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We Talk About Movies

We Talk About Movies

By Kevin McKee
Kevin and Ruth talk about movie and their life as a married couple with 4 young kids.
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Black Panther - Episode 25

We Talk About Movies

Captain Marvel - Episode 29
We are joined by our favorite guest host, my niece Aaliyah to talk about Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel was interesting in that both Ruth and I liked it better after watching it multiple times. 
July 16, 2020
Ant Man and The Wasp - Episode 28
We are trying to catch up on all the Marvel movies we've missed, so we are starting with Ant Man and The Wasp. Intro music by
July 14, 2020
About Time - Episode 27
About Time is a movie from 2013, currently on Netflix, and we really enjoyed it. Also, this is our first podcast in about 2 years. We give an update on our life, which is actually pretty relevant to the themes in this movie. Intro / Outro music is from
July 12, 2020
The Fifth Element - Episode 26
Kevin and Ruth are joined by two guests, Tate and Kelsey. We talk about Tate's favorite movie ever, The Fifth Element.
March 11, 2018
Black Panther - Episode 25
Kevin and Ruth talk about the blockbuster movie Black Panther. We saw it twice in theaters which is downright crazy.
March 11, 2018
Get Out - Episode 24
Kevin and Ruth talk about Get Out.
February 16, 2018
The Big Sick - Episode 23
Kevin and Ruth are back! They talk about The Big Sick which is streaming free on Amazon Prime right now.
February 03, 2018
Justice League – Episode 22
We enjoyed Justice League but Ruth is a little upset that Wonder Woman wasn't as strong as she expected. We liked the new characters and are excited for the future of the DCEU.
December 04, 2017
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles & Home For the Holidays – Episode 21
If you are looking for a great Thanksgiving movie, then keep looking because both Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Home For the Holidays are bad. Listen to why we think Hollywood needs to come up with a new Thanksgiving movie to replace these stinkers.
November 24, 2017
Thor Ragnarok – Episode 20
Thor Ragnarok was a fine movie but didn't live up to the hype. Kevin and Ruth talk about their date night and major problems with the latest Thor movie.
November 16, 2017
Bonus Episode – Recap of First 21 Movies
This is a bonus episode where we go back and talk about all the movies we've reviewed so far in 2 minutes or less. Hope you enjoy this format.
October 25, 2017
Why Him – Episode 19
Do you want to hear a lot of personal stories about Kevin and Ruth and a little talk about the movie Why Him sprinkled in? If so, then this is the podcast for you. This is a rated R movie so please be aware that some adult themes will be referenced in this podcast. Follow us on twitter @WeTalkAboutMovi
September 25, 2017
Captain America Trilogy – Episode 18
Ruth and I are back in the podcast chairs with our review of all three Captain America movies. You will be shocked at how we rate these three movies. We are also joined by our 2 month old baby Grant who is surprisingly quiet throughout the episode. We hope you enjoy the show and can't wait to starting publishing more episodes again.
September 15, 2017
Power Rangers - Episode 17
We talk about the Power Rangers movie, which is a great movie for kids around 12 years old, but not so great for adults. Especially adults who are not really Power Rangers fans. Have a listen as we are joined by my niece Aaliyah and get a 12 year old girl's opinion on the movie.
August 08, 2017
Spider-Man: Homecoming – Episode 16
Spider-Man: Homecoming is a super fun movie. It's so good my 12 year old niece Aaliyah gives it an 11/10. Ruth generally agrees it's a great movie, giving it an 8/10. However, I feel like there are a few major issues with this movie that prevent it from being a great movie. Even though Spider-Man is my favorite superhero of all time and Tom Holland plays him better than the other actors before him, this movie frustrates me immensely. Have a listen to find out why.
July 18, 2017
The Founder - Episode 15
This is one of the best dramatizations of a real story we've seen in a long time. The movie is very historically accurate and tells a fascinating story of a man in his 50s that started a restaurant empire when most people his age are looking to just make it to retirement. The acting is great, the story is interesting, and the only thing that would make the story better is if you could change history and make the ending work a little better for the McDonald's brothers. Great movie! Here is the article where you can fact check the movie: * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
July 04, 2017
John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2 - Episode 14
Kevin and Ruth don't see eye-to-eye on the John Wick movies, so we brought in a little help to break the tie. Mikey and Genevieve from the Big Screen Breakdown podcast join us to talk about both John Wick movies. All four of us agree to some extent that there are numerous plot holes, but these ruin the movie for Kevin while the rest of the crew can accept these issues and enjoy the action packed movies. We also agree that the secret society of contract killers based around the Continental hotel in New York is the most interesting part of the series and we hope to see this explored even further if there is another movie. Do you agree with Kevin, or do you agree with Ruth, Mikey and Genevieve? Finally, don't forget to check out Mikey and Genevieve's show, Big Screen Breakdown!   * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
June 28, 2017
Blade Runner - The Final Cut
We were so excited to watch Blade Runner. We've heard it's one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. Unfortunately, it's one of the worst. Blade Runner: The Final Cut moves slower than molasses and is riddled with plot holes. The only good thing about the movie is it does raise some interesting philosophical questions, but honestly I never even got to that point mentally because the movie was so bad. Luckily we have a guest host to try to defend this movie. Andre Hutchens from Backseat Directors (@TheBDPodcast) joins us and we have a great time getting to know Andre and talking about the movie. Make sure to check out Andre's podcast Backseat Directors. * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:  
June 21, 2017
Wonder Woman – Episode 12
Wonder Woman is a very good superhero movie. It's incredibly empowering for women to see such a strong character emerge in a world full of male dominated superheroes, but it's also simply a great movie. There isn't a single plot hole that either of us could find and we both found the innocence and the anti-war message from Diana to be both endearing and inspiring. While we haven't disliked other DC movies as much as some critics, this is definitely the best movie DC has made and gets us very excited for Justice League later this year. * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
June 13, 2017
Beauty and the Beast - Episode 11
Beauty and the Beast is a good family movie, but it has potential to be so much more. Kevin thinks Emma Watson's singing voice is too produced and she cannot carry a musical, but Ruth thinks her singing is fine. Kevin also feels this movie missed an opportunity for more character development for both Beast and Gaston. We didn't just need a remake of the animated version, it should have gone further. The music, aside from Emma Watson's overproduced voice, is very good. Luke Evans was perfectly cast as Gaston and his singing is incredible. Article about Emma Watson's voice: * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
June 06, 2017
Lion - Episode 10
Lion is a very good movie that not only tells a great story but also highlights the very important issue of child abduction in India that I was completely unaware of. This is a very good movie that's difficult to watch at times, especially for parents, when you see some of the trouble young Saroo goes through. We were hoping to learn more about Saroo's adopted brother and explore that character in greater depth, but generally this is a very good movie. * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
June 01, 2017
Logan - Episode 9
Logan is one of the most overrated movies in the last year or so according to Kevin. The movie is overly dark and there are major plot holes that create serious problems for the story development. However, Ruth enjoyed the movie and can't wait to see it again. She recognizes it is dark, but she appreciates it and thinks this is a good movie. Both Kevin and Ruth felt the movie did a very poor job of explaining some of the core components of the story, as we had to look things up after the movie to see what was happening. * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
May 23, 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Episode 8
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is a good movie that tries too hard to be a great movie. The character development of good/bad guys Yondu and Nebula carries this movie through some forced jokes and quite a few plot holes. This movie just tries too hard to be funny. It tries much too hard to be emotional, and this is coming from a big softy. It's still a fun movie, but not a particularly good movie. How much would you pay to watch a new release at home? We talk about that before we get into the Guardians review. * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
May 18, 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy – Episode 7
Guardians of the Galaxy does a great job of making you laugh and keeping you entertained. The characters are very interesting the movie does an amazing job of naturally weaving humor throughout a story where an entire planet may be destroyed. There are a few minor plot holes, but nothing that detracts much from all the fun. It is amazing that Marvel could make such an incredible movie based off a comic that very few people have read. And of course, the music is great. I could not find a link to the article I references about James Gunn getting the songs he wanted for Volume 2. Sorry. * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
May 16, 2017
Collateral Beauty - Episode 6
Don't believe the critics on Collateral Beauty. This is a very good movie with some really wonderful acting and great surprise at the end. This is an emotional movie that's done very well. As usual, there are a few plot holes that I don't understand and Ruth agrees with me on most of them. I gave it a 7.5 and Ruth gave it a 7. I guess I'm just a sucker for the emotional stuff. * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
May 09, 2017
Moana - Episode 5
Moana is a good family movie with some really incredible music. Maybe I'm just so tired of the Frozen soundtrack thanks to Ruth's sister, but the music in Moana feels like something I could listen to over and over again (except for Shiny by the big mean crab). There were some very funny moments, including a few jokes aimed at adults. We also liked that the movie broke the mold a bit by having two living, healthy parents and not throwing in an unnecessary love story. Ruth and I liked the movie and gave it a 6. Our 12 year old niece Aaliyah, the guest host on this podcast, loved it and gives it a 10. * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
May 02, 2017
The Edge of Seventeen - Episode 4
The Edge of Seventeen is one of the best movies we've seen in a long time. It strikes the perfect balance between addressing real issues and emotions, while also being thoroughly entertaining and downright hilarious. Each of the main characters has incredible depth and development from the first scene to the last. There were no major plot holes that we found, and the movie is particularly relate-able to my childhood in many aspects. We strongly recommend anyone mature enough to watch this R-rated movie do so immediately. 9 out of 10 from both Kevin and Ruth. * Tell us what you think on our website: * Like us on Facebook: * Follow us on Twitter:
April 25, 2017
Doctor Strange – Episode 3
Doctor Strange is not one of our favorite movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are numerous plot holes that I feel really take away from what could have been a good movie. The story is not terribly compelling, the plot holes are very distracting, and it doesn't really have any real ties to the rest of the MCU that would have made the character or the story more interesting in the whole MCU. The most exciting part about this movie for me was the mention of Bob Seger, so there's a long segue from Kevin about Bob Seger for anyone who isn't familiar with his music. Go buy Bob Seger's Greatest Hits. Disagree with us? Rate the movie yourself on our website.
April 19, 2017
Star Wars: Rogue One – Episode 2
Star Wars: Rogue One is a very good installment in the Star Wars series. This movie has a darker tone than the original movies, but also stays lighthearted with some funny moments and engaging characters. The story itself is a prequel to the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope (Episode IV). It tells a good story about how the rebel alliance learned the weakness of the Death Star. However, there are multiple plot holes throughout this story that Kevin finds quite glaring. Even Ruth agrees about many of them. Overall this is a good, entertaining movie that propped up by strong acting and humor while being held back by an at-times nonsensical story. We both give this movie a 7/10. Other sidebars from this show: * If you want to know what it's like to (pretend to) be a double agent in real life, you can play The Resistance with 5 or more people. * Don't forget to rate the movie on our website at  
April 13, 2017
We Like Guardians of the Galaxy, We Hate Hugo
This is the first episode of our podcast where we give a brief introduction of movies we like and movies we hate. Some of Our Favorite Movies Shawshank Redemption, It's a Wonderful Life, Life is Beautiful, Lord of the Rings, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man 2 (with Toby Maguire), Captain America: Winter Soldier, Harry Potter, Hacksaw Ridge Some of Our Least Favorite Movies Hugo, Mad Max, Let's Be Cops, Birdman, Boyhood. Kevin didn't like John Wick, but Ruth did. Next Episode: Star Wars Rogue One
April 09, 2017