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Wealth Rockstar Radio

Wealth Rockstar Radio

By Paul Groothuijsen
How i as an 40 year old Funnelhacker quit my 9 to 5 to support my wife and be with my family more. Without a job I now need to make an income online. Watch my journey on how I spent the last money from my 9 to 5 paycheck and setup my online business. See if I make it and see first hand what works and what doesn’t.
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Exclusive Traffic Secrets Instagram Secrets Interview With Russell Brunson
Exclusive Traffic Secrets Instagram Secrets Interview With Russell Brunson The world is changing and the way you need to run your business is changing too. With Corona hitting the world every business in the world needs to rethink the way they do business and how they attract new customers. In this episode I have an exclusive interview with nobody less then Russell Brunson and the way he uses online traffic to get customers. His new book features strategies and secrets of over 20 sources of traffic. That's right, over 20 different ways to attract new customers, imagine what that would mean for your business if you would only implement one of these strategies correctly. But because we cannot possibly talk about all twenty strategies on one episode we have picked one of Russell's personal favorite traffic sources, Instagram. Russell will hold nothing back in this episode and you get to hear from the expert in traffic how you can start using and monetizing Instagram for your Business.  So let's jump in and listen to the exclusive traffic secrets training by the author of the book traffic secrets, the CEO of Clickfunnels , my mentor Russell Brunson. If you want to order a free copy of this book you can go to and claim your FREE copy of the book . And to bribe you to get a free copy I will trow in some amazing bonuses.
April 05, 2020
#8. My 9 changes for business success
Since I started my business I saw the need to change my habits. The way i was doing things wasn’t giving my business any momentum. But let me tell you it is not easy to change and you don’t need to change all at once. But by implementing small changes over and over you will create a big shift and momentum. In this episode i will show you the nine changes that i implemented to generate more and more momentum in my business and also in my life.
November 02, 2018
#7 you need this to get started!!
You need to be in business to be in business. Doesn’t quite make sense yet but i will explain what i mean. This also is a Special episode for the funnelhackers telethon. I hope you’ll be joining live.
October 30, 2018
#6 How to position your product so it sells
In this episode of WealthRockstarRadio i am going over the positioning of an offer. I just got a new client for a boudoir photographer. So now it is time to figure out how to not only sell a photoshoot but make it an awesome sexy offer that people cant refuse. That means brainstorming about all the stuff that would be amazing to the customer and add value to the product. Also i take you down memory lane and talk about the different approach that i use to attract the perfect customers. So if you run Facebook campaigns without success then this is an episode you can not miss.
October 29, 2018
#5 Don’t focus on the frontend of your business or fail
First years selling online i just focussed on getting the new customer and making that initial sale, then i would mive on to the next new customer. However after a few hard lessons i figured out that this was not the way to go. Find out what changed on this episode of WealthRockstarRadio
October 29, 2018
#4 How to manage your publishing habits without going crazy
How to manage your publishing habits without going crazy. So since I started publishing I have been overwhelmed by the different platforms and what social platform i should leverage for my business. Because there is much more going on then just shooting and uploading a video to YouTube if you want to use publishing for business. So this episode explains a little bit more about how to create and reuse content to free yourself from becoming a social media slave in your own business. I have created the best content multiplier plan and you can get it on .
October 28, 2018
#3 How to start a business without wasting 10 years of your life
the biggest misconception about starting your own business, this cost me 10 years of my life to figure out
October 28, 2018
Episode 2 The biggest challenge when you start your own business
As soon as you loose stability in life the Crock brain in us starts working. You just want to run and hide. How to overcome the crock-brain tune in and find out.
October 28, 2018
#1 The real reason why i started WealthRockstarRadio After i quit my 9 to 5 to support my Family
What real reason why i started WealthRockstarRadio After i quit my 9 to 5 to support my Family. See what i did to generate an online income without having a product, a list or any social following.
October 28, 2018