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We All Need Each Other

We All Need Each Other

By Dan Weiss
Each person has unique gifts, ways of thinking and experiences. Each one of us is created in the image of God, but we all reflect that image differently. We can help each other broaden our perspectives and more fully understand God and the world around us.
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Episode 13 - SEASON 2 PREVIEW
Welcome to Season 2 of We All Need Each Other! We're back after a short break to kick off another year of monthly episodes. This episode is extra special because we're adding some new features to the podcast. We've got a new logo, some new ideas and, most importantly, a new co-host! We're so excited to welcome Ali Lantz to the hosting team. She's the co-founder of Transformation Ministries, the wife of Executive Director Kory Lantz and a trusted voice when it comes to loving others well. Find more episodes, full show notes and more content at
January 15, 2022
Episode 12 - SUBVERSIVE WITNESS with Dominique Dubois Gilliard
Most of us know the stories of Moses, Esther, Paul & Silas and Zacchaeus. But have you ever thought about the role privilege played in their stories? In his new book, Dominique Dubois Gilliard looks at these well-known Bible stories from a different lens and translates the lessons he discovered to our current culture. Each of those Biblical characters had a form of privilege and, when faced with an opportunity, used it to subvert systems of power in order to uplift and restore vulnerable people. Find links to the video version of this episode and show notes at Outro music: Unconditional? by Cam Stillson
December 15, 2021
Episode 11 - CONNECTING TO THE CITY with Ali Lantz
Ali Lantz and her husband Kory founded Transformation Ministries in 2009 with the hopes of being good neighbors and seeing transformation in the urban neighborhood they moved into. They found that the greatest transformation has happened to them as they've built deep relationships and walked alongside their neighbors for the past 12 years.   You're invited to join us in January to study and discuss Subversive Witness: Scripture's Call to Leverage Privilege, the new book by Dominique DuBois Gilliard. We'll meet on the first four Mondays in January 2022 at the Transformation Center (1519 Portage Ave., South Bend, IN 46616) from 7-9pm, with an optional free dinner from 6-7pm each night. If you want to join the study group, please RSVP by Monday, Dec. 27! Find more episodes and show notes at
November 15, 2021
Are there topics that are off limits in your organization, church or family? Initiating difficult conversations can be very difficult, but also very rewarding. Pastor Lindsay Fisher joined Dan & Aaron for this episode to discuss what she's learned about having important conversations even when they're difficult. Find the video versions, more episodes and show notes at
October 15, 2021
Episode 9 - HOW TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR with Shannan Martin
What does it mean to be a good neighbor? "Show up needy," says author Shannan Martin in this conversation with host Aaron Charles. Martin shares about the lessons her family has learned while living in a place they never expected.   Find the video versions, more episodes and show notes at
September 15, 2021
During the course of a normal day or week, how often do you find yourself fascinated by something or someone? Have you ever thought about that question? What is it that captures your attention and triggers your imagination? What can turn you into a little kid filled with wonder and amazement? Aaron and Dan sat down to talk about some of the things in life that fascinate them. Find the video versions, more episodes and show notes at
August 15, 2021
Episode 7 - CRITICAL RACE THEORY with Dr. Redgina Hill
Dr. Redgina Hill is here to share with us some of what she learned through her study of Critical Race Theory as she was writing her dissertation. She also shares from her own experience as a black woman in America.   Find the video versions, more episodes and show notes at
July 15, 2021
Episode 6 - PRACTICES FOR SPIRITUAL FORMATION with Jasmine Bradley & Karen Grant
No matter your religious background, if you're a Christian now then you have some practices for spiritual formation. They are the things we all do in order to grow spiritually. You may call it something different, but we want this episode to be a resource for you to learn about some new practices that will lead to deeper spiritual formation. Jasmine Bradley and Karen Grant are no strangers to Transformation Ministries. Jasmine is the Director of Youth Empowerment and Karen is the Director of Greater Impact Prints. Their unique backgrounds and perspectives provided great insight into the topic of Spiritual Formation. Their wisdom and love for Jesus came through loud and clear. We'd like to use this episode and the next blog post (on June 22) as a resource for ideas of practices that anyone can try out and possibly implement for their own spiritual formation. If you have some ideas you'd like to share, please fill out this short form and we'll add your responses to the upcoming blog post. Thanks! Find more episodes and show notes at Watch the video version of this episode at
June 15, 2021
Episode 5 - THE POWER OF PERSPECTIVE with Stephen Love
On Episode 5 of We All Need Each Other, Dan and Aaron had a conversation with Pastor Stephen Love about his experiences as a pastor and church planter and about how we all bring different perspectives to the table. Find more episodes and show notes at Watch the video version of this episode at
May 15, 2021
Episode 4 - WHY WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER with Jonathan Brooks & Kory Lantz
On Episode 4 of We All Need Each Other, Dan and Aaron had a conversation with Pastor Jonathan Brooks and Kory Lantz about what it means to live in and serve in community. This conversation really got to the heart of what this podcast is all about – the fact that we all need each other and can learn from one another’s perspective. Find more episodes and show notes at Watch the video version of this episode at
April 15, 2021
BONUS: Introducing Aaron Charles
We are excited to bring you a BONUS episode this week and we're even more excited about the reason for this extra content! We All Need Each Other has a new co-host and his name is Aaron Charles. If you've been paying attention, you know Aaron has already been contributing to the podcast through his writing. He's a gifted communicator and has a heart that fits right into the spirit of the show. Aaron is a native son of South Bend and has lived in Michiana his entire life. He and his wife, Sarah, have been happily married since 2015. Aaron is a writer who believes that God has given each person a spark of creativity. In his occupation, Aaron works as a marketer for an advertising agency. You can engage with his writing further at his website. Watch for more of Aaron's writing on the blog at, as well as future appearances on the We All Need Each Other podcast.
April 08, 2021
Episode 3 - SOCIAL MEDIA with Ryan Flemming
Social media is one of the most pervasive aspects of our culture today. It has become part of our everyday life. But there are dangers to it, even while there are many positives at the same time. In this episode, Dan was able to join in conversation with Pastor Ryan Flemming, the lead pastor at The Revolution Church in Gary, Indiana. The conversation in this episode focused on social media and how we can use it for good. Find more episodes and show notes at Watch the video version of this episode at
March 15, 2021
Episode 2 - FIGHTING RACISM with Jemar Tisby
Every day’s news headlines seem to bring reminders of the fact that racism remains a clear and present danger to our communities. Fighting the darkness of racism is something that Christians must consider in today’s world. This conversation gets at the ways all of us can join in the fight and work for a more just society. Jemar Tisby is a historian, author, speaker, and one of the leading voices at the intersection of race, religion, politics, and culture. He reached the New York Times bestseller list with his book The Color of Compromise and has recently published his second book, How to Fight Racism. Find more episodes and show notes at 
February 15, 2021
Episode 1 - EMPATHY with Arielle Grant & Raquel Storey
Whether it comes naturally for you or not, empathy is a very important skill if we hope to understand and love each other well. Guests Arielle Grant & Raquel Storey are former Transformation Ministries Staff members who share insights and examples of how they've seen the value of empathy in their lives.   Find more episodes and show notes at Watch the video of this episode here.
January 15, 2021