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We Make It Work

We Make It Work

By We Make It Work
In each episode, our guests talk about how they work flexibly in hope to empower those who are looking to freelance or just starting out in freelancing.
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#7: Victoria Doxat | My boobs are famous!

We Make It Work

#7: Victoria Doxat | My boobs are famous!

We Make It Work

#7: Victoria Doxat | My boobs are famous!

We Make It Work

#16: Natalie Shaul | Choosing a different way to live life
Lifestyle Coach for burnt out women focusing on their diet and lifestyle and identifying the underlying cause of burnt out. As Natalie talks through, the cause is not always what you see on the surface. Natalie talks about how she deals with living with an underactive thyroid and understanding how to deal with auto-immune condition through eating the right food.   You can find Natalie at: Join her Facebook group: Or follow her on Instagram: (01:03) Natalie introduces herself as a lifestyle coach and who she helps. (02:03) Natalie shares how she helps burnt out women (02:18) Natalie introduces us to how her limiting beliefs was causing her stress and how by switching them to empowering beliefs, she was able to change her lifestyle drastically (04:15) Natalie talks about how her underactive thyroid was diagnosed. (06:33) Natalie explains how she used a naturopathic to enhance her diet.  (07:03) Natalie shares examples of her limiting beliefs and how it affected her. (08:43) How Natalie found her naturopathic doctor and a life coach. (09:11) How Natalie found Lewis Raymond Taylor (17:23) Natalie shares how she sets boundaries so she is not overwhelmed with work, so she and time chunk her week to be productive.  (22:33) How Natalie can help those who have been out of work and looking for flexible work (23:23) How Natalie overcome her fear of doing Facebook Lives (24.48) The Wheel of life (33:03) feelings of guilt and shame (37:21) Where to find Natalie Shaul
July 30, 2019
#15: Kezia Hall | Pivoting from one freelance career to another
Kezia Hall is THE Gut Goddess. She is a holistic nutritionist women helping those who are fed up of feeling bloated. She has freelanced for the last 12 years and started way before starting a family. I highly recommend listening to her story to get a different perspective, As flexible working is not just for parents. She also has her own podcast, The Gut Goddess.  I love her sultry Irish voice and highly recommend others to listen to her podcast.   To find out more about Kezia Hall, visit,  Follow on Instagram: @supernaturallyhealthy, if not interested in her health therapy but for the gorgeous images she shares.   Listen to her weekly podcast here:  (00:15)Kezia introduces who she is and who she helps.  (00:35) How Kezia works flexibly  (01:48) Kezia's pivot from artist  (7:50) Rebuilding her network for her new career  (12:30) Kezia introduces her podcast “The Gut Goddess” released every Wednesday ( 14:50) We discuss whether podcasting is a good way to get clients  (18:00) The benefits of the Doing It For The Kids Facebook community  (20:25) Kezia's tip for those looking to work flexibly (24:35) Where to find Kezia Hall online  Kezia and I met via the Facebook Community, Doing It For the Kids, a community of freelancers who are also parents. You can find out more about the community here: They also have a fab podcast too:
July 23, 2019
#14: Camilla McGill | Path to being a potty training support for parents
Camila is a specialist in potty training. Using gentle methods and collaborate with parents to ensure they get the support they most need. Thank you Camilla for sharing the vulnerabilities of being a parent, working for yourself and how technology has opened more opportunities for you to work more flexibly To find out more about Camilla and more on her Parent Support service, visit: more info on the free web class she offers: Instagram: @myparentingsolutions (00:38) Introduction to Camilla McGill, who she is, and how her business, My Parenting Solutions, help parents as a Parent coach specialising in potty training. (04:31) How Camilla started her business helping other parents (08:01) Camilla talks about how technology now can be a blessing in disguise. (09:31) Talking about taking stock and selling her first business. (19:31)  Camilla shares her tip for those looking to set up their own business
July 16, 2019
#13: Claire Gallagher | Dealing with digital overwhelm
Listen to this podcast for Claire's views on the work-life blend that is flexible working and dealing with digital overwhelm. We also discuss how coaching and paying for help can help grow your business. Claire is a website strategist and designer from Ireland, based in France and has been working flexibly for about 10 years. Useful resources mentioned in the podcast: Make Time by Jake Knapp How to focus on what matters every day: Sprint (also) by Jake Knapp A framework used a lot by Claire in her work with people. It helps to focus and make a project really flow ("I don't do in 5 days though" - Claire Gallagher, 2019). For more information on Claire Gallagher, find her at: Book here for a free consultation session: Instagram: Facebook free support group:
July 9, 2019
#12: Grant Jennings | Running an ethical agency and promoting flexible working
(5:30) Grant Jennings is the director & founder of Creative Blend, a specialist creative agency based in Brighton. Today, he discusses how he wanted to encourage flexible working to enrich his staff and his passion for the non profit sector that inspired him to adapt his own ethical agency practices to work with multiple local charities, providing 10 hours of free services every month. Hearing about Creative Blend's pro bona work was my favourite part of the conversation as I got to hear how Grant gets his staff onboard, how the charities are supported specifically, and how they fit it in with all their other work which generates revenue for them. A real challenge when trying to do something noble. Blog post mentioned: To find out more about Creative Blend, visit: and follow on Instagram @creativeblend_UK
July 2, 2019
#11: Adria Tarrida | Crowdfunding expert
Adria started off as a Brand Marketing Manager for Kimberley-Clark and now is a Crowdfundraising Consultant.  He talks about how he found his niche and the importance of setting yourself objectives. Listen to this podcast for tool suggestions to manage time To find out more about Adria and his work, visit Mentioned during the podcast: #nosmallcreator and the guy behind it is Cody Wanner. His Twitter account is Adria learnt about him on the Social Media Examiner podcast (highly recommended!):
June 25, 2019
#10: Sarah Merry | A recruitment consultant's perspective on flexible working
Sarah shares her drive to set up her own recruitment consultancy business and her passion to find the right candidates for roles and the right roles for the candidates she represents. Sarah gives her view on the flexible work market and company's changing attitudes as well as also sharing tips for those looking for flexible working. If you are interested in working with Sarah, you can find her at or via Sarah is absolutely lovely and has offered my listeners free CV reviews, give her a call on 01306 779199 As always, I would love to hear feedback or if you have any comments to add, please leave an audio message at:
June 18, 2019
#9: Natalie Styles | Getting content right for LinkedIn
Natalie Styles is a HR consultant working with charities, start ups and scale up businesses.  Natalie has been working flexibly for almost 3 years. In this week's episode she shares are experiences of LinkedIn and what has worked for her and hasn't. I have recommended Natalie to clients and they have always spoken highly of her so if you are looking for a flexible working HR consultant please do find her on: As always, I would love to hear feedback or if you have any comments to add, please leave an audio message at:
June 12, 2019
#8: Al Stevens | UX designer working remotely in France for a UK company
Al is a UX/UI designer and works remotely for Click Travel whose HQ is based in Birmingham. They are a company of around 100 people based in Birmingham and remotely in the UK/Europe, 50 of these are in the product and engineering team.  They offer flexible working i.e. being able to define your own hours as long as the work is done. We discuss the challenge of being part of the team when working remotely and tools used to collaborate and work as part of a team when you are remote. Current vacancies can be found here: and if you want to work with Al, the vacancy can be found here: Other interesting links: Squiggly Careers Podcast: As always, I would love to hear feedback or if you have any comments to add, please leave an audio message at:
June 4, 2019
#7: Victoria Doxat | My boobs are famous!
(03:38) Victoria is a part-time philosophy teacher and freelance copywriter. In this episode, Victoria shares how she has used her positive attitude to shaping her flexible working week. She has some fantastic tips on how to best use LinkedIn so this podcast is worth listening to. Victoria speaks about going under breast reconstruction following a very rare disease necrotising fasciitis. You can find out more about Victoria at: see show notes on: And you can leave voice messages for us here:
May 28, 2019
#6: Frank Sinclair | Own it, box it, move forward
Frank Sinclair is an online personal trainer with over 2,000 clients and 14,700 Instagram followers and his own podcast, Fit With Frank. He works flexibly and his clients are able to access his fitness videos flexibly too. Win win. Frank discusses how he films his video content for his social media channels. In addition, he talks through how relevant his motto, own it, box it, move forward is to everyday life.
May 21, 2019
#5: Jess Williams-Chadwick| Empowering Mothers
Jess discusses her life as a Digital marketer at Rock Salt Consulting, a company she formed with her husband and her super power networking skills. She introduces us to the Hoxby Collective and myself the concept of empowering Mothers in the community. You find Jess at or Instagram: @rocksaltconsulting Other useful links: National Freelancers Day 2019:
May 14, 2019
#4: David Pawsey | Using Flexibility of Freelancing to Manage Anxiety
David speaks frankly about his anxiety and how leaving his career as a journalist at the Financial Times to freelance has helped him find work that keeps him balanced. Links to find David: or This Huffington Post blog is a good intro to Allie And this is her website David wrote me a lovely email after our podcast recording and he wrote: "I now drink occasionally – once a month – but very much have a take it or leave it approach to alcohol, which certainly wasn’t the case before! This is a link to the blog I wrote, One Year No Beer (I initially signed up or a 90 day challenge but ended up going more than a year without drinking). And this is the Bad Boy Running podcast
May 7, 2019
#3: Reshma - My pivot from auditor to Creation Station Franchise Owner
Resh quit her 13 year career in London, which she loved,  to run the Creation Station franchise in Eastbourne in order to spend more time with her daughter.  She discusses her pivot and challenges she faces and her hopes and dreams for the near future.  To find out more about Creation Station Eastbourne, visit: Or you can follow her at: or on Instagram : @creationstationeastbourne
April 30, 2019
#2: Caroline Robertson | Side hustling from people to promoting self-care
Caroline Robertson shares her story of how being a single parent of two young children meant she needed to find flexible work to pay bills but afford her the time she needed to be a mother to  her children. As her children have grown older, her working week has now evolved to working 4 days a week as a HR Consultant and using her remaining time working on her side business of selling skincare products, Roden + Fields. Caroline also shared more information on her group: Help Others Help Themselves. To find out more about Roden + Fields, visit:  To purchase Roden + Fields products from Caroline, please visit:  And you can follow Caroline on Instagram using the handle: @carolinerobertson_cr  More show notes can be found at
April 15, 2019
#1: Liane J Butcher | Using voluntary work to change career paths
Liane J Butcher talks about how she rediscovered her work values whilst volunteering in Kurdistan, the effect of war on people, and how she came to incorporate yoga in her working life. We  discuss the challenges of working in two very different industries, and keeping connected to clients, colleagues when working remotely. Liane shares her ideas on how to change careers or move to a completely different industry and how volunteering is a great way to do this. 
April 15, 2019
Trailer - We Make It Work
Please listen to our little intro to explain what this podcast series is about. For each episode, our guests talk about how they work flexibly in hope to empower those who are looking to freelance or just starting out in podcasting.
April 15, 2019