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By Larissa Lam
wds, short for workplace design studio, is a podcast dedicated to workplace design. hosted by larissa lam, wds explores the world of workplace experience (wx) and spatial design through the eyes of hospitality, office operations, and the people and culture team.
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2 brendan o'neil & danielle aihini - robin


23 lisa statkiewicz - bergmeyer
#why should i come into the office? - explore the answer with bergmeyer design practice leader lisa statkiewicz on the latest #podcast ep
May 5, 2021
22 lisa statkiewicz - bergmeyer
rediscover the postcovid work community with design practice leader lisa statkiewicz from bergmeyer on our new #podcast ep 
April 21, 2021
21 francis aquino
get ready to be inspired! workplace expert francis aquino shares his amazing workplace journey so far
March 24, 2021
20 francis aquino
what is #workplaceexperience? find out more from workplace expert francis aquino
March 10, 2021
19 jessica pang
ux designer jessica pang shares her passion for design and satisfying user experience
December 30, 2020
18 jessica pang
ux designer jessica pang discusses how service design can greatly benefit the workplace
December 29, 2020
17 amy hill - workflow
amy hill principal at workflow explores the changes and opportunities in the new era of work
November 18, 2020
16 amy hill - workflow
principal of workflow amy hill shares her expert insights from her career in interior design and workplace consulting
November 11, 2020
15 casandra varao - drizly
the rewarding hq renovation journey that started with a vision and ended with a renewed space for the growing drizly team - new #podcast ep with casandra varao
October 14, 2020
14 casandra varao - drizly
the team-oriented objective that made the drizly hq renovation a success for casandra varao and the project team
September 30, 2020
13 stephen searer - office snapshots
stephen searer founder of office snapshots shares inspirational encouragement and thoughts on the covid effects for the future workplace
September 16, 2020
12 stephen searer - office snapshots
ever wonder how office snapshots became one of the most loved design websites of our era? find out on this ep with the founder stephen searer
September 2, 2020
11 lisa statkiewicz - bergmeyer
design practice leader lisa statkiewicz from bergmeyer shares thoughts on her favorite workplace project and on postcovid strategies
August 5, 2020
10 lisa statkiewicz - bergmeyer
learn about her journey in the workplace world with design practice leader lisa statkiewicz from bergemeyer
July 22, 2020
9 madison finn - bynder
be aware that there will be bumps in the road - an office buildout project tip from madison from bynder
June 24, 2020
8 madison finn - bynder
personalize the space with your team in mind - madison the office manager from bynder shares her experience in the recent office buildout project
June 10, 2020
7 johnna fieldman
this will cause a shift in the way we think about the workplace - johnna hr & talent acquisition consultant
May 27, 2020
6 johnna fieldman
a workplace is a complete representation of the company culture, what they do, what they stand for, and their mission - johnna hr & talent acquisition consultant
May 13, 2020
5 nic yakubosky - hopper
what do plants, carpets, and curtains have in common? find out from nic, the facilities manager at hopper 
April 29, 2020
4 nic yakubosky - hopper
"i like to be a little spy sometimes" - nic yakubosky, the facilities manager at hopper
April 15, 2020
3 brendan o'neil & danielle aihini - robin
a continuation of our workplace chat with robin's brendan and danielle
April 1, 2020
2 brendan o'neil & danielle aihini - robin
a lovely chat with our very first guests brendan and danielle from robin, a workplace experience software
March 18, 2020
1 the w's
a very brief introduction of wds
March 15, 2020
0 wds teaser
wds teaser
March 1, 2020