr. Wei-Chung Wang & cohost, Joey DiGangi, talk about why no business--regardless of scope or scale--can afford to turn a blind eye to the ever-changing international business environment. Dr. Wang breaks down primary & secondary dynamics businesses should consider when making decisions regarding international trade. And if you're a local business wondering what this has to do with your company's outlook, the two explain how factors affecting companies overseas have the potential to impact your entire supply chain. 
October 24, 2020
Episode 7: The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle
In a lighter episode, Dr. Wang and Joey share a conversation they had about what having an entrepreneurial spirit means to them. Not everyone decides to start their own business, but we can all be entrepreneurial. The entrepreneurial mindset is a problem-solving philosophy that everyone at any level of an organization can adopt. Dr. Wang & Joey chat about their experiences starting companies and offer their take on what leadership looks like when building a business. 
October 09, 2020
Episode 6: What do paradigm shifts in the Fitness Industry teach us about pivoting?
Almost every industry right now is wittnessing some type of upheaval during the pandemic. The fitness industry is seeing steady demand for its core value, but dramatic changes to how consumers go about interacting. Dr. Wang and co-host Joey DiGangi discuss some of the ways businesses like Peloton are doing away with the one-time transactional business model and thriving during these uncertain times. Even if you're not in the fitness industry, you won't want to miss out on the benefits of building long-term sustainable relationships with your clientele. 
September 25, 2020
Episode 5: Creating an Effective Business Model
Dr. Wei-Chung Wang and Joey break down the idea of a business model to its basics and discuss successful examples. From there, they describe some of the principles you can take away from looking at larger companies as you build your business model.
September 11, 2020
Episode 4: Reality Check
In this lighter episode format, Dr. Wei-Chung Wang & co-host, Joey DiGangi, take a look at the changing business landscape and talk about how to recognize opportunities amidst the chaos of Covid-19. Whether you've been in the workforce for many years or are preparing to embark on your career, there's plenty of opportunity despite the shakeups in the job market.
August 28, 2020
Episode 3: The Importance of Creating Strong Content & How to Gauge Effectiveness
Dr. Wang and co-host Joey DiGangi make predictions on an impending paradigm shift from user-generated content to professionally-generated content. They look at the digital marketing industry as an example of what's on the way and explain why all businesses should be paying attention to the forces impacting the industry right now. They assert their position that there's going to be more need for professional content, and then offer the most effective ways to gauge whether you're getting a return on the investment--including capital and time--that you invest into each activity.
August 18, 2020
Episode 2: Getting the Most "Bang for Your Buck" by Enhancing Operational Efficiency
Dr. Wang and co-host Joey DiGangi discuss the importance of identifying key metrics when engaging in any business activity. They explain why businesses need to optimize their efficiency when times are tough AND when conditions are stable. Businesses that are mindful of the different data available and understand its impact on their business position themselves better for when--not if--challenges come up. 
August 18, 2020
Episode 1: Adapting Your Marketing Strategy to Covid-19
Dr. Wang and Joey discuss some of the impacts that Covid-19 is having on the marketing efforts of different companies - from Netflix to local businesses. They describe some of the ways they work with clients to build marketing plans and some of the metrics you should be considering when your business engages in digital efforts.
August 18, 2020
Introduction to Dr. Wei-Chung Wang and Joey DiGangi
Dr. Wei-Chung Wang, the Business Intelligence Podcast host, and Joey DiGangi, a regularly-featured co-host, describe their backgrounds and introduce their professional passions that led them to start W.D. Strategies.  You can learn more about the hosts by visiting:
August 18, 2020