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By Alpesh Parmar
Welcome to Wealth Matters, where you can learn how to build generational wealth and generate passive cash flow
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037: How to successfully transition from Tech job to Real Estate with Bobby Sharma
Bobby Sharma recently retired from his tech job and has switched to full-time Real Estate.  Bobby bought his first house in 1989 and house hacked it (at the age of 24). Bought a house in Fremont, primary residence but built an ADU to rent out part of the house to help subsidize the mortgage. Sold it in August 2007 at the peak of the market. Rented until 2010 but then in 2010 started to buy again.  Started  meetup in Oakland and East Bay to surround myself with smarter people. Today the meetup has over 4,000 members and we meet on a very regular basis. It continues to grow and has helped many people become better investors. Here are some of questions from the podcast: How did you start in real estate? When did you decide to switch to full time real estate? What was the reason you made the switch? How did you transition from tech to RE? Was it easy to move from tech to real estate? Can you give some tips of advice to someone who wants to make a switch from high paying W2 job to real estate? Which is your favorite self help, business or real estate book and why?
August 16, 2019
036: Do you want to be a Millionaire or Lifeonaire? - Discussion with Jason Wojo
Think back for a moment. Do you remember why you first decided to go into business for yourself? If you’re like most people, somewhere in there is the belief that being your own boss would give you freedom, financial security, and control of your time and schedule. Ring a bell? It should. That’s the thought most entrepreneurs have when they decide to make the jump and go out on their own.  Unfortunately, reality looks very different for most once they get into the business and instead they work longer and harder than they ever did when they had a job. Work ends up consuming their thoughts, time, and attention, and life. In other words, the very thing that was supposed to provide freedom now enslaves them. But it doesn’t have to be that way - not by a long shot, says Dr. Jason Wojo, CEO of Lifeonaire. In this interview, we discuss how to have both a profitable business as well as a great life (and it’s not as hard as you think!) as well as the common mistakes business owners and entrepreneurs make that prevents them from having the freedom they desire.  Lifeonaire is a great book and an interesting concept.
August 9, 2019
035: Creating Legacy Wealth through Real Estate with Marco Santarelli
I interviewed Marco Santarelli -  host of the Passive Real Estate Investing Podcast and the founder of Norada Real Estate, a premier real estate investment firm on this episode. We discussed about following: How did you get started in real estate investing and what have you done to be successful? What should one consider when searching for a market to invest? How do working on your mindset and personal development contributed to financial success? How can people learn more about you? What are some of the rules you follow to invest successfully?
August 2, 2019
034: Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review and Summary
This is my tribute to the book which opened my eyes about assets and liabilities. It gave me new perspective about money. Here are some of the key points: 1) Rich don't work for money. They invent money. 2) Get financial literacy before starting to invest 3) Look into acquiring more assets which generate cash flow/income. 4) Stop trying to keep up with the Jonses. 
July 26, 2019
033: What to do and what not to do while growing your RE portfolio
I had great time interviewing Aaron Chapman @ following: Do you also invest in real estate? Can you list things which an investor shouldn't do when he/she is trying to grow their RE portfolio? What would you say an investor should do while scaling up his/her RE investments? Can you share some character or personality traits of a successful investor? Feel free to give an example; What’s your most favorite finance or business book? Aaron a veteran in the finance industry beginning 1997, exited Mining, Heavy Equipment Operation, Welding and long haul truck driving. Since entering the finance industry his clientele has ranged from those purchasing their first home, building their dream home or investing in multiple properties for long term cash flow. His expertise is in the complicated. Presently ranked #14 in an industry of over 300,000 licensed loan originators for transactions closed annually (707 closed units for real estate investors in 2018 and 676 in 2017); Aaron is that battle worn partner every real estate buyer needs to walk thru the tough parts of building a real estate business. 
July 19, 2019
032: Real Estate Development for higher profits
I interviewed EJ Sansone who is an attorney-at-law, real estate broker, real estate developer, investor, syndicator, and #1 bestselling author!  We discussed following topics: Tell us more @ your first real estate deal. Why did you choose real estate when you were already a successful attorney? You mention you are a developer. What do you mean by that? Can you tell us more @ the type of team members do I need if I don’t have any background in construction, civil engineering or architecture? How do you find and vet team members for development? What are the gotchas of RE development? Any advice you want to give to a newbie or beginner starting to invest in real estate?
July 12, 2019
031: How to Say Less, and Close More in Sales with Carla Lee
Carla Lee is a co-author of my Amazon # 1 best selling book Resilience: Turn you setback into a comeback. Carla Lee is passionate about sales, personal development, neuro linguistics, neuroscience, and statistics. She can explain how all of these technologies play into success strategies, both in life and in businesses. We discussed about following: Why everyone should learn how to sell? What does How to Say Less and Close more in Sales mean? What is the most important thing someone new to sales should learn? Why do so many people fail at sales? What are the 4 C’s of selling?
July 5, 2019
30: Generate maximum ROI with Residential Assisted Living
Loe Hornbuckle is the CEO and founder of Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care. Founded in 2015, Sage Oak isn’t just another assisted living company, Sage Oak is “the boutique assisted living company” with 5 locations in Dallas and a total of 40 beds. Sage Oak provides small, intimate, home settings that allow those who need a little extra care to receive the love and dignity that they deserve. More information available at TheSageOak.com. We discussed about what is Residential Assisted Living (RAL) and why invest in RAL? What kind of regulations need to be followed and what should be done for asset protection?
June 28, 2019
29: Hire Virtual Assistants to focus on bigger picture
Whitney Sewell is a syndicator and operator of Multi-family properties. How he figured out using virtual assistant to free up his time and focus on bigger picture. Some of the questions asked in the podcast:  What is a Virtual assistant or VA? Why should someone use VA? When did you realize that you would have to hire a VA? What kind of tasks can be assigned to VA? What qualities do you look for in a VA? Do you go with a freelancer or a  company providing VA? Why would you choose one over other? How do you keep track of tasks and manage VA?
June 21, 2019
0028: Analyzing Oklahoma City market with Alyssa
How and why to invest in OKC market. Here are the topics covered: 1) Why business owner/entrepreneur? 2) Lessons learned 3) Why OKC market? To connect with Alyssa, visit  https://table.investments/ 
June 14, 2019
27: Build residual income via Network Marketing business with Chad
I chatted with Chad Kneller about how to build a successful network marketing business for residual income. Here are some of the topics we discussed: What is network marketing? What was your high and low point after you started network marketing? Any lessons learned? Why network marketing? Why does network marketing get a bad rap? What questions I should be asking an MLM business if I am interested in becoming a network marketer? Chad is co-author of Amazon # 1 best selling book Resilience Turning your setback into a comeback and he is also author of a book - Finding Happy. Visit  http://findinghappybook.com/  for more info.
June 7, 2019
26: Focus on having multiple income sources with Rodney
Rodney left corporate job over 25 years ago and started operating medical clinics. He owns medical clinics in Oklahoma city. He realized he doesn't have any retirement built so started investing in real estate. He has done wholesaling, flipping, owner financing and buy and hold of SFRs. Currently, he is focused on building a portfolio of residential apartments.
May 31, 2019
Navigating SFR investing in Boise, Idaho
I interviewed Corby Goade of Boise Turnkey Properties to know more about Boise market. Here are some of the questions: 1) Why real estate? 2) Why Boise market? 3) What differentiates Boise Tunrkey properties from other TKP?
May 24, 2019
Own agriculture in Paraguay
I chatted with David of Paraguay Invest about owning Orange trees and Citrus trees in Paraguay. Some of the questions I had:  What’s Paraguay Invest? Why central America for agriculture? I have never heard of Paraguay when discussing @ farming. Why is that so and how Paraguay is      better than neighboring countries? Why orange and citrus trees? What kind of ROI someone should expect? Will north American investors face any legal issues? Is this truly turnkey and passive? Do you need investor to put anymore money other than the initial investment? Visit www.paraguayaginvest.com for more info.
May 17, 2019
Get High ROI by investing in SFRs with Jeff and Jack
I chatted with Jack (President) and Jeff (CEO) of High Return Real Estate. Some points we discussed were: 1) How did they started REI? 2) Why Indianapolis Market? 3) How are they different from other TKP? If you are interested in Indy market, visit  www.highreturnrealestate.com/. Feel free to reach out to me at alpesh@wealthmatrs.com.
May 10, 2019
Investing in new construction four plexes with Steve Olson
Learn about 1) Why invest in 4-plexes or bigger? 2) Why new construction is better? 3) Why markets like Boise, Salt Lake City and Houston? If you need more info, reach out to Steve Olson of www.fig.us
May 3, 2019
Why do you need a business coach
Learn growing and scaling up business with Adam.   www.coachadamkipnes.com @adamkipnes – Instragram www.linkedin.com/in/adamkipnes www.freebookfromadam.com
April 26, 2019
Why invest in Birmingham with Lindsay Davis
Interviewing Lindsay @ Birmingham Market. Lindsay is the CEO of Spartan Invest. Please email me at alpesh@wealthmatrs.com for more info. 
April 19, 2019
Invest in Little Rock, AK market with Alex Craig
Explore real estate investment opportunities in Little Rock, Arkansas with Alex owner of Turnkey Properties with offices in Little Rock, AK and Memphis, TN.  Please email me at alpesh@wealthmatrs.com for more info. 
April 12, 2019
Investing in Cacao (Chocolate) farms in Beautiful Belize with Darren
Investing in Cacao (Chocolate) farms in Beautiful Belize with Darren. If you are interested in knowing more @ investing in Cacao farms, please reach out to me. Alternatively, visit  https://agronosotros.com/wealthm for more info.
April 5, 2019
Opportunity Zone Fund with Stephen Stanton
I am chatting with Stephen about investing in opportunity zones via REIT. This removes the headache of managing property and allows a passive vehicle to invest in MF properties in opportunity zones. Please email me at alpesh@wealthmatrs.com for more info.
March 29, 2019
Oil and Gas Investing with Alan
How to generate passive income and write-off 65-90% of earned income by investing in Oil and Gas with Alan Visit www.wealthmatrs.com for more info.
March 22, 2019
Utilize retirement money to invest into alternative assets with Damion Lupo
Build eQRP (retirement plan similar to Self directed IRA and Solo 401K) to invest in anything with Damion Lupo  of Total Control Financial If you want free copy of his book, visit www.qrpbook.tom For more info @ what I do, visit www.wealthmatrs.com
March 15, 2019
Why invest in Mixed Use and Assisted Care Living with Justin and Keisha Brooks
Why invest in Mixed Use and Assisted Care Living with Justin and Keisha Brooks
March 8, 2019
Real Estate FAQ
FAQs on Real Estate and Investing
March 1, 2019
WM012_Build supercharged Savings account with Chris Miles
How to use whole life insurance to build supercharged Savings account with Chris Miles
February 22, 2019
WM011 Health is Wealth with Kelli Calabrese
Health is Wealth with Kelli Calabrese
February 15, 2019
WM010_Real Estate Investing with Anna
How to invest and grow your real estate portfolio with Anna Kelley
February 8, 2019
WM009_ATM Investing with Dave Zook
Invest in ATMs with Dave Zook Email me at alpesh@wealthmatrs.com for signed copy of my book
February 1, 2019
WM008_MF Investing with Darsh Thakkar
How build wealth by investing in Multi-family
January 25, 2019
WM007_Build Wealth using Relational Capital with Tammy Thrasher Mitchell
How to build wealth using Relational Capital with Tammy Thrasher Mitchell
January 19, 2019
WM006_how to go from 0 to 16 units with Bo Kim
Bo started investing in late 2017 and closed on his first property in January of 2018. He owns 16 doors right now.
January 12, 2019
WM005_How to become a Real Estate Professional
I interviewed Jake Adams in this podcast. He mentioned @ checking out Section 469 for more information on becoming REP. MileIQ is a nice app to log your miles.
January 4, 2019
WM004_Ask Alpesh
First ask Alpesh session
January 2, 2019
WM003_Pay mortgage faster using HELOC Strategy
Listen to this podcast to learn how you can pay your mortgage faster using HELOC strategy https://truthinequity.com/wealthmatters
December 25, 2018
WM002_Cannabis business with Pete Asmus
I am chatting with Pete Asmus on why and how to invest in Cannabis businesses
November 24, 2018
First episode of Wealth Matters
November 7, 2018
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